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How to Score Beautiful Brows From Hibba Beauty


Brows, brows, brows. They have taken over our Instagram feeds, how we look at our beauty routines, and are the inspiration for the popular #browsonfleek hashtag. Many of us can raise our hands and say we will never leave the house without our brows being “done.” And what does “done” mean, you ask? It includes filling in our brows with a gel pot, pencil, or brow gel, which is a beauty trend that started to make our brows bolder and more prominent as a facial feature. What if this was a step in our beauty routine that we didn’t need to worry about, though? What if we just let our brows be brows and took care of them correctly? From Frida Kahlo to Audrey Hepburn, women have allowed their brows to flourish in their natural shape and meet #goals by simply maintaining them with grooming techniques. We all have experienced that overly-tweezed phase, which we’re not getting anywhere near ever again. Thankfully, eyebrow services have gone above and beyond, becoming more innovative, long-lasting, and girl-power friendly each year.

Hibba Kapil, browologist, hair removal expert, and founder of the salon, Hibba Beauty, is making moves in the beauty of brows by providing high-quality, modern services for every woman who walks through her door. Hibba Beauty, located in New York, is an all-natural and organic Indian-inspired salon that debuted first at its Soho location in 2010. Since then, the salon has added two more locations under its belt, including Madison and Columbus Circle. Each salon offers the traditional services that we are all familiar with, like waxing, facials, and threading, as well as more modern methods that have become Internet-crazed, including eyebrow microblading, sugaring, and threading. Hibba Beauty has become the go-to salon especially for microblading, which is a semi-permanent technique that involves a form of eyebrow tattooing to accentuate your natural brow shape and color without you having to fill them in. It also lasts for years, requiring you only to visit every once in awhile for a touch up.
With a salon as breathtaking as Hibba Beauty, we wouldn’t hesitate visiting each time our brows needed some extra loving. Get to know more about this magical salon from its beautiful founder, Hibba Kapil.

 Cliché: What sparked the emergence and creation of Hibba Beauty? Did you ever dream about owning a salon?
Hibba Kapil: Since a young age, I have always loved beauty and have always worked in salons. As much as I loved the art, I didn’t quite like the treatment I got as an employee, not to mention the low pay. Hence, after obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Baruch CUNY, I started working towards my dream of setting up my own salon and creating a healthy and fair workplace.
The innovative beauty services that your salon specializes in makes it unique and a hub for women seeking long-lasting care for their grooming needs. How do you define your brand? What do you believe allows it to stick out from the many salons in NYC?
Hibba Beauty is a brand that provides natural hair removal alternatives and prides itself in maintaining a consistent high-quality of service. It’s an all-natural and organic Indian-inspired salon, which definitely makes it stand out from the crowd, in addition to offering some of the trendiest beauty services on the market, such as microblading. Microblading is unlike any other eyebrow service, and with every woman out there wanting Audrey Hepburn-esque brows, this semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattooing offers clients a natural and full brow that lasts for years and requires minimal upkeep.
How does microblading work?
Microblading is a process that uses small micro needles to draw hairs to fill in the sparse gaps of one’s eyebrows. Each hair is drawn individually, thus achieving a 100% natural look. The procedure uses AC pigments (mineral pigments that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic). After the initial consultation process, we decide what shape will suit the client’s face in accordance with their facial physiognomy. We draw a preliminary sketching until the client is 100% satisfied with the shape, and we then decide the ink color that works best. The actual tattooing process doesn’t take long at all since we are working on a small area; it usually takes about 20 minutes. Most people require two sittings, but we advise the second sitting to take place 60-90 days after the initial appointment. The main benefits are that it looks 100% natural, it lasts for up to two years, and you will no longer have to fill in your eyebrows every morning.

Brows are, without a doubt, one of the most important features that frame your face.

Brows make such a difference to one’s facial features and really do frame the face. What are the top services that you offer and recommend to maintain them? Any tips on finding the best eyebrow shape that works for you?
Yes, brows are, without a doubt, one of the most important features that frame your face. Seeing a professional for your brows makes such a difference. There are so many brow products out there, which makes it very confusing for someone who doesn’t know much about beauty and therefore won’t have a clue about what product will work best for them. By seeing a specialist, you can learn what product is best suited for you and you can master using it.
Another thing I must insist on is that brows are always best when people stay away from trends. Keeping your brows as close to natural as possible will always be best in the long run. We all know about the brow trend from the ‘90s—tweezing away almost everything and then drawing it back in with a super thin line—which did nobody any favors! I am totally obsessed and in love with microblading and its results, but if you wanted to opt for a more traditional, less expensive method, then I would suggest threading. With regard to shape, in general, for round faces: a tapered arch works well. For square faces, a soft round brow is best.  
What do you wish Hibba Beauty to be for women?
A place where women look forward to coming to regardless of the treatment they are getting done. I hope that the salons provide a warm and welcoming space where women can feel comfortable and relaxed, and ultimately, I hope that every woman leaves 100% satisfied and is happy with the results. 

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How to Score Beautiful Brows From Hibba Beauty: Photographed by Danielle Pearce

Grooming Gifts for Guys


Do you still have last-minute Christmas shopping to do? Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the guys in your life? Last-minute shopping can be stressful, especially when you have no idea where to begin. Whether you’re searching for gifts for your dad, brother, friend, or man, shopping should not seem like a chore. To make it easier on you, here are five foolproof grooming gifts for guys!
Beard Envy Kit by Billy Jealousy
This is perfect for the grisly man in your life, the man who is a tiny bit obsessed with his beard. The kit includes Beard Wash, Beard Control, and a bristle brush.The beard cleanse and conditioner will leave your guy’s beard looking tamed and smooth. This is is available online at Birchbox and only costs about $25 (score!).
Sephora Cologne Samplercolonge
This is great for a younger guy who is still trying to find his signature scent. The kit contains twelve cologne samplers, including Burberry Brit Rhythm, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani Aqua, and Ralph Lauren Polo. You can find more information about this product at
Great Skin to Go Kit by CLINIQUE
Ladies, we are not the only ones suffering with skin problems. This set is great for guys who want to maintain their great skin and for guys who are having problem maintaining great skin. CLINIQUE has always been one of my favorite skin care brands, and I would have no problem gifting great skin to any of the men in my life. Some guys really don’t show their skin any love, and that’s why they need a little help from us.
pedifootPedi Foot Transformation Set by CLARISONIC
Okay, girls, at one point or another your man has brushed his feet against you, and if you are lucky enough, you didn’t mistake it for a brillo pad. They’re definitely going to need a few pointers from us with this gift set, but in the end it’s a gift for both your man and for yourself (shhh). This also works for dads, which means moms will love this.
Sweat the Small Stuff Set by Birchbox
This gift set is great for the athletic guy in your life. The set contains a Balla for Men Body spray, a Baxter of California Deodorant, Bombas ankle and calf socks, a Kor Aura Water Bottle, a Quirky Wrapster, and an Under Armour Trance Sackpack. You will also have the choice in selecting one out of the three colors that it is available in: black, steel, or navy.
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Featured Photo courtesy of birchbox.com
Other photos courtesy of sephora.com and birchbox.com

Przman: The Grooming Guru


Pirooz 2 christopher robbins photo

© Christopher Robbins

“Hey, man…what kind of nose clippers do I use?”
“Dude, my girlfriend is ticking off at me ‘cause I’m not paying enough attention to her; what do I do?”
“Thanks, guy! That shaving cream is fantastic. Feel my face!”
“Tried that hair conditioner and it did the trick. Cool!” Knuckle bump.
Too embarrassed yourself to ask just anyone about those personal grooming questions like “man-scaping” or urinal etiquette? How about everyday routines like shaving? What do you and countless others have in common?  You’re looking for the source to get not just solid information, but helpful tips that actually work. Where would you find what you need all in one spot?
PRZMAN.COM. Yep, we’re talking about men’s grooming and lifestyle expert, Pirooz Sarshar, otherwise known as the “Martha Stewart of Men’s Lifestyle.” He’s the GGT—“guys go to” and wingman. A guru of sorts in the man’s world, he has the answers to what men seek with a straightforward, honest approach, flair, a sense of humor, and a tad of irreverence.
His status didn’t happen overnight. Sarshar, who became an expert on men unintentionally, earned his trusted reputation built on years of experience from the ground up. All the years of researching products and training he received from a variety of jobs started in Washington, D.C. with his mother, who used Sarshar as a guinea pig for testing various haircuts and colors.
“I’d always get suckered into things. Like my mom would say she was having a class on perms, but didn’t have model. ‘Let’s throw him in’… ya know?” He laughs, “It got to a point where I’d shave my head because I was embarrassed. A lot of abuse went on!”
“I’d always ask questions like, ‘Why do guys have to wear their hair like this or have a part like that?’” says Sarshar, but it’s the product and technical side that attracted him to the profession. His grandmother created various products they used in the family salons, and Sarshar fell in love with the concept of making his own as well. His fascination turned to a passion for it all. He soon took up the art at age 14, learned barbering from a man who worked at one of his mother’s salons. Sarshar became a talented practitioner himself after moving to NY, working with the top salons and hair stylists of the day.
“In general, men are embarrassed to talk about their nails or what shampoo they use or styling products and skin care. More and more men are starting to bypass the stigma and talk about such subjects.” Under the PRZ label, he’s created a line of hot-selling shaving products that contain the best ingredients (including organic) and use secrets of the world’s best barbers.
“I spent two years creating a content formula, grooming, cooking, lifestyle, and implementing the specialized formulas.” What he found was curious. People from press functions who gave Sarshar flack and criticism for what he was doing were secretly confiding and consulting with him!  “Evidently it was sort of a macho thing where the men didn’t want their male friends to know they were insecure about their grooming habits or needed advice on other things.”
The new PRZMAN.com website has all new products and services. There’s entertaining info like strategizing tips on things like how to get the best reservation in a restaurant to what’s a great gift for your girlfriend, to fitness, nutrition, recipes and even, whoa …vices! Check. It. Out!
“It’s the place you come to where you can learn anything from cleaning your kitchen floor to grooming. Whether he’s using mascara, a shampoo, conditioner or whatever, men don’t want to share their information. They want to keep it private, but more and more men are spending money on more and more grooming products because they are embarrassed to talk about it. It’s just a guy thing.”
Sarshar stresses that it’s important to be very raw and direct when giving advice and information. “The goal is to give a guy help. If he walks away learning one thing, then I think we’ve done our job.”
“I’m a great guy to take shopping,” says Sarshar. Since an early age, he admits to reading magazines such as Vogue. He is not only up to speed with fashion, but comfortable reading women’s publications. This lifestyle connoisseur consistently keeps up with fresh ideas, different approaches to grooming, and how it might translate into the men’s arena. “It’s turned me into an expert on men without realizing it.”
Influencing millions of men, Sarshar admits he is good with teaching the male population for the simple reason he knows the right way to reach his audience. “There’s a way to go about it, a language that goes with it” that makes them feel good and confident about themselves. “There’s a way to help men get motivated and stay motivated and not feel freakish about what they are doing to achieve that happiness and contentment.” There’s a certain amount of just plain common sense used, too. “Some of the most intelligent men are insecure and make things too complicated.” PRZMan streamlines it all for them into “Basic 101.”
M ANDERSON _cesare bonazza photog

© Cesare Bonazza

Branching out into guesting seminars, public speaking as well as continuing private consultations and appearances in the media, this pioneer in the grooming market leads the way with the newest finds and how-to’s. The content of his soon-to-be finished book is timeless. What he does and talks about has nothing to do with trend.
“The book will be addressing a comprehensive list of categories that give step-by-step advice and instruction from grooming to cleaning the bathroom. Not all men are taught the basics of every day routines—how to do laundry, cook, clean, organize…” Sarshar says. Also, “Men should embrace what makes them different and unique.”
You may think this is all just for guys, but, well, guess again! I found myself reading about the proper way to trim a moustache (even women wonder about these things) and trying out a couple of the yummy recipes. OK, I peeked at the vices section, too!
What’s his goal? To provide exceptional grooming products and living advice to men of all backgrounds and skin types. “To get men feeling good about themselves and motivated,” he says.
And he’s doing just that. One guy at a time. —Visit marinaanderson.net for more information on contributing entertainment columnist Marina Anderson