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Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time


Today we want to explain why hair texture changes over time.  Completing your look wouldn’t be possible without your crowning glory. In any occasion, having a great hairstyle can enhance your natural beauty. Having a bad one can leave a bad impression upon you.  While you’re in the middle of enjoying your current hair, you might not be aware that your hair texture can possibly change one too many times during your lifetime, shifting to straight, coarse, curly, or thin.

If you find yourself experiencing changes in your mane’s texture, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening with your scalp and hair health. With this in mind, the following reasons might be the reason:

Hormonal Changes

During notable reproductive stages of a woman’s life, their hair can also adapt according to one’s hormones. As women reach menopause, their estrogen gradually decreases, which can cause the hair growth cycle to shorten, resulting to fallout, loss of hair thickness, and decrease in hair density.

While you can’t do anything about your hormonal change, you can give your hair some TLC by using the right hair care products. If you’re missing the life on your locks and want to revive your curls, you can try out different hair products such as cream to enhance curls and other products that may improve health, growth, and shine.

Loss of Collagen Due To Aging

As you age, you’ll naturally experience gradual loss of collagen, the cellular structural protein in your hair and scalp. This will affect the follicle cells in your scalp and result in a change in the natural texture of your hair. And also, the oils in your hair get depleted over time, resulting in drier hair.

Loss of collagen in your hair does not necessarily mean that you need to immediately get a transplant to replace your lost hair; it will take some time for the condition to be corrected. However, if the condition is caused by too much stress on the scalp, it’s important to seek your dermatologist, and use products that can build your collagen and elastin.

Heat and Styling Abuse

Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time

Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

Regular exposure to heat is bad for your hair which usually happens when you regularly style your hair with heat, or get exposed under the blazing sun. Heat styling can cause hair thinning and texture change. This happens more to people who style their hair often using a hair dryer or hair iron. Excessive use of chemicals like color treatments and relaxers in your hair can also cause this hair problem.

Along with texture change and thinning, you’ll also notice that your hair will become more brittle and drier. Some tips to minimize texture change and thinning are:

  • Allow your hair to air-dry every time as much as you can.
  • Minimize heat and chemical styling.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure of your hair by wearing protective clothing.
  • Use heat protection products for your hair not only during heat styling, but every time you’ll be exposed under the sun.

Low-Protein Diet

A low protein diet is simply a diet in which individuals reduce their daily intake of protein. A low-protein diet is sometimes used as an alternative treatment for inherited metabolic diseases, such as homocystinuria and phenylketonuria, which may lead to severe symptoms. It can also aid in reducing cholesterol levels and the risk of cancer. However, the consequences of a low-protein diet to your hair is a change in texture.

Your hair requires a good load of protein to reproduce and achieve good texture, that’s why engaging in a low-protein diet risks your locks’ texture. If you’re not undergoing treatment for those health conditions mentioned above, then you should pack up in protein-rich foods such as Brussels sprouts, salmon, eggs, chia seeds, oysters, and walnuts into your diet.

Dirt and Product Buildup

Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Ideally, you should only wash and use shampoo on your hair at least once to twice a week to prevent drying and over-stripping the scalp. However, if you’re constantly exposed to pollution, hair products, and sweating, your scalp will accumulate dirt, dead cells, and product residues, taking away your hair’s liveliness and silky feel.

Therefore, balance between shampooing and moisturizing is important, where you should avoid over-stripping your scalp from natural oils and nutrients while making sure that they’re not having any nasty buildup. You can use a clarifying treatment weekly that can eliminate dirt and product buildup from your hair, then use essential oils for soothing, moisturization, strengthening, and other benefits.

Side Effect of Medication and Treatment

Another culprit that you can’t fully control is the side effects of using your prescription medication and treatment. You’ll notice that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments experience hair thinning and loss because chemotherapy inhibits hair growth. Additionally, the texture of their hair will significantly change its regrowth.

Moreover, taking the following medications for a long time in your prescription can impact the hair’s growth and texture:

  • Antidepressants
  • Acne treatments
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Painkillers
  • Beta-blockers


Haircare and maintenance are important aspects of self-care, particularly if you’re having hair issues such as changes in hair texture. While some of the factors that cause change in hair texture are natural and can’t be controlled, it’s still not an excuse to neglect your hair and scalp. To achieve healthier-looking hair and consistent texture, you should give your hair the same attention as your face and body.

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Top 5 Ways To Give Yourself Amazing Hair


Today we want to share the top 5 ways to give yourself amazing hair.  Everyone wants to get amazing hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, and how it looks can significantly affect the impression you create in the minds of people. Moreover, the condition of your hair can affect your mental health in many ways—the healthier your hair is, the more confident you’ll be to get out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities in life.

And, while the hair is naturally susceptible to damage caused by excessive blow drying and exposure to the sun, there are still some things you can start doing to make your hair look and feel great again, namely:

Invest In Wigs

For people who have damaged hair, following a specific hair care routine for weeks or months might not be the solution they need. This is especially true if an upcoming event is fast approaching. Do you think you can impress your friends and family with dry and brittle hair? Will you have the confidence to start conversations if you know that your hair doesn’t look its best?  If you want to get yourself amazing hair fast, investing in wigs can do the trick.

Wigs from reputable brands, such as Keswigs, are cost-effective investments as these allow you to try out unlimited hairstyles without having to spend time and money for a salon appointment. Wigs also provide convenience as these can hide or conceal thinning hair, hair loss, and other hair problems.

Use The Right Products

One of the best tips to get amazing hair is to ensure that you’re using the right products. The market offers countless hair products today, and it’s not enough that you buy the ones that are cheapest or most popular. If you have oily hair, you should be using oil-free shampoo. If your hair is dry, then, you must look for hair care products that are designed for dry hair. You can easily determine the appropriate hair products for you by looking at their labels.

Remember to keep it simple and avoid hopping into every bandwagon you come across with when it comes to hair care. When you’ve found the products that best suit your hair type, avoid switching to other brands to prevent any kind of hair damage.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

amazing hair

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels

Your diet plays a vital role in the condition of your hair, which is why you should strive to eat a healthy diet, which ought to be full of fresh fruits and vegetables. By eating healthy, you’re able to boost your body’s natural ability to grow new hair and prevent hair loss. Foods such as lean beef, turkey, and chicken can also make your hair look shinier.

Aside from paying attention to what you eat, it’s also important to always drink at least eight glasses of water each day. The water will help your body to cleanse itself from toxins and other harmful chemicals that are present in the environment and can potentially damage your crowning glory.

Drinking water will also help you detoxify your body and keep it hydrated, which helps to keep your hair healthy. Moreover, drinking sufficient amounts of water every day can also maintain the health of the nerve endings found in your scalp, thereby keeping your hair roots healthy. Proper hydration also produces stronger hair that’s less likely to break, frizz, or get limp.

Avoid Stress

There are many things that can lead to hair loss and other hair problems, and one of them is stress. Stress can lead to more hair falling out and, eventually you losing your self-confidence. If you want to give yourself amazing hair, you should know how to manage your stress effectively.

One of the easiest ways to avoid or manage stress is by taking a break from your daily routine when you feel stressed or tired. Breaking the monotony of your daily routine will allow your mind and body to breathe and ward off stress. You can also try talking to a friend if you feel that stress is starting to take a toll on your life.

Brush Regularly

amazing hair

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels

One of the most important tips to getting amazing hair would be to ensure that you’re getting enough blood circulation to your scalp. This is something that many people tend to overlook, and it’s something that can actually help increase hair growth and improve your overall hair health.

The best way to make sure that your hair follicles are getting plenty of blood is by using a hair brush regularly. The right hair brush can effectively stimulate your scalp, as well as encourage hair growth and blood flow.

It’ll Be Worth It

Your hair can affect the quality of your life in many ways, which is why you should exert time and effort in taking care of it. Regardless of how busy you are during the day, you should always follow a hair care routine to improve or maintain the quality of your hair.

Although taxing at first, prioritizing your hair will be worth it as this can do wonders to your self-esteem and body image!

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

How to Choose the Best Natural Hair Products for Your Hair Type


Today we have some amazing tips on how to choose the best natural hair products for your hair type.  Are you looking to start a new hair health regimen?  Well, if that’s the case and you’re unsatisfied with past results, you should consider switching to natural hair products.  However, just because a product is natural, doesn’t mean it can’t be bad for you.

In order to get your hair to optimal health, you need to learn how to choose the best possible product for your hair type.  So if that sounds like something you would like to know, keep reading to find out.

how to choose the best natural hair products

guvo59 / Pixabay

Read the Ingredients Label Deliberately

The first step to choosing a natural hair product is to read the ingredients label deliberately. For shampoos and conditioners, you must understand the first five on the list.  For instance, the water content of the shampoo and conditioner might vary from one company to another, but it should range anywhere from 50% to 80% of the entire weight.

If you buy a shampoo or conditioner who’s list does not start with water, you should be cautious. Check with the manufacturer, and ask them about this, ensure that the list is accurate.  As you examine the label on the natural hair products, it’s very likely that the majority of it is just water. Thus, there is not a lot of wiggle room to add a variety of other things.

This is where marketing becomes the potentiated ploy for the hair care brand. Attractive labels have been created that claim the product consists of an essential blend of various oils and herbs, which make your hair look stunning. In this case, only a couple of drops and a finger-lick of the herb has been added to keep their word.

Often, when you search for the oil on the list that has convinced you to buy the product, you will be surprised to see that it is somewhere at the bottom of the list, next to all of the other irrelevant ingredients added for marketing purposes.  In conclusion, the first five/six ingredients of the product are those that will have the most impact on your hair.

Should You Read Beyond the First Five Ingredients?

Of course, if you happen to have allergies to specific oils, or you’re trying to avoid sulfates, silicone, and whatever else, then it is paramount that you read the entire list.

However, it’s not necessary to research each ingredient of the list. But glancing at it to determine if there are ingredients that you want to avoid is a good idea. After you’ve done that, go back to the first five and really concentrate on those.

But if you don’t care too much about ingredients, consider supplements for hair which will mitigate any bad side-effects caused by unnecessary additives in hair products.

Can a Label Have Hidden Ingredients?

In order for a brand to omit ingredients from a label, the FDA has to approve of the omission. The process has to be determined as a “trade secret“, as mentioned in the FDA guidelines.

In most cases, the FDA will not agree to exclude commonly-used formulations (oil mixes) or items that might have an allergy concern associated with them. It’s a valid concern, nonetheless.

If you were to look through the hair products on sale at your local beauty store, it would be very hard for you to find a product that has a “trade secret” ingredient on the list.  So even though hidden ingredients can exist, they most likely don’t.

How to Select Natural Moisturizing Shampoos

how to choose the best natural hair products

huyenxu94 / Pixabay

When choosing a natural moisturizing shampoo, you should look out for products that don’t have sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate, which are used to aid foaming.  Your shampoo should be gentle enough for consistent use. It’s recommended to acclimate your hair to it over a course of a month at shampooing twice per week.

As you begin to learn more about your hair, you might find that this product is more or less appropriate for you. Many brands now create products that are SLS-free or ALS-free, which means they don’t contain the sulfates mentioned earlier.  You want to avoid them for many reasons. But most importantly because they strip your hair of natural oils, boosting your system into overexertion for producing recovery oil.

Typically, a shampoo that has lots of sulfates will not be too moisturizing. Since moisture is important, avoiding sulfates is a great start. The specific ingredients to avoid are beyond the scope of this article, so you will need to do some deliberate research.

When you include the ingenuity and scheme practices of brands with respect to ingredient labels, figuring out if something is true is quite difficult. Nonetheless, avoiding sulfates is a great start.

How to Select Natural Hair Products: Conditioners

how to choose the best natural hair products

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

When you want to infuse moisture or some protein into your strands of hair, you will most likely have to employ the use of a conditioner.  In general, a conditioner will provide temporary relief for your cosmetic aesthetic of hair that is dry or damaged. Thus, it’s important to consider the obvious limitations that conditioners have, and that they cannot mend hair from the ground up.  Conditioners are appropriately categorized into three: leave-in conditioners, rinse-out conditioners, and deep conditioners.

A leave-in conditioner is used after you have washed your hair, and it is applied to the hair and not rinsed out. It can either come in a dry or liquid form.

A rinse-out conditioner is a product that you work through towel-dry hair, and then rinse out after a short while.

A deep conditioner is one that penetrates the strands with proteins and is often utilized through a heat-sealing process. But adding heat to a regular conditioner will not make it a deep conditioner.

Any conditioner that you use should be moisturizing in nature. A deep, protein-based conditioner should only be used on an as-needed regime.  When selecting the conditioner, you should avoid silicones and cones. As they are responsible for dry hair, which means the moisturizing effect of the product has been mitigated in the long-term.

Because listing each ingredient that you should avoid is ineffective, there are some general guidelines that you can follow. When choosing your moisturizing deep conditioner, the ingredients should consist of water, humectants, and fatty alcohols. Anything else that coats the hair strand should be avoided like the plague.

How to Select Protein Treatments

A protein treatment will vary brand by brand, thus you must read the instructions on the label and follow them. Misuse can do more harm than good because the hair is about 70% keratin protein.

An appropriate amount of protein will reinforce and strengthen the hair shaft, whereas excessive amounts will do the opposite.  A protein hair treatment will ensure that your hairs can fight against breakage, which means you get to experience a fuller and stronger head of hair.

How often you will be using the treatment should depend on the degree of damage that you are trying to mend. And the amount of protein will be variable for every person.  To gauge the appropriate dosage, one has to experiment, but the bottom line is that you should use protein-based treatments on an as-needed basis.

The goal is to really understand your hair, what it wants, what it needs, and how you can deliver the two without compromising its integrity.

How to Select Oil & Butters

Wild Nature Flower Hair Girl  - khoinguyenfoto / Pixabay

khoinguyenfoto / Pixabay

You’ve gathered that the primary theme of hair care is moisturization, and one of the best ways to achieve this state is via oils and butter.  While it is important to use water-based products, such as shampoos and conditioners, oil and butter are paramount to your overall hair health, because it is capable of sealing moisture into strands themselves.

When choosing an oil or butter, you can’t really go wrong. However, it’s recommended that you find an organic, cold-pressed product – so that you get the best nourishment from the extraction process.

Another important thing to consider is the comedogenic profile of the oil because you don’t want to seal all of your pores on the scalp. If you don’t care about that, just apply the oil to the ends, so that you avoid the scalp altogether.

Your Hair, Your Choice

Now that you know how to choose natural hair products, you are well on your way to taking your hair to the next level.  After all, it’s your hair, so it might as well be your choice. The aesthetic and health of your hair will be entirely dependent on your knowledge and patience when it comes to researching and experiment with various hair products.

So good luck. If you’re interested in similar beauty-related topics, go to one of our featured categories at the top.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Rock Beautiful and Colorful Hair for Valentine’s Day


Looking for a beautiful and colorful hairstyle to wear this Valentine’s Day? Consider Missy Hair Boutique’s colorful hair collection that is made of 100% virgin human hair quality. Wigs are a great protective style if you want to protect your natural hair because they allow your hair to grow without excess damage. Many celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B has worn 50-inch wigs, which are show stoppers. Wigs are versatile because you can style them however you want and you can change the color of them. The types of wigs that you can choose from are full lace wigs, lace front wigs, glueless lace bob wigs, and 360 lace frontal wigs. The different hair textures include Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Eurasian, Peruvian, and Chinese. Consider these wigs to surprise your date on Valentine’s Day.


Image credit: Missyhairboutique.com

If you love a short bob then this is the hairstyle for you. This pink hairstyle will turn heads as soon as you walk in the door. It is thick and silky with 150% density. This hairstyle can be paired with your favorite dress and a bold makeup look.


Long Purple Hair

If you love long hair that ranges from 24 to 50 inches, this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. This wig has a beautiful purple color that will complement your skin tone and give you a realistic look.


Image credit: Missyhairboutique.com

Love curly hair? This pink wig has beautiful beach wave curls that will go well with any makeup look. It is great for ladies who love to wear colors and rock bold looks.


Image credit: Instagram.com/nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj is wearing a blonde wig with pink and blue ombre.


Image credit: Instagram.com/iamcardib

Cardi B is wearing a 50-inch blonde wig that goes perfectly with her pink outfit.



Tiny Harris is wearing a short blond curly bob that looks beautiful on her.

Check out Missy Hair Boutique here: https://www.missyhairboutique.com


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Rock Beautiful and Colorful Hair for Valentine’s Day. Featured Image Credit: Missyhairboutique.com

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Hair Obsessed


Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate with the love of your life. Every lady wants to look their best for their date night. Consider Head Kandy products that will give you gorgeous, silky and smooth hair. If you love to straighten or curl your hair, these products are for you.

Straightening Brush 2.0

This straightening brush is great for any hair texture and it eliminates frizz instantly. It consists of infused ceramic plating to keep your hair smooth, silky and straight. There is no need to worry about pain because this brush runs through your hair without breakage and it protects your scalp with anti-scald technology. There is an extra-long cord that is great to utilize the brush anywhere at any time. You can also lock the temperature to keep it constant and the LCD screen makes it easy to view the temperature as well.

Image credit: headkandypro.com

BFF Blow Dryer

In a hurry and need to finish your hair on time? No worries, this blow dryer will dry your hair in just 3 minutes. This blow dryer is great for fine, curly and thick hair textures. The Kandy nozzle is great for fast drying and it provides deep root penetration. Consider this blow dryer for a smooth finish that will give your hair volume all day.


Image credit: headkandypro.com

The Knockout Wand

This special wand will create the perfect curls for your date night. You can create beach waves or soft curls that will give you volume while remaining frizz free. This wand heats up to 140-430°F and it is perfect for holding those perfect curls.

Image credit: headkandypro.com

Check out Head Kandy here: www.headkandypro.com

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Hair Obsessed. Featured Image Credit: headkandypro.com

Coco & Eve: Summer in a Bottle


The summer heat has us in full tropical vibes with paradise on the mind 24/7. Shade from tall palm trees, music from colorful birds and the smell of fresh coconuts while basking in the sun sounds like the perfect place to be. If only we could pile it up into a bottle and open it up whenever we wanted to visit. Now even though that type of magic doesn’t exist, there is one that does. Crafted by hair goddesses Coco & Eve, inspired by the tropical oasis of Bali, a blush and palm leaf green jar carries the essence of vacation days. Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin hair mask is formulated with raw virgin coconuts made to strengthen and repair, argan oil to tame and treat and fig, and shea butter to condition. All the while creating a soft and shiny texture to your hair that even Moana would love! It’s also 100% vegan, paraben free, sulfate free  and more just to name a few perks.



To experience this wonderful jar of goodness after you shampoo (preferably with a sulfate free shampoo) you apply Coco & Eve evenly through your hair. Once applied use the tangie tamer, provided in your package, to comb the mask throughout and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water and style your hair as needed. As your hair begins to dry you will see immediate results, including bounce, shine, strength and softness to the touch. It’s seriously like night and day when you compare the before and after!



Reach for this 5-in-1 masque 1-3 times a week depending on your hair type for optimal results. With the coconut scent, incredible benefits and cute packaging it’s something sweet to look forward to each time. Grab your own slice of paradise by visiting www.cocoandeve.com to order your hair mask today!


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Coco & Eve: Summer in a Bottle: Photographs courtesy of Coco & Eve.

Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon


Spring/Summer NYFW 2018 is undoubtedly a time when all fashion lovers rejoice, but this time we have our eyes on those gorgeous locks models are sporting down the runway. Hairstylists for Cutler Salon show us how to recreate some of these looks and we couldn’t be happier to try these looks ourselves. One thing is for sure: hair has never looked this good before. 


Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon

Cowgirl Side Braid at Anna Sui x INC
Linh Nguyen shows us how to take our side braid game to the next level this season. Not only does the cowgirl side braid look glamorous on just about anyone, but this tousled ‘do creates a look that’s effortless and sexy at the same time.

  1. First, prep hair using the Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray. Blow dry and set hair using Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray.
  2. Depending on your hair’s natural texture, take horizontal sections of hair using either a 1 ¼” or 1” iron and curl hair vertically. When done, top it off with Redken Fashion Waves 07 for a more collapsed looked or Redken Wind Blown for more body and volume.
  3. Add a touch of Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade to break-up pieces of hair for long lasting curls.
  4. Once you’re done curling and ready to make the braid, sweep hair to one side and create a deep side part on the opposite side.
  5. Start at the nape of your neck and loosely braid hair into a three-strand braid. Bring it forward so that it’s sitting at the front of your chest.
  6. Time for final touches! Start pulling out some pieces, and as needed, spray them with Redken Wind Blown 05 and Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade for piecey strands and extra hold.

Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon

Naughty Knot at Badgley Mischka
Reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s bouffant, Peter Gray’s playful spin on a classic hairstyle serves as a reminder that hair can dress up any casual outfit to be a tad more polished.

  1. Start with damp hair and spray Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray and Redken Full Frame 07 evenly throughout locks.
  2. Apply a small amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray around the crown area at the roots. This will add volume, necessary to create a bouffant.
  3. Turn head upside down and blow dry hair while finger combing. You’ll achieve maximum texture by using your fingers instead of a brush.
  4. Starting at mid-length, curl hair all the way to the ends in 1-2 sections using a 1 ½” curling iron.
  5. Then spray Redken Wind Blown 05 over the surface of hair to add body.
  6. Part your hair down the middle and then pull back hair over ears and tie a double knot (single knot if hair is shorter). Leave ends loose and tousled.
  7. Pin the knot low and use your fingertips to add a small amount of Redken Powder Grip 03
  8. Take a comb and use the end of it to pull pieces at the crown. This will create a more modern take on the classic bouffant style.
  9. Use Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray for maximum hold.

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Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon: Images courtesy of ©Jane Kratochvil

Add Some Glitz and Glam to Your Hairstyle This NYE


The glitz and glam of the New Year can inspire extravagance like you’ve never imagined for yourself. From sequined shoes to glitter-coated faces, many of us like to transform into sparkle queens to embrace one of the brightest times of the year. But for those of you like myself who crave only a subtle glam, add these hair products and accessories to your collection for just the right amount of holiday shimmer.


A Tinge or More of Glitter
Nothing describes the New Year much like glitter. Lightly spritz some IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray over existing highlights to add a slight sheen or spray heavily onto hair for a more dramatic shine. This vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free, and gluten-free hair treat is enriched with coconut oil to keep strands nourished. It even offers sun protection! Don’t be afraid to go glitter crazy; this spray is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and is free of mineral oil and petroleum.

Shine Like No Other
Whether under the sun or club lights, you’ll be sure to shine with Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel. With 22 hues to choose from, coordinating with your OOTD is made simple. The Hair Flairs website even includes a DIY video, so you can quickly apply your piece on-the-go.

Add an Accent
Craving a fun, simple way to spice up your braids? All you need are the MiraCles Studio Beaded Hair Rings. This handmade goodie can be purchased in Silver, Dark Silver, Gold, or Antique Brass, and can be ordered in increments of five, depending on how many are needed to complete your style. Just lightly squeeze rings into place for a quick hair transformation that will surely leave you dazzling.

Hair Bejeweled
Take your sparkle to the next level with Luminence Crystal Tresses. These decadent hair strands are made with genuine Swarovski Crystals, available in six jewel-inspired colors: Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pink Ice, Tanzanite, and Peridot. Crystals are placed along an invisible strand, masked by hair, to intensify shine. Ditch the mirror; two tiny magnets hold the piece in place for easy application and removal.

If the Tiara Fits…
If you’ve ever wanted to look like a warrior princess, now is the time with the Icing Marble Effect Silver Chain Headband. Place in your hair like you would a simple headband, and enjoy the added marble stones and chains that delicately fall over your forehead. This elaborate piece will add just enough sparkle to deem you ready for the New Year.

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NYE Hair Glitz and Glam: Featured photo courtesy of Getty Images

Glitter Products to Embrace This Holiday Season


You deck the halls with lights that twinkle, light fires that burn shimmering embers, fill glasses with dazzling champagne, and only play with sparkles on the eve of a new year. But who’s to say the magic of all that glitters ends there? Leave behind the notion that you can only rock glitter on the most special of days, and instead, indulge in your inner child by getting your hands a little sparkly. You don’t have to douse yourself in a vat of costume glitter to celebrate this trend because the wonderful world of cosmetics has made it possible for you to join in on the fun without the mess.

Glitter & Glow
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into a room and make everyone stop and stare? With Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, you’re bound to make a statement that has everyone admiring the way your eyes shimmer. The shadow, a vibrant mix of glitter and pearl, applies like liquid and once set in place, it dries down to a powder that promises to hold onto its glimmer all night long.

Glitter All Day
Do you know what liquid gold looks like? It’s mesmerizingly lustrous, a swirling pool of shimmer, and thanks to Jouer, you can glide that gold over your lips and let the gloss do the talking. Their Long-Wear Lip Topper can be worn over your favorite lip color or stand alone as an iridescent statement. Formulated with coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin-E, it’s guaranteed to hydrate your lips and thanks to their long-wear formula, it won’t budge all night. One glance at this hypnotic lip topper and you’ll never be able to look away.

Unicorn Glitter
Unicorns are real and I have proof: Unicorn Snot. Though the brand name comes with a guaranteed giggle, it supplies a much-needed dose of happiness. Unicorn Snot prides itself on its range of glittery goodness from lip glosses to multi-purpose gels. If you’re willing to take a leap, fall right in love with glitter-roots: apply Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel to the roots of your hair and style accordingly (space buns are my personal favorite, but braids or a center-part work, too). Take it a step further by using this lightweight gel as a funky highlighter atop your cheekbones or collarbones. Once it’s set, it’ll stay put while you dazzle the world, and with a quick rinse, it’ll wash right out.

Glitter Pop
If you want to hop on the trend, but don’t want to commit to something as bold, Too Faced has just what you’re looking for. The thin brush-tip applies their Glitter POP! Eyeliner evenly and the glitter intensifies with each swipe, making for a statement that can be amplified to your liking. The best part? You don’t have to fuss with makeup remover for clean up. Once it’s dry, it peels off just like a strip of tape. Lift at the edge, carefully pull it up, and you’ve avoided any potential messy cleanup. I told you glitter is magical.

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Glitter Products to Embrace This Holiday Season: Image courtesy of ©IMAXTREE

The New Heated Styling Products You Need to Try


Now that summer’s over and cooler weather is upon us, it’s safe to again experiment with sleek, voluminous hair and big, bouncy curls without the fear of frizz caused by humidity. While heated styling tools may cause damage your hair, the right tools and the right products can help keep the damage at bay. Here are some tools that keep your hair looking shiny, healthy, and fabulous after each use.

FoxyBae’s Rose Gold Trés Sleek Flat Iron, $179
If sleek, super-straight hair is what you crave, then Foxybae’s Rose Gold Trés Sleek Flat Iron is perfect for you. This multi-purpose rose gold flat iron isn’t just a beauty to look at. It is also plated with titanium, which heats evenly, helps keep frizz away, and gives your hair a beautiful shine. The 360-swivel cord makes it comfortable to use, and the auto shut-off feature gives us peace of mind in case we forget to turn it off in the hurry. (Come on, we’ve all been there before!)

Revlon’s 360° Dual Fast Dry Hair Dryer and Styler, $59
If you’ve ever shopped for a hair tool that works well and doesn’t put a dent in your wallet, chances are you’ve come across Revlon. Their innovative, new 360° hair dryer is creating quite the buzz among hair enthusiasts for many reasons: it makes blow-drying your hair vertically easier and can also be used as a traditional blow-dryer. While I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone with thick or curly hair (it would just take too long to do your entire head), it does help you achieve a shiny blow-out since the 360° air jets surround and target each hair section.

FoxyBae’s Rose Gold 7 In 1 Curling Wand, $289
Do you want all kinds of different curls but don’t want to buy half a dozen different wands? Then allow us to introduce you to FoxyBae’s Rose Gold 7 In 1 Curling Wand. The brand’s signature rose gold titanium barrels return in this ultimate collection of curling wands. Easily swap between its seven interchangeable barrels to achieve endless styling options based on your mood or occasion, and use the digital temperature dial to control just how hot you are willing to go.

Which styling products are you loving lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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The New Heated Styling Products You Need to Try: Featured image courtesy of Revlon

Stunning Hair Colors Fitting for Fall


Autumn is a season that causes the world to completely change colors. With the leaves on the trees transforming to beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, browns, and reds, people tend to fit these colors into their lives, too. People start decorating their homes according to the new season by changing their bedsheets to the colors of fall, placing a few pumpkin and ghost knickknacks around the place to set the mood, and even switching up their wardrobes to a more cozy and cool-toned style — like sweaters for fall! But what many people love about fall, and not just the PSL, is dyeing their hair to fit the season! Autumn calls for a hair change in both cut and color. There are tons of different hair colors you can choose; from light brown to copper or honey blonde, people get creative with their hair around this time of the year. Check out a few of our favorite stunning hair colors fitting for fall. 


Mocha Ombré
Mocha is easily one of the more popular hair colors for the Fall, mainly because it’s a cool-toned color suitable for the cooler and crisper autumn air. If you already have a blonde ombré, tone it down to a more fresh, mocha shade, like going from the hot summer to the cozy fall.


Inferno Ombré
This is one of the more interesting colors you can pick for your new hair color during fall. It’s a stunning fade from deep red to a luscious blonde, so if you can’t decide on dyeing your hair either or blonde, this is definitely the perfect fit for you.


Dark Chocolate Highlights
If you want your hair to show off a deep color, this gorgeous dark chocolate highlight hair dye is certainly ideal. Rather than black, consider a dark brown when switching up your hair color for autumn. We can all get tired of the lighter colors, which makes this one a fresh new change.

Hazelnut Blonde
Autumn isn’t just about browns and reds when it comes to hair color; blondes are acceptable, too! If you want to go blonde this fall, but don’t want it to be a summery blonde, this beautiful hazelnut blonde shade will fit your liking. And, without a doubt, you’ll get tons of compliments.

What’s fall without some shades of auburn? For this breathtaking hair shade, this auburn dye literally comes straight out of the rich red leaves from the fall trees. Even though it leans more into the red-toned family, auburn also has its moment for being cool-toned, but still warm.

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