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Perfect Hats to Wear With any Hair Type


Today we want to share some great fashion info about perfect hats to wear with any hair type. Hats are one of those accessories that we love – or at least love the idea of. Many of us love the way that hats look on models or store shelves, or those wonderful outfit Pinterest boards. But once we get the hat ourselves, we wonder if we should actually wear it. Will it make my hair greasy? What if it makes my ears poke out? Does it really go with this outfit?

These are all common questions we ask about hats for women. No matter what style of hat we choose, we often second-guess ourselves and our style. The good news is that there are some tricks to finding the right hat for your hair length and style. There are also some hats that can easily work with any hair type or style.

Perfect Hats to Wear With Any Hair Type

No matter what type of hair you have – curly, straight, long, short, or textured – there are a few hat styles that just work. Take a look.


hats to wear with any hair type

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Beanies work on everyone. You may see them mostly recommended for people with short hair, but they honestly look great on everyone. And the great thing is that there are many styles of beanie to choose from – slouchy, knitted, crocheted, embellished, etc. There are truly beanies for every style and occasion.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are great for all hair types and styles. There are many ways that you can style your hair under a baseball cap to get a great sporty or casual look. Braids are a great way to add some style to a baseball cap, or you can leave your hair down to show off your locks. If you have thick or curly hair, you might end up with a bit of “hat head” if you wear your hair down, but you can avoid this if you brush your hair back before putting on the cap.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were all the rage in the 90’s, but they are still widely available and worn today. A bucket hat is a great casual way to get a beachy vibe into your wardrobe. If you have wavy or textured hair, a bucket hat is a good choice because it won’t flatten your locks. You can style a bucket hat to get a punky, beachy, or athletic vibe.

Floppy Hat

Elegant woman in hat walking in field with flowers

Photo by Monica Turlui on Pexels

Floppy hats are increasingly popular thanks to television shows with gothic-inspired wardrobes (think American Horror Story). But floppy hats are not just for those looking to channel Wednesday Adams or Stevie Nicks. Now, floppy hats are a staple to many wardrobes because of their versatility. Floppy hats have more room, which means you can let your natural hair shine without worrying about it going flat. No matter how long your hair is, or what texture – a floppy hat is a versatile accessory that can be dressed down for a casual beach/outdoor vibe. Or, dress up a black floppy hat with a black dress and colorful heels.

The Cherry on Top

If you want to up your hat game, try one of these styles to put the cherry on top of your outfit or style. A well-chosen hat can really make a difference in how your outfit comes together. It can also help you make a statement while protecting your eyes and face from harmful UV rays. 

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

The Best Ways to Wear Dad Hats and Create a Unique Style


Today we want to talk to you about the best ways to wear dad hats and create a unique style. Dad hats are here to stay, and you can use them to create your unique style of dressing. They are available in a wide range of colors, and the unstructured fit makes it the perfect accessory for your casual outfits. You can perk up your regular casual wear by adding dad hats to the mix. Yes, they might not be suitable for formal occasions, but they are still excellent for a wide range of outdoor activities. Here are some ways of wearing mens dad hats so that you can step out in style.Today

Choose a Dad Hat in the Right Size

best ways to wear dad hats

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels

If you want to create a unique style, the first thing that you have to remember is to get a hat in your size. Not everyone has the same hat size, and a hat could sit differently from person to person, based on the size of their crown. A regular head circumference is about 22 to 24 inches. A small hat size is suitable for someone with a head circumference of 21 inches, while someone with a larger skull could have a circumference of 14 to 25 inches. With the right hat size, you can be sure that the hat sits comfortably on your head.

Stick to the Basics

If you want to keep your outfit low-key yet look sharp and smart, then stick to the primary colors while choosing a dad hat. Colors like navy, black, dark green, white, gray, or brown never go out of style. You can also choose solid, primary colors like red or blue to make a statement and stand out without looking overdressed.

Choose Unique Graphics

You can choose to flaunt a logo, image, or a word or phrase on your men’s dad hat. This is what makes you stand out. You can also opt for customized designs if you want. An exciting logo or design is sure to attract all the right kinds of attention. You choose to flaunt a corporate logo, a famous symbol from a book or a movie franchise, or even showcase a political or a social message.

Create an Outfit

best ways to wear dad hats

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

You can create an entire outfit around a dad hat. The way you wear the hat also has an impact on the entire look. Most dad hats are meant to be worn with the bill facing the front while the strap should be back. However, depending on the mood, you might choose to wear it the other way round or even to the side. You can wear them with flip-flops on a beach, or with trainers on a regular day ou

Choosing the Right Top

Dad hats go well with jeans. For the top, you can wear it with a V-neck T-shirt and pair it with a jacket. You can zip up the jacket for a street-smart look but do not pair them with blazers or suits. Girls are also wearing dad hats increasingly. They can wear them with jeans, crop tops, and sneakers, or even a slip dress with knee-high boots, which looks very chic.

Team it with Casual Pants

Dad hats also look great with casual pants like sweatpants or khakis. You can make your casuals look dressy with a dad hat without having to go out of your way to seem like you tried too hard. The hats also look great with skinny jeans or bomber jackets. You can wear them with your favorite sports jersey when you are out on a game night with friends with the sports team logo on the hat.

You will always find that the men’s dad hat amplifies your look and makes you look better with it than without! Soon, you will have a good collection that goes with a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe.

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Images provided by Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and Creative Commons

Essential Wardrobe Pieces You Need For Spring Break


Every year, students highly anticipate the one week of freedom that the spring season brings. That freedom brings fresh air and warmth into their hectic lives. It brings them hope that the semester is halfway through and is close to being over, reminding them that they are making progress. For some of them, it might be the last time they’ll ever have this kind of freedom, so they want to make the most of it. It promises them a break; a break from all assignments, exams, and hopefully work. That freedom is the one and only Spring Break. Whether you’re going on vacation or staying home, you’re going to look fabulous doing it with these Spring Break outfit inspirations and tips.

Sunhats and Sunglasses
These items are essential if you’re going on vacation in a hotter climate, going to the beach, or to any adventure park. (AEO Silver Flat Aviators ($15.95)Floppy Straw Hat ($22))

Sundresses, Maxi Dresses, and Rompers

In the spring and summer, these never go out of style. They’re easy to put on and make choosing an outfit easier. They’re cute, simple, and comfortable. (Peace of Mind White Multi Striped Shift Dress $29Shield And Sword Olive Green Sleeveless Maxi Dress $40Printed Bell Sleeve Romper $20)

Courtesy of Boohoo

Throw a kimono over that sundress or bikini. They also work if you decide to wear shorts. Kimonos look great wherever you go because they can be seen as stylish or casual. They’re also light and have several unique patterns to choose from. (Philomena Patchwork Paisley Maxi Tassled Kimono, $14)

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

Casual/Comfortable Outfits
Although you plan on looking your best throughout spring break, don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes if you’re traveling, or for those days you just need to feel extra comfortable. However, don’t pack or wear your old sweats! You can still look cute and be comfortable in Victoria’s Secret. (Slouchy Jogger $49.95)

Heels, Wedges, Sandals, and Flip Flops 

Bring. Them. All. When you’re on vacation, you certainly need shoes to match every occasion. Flip-flops for the beach, flats and sandals to explore the city, wedges for eating at a restaurant, and heels for the night life. (Women’s Zelda Espadrille Flip Flop $14.99Women’s Tillie GLadiator Flat $24.99Women’s Solstice High Wedge $34.99Stecy Heels $24.98-$79.95)

This has the same concept as shoes. You definitely need a purse or clutch for every occasion, and thankfully there are many styles. Bring along a backpack or cross-body bag for days when you’re out exploring and a fashionable clutch for evenings out. (Crossbody ($25.00)Backpack ($29.98)Clutch ($27.98))

There are so many to choose from, so wear what you feel you look best in and what makes you comfortable. (Kendall & Kylie Harness Bralette Bikini Top ($29.95), Bottom ($19.95)Strappy Low-Back One-Piece Swimsuit ($44.95), Scoop Neck Cut-Out Tankini ($16.81)
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Essential Wardrobe Pieces You Need For Spring Break. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. 

Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style


Spring is finally here, and in celebration of the warmer weather, we are bringing you the pieces you need to have in your wardrobe this season. While I am definitely not a proponent of replacing your entire wardrobe each season with the latest and greatest items, there is no harm in investing in accessories that will uplift your look—and these will certainly do the trick. 

Colorful Bags
While color returns in full force to our spring wardrobe, it always comes packaged just a little bit differently. This year, it’s all about the bag. In addition to bold colors, this season’s bags will feature some interesting shapes. From slouchy shapes to more structured aesthetics, nothing is off limits this season. Runway shows like Fendi, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Prada, and Dior, just to name a few, are good references as we curate our wish lists.

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Trendy Shoes
For those who aren’t quite ready to show off their toes that have been hiding all winter long, it’s time to invest in a seriously stylish pair of flats. While the flat is the usual go-to shoe for spring, every season we search for deviations of the classic cut. The ease of beauty and comfort is sometimes hard to master, but these Free People loafers are the perfect combination. Pair these with jeans or work slacks for a casual or more professional interpretation.

Photo Courtesy of FreePeople

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps emerged in full force this past winter with funny catch phrases on the front, but they are not just meant as comedic items. They have transitioned into a spring fashion staple. You can find solid polyester ones like this one from ASOS, or you can wear one that’s more colorful. When the sun comes out to play, we need to have some protection, and these hats are the answer. The best thing about this emerging trend is you can always play the retro or vintage card and pull out your parents’ old sports caps, thus recycling fashions, making an old a new.   

Photo Courtesy of ASOS

Chunky Earrings
While statement jewelry has been a term in fashion for years, most often what we turn to is a collar necklace or a piece with a larger plate. Another way we would rock some statement jewelry is bangles or stackable bracelets. But this spring, it is all about the earring. Light and large, they are artistic pieces reminding us of sculptures and statues. With minimal makeup and a bare chest, these items make the look come alive. While still gaudy in nature, they are almost minimalist, not calling for any other pieces around it to distract from its presence.
Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

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Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style: Photograph courtesy of ASOS

The Beanie: A Fall Must-Have



Fall is in the air, and the must-have accessory for the season is the beanie. Now, the beanie has always been around—lurking in the background on modern hipsters, rock gods and skateboarders. But this year, the knitted hat is making its mark on the fashion world.

Photo obtained from Flikr Creative Commons user idhren

CC image by Maria Morri 2009 @ flikr

I truly believe that beanies are an accessory that everyone needs to try at least once. It may seem uncomfortable at first, a bit unorthodox with your everyday wear, but worn correctly, the piece can really draw positive attention to your outfit. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t really have to “dress down” to sport the cap.

Option 1: Simple

Sport a slouch beanie with your favorite V-neck and boots. Fall is the perfect season to begin experimenting with this trend, the cool air providing a perfect excuse to start sporting the beanie and boots together. You can mix and match solid colors between your beanie and your shirt to create contrast, or even wear a patterned beanie to make it the focal point. Let your hair fall naturally for a laid-back look.

Option 2: Grunge/ Urban

Pair your favorite, bold colored beanie with a pair of harlem pants and tee or sweater. You can glam this look up with heels to match the hat, or keep it retro with some high tops. Coordinate the color of the cap with something else in your outfit, whether it be the shoes, script on the tee or even some colored bangle bracelets.

Option 3: Preppy

Layer a sweater over a button-up and add a knitted beanie for some spunk. With some stressed, straight leg jeans and a pair of simple heels or combat boots, this look is sure to make a statement on campus. For a nerdier appeal, add some faux thick-rimmed glasses. Curl the ends of your hair for a subtle, pretty effect.

Whatever style you choose, make sure that it suits you, especially if you’ve never tried to wear a beanie before. It may seem different, so you want an outfit you can really feel comfortable in to even it out. Get creative with it and mix and match pieces to make your own individual look! Once you figure it out, odds are you’re going to get hooked on this trend. Soon enough, you will have a beanie for every look!