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Get a Virtual Makeover with Styled by Trendage


We have all wished we could try out the trendy and in-style hairstyles before we make the big change. We have also all wished we could see how our “considerable” online purchases would look before we hit the checkout, but sometimes our fear of the unknown stops us. Will that big cut and bangs actually ...

Redefining Classic Hair Styles with TRESemmé


The inspiration behind Marissa Webb’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection was counterbalance. While incorporating edge and intricate design, Webb also made it so that even you can pull off anything with ease. TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu came up with two gorgeous, impressionable, yet easy-to-do hairstyles after being inspired by Webb’s collection. Follow Syfu’s step-by-step instructions to recreate this season’s trendiest styles on your own!

Hair Trend: Don’t Cut the Front


Falling prey to the mundane takes a toll on your creative vibes and confidence, not to mention your hair. Think about the times you’ve fallen in love with your latest haircut. Didn’t it motivate you to take extra time and care to style your hair? We’re encouraging you as well as ourselves to stop dreaming of that day you sit in your hairstylist’s chair and tell them to “have at it!” (Just kidding!) We have an even better idea.

The Best Braided Hairstyles


As the beautiful weather begins, we’re ecstatic to break out some of the best braided hairstyles for spring. Nothing compliments an outfit more than a gorgeous braided hairdo. Three of our favorites come from one of the coolest Hair Gurus named Amber Fillerup Clark, who’s also known as Barefoot Blonde. Aside from her raw and ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Lilia Buckingham & Ruby Modine
Inside, cover star Lilia Buckingham opens up about trying to end cyberbullying, her role in Dirt, and more; cover star Ruby Modine discusses creating her own legacy and Happy Death Day 2U; actress Keesha Sharp discusses acting and directing on Lethal Weapon; actor Hank Chen chats about making Life-Size 2; and much more!