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4 Wardrobe Items Worth Splurging On


Today we want to share 4 wardrobe items worth splurging on.  When it comes to creating your dream wardrobe you shouldn’t be afraid of spending more money on certain pieces.  Look at this way – if you think of the collective amount you’ll spend on multiple cheap things, versus investing more on one costly item – it makes a lot sense. Sadly, this justification doesn’t work on every single piece. So what are 4 wardrobe items worth splurging on?

4 wardrobe items worth splurging on

Mylene2401 / Pixabay


4 wardrobe items worth splurging on

VladBitte / Pixabay

Coats are certainly worth investing in. Particularly if you live in a cold part of the country, you’ll be wearing your winter coat for months at a time.  You won’t just wear the coat for one season either, only to replace it with another the next year. It is something that could last you a lifetime – if you invest and pick the right style. When it comes to selecting a coat, it’s good for you to opt for classic cuts. Think trench or pea coats. If you go for something timeless, you’ll always be in style.


The beautiful thing about shoes is that you don’t grow out of them. You could still fit into a pair you bought ten years ago. This doesn’t mean you can start justifying buying all of the high heels. When it comes to wardrobe investments, you need to think practically. Boots, sneakers and sandals – the shoes you wear a lot throughout various seasons. Shoes go through the most wear and tear in a wardrobe, so make sure you find pairs that can look after your feet.


4 wardrobe items worth splurging on

HeungSoon / Pixabay

You definitely need a staple handbag in your life -something you can carry with you in your everyday and look fabulous while doing so. It can be tempting to splurge and buy lots of handbags for different days and purposes – but you should have the one you use in your everyday. Makes sure it fits all your essentials and a neutral color would be your best bet. Make your handbag a stylish statement and perfectly practical.


You should spend good money when it comes to bras – they’re going to be supporting your body day in and day out – you want to make sure they last. It is also important to note that when buying a bra you should go to a shop where you can get measured properly. Make sure you get a bra that actually fits you properly. You’d be amazed at the number of women who struggle with sizes. Buy a bra that works for you, and don’t be afraid to make it sexy, either. Celebrate your body and feel comfortable while doing so.

So what are your 4 wardrobe items worth splurging on? Have you got your eye on anything at the moment?

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Colorful Summer Statement Bags Under $50


Hand bags, purses, satchels, clutches—they have become an essential part of our everyday routine. Whether it’s a quick run to the store or a night out, our trusty purse is in our hands and ready for anything. Trendy clutches and handbags have become daily necessities and not only because they hold every random thing we may need. These fashion-forward must-haves help to redefine our wardrobe and give off a taste of our personality.


Unfortunately, because our favorite accessories are so handy, they can come at a hefty price. Summer means tons of new styles, colors, and designs to gush over and literally get our hands on, but that’s hard to do if they are all super expensive. To make sure you continue to stand out and look your absolute best, we have compiled a list of the top four perfect colorful summer statement bags to keep on your radar that are under $50!

Livie Pom Straw Tote
Nothing screams statement bags like colorful pom accessories. At Macy’s, the Livie Pom Straw Tote is making quite the name for itself. With a playful straw outer design, bright handles and matching poms, the tote is the ideal summer bag. Make a name for yourself with the trendy designs and summer-centered look.

The Best Bags/Accessories from Kendall and Kylie’s Debut Handbag Collection


The Kardashian-Jenners are back in the spotlight again, but this time with keychains. As if being supermodels, reality TV stars, social media gurus, and makeup queens aren’t enough, the Jenner sisters are breaking the fashion industry again with their new bag line. From fancy handbags ranging in size and color to trendy accessories, the Kendall + Kylie line is one you don’t want to miss.
Covering all of the bases, the sister duo has created various backpacks, clutches, and even faux-fur key chains inspired by Kylie’s dogs! Check out more of what we think are the best bags and accessories from Kendall and Kylie’s debut handbag collection.


Kendall + Kylie Sloane Backpack, $295, kendall-kylie.com

The Sloane Backpack is a leather, adjustable strap bag with a double zip-around closure. It is adorned with a black chain strap and the elegant Kendall + Kylie nameplate. The Sloan Backpack comes in both black and steel blue. Playing around with sizes, this edgy bag is just the right size for a long day out.  
Kendall + Kylie Baxter Crossbody, $195, kendall-kylie.com

Kendall + Kylie Baxter Crossbody, $195, kendall-kylie.com

The Baxter Crossbody is the perfect everyday bag that can easily transform into a clutch with its removable straps. The leather material is available in various colors and comes complete with double-sided magnetic flap closures.
Brook Satchel

Kendall + Kylie Brook Satchel, $395 and Norman Faux-Fur Bag Charm, $95, bloomingdales.com

The Brook Satchel is one of the more chic and classy looks from the fall handbag line. Its color-blocked leather style gives the bag a modern twist and has a handy removable shoulder strap. Feel free to accessorize with a Norman faux-fur bag charm. The Kylie-pooch inspired charm is made with real leather and can be used to give any look that simple but perfect touch. Not forgetting Kylie’s other pup, the line also includes Bambi inspired charms.

Kendall + Kylie Azuba Clutch, $250, bloomingdales.com

Staying organized and still looking cute will never be easier. The Azuba clutch features a simple blocked band creating the sleekest grab-and-go look for any occasion. With an interior zip pocket followed by two interior slip pockets, an interior card slot and a magnetic flap closure, this clutch is the modern look we’ve all been waiting for.
If you’re interested in buying from the Kendall + Kylie collection, the 18-styled bag collection and accessory line can be found at select retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Holt Renfrew, Shopbop, Revolve, Neiman Marcus and at Saks Fifth Avenue.
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The Best Bags/Accessories from Kendall and Kylie’s Debut Handbag Collection: Featured image courtesy of kendall-kylie.com

Must Have Handbags


Hey, Dolls!

Out of all the different types of accessories, handbags are my absolute favorite. I’m very picky when it comes to purses and only purchase one if I’m totally head over heels about it. Once I start second guessing the bag, I don’t buy it. When buying a bag, I make sure it has a complete zipper closure, or at least has a section with a zipper. I’ve had my share of bad luck with purses without zippers that resulted in lost phones and makeup.
NYC brand Henri Bendel carries fabulous backpacks that can be monogrammed. I’ve always been a fan of backpacks and first noticed the chic Bendel while walking behind a woman in Port Authority. Reading the etched “Henri Bendel,” I quickly researched their website and found my next purchase. The backpack comes with adjustable straps and can even be worn as a tote or crossbody.
I usually go for black colored bags since they look more classic and expensive, but the tote by ASOS is chic in gray. At first glance, the bag looks simple, but the croc print adds a little spice and attitude. Urban Outfitters also always has practical and affordable trendy handbags in stock. I really like the vegan brown tote by Silence + Noise. It has a clean vintage appearance and features a removable shoulder strap, making it a convenient everyday bag.
Last but not least, I’m obsessed with my Saint Laurent chain wallet bag; it’s definitely a piece I will always treasure. I love the sturdy construction of the flap and how elegant the gold chain looks. The bag’s main closure is a button, but I store my phone in the inside zipper to avoid any mishaps. Every gal needs a perfect gold chained bag, and mine is Yves!

Jetsetter Convertible Backpack, Henribendel.com, $278

Jetsetter Convertible Backpack, Henribendel.com, $278


Silence + Noise Zip Pebbled Tote Bag, Urbanoutfitters.com, $59

Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Grained Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet, Saksfifthavenue.com, $1550

Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Grained Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet, Saksfifthavenue.com, $1550

ASOS Croc Embossed Suede Tote Bag, ASOS.com, $72.79

ASOS Croc Embossed Suede Tote Bag, ASOS.com, $72.79

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The Best Summer Handbags of 2015


The Best Summer Handbags of 2015
I know, we have almost one month left of summer and it’s breaks my heart just thinking about it. Seriously, where did the time go? Anyways, I don’t know about you but for me, summer is the perfect time to go out with your friends on fun trips or have a typical GNO. Sure, you got your outfit all decked out but did you forget about your handbag that carries all your necessities? Each year, I toss and purchase new bags to my collection and this year was no different. Here are some of the best summer handbags I’ve seen this year.
Cooperative Structured Bucket Bag
Just like bucket hats are a thing for the guys, bucket bags are a thing for the ladies. How can you deny bucket bags? I’d opt for the backpack-like ones but the choice is ultimately up to you!
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.37.31 PM
Kate Spade’s Wing It Pineapple Cross-body
Channel your inner Katy Perry with this unconventional purse. Perfect if you love fruits especially pineapples. If you love it so much, why don’t you wear it?
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.37.13 PM
Leather Baggu
Sure, it looks like a grocery bag at first glance but this is perfect for when you need to grab things on the go and you’re aiming for that casual look! You can’t go wrong with baggu!
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.36.46 PM
Abercrombie and Fitch Reversible Faux Leather Tote
Speaking from experience, I fully support this purse. I know over the years, Abercrombie hasn’t had that much of a great reputation but let me tell you, they’re coming up again! You don’t know how many compliments I get regarding this purse and hearing this exact question, “Wait, that’s really Abercrombie?”
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.37.44 PM
Eddie Borgo for Target Mini Backpack – Silver Mirror
I just saw this last week and I fell in love with it the second it caught my eye. With all these summer concerts and festivals, this is the PERFECT bag to hold all your things and to help make sure your friends can catch you a mile away when you’re off dancing to your favorite artist. Plus, is anyone else getting total 90s flashbacks or is that just me?
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Photographs courtesy of Kate Spade, Baggu, Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch and Target



Over eighty years ago, trendsetter and master marketer Richard Koret opened his design house in New York City, where he debuted an exclusive collection of monogrammed handbags. Designs featured his signature technique of synthesizing femininity and innovation. Koret quickly became known as the premier handbag line in the U.S. Over time, Koret’s collections proved to be worthy of the most elegant tastes, with style icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly toting their favorite Koret handbags all over the world. Top fashion houses began to take notice as well, as Koret attracted licensing agreements with the most celebrated designers, including Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Over the years, Koret was featured as a cornerstone of editorial columns in magazines such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. After Richard Koret’s untimely death in 1965, Michael Gordon took over the company until the late 1990s.  Lucky for us, Koret was recently relaunched in 2013 as KORET new york, described as a “subtle rebranding that appropriates the founder’s inner sensibility adding a modern twist.” Think classic, elegant designs with playful modern touches. It’s a perfect fusion of timeless designs and sophisticated, contemporary touches, with a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles, that are sure to appeal to the most refined city girls. As of late, KORET new york has once again recaptured the attention of retailers and handbag enthusiasts alike. The relaunch features the same quality and craftsmanship that Koret’s original designs were known for. Cliché got the chance to catch up with Leanna Brittis, KORET’s official PR girl, and Louis Brown, KORET’s Creative Director, to find out more about the relaunch of KORET new york and the fabulousness that is the Spring 2014 collection. BY ELIZABETH MASCI

Cliché: What is the inspiration behind the Spring 2014 line? 
Leanna Brittis: Spring 14 is all about the city girl’s life off duty during the spring and summer months. She is hitting the rooftop parties, trekking to Brooklyn for drinks and dinner, or browsing the Chelsea art galleries. The collection offers up something for each of these occasions, whether it be the Ori White Croco Tote to schlep all her stuff in from the workday, or the fun iridescent Beekman crossbody to throw on!
How does the KORET style of today differ from that of the 20th century? 
Louis Brown: It doesn’t differ much. We use the same formula that Richard Koret did because it worked then and it works today. The approach to quality and the construction is the same. I am continuously working on great concepts as well as sourcing the best materials. As stewards of the Richard Koret legacy, we adopted this approach as if we were his direct lineage.
How do KORET handbags bridge the gap between both classic and contemporary style/design? 
Louis: It’s classic silhouettes with modern functions, design detailing and materials. A satchel is a satchel. For example, our ORI dome satchel is similar to the speedy shape, which has been around since the sixties  but is still fresh today. It’s been updated with an origami-inspired theme.
What is the ideal KORET girl like? 
Louis: The KORET girl is a woman with neo-traditional values with a tomboy chic sophistication. She functions in a majormetropolitan-New York, LA, Paris or London. She comes from an uptown pedigree but has a downtown sensibility.
What was Richard Koret’s original vision for this line of handbags? 
Louis: Based strictly on the information we have, we surmised that he wanted to bring something new to the market, like Dior’s ground breaking “New look.” Offering women what they didn’t know they needed or wanted, through innovative design, hardware, unique leathers, and exotic European materials.
What sets KORET handbags apart from other U.S. based handbag lines and designs? 
Louis: Eighty years of history. Our approach to effortless style and affordable luxury, focusing on modern ideas and great craftsmanship.

Images courtesy of KORET new york. 

Stephanie Dawn Handbags


If you’re looking for a new accessory to add to your outfit then you really need to take a look at some really amazing handbags made by Stephanie Dawn. Not only are these handbags stylish, but they’re made from high quality quilted cotton. With us women always being in a rush and having to bring along some extra baggage, who wants to put all that in some dull, lumpy, gigantic bag? No one; I speak from experience. Stephanie Dawn handbags give you the choice to look stylish while carrying everything you need in your bag.

I was able to get my hands on two of these gorgeous yet resourceful bags, the Hobo and the Shoulder Bag, and I just love them. If you’re like me and like to carry a lot of things around, the Hobo bag has more than enough space. One thing I noticed about this bag was that it didn’t collapse within itself like other bags do when there is not too much in it. The bag could be empty and it still maintains its structure; that just shows you how durable the fabric is.

If you’re into cute long-strapped bags, then the Shoulder Bag is a must. I love that the straps are adjustable so you can get a custom fit, and there is a pocket for just about everything — four interior pockets and three exterior pockets give you plenty of room.
A major plus about all the handbags made by Stephanie Dawn is that they come in about fifteen different colors and patterns. With so many amazing designs to choose from, you can find the perfect bag to go with any of your outfits. Also, if you’re like me and are dying to get out of this winter catastrophe, you’ll go for the bright colorful bags that scream “spring!”

All photos courtesy of Stephanie Dawn

Spring 14 Preview: #KORETOFFDUTY


It might seem hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, especially here in NYC, where it feels more like an Arctic ice cap as of late. In the meantime, we’re going to pretend that our favorite season really will be here before we know it, which means we’re daydreaming of spring-inspired fashion. Our accessory of choice for the upcoming season? Nothing less than a finely-crafted KORET new york handbag, of course, perfect for any city girl on and off-duty during the balmy months of spring and into the sizzling summer season.

KORET new york, a handbag line first designed and manufactured by Richard Koret in 1929 and worn by style icons such as Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy, has recently been relaunched as a full line of classically-inspired, modern handbags that appeal to chic city girls. Cliché caught up with KORET’s Manager of Media Relations Leanna Brittis and KORET’s Creative Director Louis Brown to find out more about this recently revived, classic line of functionally fabulous handbags. 


Cliché: What is the inspiration behind the Spring 2014 line?
Leanna: Spring 14 is all about the city girl’s life off-duty during the spring and summer months. She is hitting the rooftop parties, trekking to Brooklyn for drinks and dinner, or browsing the Chelsea art galleries. The collection offers up something for each of these occasions, whether it be the ORI White Croco Tote to schlep all her stuff in from the workday, or the fun, iridescent Beekman crossbody to throw on!

How does the KORET style of today differ from that of the 20th century?
Louis: It doesn’t differ much. We use the same formula that Richard Koret did because it worked then and it works today. The approach to quality and the construction is the same. I’m continuously working on great designs as well as sourcing the best materials. As stewards of the Richard Koret legacy, we adopted this approach as if we were his direct lineage.

How do KORET handbags bridge the gap between both classic and contemporary style/design?
Louis: With classic silhouettes with modern functions, design detailing, and materials. A satchel is a satchel. For example, our ORI dome satchel is similar to the speedy shape, which has been around since the sixties, but is still fresh today. It’s been updated with an origami-inspired theme.

What is the ideal KORET girl like?
Louis: The KORET girl is a woman with neotraditional values with a tomboy chic sophistication. She functions in a major metropolitan — New York, LA, Paris, or London. She comes from an uptown pedigree but has a downtown sensibility.

What was Richard Koret’s original vision for this line of handbags?
Louis: Based strictly on the information we have, we surmised that he wanted to bring something new to the market, like Dior’s groundbreaking “New Look,” by offering women what they didn’t know they needed or wanted through innovative design, hardware, unique leathers, and exotic European materials.

What sets KORET handbags apart from other U.S.-based handbag lines and designs?

Louis: Eighty years of history and our approach to effortless style and affordable nontraditional luxury, focusing on contemporary ideas and great craftsmanship.

Look out for the KORET new york Spring 14 line of handbags featured in the Feb/March issue of Cliché Magazine. In the meantime, check out more #KORETOFFDUTY looks on their website here.

Spring 14 Preview: #KORETOFFDUTY. Photos courtesy of KORET new york

BabyCakes, Bags, and Rags


One of my first thoughts upon meeting Bonita Hinton years ago was, “That lady’s got pizzaz!” From her long dreadlocks, red at the time, to her bright, colorful clothing and funky eyewear, it was clear that this was a woman who had a passion for fashion. In addition to being one of the most cheerful and down to earth people I have ever come across, Hinton has an incredible eye for trends before they happen. With her natural talent, it’s no surprise that this diva has found a way to make her mark in the fashion world with her very own brand, BabyCakes Bags and Rags, which is currently available on Etsy. A true working woman, she does private vending shows throughout the tri-state area, as well as private home shows. Her designs range from intricate embroidery, handbags, one-of-a-kind accessories, and leather skirts. What do they all have in common? Each item is made with a precision and uniqueness that only a true fashionista could create. I had the chance to sit down with Hinton to discuss the inspiration behind BabyCakes Bags and Rags.
CLICHÉ: How did your interest in making clothes and embroidery start?
Bonita Hinton: My interest in sewing began at a very early age. I have always been interested in fashion and the idea of accessorizing. By the the age of six my mom purchased me my own adult sewing machine that was placed in her sewing room, which opened my world to fashion. She taught me to sew on my machine while she sewed on hers. We also had a Serger and a leather sewing machine [that] I later learned and mastered. I fell in love with fabrics and notions and began to create my own unique style. In grade school I was making my own outfits and creating looks for my friends. In high school, when I couldn’t find a dress as unique as I’d hoped, I decided to make my own. I suppose that’s when my love for sewing and creating my own line began. My interest in graphics and embroidery came later on when I decided to offer customized items using all types of fabrics.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 8.04.11 PM

Where does the name BabyCakes Bags and Rags come from?
BH: I had a very strong bond with my mom. She was an amazing inspiration in my life. In addition to being a family business owner herself, she loved sewing, cooking, and baking. I somehow began calling her “Baby Cakes” and told her jokingly that if I ever decided to leave my corporate job and follow my passion of fashion I would call it “BabyCakes Bags and Rags.” The name is very special to me.
What is the embroidery process like from start to finish?
BH: I digitize my own graphics on the computer, which depending on the design could take several hours, and then I transfer the completed design to my sewing machine. Then I choose the colors of the design, which is critical in making the design “pop” and come to life. Once I am ready to stitch out the design, I choose the correct dimensions, embroidery hoop, and stabilizer. Positioning is very important so that the design is centered and results are in the exact place on your garment as well. Many of the detailed designs that I’ve digitized range from 15,000 to 70,000 stitches and take from 30 minutes to 4 hours to sew out.
Do you make clothes as well?
BH: Yes, I do make clothes as well.
Is the process easier or more difficult than embroidery?
BH: My line includes skirts, dresses, and handbags. Just about anything I envision I stitch, including earrings and bracelets [made] from leather and denim. The processes [clothes-making and embroidery] are quite different; however I love them both and tend to tie them together with many garments.
Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 8.16.30 PM
Do you take custom orders?
BH: Yes, I love custom work.
What kinds of designs can people request?
BH: I love creating a garment that my clients will enjoy wearing. Many times they will request a different flesh tone, or a favorite saying or hobby. They will usually tell me their favorite colors or interest to allow me to be creative and surprise them with my own creation. I also do business logos and designs for fraternities, sororities, churches, etcetera. If someone wants a one-of-a-kind handmade leather bag, they will select their leather and I bring it to life.
What sets your line apart from others on the market?
BH: My line is unique in that every garment is one-of-a-kind, using unusual fabrics, findings, and notions. I love the result of combining different fabric textures to create very special items.
Is there a set style that you aim for when making pieces?
BH: When designing I never focus on one set style. I love eclectic pieces when I design my jewelry, and I have such respect for vintage because that is fashion’s history. I love working with ethnic fabric, as well as styling trendy items. Usually when I design a look. I like to be sure to incorporate one classic piece. Pulled together properly, I believe even a classic t-shirt and jeans with a statement piece of jewelry can look fierce.
Where do you hope to see BabyCakes Bags and Rags in the next five to ten years?
BH: While I am in the process of launching my own website, my not too distant goal is to open my first boutique. I will always want to continue to feature my items online because I love the idea of people from all over the world enjoying my handmade pieces. It’s exciting to receive a special order from someone in another state or country. That, to me, is proof that people all across the globe are united, even in fashion.
All photos courtesy of Bonita Hinton.