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5 Tips for Preserving Hair Color


Whether you spend a lot of money at a salon or use drugstore box dye, we all want our locks to look fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. Here are 5 tips for preserving hair color. 


1. Don’t Wash Everyday 

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It may seem obvious, but water and shampoo are the two main components that make your hair dye fade down the drain. Deep cleansing and anti dandruff shampoos tend to be the main culprits, and should be avoided if you want your color to last. Many experts recommend that washing your hair only once a week is optimal. Although avoiding washing may be more difficult for people with naturally oilier hair, dry shampoo is always your best friend. It’s also important to remember to wait at least 24 hours after dyeing your hair to wash it.


2. Use a Color Protectant or Color Deposit Shampoo and Conditioner

Color protectant shampoos work by being gentler, with protective ingredients that coat the hair and prevent color from escaping the follicle. Amika Vault Color-Lock comes with UV filters and antioxidants that make sure your color stays popping. Color deposit shampoos work how they sound, by depositing the pigment directly back into your hair. This is especially useful for blondes who want to avoid looking brassy. OverTone Haircare comes with a color deposit line with options for a wide range of shades.


3. Use Cold Water

Hot water opens up the hair follicles more than cold water, and allows for more color bleeding, while cold water keeps the follicles tight and closed. This is especially essential for redheads, whose color fades the fastest. Although it may seem unpleasant, it’s worth it in the long run.


4. Limit Your Sun Exposure 

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The more time you spend in the sun, the quicker your hair color will fade. This is because the UV rays break down the chemicals bonds within the dye. If being in the sun for extended periods of time is unavoidable, make sure to cover your hair with a large hat or umbrella. Surprisingly, there are also SPF products that can be applied to the hair and scalp, such as the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.


5. Avoid Heat Styling

The hotter the temperature, the quicker the color will fade. If you’re married to your blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener and can’t seem to part with them, make sure to use the lowest heat setting possible and utilize a heat protectant spray that will coat the particles and help prevent the color from escaping.  The Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave in Spray is optimal for colored hair. 

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Achieve Voluminous Hair This Spring With Kaleidoscope Hair Products And Marine Beauty Collagen


This spring is the season to show off your beautiful curls and to make your hair stronger. Kaleidoscope hair products are perfect to use every day to achieve smooth and shiny hair. They are gentle enough to use on all hair textures because it brings moisture into your hair. Marine Beauty Collagen is great to take daily because collagen helps to rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails. Consider using these products to notice gorgeous results for the spring season.


Therapeutic Shampoo

The therapeutic shampoo clarifies the scalp and it is recommended for normal hair. It is important to use a shampoo that removes excess build up on your scalp because it gives your follicles a chance to breathe. When applying this shampoo, massage it into your hair until it lathers than rinse it out thoroughly. Aloe vera brings moisture into the hair and keeps it shiny and peppermint oil adds a nice tingle to your scalp.

Image credit: iluvcolors.com


The Answer Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner is a step that you shouldn’t skip in your wash day routine. Deep conditioners strengthen our strands and prevent breakage. It can also be used while you are detangling your hair. This product smells lovely and it contains shea butter which is perfect for moisture. You can leave this conditioner in your hair for 8-10 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.

Image credit: iluvcolors.com


La Sirène’s 100% Natural Marine Beauty Collagen

Collagen benefits our hair, skin, and nails. It also has anti-aging properties that are great for achieving youthful skin. La Sirène’s 100% Natural Marine Beauty Collagen is a great option to consider if you are a person who doesn’t like to take capsules or tablets. This collagen formula is created as a sachet to pour into your favorite beverage of choice. For best results, consume twice daily.

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Achieve Voluminous Hair This Spring With Kaleidoscope Hair Products And Marine Beauty Collagen. Featured Image Credit: iluvcolors.com

Eleni & Chris: Our Scandinavian Haircare Saviors


There is truly nothing like having healthy, beautiful hair. As someone with super-long, super-curly, color-damaged hair, I’ve been around the block when it comes to haircare products. Name an oil, a serum, a treatment; I’ve given ‘em all a shot. What I’ve come to realize during my extensive research is that products with the least chemicals, the most natural ingredients, and whose companies have the simplest missions are the best. Enter: Eleni & Chris. 

This Scandinavian cosmetics company, created by beauty gurus Inger Ellen and Christinah Nicolaisen, was born when the duo decided to develop a range of cosmetic products that reflected the simplistic, holistic Scandinavian approach to beauty. In a world of toxic, chemical-ridden cosmetic products, they found their niche in creating products that existed on the other end of the spectrum.

Scandinavian women have a very holistic approach to beauty, balancing what they eat, their lifestyle, and what products they put on their skin and in their hair. This range of beauty products reflects that: no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrance, and no silicone. These products are high performing while remaining both healthy and mild on your hair. The best part? Their large range of products allows you to mix and match to create the perfect regimen for your own hair’s needs.

What’s their secret? A coveted Scandinavian beauty ingredient: cloudberries. Yes, you read that right: cloudberries. Although these sound like a fictional plant fresh off the pages of a Scandinavian sci-fi novel, cloudberries are actually an herb chock full of health benefits found in alpine climates, like that of the region these co-founders hail from. Three years ago, they had the idea to use cloudberries as the main ingredient in their “purely Scandinavian” cosmetics brand, and thus they began working their magic on our hair.

The pair have actually created the world’s first Cloudberry oil that launched this year. “It is a multipurpose product as it both strengthens the hair from the inside as well as gives it the styling factor you want with shine from an oil product,” said Nicolaisen. “We love it because you get a lightweight oil with heat protection which gives fantastic shine to the hair while repairing it, and it does not add a warm color to blonde hair tones.”

I asked the creators what their favorite products are, and Ellen can’t get enough of the Sensimin Collection as we approach winter. “Going into the winter season, we are highly addicted to our bestselling Sensimin Collection,” she said. “People tend to overlook their scalp in the winter and having a healthy scalp is the best foundation for glamorous hair. Our Sensimin Collection is formulated to be cooling and calming on the scalp and at the same time gives the right balance of moisture to the hair. We are so proud of this range as these are really high-performing products, yet as mild as possible with no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrance, and no silicones.”

Their beauty line includes shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, styling products, leave-in treatments, serums; you name it, they’ve got it. Their products ship worldwide and at a totally reasonable price point.

What’s my major recommendation? The Strengthening Leave-In Treatment Cream. Like I said before, I have long, crazy hair that can always use more moisture to keep flyaways tamed and breakage at a minimum. This leave-in is, unlike so many other leave-in treatments, light and leaves my hair soft and bouncy, not weighed down and greasy.

Keep your eye on this up-and-coming beauty brand this season. Their mission is to bring the beauty and inspiration of Scandinavia to the rest of the world, and we’re totally cheering them on.

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Eleni & Chris: Our Scandinavian Haircare Saviors: Photographs courtesy of ©Eleni & Chris

Why Your Hair Products Should Include SPF


You’ve probably heard about the damage the sun can cause to your skin, but you’ve probably never considered the damage it could do to your hair—and it doesn’t stop there. In addition to harmful UV rays, salt water and chlorine contribute to the many reasons why hair might look faded or feel dry and brittle in the summertime. Not to worry: Like makeup, hair care products now provide UV protection so that locks maintain hydration and vibrancy throughout the season. Don’t dive in the pool, jump into the ocean, or even leave the house without first coating your strands with one of these SPF-infused hair products!

Protect your hair color and mane with the Paul Mitchell Color Care Color Protect Locking Spray. This lightweight mist adds impeccable shine while offering UVA/UVB protection. A mixture of moisturizing jojoba and rosemary leaf extracts hydrate and condition, making this a perfect fit for those of you prone to pesky flyaways.

Ditch the frizz with TIGI Bed Head Beach Bound Protection Spray for Colour Hair.  A combination of sunflower seed oil, grapefruit extract, and UV protectant nourish strands and prevent color-treated hair from fading. Heat and humidity resistant, this spray is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Since we love two-in-one products, the Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a must-have hair and skin protectant dry oil. This non-greasy, sweat- and water-resistant formula shields against sun, salt water, and chlorine damage with gold cob, sycamore, and aloe extracts. Use this spray on your skin to promote an evened tan for those of you who seek a little color, or try it in your hair to rehydrate with organic nyamplung oil. This product is dermatology-tested and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

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Why Your Hair Products Should Include SPF: Photo courtesy of toneitup.com

Five Summer Saviors for Hair


The one negative aspect about summer that most females can agree on is how rough it is on our hair. From the chlorine in pool water to overexposure from the sun, our precious locks really take a beating when the summer months come around. Luckily, we’ve discovered five fabulous products that can really lock in moisture and improve hair quality. Be sure to stock up on the following:
1. Straight Arrow’s Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner 
This inseparable pair has been around for what seems like ages. Consistent use will give you the gift of longer, stronger, healthier hair. Just ask the horses who this product was originally made for! This horse to human crossover is arguably one of the best kept secrets of the hair world. As a committed user for the past 5 years, I can assure you, it works! You can find Straight Arrow products at most local beauty retailers and pharmacies.
Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 7.25.28 PM
2. Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask
What a gem this little tub is! Use a generous amount on shampooed, towel-dried hair once a week. Comb it through your hair with a wide toothed comb. Leave it on for about 10 minutes (I like to wrap my hair up and leave it on for 20) and then rinse off. You will immediately notice your hair’s softer, more manageable texture that will only improve week after week. As an added bonus, the incredible smell lingers in your hair all day! At $74.40, it doesn’t come cheap from Moroccan Oil’s website, but search for it from online beauty retailers (or even Amazon) to get it for half the cost!
Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 7.25.36 PM
3. Moroccan Oil Treatment
A little bit goes a long way. Put a dime sized drop of oil on your palm and run it through your locks from mid-hair to ends. Avoid the roots unless you really need it, as it can make your hair look oily. It smoothes out frizz and flyways, but more importantly, it moisturizers hair that’s been BBQ’d by the summertime. Like the restorative hair mask, be sure to order online to get the best price.
4. Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle
No matter the season, most of us still favor the blow driers, wands, and flat irons for the fresh-out-of-the-salon look. This item is an absolute must in such cases. A couple of sprays over wet hair will not only protect you from the damage associated with heat-styling, but it will ease the detangling process. This two-in-one treasure is a Birchbox exclusive and can be ordered on their website, www.birchbox.com.
Okay, so while this isn’t a “product,” braids are a must for summer. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they maintain hair in almost any situation. A French braid stays put while swimming in a pool or at the beach. A well done fishtail braid will stand up against those hot, but windier days. What’s even more amazing is that you’re avoiding those unbearable tangles during summer’s unpredictable weather. Another perk? Undo the braid after you get home for natural beach waves!
Practice these tips, and keep all of these products in stock to maintain manageable, beautiful hair all summer long.
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