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8+ Effective Ways to Reduce Your Everyday Stress Levels


Today we want to share 8+ effective ways to reduce your everyday stress levels. There’s no denying that stress is an unavoidable part of daily life. Some people seem to have more stress to deal with than others, and everyone has different ways of coping with their daily stress.

Sadly, some folks feel overwhelmed with the stress in their lives and don’t know how they should be dealing with it. One undeniable fact about stress is that it’s usually a reaction to mental or emotional pressure, and it’s something people aren’t born knowing how to handle.


Photo of woman leaning on wooden table while looking upset

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You’re likely reading this blog post today because you’re finding it tough to cope with stress in your daily life, and you feel like you’re dealing with excessive amounts of it lately. As you might have gathered, it makes sense to find healthy ways to control and diminish stress.

With that in mind, here are some practical yet proven ways to lower the stress levels in your daily life and keep it under control:

1. It’s Good to Talk

Do you find that you often ‘bottle up’ your feelings and emotions, only for them to stew inside of you and eventually manifest themselves in an explosive display? If that’s the case, now’s the time to stop keeping everything to yourself.

You should start confiding in people you trust, such as family members, friends, and health professionals. It might shock you to discover that discussing the topics that cause you a great deal of stress in your life will feel like you’ve lifted a weight off your shoulders.

2. Spend More Time Outdoors

If you stay indoors a lot, it can do you a world of good by spending more time outdoors. Firstly, spending more time out in the open gives you the chance to reset your emotional balance. Even just walking down to your local park or nature reserve is very beneficial.

Secondly, there’s plenty of research to show that immersing yourself in sunlight while outdoors will boost your Vitamin D levels. That, in turn, will increase your serotonin levels – a chemical produced by the body that regulates anxiety and diminishes depression.

3. Consume Some Delta-8 THC

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Photo by Michael Fischer on Pexels

It’s no secret that consuming recreational cannabis helps many people feel relaxed and thus reduce their stress. However, one major downside to cannabis is that some consumers feel “spaced out” due to the high Delta-9 THC levels that enter their bloodstream.

One option is to consume CBD products, but the relaxant effects aren’t as strong. These days, it’s possible to consume recreational cannabis that contains Delta-8 THC instead of Delta-9. Consumers often have a mild ‘high’ but still enjoy the same stress-busting effects.

If you’re wondering where is Delta 8 available, you can typically purchase it from online stores or retail dispensaries where recreational cannabis is permitted. You can consume Delta-8 THC in various ways similar to CBD.

4. Plan Your Day Ahead

There’s nothing worse than starting your day knowing there could be many ‘surprises’ in store because you aren’t keeping track of your to-do list. As you can appreciate, an unplanned day can often lead to stressful situations and outcomes.

That’s why it makes sense to spend some time planning your day ahead. For example, if you have a full-time job, you should organize your day according to priorities or deadlines. That way, you won’t have an emotional meltdown if situations don’t go your way.

5. Incorporate Regular Exercise Into Your Routine

Many studies show that regular exercise helps people to reduce their stress levels significantly. It’s something you should incorporate into your daily routine, and the good news is it’s an activity that can be as gentle or vigorous as you wish.

For example, you could go for a swim each morning, run a couple of miles, or just take your dog for a walk around the block a couple of times a day. Also, be sure not to go hard on yourself if you cannot exercise for a day or so. Otherwise, you’ll add more stress to your life!

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6. Have a Daily Routine

Most people have some kind of daily routine, such as waking up, having a shower, eating breakfast, going to work, and so forth. However, if you don’t have a daily routine, you may find that is a leading contributory factor to your high stress levels.

Even if you don’t work for a living, you should still maintain some kind of daily routine. Firstly, it keeps you busy and means you don’t have idle time to think about stress. And, secondly, a consistent routine is hugely beneficial for your mental health in general.

7. Work on Practical Solutions to Stressful Problems

It doesn’t matter what you do in life. If you let stressful problems fester in your mind, you’ll soon feel incapable of dealing with anything, and you’ll end up with a fragile state of mind. Doing something practical about your problems is better than procrastinating.

For instance, if your low income is stressing you out, look at actionable ways to manage your earnings, such as getting a new job or having a side gig you do in your spare time. And if your relationship is stressful, work with your partner to find out why that is the case.

The solutions to your stressful problems might not be easy ones. But, if they are the most effective ways to resolve those issues, it’s worth investing your time and energy in those solutions.

8. Have Fun

When you feel more optimistic about life, you’ll be better equipped to deal with issues from a mental health perspective. You should never spend most of your waking hours pondering stressful emotions and feels.

Instead, you should have more fun in your daily life. The way you incorporate more fun into your routine is up to you. For some people, having fun might mean spending more time on a favorite hobby or pastime. And for others, fun might mean socializing more with friends.

Fun doesn’t replace stress, but it empowers you to think more rationally about the factors that cause you stress and work on ways to eliminate them from your life.

9. Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself

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Do you find it hard to entrust tasks to other people? If so, you may have just found the leading cause of your heightened stress levels. You must not “take on” more than you can handle in your daily life. Otherwise, you could experience emotional burnout.

With that in mind, it makes more sense to delegate some tasks to other people so you can decrease your to-do list (and the situations that cause you the most stress in your daily life).

10. Cut Down on Unhealthy Habits

Many individuals feel the only way they can cope with stress in their lives is by taking up unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, gambling, or drugs. If anything, those habits will only increase a person’s stress and can potentially cause long-term health problems.

If you have unhealthy habits, you should work towards cutting them out of your life and tackling the reasons that cause you stress, as per point seven in this blog post.

11. Foster Your Spiritual Side

Lastly, you should consider making a concerted effort to keep in touch with your spiritual side. For some people, this might mean reconnecting with their religious faith. For others, it could mean creating a positive affirmation or mantra that strikes a chord with them.

Fostering your spiritual side will help you experience a sense of detachment from your stress and have a positive, profound effect on your daily life.

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Apps Every Millennial Needs to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis


Just about every Millennial that scrolls through their various social media feeds experiences a roller-coaster of emotions when they get a glimpse of the journeys their friends are taking in their lives, whether it’s a glitzy trip through Europe, a dream wedding, or a career milestone. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s easier than ever to watch how the rest of the world is living life. Generally, a greater sense of interconnectedness and global awareness is a really good thing but such a high level of knowing what everyone is actually doing on a daily basis produced an unexpected side effect: the quarter-life crisis.

Are you feeling the slow burn of a quarter-life crisis? Don’t panic!

We’ve put together a “survival kit” for those who are ready to expand their horizons and battle their early-life blues. These apps are exactly what you need to give yourself a change for the better if you feel like you’re stuck in the same old routine. Maybe your dating life needs a revamp or you have a traveler’s itch you just need to scratch – or maybe you simply haven’t picked up a book in a while and have a thirst for knowledge. If you feel like there’s more to be done in life, why not go for it? Just remember, the key to combating a quarter-life crisis is not to imitate others in pursuit of happiness but rather make your own version of it. Take a look at apps every millennial needs to help sorting out your quarter-life crisis today:

Get up and go somewhere with Skyscanner & Airbnb

Traveling is never a bad thing! If you haven’t explored enough of the world and believe now is as good a time as ever, start looking for tickets and planning your dream vacation right away. Of course, not all of us can afford a ski trip in Aspen or a lux Paris getaway but there are apps out there that will help you make the most of your budget. The hassle of finding a cost-efficient and time-convenient flight can bring down even the strongest of us but Skyscanner cuts out the majority of the work. Obnoxiously expensive ticket prices and poorly-timed flights are a thing of the past: Skyscanner is an online travel aggregator that help you find the right flights, hotels and car hire firms based on your needs and info. Users can book flights based on budget, choice of flight time and even book hotels all from the same app with a few simple clicks. To make it even easier for the weary Millennial, Skyscanner is constantly updating their app with lists of the best hotels in each location, ticket deals and flight times, low cost car rental services and even guides to the best restaurants for a tasty bite no matter where you are.

Now that you have your ticket, you’ll be needing a place to stay. Everyone knows that staying in hotels can be quite costly, and it often deters from the experience of living like a local. Airbnb is the world-renowned hosting app that allows users to open up their homes to travelers, and gives travelers an interesting variety of lodgings depending on their budget and needs. What separates Airbnb from other hotel booking apps is that it allows you to be as creative as you like with your journey. Have a knack for adventure? Rent out a boat in Amsterdam for a few days. For those who want a bit of luxury, you can stay in a duplex apartment in the center of London. If you can’t quite afford that, you can rent out a single room in someone’s home instead. With a huge range of prices and styles of accommodation, finding a place to stay for a week, a month or even a year is incredibly easy with Airbnb, an essential app for the wandering millennial!

Be a social butterfly with Badoo


women, dating, app

Photo by Sammy-Sander on Pixabay

Work often eats up all of our free time and keeps us too busy to have as many social interactions as we’d like. Whether you aim to meet new faces, casually date or start on your search for “the one”, it’s never easy to find a place to start. That’s where Badoo comes in. Badoo is an online chatting app boasting over 300 million users from around the world who come together to talk, flirt, meet and date. Users sign up on the site and start constructing their profiles by answering questions designed to mix and match personalities, ensuring that you’ll have something in common with the person on the other side of the chat.

As a Badoo user you would essentially get profiles of people with similar interests hand-delivered to your phone, so gone are the days of scouring bars or clubs for a potential date. It’s up to you whether you’d like to swipe left or right to get the conversation going or move onto the next. If you feel like there’s a spark, you can start a chat and get to know them. The possibilities are endless from there.  Badoo is definitely one of those popular apps every millennial needs. It’s a fun way to talk to different characters nearby, meet with someone for a drink, or have a shot at finding your soul mate (if that’s what you’re looking for). Besides Badoo, there are a lot more great hookup sites.

Get in the know with Reddit

For the avid consumer of words, knowledge, pictures and information, Reddit has it all. If you want to really see what’s going on in the world, get a book recommendation, or just read for hours about varying experiences, Reddit is the place to go. As one of the world’s leading social news platform, the entire world is connected through images, current events, scientific breakthroughs, literature and much more than you can possibly imagine. Each category on Reddit holds countless “subreddits” dedicated to the category, leading users to explore the massive database of information held on the site. One popular example is the “Ask Me Anything” thread, a subreddit where celebrities, scientists, web-developers and pretty much any expert of all sorts of fields answer questions users may have in regards to a corresponding topic. Want to know how an astronaut showers in space? There’s a subreddit for that. Need help figuring out what a movie was actually about? There’s a subreddit for that too. There are even subreddits dedicated to helping users from all around the globe with everyday problems such as official paperwork, taxes, university courses, travel and any other subject on your mind. Ask Reddit how to get through your quarter-life crisis – there’s probably a thread for that too!

Good tunes & good vibes

Person hearing music on a smartphone

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

If you’re someone who can’t leave the house without your headphones attached and your music on blast, Spotify is another fantastic addition to your quarter-life crisis app vault. Regardless of how you feel or what you’re in the mood to listen to, it’s going to be on Spotify. This app contains a massive database of music from old, new and upcoming artists in any genre from around the world. There’s no end to the type of music you can access, so you can reminisce about a time before your crisis with “Hits of the 90’s”, or you can find new music to listen to on the plane to your next destination. If you’re in a jazzy mood or want to mellow out to a sad violin, you can find it all on Spotify. Videos and podcasts are also regularly available to make sure every user is updated on the best and latest. Exciting features include the ability to create your own playlists and share them with other users, explore new music and custom playlists filled with your favorite genre, and keep things fresh and fun by allowing Spotify to recommend music you might like.

If you’re feeling the rumble of a quarter-life crisis coming on, don’t fret. Rather than wallowing in self-doubt, learn more about apps every millennial needs and make a change instead – you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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