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Molly Evensen in ‘An American Pickle’ with Seth Rogan Premiering This August


We sat down with up and coming actress Molly Evensen in ‘An American Pickle’ with Seth Rogen premiering this August. The actress got her start at an early age through theatrical groups and soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television. Beyond acting, Evensen commits herself to UNICEF’s Unites Team and hopes to one day be a Goodwill Ambassador. The actress is clearly on the rise as she takes up the big screen. For now, her new film, ‘An American Pickle’, will be the first HBO original film under Warner Max film label, premiering August 6th, 2020. Here is what she had to say on the film.

Cliche Mag: Talk to me about your work and character on the upcoming HBO Max original, ‘An American Pickle’.

Molly Evensen: I play Clara, Herschel’s very enthusiastic intern who essentially runs the pickle company in exchange for college credit. Her job gets pretty complicated when she realizes Herschel’s morals and social views are a bit dated and not acceptable in modern times. She struggles with how to explain to her boss who lived over a hundred years ago that his opinions aren’t exactly kosher now. This leads to some unfortunate predicaments and moral dilemmas for Clara. I found out I booked the part on a Thursday afternoon and flew out to Pittsburgh the next morning at 4am. It all happened very fast so I pretty much had the weekend to prepare. But Seth and my wonderful director, Brandon Trost, were aware that ‘An American Pickle’ is my first big feature film so they gave me the space to learn and ask any and every question along the way. I don’t think I can ever thank them enough for showing me the ropes.

What was your favorite moments on set with co-star, Seth Rogen?

Never in a million years did I think I’d be making my debut opposite Seth Rogen, but here we are. My first day happened to be the first day of the whole shoot. I heard Seth’s laugh from a distance, you can’t mistake that laugh, and next thing I knew, he came right up to me in his full Herschel garb, shook my hand and said, “Hi Molly, I’m Seth and I’m so excited to work with you.”  Somehow I played it cool on the outside, but on the inside I was anything but cool. Honestly, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment because the whole experience is so special to me but…if I had to choose, we shot a scene late in the evening on Halloween outside in a park in the rain. In the scene, Clara is dictating back a list(you’ll understand more when you see it) Herschel had her type for him. Simon, our writer, typed up a new list, which I wasn’t allowed to read until they called action. So my reactions were very genuine to these rather extreme things I was reading out loud for the first time. We laughed a lot that night and it’s definitely something I won’t forget.

Who else do you hope to work alongside as your career progresses?

Oh gosh, this list could go on and on. I really admire people who wear more than one hat creatively. It’s actually a goal of mine to be a multifaceted creator like Seth who produces, writes, and acts. I’d love to work with more individuals who do that, like Olivia Wilde, Margot Robbie, Reese Witherspoon, and Dakota Johnson.

What are your favorite roles to play? What role would put you outside your comfort zone?

Comedy is my forte. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, but especially awkward, sometimes uncomfortable, and dark comedy. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy sitting in the discomfort of it all. I relish in the awkwardly long pause. So because of that, I gravitate towards characters who are more of the underdog or the train wreck who’s trying really hard.

As for a role that would put me out of my comfort zone…something emotionally heavy, and honest. I think to be really raw and vulnerable requires a lot of bravery. I would love the opportunity to sink my teeth into something like that.

What inspired you to pursue film and television over theatre?

I’ve always wanted to pursue film and television, but I grew up in Colorado and there really isn’t much of a film industry there. So instead, I did theatre and once I finished school, I packed up my car and moved to Los Angeles. I still have a deep love for theatre and would love to be back on stage somewhere down the road.

Do you hope to incorporate your passion for music into your work with film and television?

Absolutely! I’ve actually been working on a musical dark comedy script about camping and backwoods cults that I’m hoping to produce in the not too distant future. I would also really love to play a pianist in a project someday and put those skills to use.

You are involved with UNICEF. Tell us more about this and why are you so passionate about this organization?

I’m a member of the Los Angeles UNICEF Unite team. Essentially our goal is to advocate politically for change and to raise funds to aid in UNICEF’s work overseas. But really that’s just the beginning of what I hope my involvement with UNICEF ultimately will be. Eventually I’d love to be a Goodwill Ambassador.

As a bit of backstory, my Mom is a nurse and my high school was just down the road from the hospital she worked at. So I’d go there after school to wait for her in the newborn intensive care unit while she finished up her shifts. I’ve always admired how she helps people. I actually thought for a brief period of time that I wanted to be a nurse too…except I hate needles. But I have a passion for helping and especially helping the most vulnerable: children. I believe children transcend politics and that they should feel safe, have access to an education, clean water, and vaccines among other things. Children are the future and so many of them are suffering for reasons that we have the power to change. UNICEF is a beautiful nonpartisan organization that works tirelessly to provide for children and families in need.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How do you spending your time away from acting?

I grew up in a very outdoorsy home and have always had a deep appreciation for nature. So outside of acting, I love camping and hiking. I actually just spent some time in Olympic National

 Park and in the Red Woods for the first time (socially distanced of course) and they were both just incredible. But other than that, I also really love music, which was briefly mentioned above. I play piano any chance I can get and also recently picked up the guitar just for fun. I quarantined with my family in Colorado for a few months and my Dad and I built a ukulele together, which was a really fun project. Now I’m back in LA teaching myself to play and probably driving my neighbors crazy.

What is next for Molly Evensen?

That is a really great question with the world the way it is right now. While there’s not anything set it stone, I’d really love to be cast in some sort of dark comedy, book adaptation, or limited series.  Who knows! The sky is the limit and this only the beginning. But in the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy ‘An American Pickle’ and that it can bring some joy in a time where joy is greatly needed.

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Why Hulu’s Upcoming ‘Ramy’ is an Important Show To Watch


Comedian Ramy Youssef first made a splash appearing on The Late Show With Stephan Colbert when he performed 5 minutes of stand up that spoke about his Muslim identity in a witty way that had the crowd laughing 10 seconds in. It is no surprise that he is now executive producing and starring in his own Hulu show titled Ramy, which is set to premiere April 19th.  Early reviews of the show have been overwhelmingly positive, making it a show that will be a necessary watch. The series of this magnitude is long overdue and for that reason alone, its arrival is important.  

The show is also executive produced by Jerrod Carmichael, whose own series on NBC made waves as it tackled social issues ranging from race, gender, and even school shootings. In its three-season run, The Carmichael Show never shied away from uncomfortable topics, and from the Hulu trailer, Ramy seems to be following in its brave footsteps. The series has 10 episodes and each episode is rooted in Ramy’s real-life stand-up.

Much like his own life, Ramy follows a first-generation Arab-American Muslim living in New Jersey who is struggling to find himself. In the just-released trailer, you can see Ramy speaking with friends about being 30 years old and still grappling with the identity issues that arose from being caught between two cultural expectations. The culture clash emerges from a post-9/11 world that believes the term ‘Muslim-American’ is an oxymoron. In the previews, you also see him questioning whether he’s even a good enough Muslim to be accepted into his own community while dealing with explaining his beliefs to his non-Muslim friends.

What makes this new series so special is that it has never been done before. There has never been a show quite like Ramy that centers around the voices of young Arab-Americans like this. And as Ramy has said in his own interviews, Arabs have never had their ‘pop-culture’ moment. These truthful characters are finally taking the main stage, and the creators promise that they are going to have actual depth to them. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Ramy said his goal with this series is to not display his community as squeaky clean and polished people, nor is he playing into the harmful stereotypes we’re so used to seeing on screen. He’s simply showing his community as they are. “Meeting at our fault lines is much more interesting to me than meeting at shared values. I’m not trying to sell you something. If anything, I’m trying to show you where we are. There is nothing to hide.”

If a Hulu series isn’t enough, Ramy also has his first stand-up special set to premiere on HBO this summer. Between a stand-up special and this upcoming Hulu series, Ramy Youssef is making important strides for his community. Make sure you press play on April 19th to finally see Arab-Americans have their pop-culture moment!


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Why Hulu’s Upcoming ‘Ramy’ is an Important Show To Watch: Featured Image Credit: @Hulu on Instagram.

HBO’s Powerhouse Documentary, André the Giant


Everyone knew who André the Giant was, whether you were a die hard wrestling fan or not. A seven foot four professional wrestler became the biggest phenomenon in the world. HBO’s documentary André the Giant, aired April 10th, gave us an inside look into the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” The documentary not only gave us perspective on one of the most loved professional wrestlers in the industry, but of André René Roussimoff from Moliens, France who often felt different in a world made too small for him. Although, the documentary kept certain factors of his deteriorating health in the ring a blur.


Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated


André the Giant had hands the size of a dinner plate and were so big they made a normal beer cans look like a child’s juice box.  The documentary made André into a mythical creature that everyone could not help but be amazed by. Wrestling legend, Ric Flair expressed André’s appetite for alcohol, so much so that they drank 106 beers in one night and he could put away a case of wine like water. It is quite comical to see Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan immitae André’s legendary thirty second flatulence.

But behind the quite literal larger the life character, André was sensitive. HBO’s powerhouse documentary showed a wounded giant. André was too big to be comfortable. He frequently had to alleviate himself in a bucket behind a curtain because airplane bathrooms were too small. People were often times cruel with what they said about him as he walked by.


Photo Credit: HBO


While the documentary alluded to the strain his career caused on his health, it did not question Vince McMahon convincing André to wrestle Hogan in Wrestlemania 3, knowing of Andrés physical pain in his back and knees. Yet, it showed André’s relentlessness to continue a life in the ring.

HBO’s powerhouse documentary André the Giant, did its job in portraying one of the most renowned entertainers in the industry. A man dedicated to his career. A man that still had feelings like any of us and who sometimes wanted time away from it all.


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HBO’s Powerhouse Documentary, André the Giant: Featured Image Credit: Associated Press

The Young Pope: A Ridiculous Premise Crazy Enough To Demand Viewership?


The world of Catholicism, entrenched in striking symbolism and ornate rituals, is frequently showcased in the horror genre. HBO’s “The Young Pope,” which premiered in the U.S. on Jan 15, with episodes on Sundays and Mondays, offers just a small dose of horror with a heap of absurdity. The show is shot like a trippy dream, with a script that veers from dry humor to theatrical drama.

The ten-episode series begins after Lenny Belardo, played by Jude Law, is elected pope. Young and a complete unknown shrouded in mystery, the titular character is this horror story’s villain. Or at least we think so. It’s impossible to tell whether Belardo is a victim who lost his belief in God or if he is a self-motivated monster. At any rate, he is an entertaining, cherry coke drinking, handsome, chain-smoking schemer that right off the bat establishes alliances in the Vatican. One being his rather un-Catholic agreement with the impressionable Don Tomasso, to whom Lenny promises a cardinal position in exchange for information, essentially convincing Tomasso to break his vows as the Vatican’s confessional priest.

Belardo takes the name Pius XIII, which is cause for concern to the cardinals, foreshadowing the new pope’s legacy will be a dark one. An abandoned child, Pius was raised by a nun (Diane Keaton) in a catholic orphanage; we get the feeling that he has seriously unresolved issues. It’s clear that Lenny’s modus operandi is to act alone for his own interest and he is prepared to bulldoze all who oppose him.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the show is that the fresh-faced, seemingly modern Pius turns out to be utterly medieval in his beliefs. Pius declares the church has become too tolerant when he delivers his chilling first speech to a shocked and defeated crowd of onlookers. His first public interaction is not the anticipated loving introduction, rather he uses the opportunity to scorn his followers. “You have forgotten God!” he announces, declaring that his papacy will abandon the warm and fuzzy approach to Catholicism. “You need to know that I will never be close to you,” he says before storming off the balcony. “I don’t know if you deserve me.”

Even when “
The Young Pope” is bad, it’s still pretty good. It’s hard not to be entertained by its outlandishness. When it’s good, it’s far from perfect but is gorgeous to watch. Although uncomfortable at times, it’s hard to look away. Sorrentino, the creator and director, composes shots and manipulates lighting artfully. Each scene is unexpected and lush.

Regardless of the politics and scheming that feel familiar (“
House of Cards,” anyone?), “The Young Pope” offers something unique to premium television: dreamy beauty and larger than life characters juxtaposed with banal humanity. It’s both heavy and light with a plot so unreal in a world we never get to witness. It’s a genre of its own. Sure, it’s fodder for online memes, but it’s also a gorgeous nightmare within a dream. Bring on the bombast, just don’t wake me up.
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The Young Pope: A Ridiculous Premise Crazy Enough To Demand Viewership? Photo courtesy of HBO

Game of Thrones Returns


Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Season 4 & Season 5, Episode 1.

Game of Thrones returns with a sputter of an episode to kick off its 5th season. Following the events of Season 4’s climatic finale, this episode is all talk, and not so much slice n’ dice. Even the deaths weren’t shocking–the characters that were killed off weren’t exactly fan favorites.  However, what this episode does manage to do is establish a variety of sub plots that are sure to have a huge payoff (come on dragon wars, come on). Interestingly, this episode begins with a flashback that follows a young Cersei breaking into a witch’s home (okay, she’s more of a fortune teller), and receives an ominous fortune.


Man, they grow fast.

Among the storylines, we find the Lannister twins trying to keep it together before their father’s funeral. Cersei still believes Tyrion is the source of all her troubles, and a level-headed Jamie continues to focus her attention on the growing threat of the other kingdoms (Lannisters have been dropping like flies).  Tyrion Lannister, who, after killing the love of his life and his father, is smuggled far from King’s Landing, and Varys immediately recruits him into a conspiracy to retake the Seven Kingdoms (road trip storyline, alright!).  Daenerys encounters a secret rebel force in her new kingdom, which appears to spark her desire to Dragon it up–she has to remind people that she carries a big stick. Jon Snow is still bummed out about losing Ygritte, and tries his best to keep Mance Raydar from a fiery execution, he obviously knows nothing, and you can pretty much guess how successful he was in that venture.


Jon, arrows can’t solve all your problems.

Other than the aforementioned setting up of new plots, this episode didn’t do much to keep my attention. I’m hoping this was a way of preparing the viewers for a feast of payoffs some time real soon, because, judging from the conversations in this episode, war is imminent and the minor characters who haven’t made any moves yet will soon have to, if they want to be part of this game of thrones.
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Photos Courtesy of HBOGo.com

Bailey Noble Interview


Vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters, oh my! There’s no arguing that HBO’s hit show TrueBlood paved the way for others of its kind. Now supernatural television has become quite the norm. Still, TrueBlood’s unique way of presenting a fictitious coexistence between humans and the paranormal was nothing short of brilliant to viewers at home, gaining the show a collection of awards and a devoted following. Actress Bailey Noble recognized the show’s genius right away. She was drawn to its undeniable darkness—an odd choice for a girl whose vibrancy and liveliness is practically tangible. Of course, this does explain how she was appropriately cast as Adillyn Bellefleur, an adorable and selfless half-faerie who brings both a literal and figurative lightness to the city of Bon Temps, Louisiana. While it began as a small role, Noble’s character was bumped up to a season regular, so we will be seeing a lot more of this pretty pixie as TrueBlood enters its seventh and final season. With her useful magic and desire to help others in need, Adillyn Bellefleur is sure to be an asset in this never-ending war between the humans and the vampires. Sure, the character may be able to read minds, but certainly wouldn’t need to in order to find out how excited we are for what is sure to be an epic finale!

IMG_1282doneCliché: What made you decide to pursue a career in acting?
Bailey Noble: It’s something I always loved, and when I realized I could make a career out of it, I was all in! I get to explore different lives and realities that I maybe wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

If you didn’t “make it” in Hollywood, what was your backup plan? Were there any other career fields that you were interested in?
I never had a backup plan! I never wanted to think about it not working out.

You’ve made guest appearances on really popular shows like Glee and 90210. Are those roles fun for you, or does it feel like you don’t get the full on-set experience?
It’s so much fun! Every set is different, but I love getting to work with new people—even if it’s just for a day.

On TrueBlood, you play Adillyn Bellefleur, a half-faerie in a world that’s already swarming with other supernatural beings. What does being a half-faerie consist of?
We have light power that we can use to protect ourselves and others. Faerie blood is a drug to vampires, so it makes us very desirable. My favorite power is mind-reading; I wIMG_0962doneish I could do that in real life!

What is it about the role that initially drew you in?
It was dark! Adilyn Bellefleur goes through a lot, but in a world of danger she somehow manages to be a light.

Ever since you became a season regular, how has your life changed now that you’re on set a lot more?
It hasn’t changed too much! We have such a big cast that we also get a fair amount of down time. I still have time to do the things I love, like yoga, seeing my friends, and looking for my next job!

There’s been quite a lot of (surprise, surprise) blood and gore on previous seasons of TrueBlood. Can we expect the same throughout the last season?
Of course! We wouldn’t be us without some blood and gore!

How do you deal with that kind of “messiness” on-set? It seems like making bodies explode takes a lot of work!
I haven’t had the honor of seeing a body explode yet, but it is pretty amazing to me how real the blood and guts look up close!

IMG_0824doneAre you ever freaked out during some of the more creepy or horrific scenes?
I think I get more creeped out watching it! There are always a ton of people on set, so even when it’s dark and eerie I know that it’s just pretend.

What would you say is your favorite part about working with this cast and crew?
I love getting to spend time with such amazing, talented people. It’s a family that I was lucky to be welcomed into with open arms from day one!

Photos and feature image courtesy of Quavondo.

Bailey Noble Interview “Let There Be Light” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue.