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Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Handbag This Summer


Like your choice of partner, bags are very definitely a matter of personal taste but are one of the essentials every woman needs .  Maybe you go for some petite crossbody number, which fits a phone, lippy and not much besides. Sure it’s super light and you can strut your stuff feeling completely unencumbered, but don’t you crave a little more, don’t you want to dive in and delve a bit more?  At the opposite end of the spectrum is Ms tote, with her handbag bulging as if she’s going on a weekend away. Rest assured, somewhere between them both lies sanity, so here are my suggestions for things that every woman needs in her handbag to ensure that summertime living really is as easy as that old song suggests.

essentials every woman needs

Starkvisuals / Pixabay

Hair Ties and Clips

Repeat after me, humidity plays havoc with your hair. Hair ties and clips are an instant fix for when you are all hot and bothered and you just need to get some cool air on your neck.  Ok, so you can never find them, but they’re in there somewhere.

Compact hairbrush

essentials every woman needs

ArtsyBee / Pixabay

A hair brush is one of the essentials every woman needs.  In fact, it is of psychological importance, as much as anything.  Brushing your hair is cooling, calming and tones down that bride of Frankenstein look. A small, foldable hairbrush will do fine for your bag. If you’re off to somewhere more fancy though, you better pop your most trusted hairbrush in.


In warm weather you definitely don’t want to bring the whole arsenal along, expensive products and heat is not a good combo.  Lippy is an essential though, and you might want to add mascara and eye liner.  Some women I know believe that fragrance is a key feminine virtue. Perfume and/or deodorant make sense when the temperature rises.


Pexels / Pixabay

Sunnies are one of the essentials every woman needs hands down.  No matter the time of year, you should always have a pair of sunnies in your bag.  You know all about harmful UV rays, right?  You know how sand, water and concrete reflect up to 80% of them? You know that sunnies are just the coolest accessory in the world, bar none.  Be sure to choose a pair you really like, in fact be sure to choose several pairs you really like because nothing creates an instant shift of style like a pair of sunnies.  Go all cutesy with a pair of bright acetate, micro cat eyes or go all mysterious with an oversize pair of wrap arounds.  Just be sure to take them off when you’re inside, that’s why you need a bag.


No, not that big diamond broach or that fabulous string of pearls, just some big jolly summer stuff so that you can shift it up a gear if you need to. Leave the expensive bling you may have at home for the special occasions.

Sun cream

Boring and sensible I know but an essential if you don’t want a Rudolph nose. Apply it before going out in the sun, and remember to make sure it is all rubbed in. If you’re going into water, remember too that sun cream needs to be reapplied, as it isn’t usually waterproof.

Other Essentials

Other essentials every woman needs would definitely be your cell phone and your cards of course.  The two things that enable you to socialise and shop. Your phone is your communication with the world, whilst your cards make the world, slightly more, your oyster. What would we do without them now, eh?

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Handbags: Always in Season, Always Practical


They say everything’s a remix. Take a look at these handbags through the decades to see when your favorite purse was born!

Early 1900s: The “Dorothy Bag”

drawstring bags photo

Photo by daisydenims

The early handbag was all about being “matchy matchy”, these drawstring bags were decorated to match the outfit. They were often taken to the opera to hold opera glasses and a folding fan.
Trend Translation: So drawstring bags aren’t so much a thing anymore (or folding fans tbh), but these gals definitely paved the way for the rest of us who couldn’t imagine leaving the house without everything and the kitchen sink!
1920s: The “Pochette”
In the roaring 20s, women started to become more independent, leaving the house without their male companion (shock!). They needed a small bag, a “pochette”, to take out a few items such as lipstick, keys and money.
Trend Translation: Pretty similar to your Saturday night clutch bag, right?
1930s: The Shoulder Bag
chanel purse photo

Photo by AshleyCooper

In 1929, Coco Chanel introduced the first purse with a shoulder strap and throughout the decade bags got their own accessories: zips, plastic and art deco designs.
Trend Translation: Pretty much 90% of the bags that exist these days, and oh how thankful we all are for this one! Imagine having to actually use your hands to hold a bag? So old fashioned.
1940s: The Boxy Bag
During WWII, handbags got a military makeover with boxy shapes and clean lines, big enough to hold everything needed for the newly working woman!
Trend Translation: Your mom’s handbag. You know, the one that could have been designed by Mary Poppins and takes up the space of a small child.
1950s: The Designer Handbag
In the 1950s, popular fashion houses like Hermes emerged, and the true “fashion” of handbags was born. With an increase in small bags, representing femininity, they became less about practicality, more about status and personal expression.

Trend Translation: It doesn’t take a genius to translate this one! In the Western World, brands have become one of the most important factors in choosing a handbag. This includes Louis Vuitton women’s handbags, which have really stood the test of time.
1960s & 1970s: The “Feminist Bag”
With the rise of the hippie movement and the birth of boho, handbag style became much more relaxed and a true form of self expression. From “flower power” designs to buckles, fringing and bright colors, women began to represent their strength through style.
Trend Translation: Anything goes! It’s more true today than ever, let your style shine!
1980s & 1990s: The Sports Bag
The end of the decade saw an increase in health and fitness inspired handbags. The aim was to look cool without looking like you were trying to be cool!
Trend Translation: Sporty influences can now be seen across all areas of fashion, including but not limited to bags. For example, who would have thought the practical “backpack” would remain such a style staple?
Fast forward to 2017 and almost all of these styles are still “in season”. They can probably all be found in some form in just one stroll down your nearest high street! What fashion era do you covet?
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Images provided by Flickr CC License.