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Unusual Teas to try This Winter


Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea on a cold winter night? A fantastic alternative to coffee (which can be expensive!) tea is an ideal drink for anyone wanting to step away from their coffee addiction in the new year. There are a ton of different types of teas and each one has its own really awesome health benefits; there’s a flavor for everyone. For all my tea lovers out there who want something a bit different from the classic Earl Grey, here are some unusual teas to try this winter!

unusual teas to try

Purple Tea

With half the caffeine of green tea, purple tea is a fantastic drink for anyone trying to pull back on their caffeine intake. It not only looks amazing with its purple color, it also tastes like a cross between black and green tea with a woodsy yet sweet flavor. This tea is full of antioxidants (the most of any tea leaf!), making it a healthy choice this season.

Passion Tea

A personal favorite, passion tea is a delicious blend of hibiscus flowers, orange peel, citric acid, and a few other refreshing ingredients. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is both refreshing and fortifying for the winter! With Vitamin C and antioxidants, this tea is ideal for boosting your immune system.

Blue Tea

This lovely tea is made by soaking butterfly-pea flower leaves in hot water and has a ton of health benefits. Full of antioxidants and caffeine-free, this tea is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be up all night but wants a nice cup of something warm before bed. It is also said to be a mood enhancer and great for stress relief. Try it with lemon and honey for a sweeter taste!

unusual teas to try

Rose Tea

For anyone wanting to up their tea game and feel a bit fancier, rose tea is for you! The taste is delicate and floral with hints of that classic rose smell. With Vitamin E and C, this drink is great for healthier skin and contains no caffeine or calories. Pour it in your fanciest teacup for a totally classy experience.

Tomato Mint Tea

This one may sound like a combination you would never try in a million years, but it is definitely worth a try! With its rich color and slightly spicy aroma, this tea feels like drinking a delicious broth. It’s way more than just another basic black tea! Try it next time you feel a cold coming on.

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7 bad Habits That Will Lead to Tooth Loss in a few Years


Today we want to share 7 bad habits that will lead to tooth loss in a few years. Research is already under the way in the UK, the United States, and Canada to find ways to naturally regenerate tooth enamel and dentin (the tissue that predominantly consists of teeth). Scientists have managed to make significant progress in this direction. But so far it is still far from the invention of the technology of restoring teeth by the forces of the body. 

In other words, it will take a long time before we will be able to grow teeth on our own after their loss or damage. Therefore, their safety should be treated with special care. In this article, you will find out what should not be done with the teeth to avoid damage to them.

7 Habits To Give Up For Better Oral Health

Having snow-white teeth adds to the beauty of a person. Now imagine a person with broken or a few teeth! Yes, our teeth are an important part of the body without which we will face not only eating problems but also a lack of confidence. Now we are introducing the bad habits that you should get rid of right now!

  1. Nail Biting 

Nail plates are softer than enamel. But the potential danger of this negative habit lies not only in mechanical damage to the protective layer of the teeth. The fact is that bacteria are constantly present under the nails in large quantities. 

Once in the mouth, they begin to multiply actively. If the teeth have carious shells or microcracks in the enamel, the pathogenic microflora fills them and destroys hard tissues in the course of its life.

Aesthetics and etiquette are equally good reasons for breaking this habit. Those who do not want to lose their teeth should stop biting or eating the nails. It is not a healthy habit.

  1. Drinking Alcohol
Bad Habits That Will Lead To Tooth Loss

Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels

It is one of the bad habits that ruin the physical and mental health of a person. The oral health of a person is also no exception. Nothing is safe from the harmful content of alcohol. Many people are not even aware of the side effects of alcohol which also include oral cancers.

Alcohol is one of the most common reasons for many teeth problems. If a person continues to consume alcohol excessively, he/she is at greater risk of losing the teeth permanently. Therefore, for better oral health you need to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible.

  1. Drinking Coffee

Many people know that coffee can stain the teeth. But still many people are not ready to give up this addiction to caffeine. Moreover, sugar content in it can further accelerate the damage. The damage starts from dullness and yellowness of teeth. It further leads to tooth decay.

If this problem remains untreated, there are high chances that you will lose the teeth. It is such a treasure which if you lose is not easy to recover. Having good oral health boosts the confidence of a person.

  1. Using Teeth As A Tool

The force of compression of the jaws of the average person reaches 80 kilograms per square centimeter. This gives some reason to use teeth as pliers, adjustable or wrenches, openers, scissors, and other tools. 

Even though many are successful at this, you should not use your teeth for anything other than biting and chewing food. Otherwise, you risk not only not completing your plans, but also losing a tool that, as you already know, will not recover on its own.

  1. Giving Preference To Solid Snacks
Variety of brown nuts on brown wooden panel high angle photo

Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels

There is hardly a person who does not like crunching with crackers, nuts, or carrots. Many people prefer hard types of sweets, dried roach, and several other delicacies that are fraught with potential danger to teeth. These are solid foods, biting of which can lead to the chipping of pieces from the teeth or the appearance of cracks in the body. 

If you are not ready to give up such delicacies, try to grind them beforehand. And during the chewing process, do not apply too much force to squeeze the jaws and be careful. 

  1. Improperly Selecting The Hygiene Products

Toothbrushes are especially dangerous in this context. The uninitiated ordinary people choose them for color, price, shape, and other factors that have nothing to do with dental health. Toothbrushes are often too hard and not everyone knows how to use them correctly. 

As a result, the enamel is worn out and the gums are injured. Some people aggravate the situation with home bleaching, using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and other available remedies. As a result of such experiments, few manage to achieve the desired result, but the condition of the teeth worsens in almost all. 

Therefore, do not become a dentist yourself. Such practices might damage the teeth permanently and you will not be able to grow new ones.  It is better to visit a dentist than experimenting with your teeth at home.

  1. Grinding Your Teeth

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but it also has tensile strength. When a person periodically grinds his/her teeth, the enamel will wear off over time. Dentin is exposed and teeth become defenseless against the destructive effects of organic acids, food dyes, pathogenic microflora, and other destructive factors. 

This habit is harmful to health for several reasons, but, regardless of them, it must be fought. It will not only save your teeth but also relationships with people from your social circle. 


This is not a complete list of threats to teeth, but eliminating at least them significantly increases the chances that you will retain the functionality and visual appeal of the dentition for a long time. To ensure this, remember to visit your dentist and perform professional hygiene at least every six months.

Also, do not try to self-medicate dental problems at home. They can further accelerate the damage. Therefore, visit a dentist before it’s too late.

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How To Truly Optimize Your Fitness In The Healthiest Way


Today we want to discuss how to truly optimize your fitness in the healthiest way. Fitness. We all know what it is, but how it translates to us can sometimes vary. For instance, what fitness means to an eighteen-year-old man will no doubt differ from what it means for a seventy-year-old Grandmother. The former may run miles every day in preparation for athletic extracurricular activities, the latter may find that going for a long walk with her dog each morning enough to get her heart beating and her mood elevated.

Furthermore ‘optimizing’ fitness can sometimes seem like a mixed bag. After all, none of us can eat absolutely perfectly each day (unless training for an advanced competition such as in bodybuilding, where we demand this of ourselves), nor can we train every single day of our lives. For most people, optimizing our health is not about becoming a superman, but in becoming fit and staying fit. As such, sustainability is an essential perspective worth caring about.

Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

In the following advice, we’ll discuss what it means to optimize your health,  how you can do so, but how you can also pursue this effort without overdoing it, becoming too dramatic, or burning out and forgetting the project altogether. Let’s consider:

Proper Rest

It’s very important to get the proper rest you need before working out again. Novices often hit the gym passionately the first few weeks or months, and can overdo it if they’re not getting the restful sleep they need to recover. This might sound trivial, but actually, most of your muscles and fitness is actually built by your diet and sleep, working out is actually there to put stress on your system to ensure it improves. Without that, you’ll no doubt feel uncomfortable and your body won’t be able to repair. 

For instance, some weightlifters find that they need even more than the customary eight hours of sleep a night in order to recover, particularly if they’re lifting heavy through the week. Proper rest also means ensuring you don’t overtrain, mixing too much cardio in with your lifting and vice versa. Find a program that works for you, that slowly ascends in pressure while you perfect your form. It will make the most difference going forward.

Correct Stretching

Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

Correct stretching is important, both to warm up and relax before and after working out, respectively. Dynamic stretching is how you start off a workout, that is stretching with movement, as static stretching can lead you to harm your muscles when expecting them to work out moments after. Static stretching is a great way to wind down, to iron out the kinks of your body, and to feel more comfortable in doing so.

Stretching also helps you become more flexible, stronger and perhaps even better-trained. For instance, isometric stretches have been proven to increase strength by up to 10% when keeping to a careful regimen, and not overdoing things. Stretching not only helps you keep your muscles healthy and supple but prevents injury. For that reason, it is more than worth your time.

Training, Not Exercise

Exercise is great. It’s conducive to the best possible life you can lead. It’s important to manage your health, and its essential for your weekly well-being. Unfortunately, it’s also not as worthwhile as training if you’re hoping to optimize your health.

What does this mean? Well, exercise is running twenty minutes once every other day. That can be a great way to stay trim. However, training is a program that is often measured, starts off slow, and is increased in load over time. It demands of you the ability to learn proper form, to stay disciplined, and to measure your results. It’s how people increase in strength, endurance, and capacity.This is why the best newbie programs focus on starting off slow and helping you get better – such as Couch 2 5k, or novice weightlifting programs like Starting Strength. The more you can train, the better you can exercise, and often, the further you can go. Note – there is absolutely nothing wrong with exercise in the least, of course. For optimal results however, focus on training.

Deload Weeks

Deload weeks are also important, and worth taking when you can. You might have been training for two or three months straight, and feel like you’re not making much progress after the ‘newbie gains’ you’ve faced. That’s fine. A deload week can help you more easily reduce the strain on your body, provided you eat healthily, take some time for yourself, and rest up. 

This is how many bodybuilders, athletes, and competitors take some time for themselves, and the approach can work wonders for you, too. You simply need to trust in the process, take some time out, and limit your ego for the time being. In that way, you can come back stronger and more capable.


Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Dear W on Pexels

Great Supplements can help you optimize your nutrition. They may help you get your protein quota, your vitamins and minerals, energy granted to you in the form of a pre-workout, or perhaps BCAA’s to help stimulate muscle growth.

Supplements may also simply involve vitamin D when running in winter, or making sure that you get enough fish oil during the week. You should always check with your Doctor when taking something new, and never use it as a substitute for a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. If you do that, then supplements can help you potentially increase your chances of making headway in your goals – in the best possible light.

Proper Form

You can lift the most weight in the world, or run the farthest, but if you don’t use proper form, the results won’t be a fraction as good as they could have been – and you’re liable to injure yourself. Don’t let this happen to you. Focus on good and proper form. It will help you become a better, more appreciative amateur athlete or trainee. It will help you get better results. And, it will give you the satisfaction for doing something properly.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily optimize your fitness in the healthiest possible sense.

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6 Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight


Today we want to share 6 tips for positive affirmations while losing weight.  Trying to lose weight isn’t an easy thing to do, and won’t happen in a day. Losing weight involves hard work, determination and consistency. While you’re already changing how you normally eat and allotting extra time for your daily workouts, the process doesn’t stop there. You have to keep yourself positive, so that you’ll be more motivated to work towards your goal. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll achieve your goals faster, as you’re constantly reminded of why you’re doing it.

When deciding to lose weight, add positive body image to your routine; identify why are you doing this. Are you doing it for yourself or the people around you? You need to want to lose the weight to keep up any kind of motivation.

Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

Body positive, freedom, high self esteem, confidence, happiness, inspiration, success, positive affirmation. Overweight woman celebrating rising hands to the sky

Here are some tips on positive affirmations that you can use when you’re losing weight:

  1. See Motivation Everywhere

If trying to lose weight is a huge challenge for you, you should try to keep yourself motivated all the time. This may be hard, especially when you try to motivate yourself on your own, and when you’re just starting to work out. You might forget your positive affirmations minutes before you go to eat, or remember them just as the meal has finished. 

You should surround yourself with the most motivation possible. Set your phone wallpaper to motivational images or text that encourages you to keep on pushing. Along with this, you can add sticky notes with positive affirmations about losing weight. You can place these notes on the fridge, bedside table, bathroom mirror, workstation, or anywhere that you’ll be able to see it organically. This will help you to keep motivated before leaving your home and throughout the day. 

  1. Start the Day Right

When you start the day right, you’ll have the best chance of ending it right.   When you wake up, remind yourself immediately of your goal and how you can be one step closer to it. Eat a healthy breakfast, and try to do a light workout. It’ll get you energized, and start the day full of positivity that you can do everything you’ve planned to do. 

  1. Be Consistent
Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Pexels

When it comes to losing weight, of course, you have to be consistent with your actions. If your diet includes a cheat day, make sure that it’ll only last a day and won’t stretch into a week. Speak to yourself in front of the mirror, and give yourself positive affirmations that will help you to be consistent. 

You could even add positive affirmation as a task on your daily schedule, so you don’t miss out on keeping yourself motivated and happy.

  1. Stay Away from Temptations

No matter how many positive words you say to yourself, once you see your favorite bar of chocolate, all the positive affirmation generally tends to go out the window. While one bar may seem harmless, it’ll only lead to more mistakes; it takes more effort to fix a hole than it does to make it bigger.

If you can, always stay away from temptations. Be strong in the face of food; after all, it is just food. The next morning, it may not matter to you whether or not you had the chocolate bar, but your waist will either be bigger or smaller. Remind yourself that you’re a strong person, who won’t give up on something you really want just because a piece of candy is in front of you. You’re stronger than you think, and will continue to be the more frequently you resist temptation. 

  1. Enjoy It

Never incorporate negative thoughts with what you’re doing. Always try to turn your negatives into positives. The quote “no pain, no pain” is truly effective when you’re trying to lose weight, and mostly because it’s true. When you see the results, the hard work that you’ve done is always worth it. Looking back, everything you did often seems so much easier than it was at the time.

Treat everything that you do as a one-step close on your weight goal. You can speak to yourself, saying things such as: 

  • I enjoy training
  • This will help me feel better
  • This is just temporary
  • I love the taste of my food
  • I love exercising
  • This is easy

When it comes to positive affirmations, it’s mind over matter. Fake it till you make it. You won’t even realize how much weight you’re losing when you keep yourself motivated.

  1. Believe in Yourself
    Tips For Positive Affirmations While Losing Weight

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

There’s no better motivation than that which comes from you. Always reassure yourself that you can make it. Take inspiration from others, and ensure yourself that if they can do it, then you can do it too. Each day is a chance to make yourself better than you were yesterday. 

As discouraging as it is to your weight loss mission to see others hitting their goals when you’re only halfway there, this is normal. We go at our own pace. The important thing is that you reach your goal through hard work. Don’t worry if it’s taking you too long; just focus on getting there. Stop comparing yourself to others, and instead use them as your inspiration and motivation. When you choose to be kind to yourself, it’ll go a long way. 

You can say these words to yourself to help you keep motivated:

  • I can do this
  • I deserve to be slim, healthy, and beautiful
  • I have a naturally healthy mind and body
  • I believe in my ability to lose weight and keep it that way
  • I am disciplined
  • I am getting fitter, stronger and better each day


As difficult as the path may be, motivate yourself with positive affirmations about how the hardship will end, and you’ll be able to reach your goal. Always try to focus on the result, rather than the process. This will help you to keep motivated and be able to achieve it.

It’s important that you surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people, to help you stay encouraged all the time. And finally, remember that nothing beats hard work.

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Great Ways to Stay Active at Home


Today we want to share some great ways to stay active at home.  Getting active at home is becoming more popular due to its ease and, unfortunately, the current pandemic. Working out at home doesn’t have to be expensive and is easier than you think.

In fact, there are many ways you can do so without purchasing much equipment. Why not use your own body as resistance or buy a skipping rope? You only need a mat or yoga or go for a run outside. There are many ways; the challenge is finding something that you enjoy that doesn’t seem a chore. Once you get good enough, you may find you enjoy watching a sporting event and relating to those on screen! Below are four ways you can get active at home. 


Person in black pants and brown shoes

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

If you want to get active, why not go for a run? No matter your ability, everyone can run, and it costs nothing. It’s great for your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles, and you will burn plenty of calories. If you haven’t run much; why not try a couch to 5k as a way to challenge yourself? Use an app like Strava to track how well you are doing and use that as motivation to beat your previous time or to run further. As mentioned above, why not find a running partner who you can go with. This can make it easier and motivate you to go on a run continually. If you get injured on your run, make sure you seek online urgent care, they will be able to assist with the best way to recover.  


When was the last time you used a skipping rope? For most people, it was back at school, which may be a distant memory. You may be surprised to know that skipping is a great way to get active and burns more calories than running if your gyms are closed due to COVID, a skipping rope won’t cost much and can be done in your front room. Ensure you track how well you perform and keep working to improve yourself; the more you do it, the fitter you will be. 

Home Body Weight Workout 

Youtube has many videos on home bodyweight workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Bodyweight workouts are hard work and use a variety of muscles – from your legs when squatting or chest when doing a push-up. No matter your ability, you can always find a workout that will suit you. If you need some extra motivation, why not get one of your household members to join in. You could have a challenge on who can improve the most within a month. 


Many specialist yoga instructors offer online sessions as well as face to face. If you are new to yoga, try an online session first to see if you enjoy it. Yoga is excellent for your mental and physical health. It relaxes you while increasing your heart rate and getting you active. Yoga requires very little equipment, all you need is a yoga mat for comfort, but you can do it on your floor. Also, there are many yoga varieties, so if you don’t enjoy a certain one, you can always try another. 

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The Importance of Health and Wellness, now More Than Ever


Today we want to talk to you about the importance of health and wellness.  Today, people have more demands placed on their time than ever before. Technology has improved, allowing people to work from home. At the same time, when someone is accessible 24 hours per day, seven days a week, this also makes it impossible to disconnect. As a result, lines between personal and professional worlds are blurred. With more responsibilities, people often feel stressed out. Therefore, it is critical for everyone to focus on their own health and wellness now more than ever. There are a few ways to do this. 

Take Breaks on a Regular Basis

Just as people need to allow their muscles time to rest and recharge following a workout, people need to provide a break for their minds as well. Life can be exhausting sometimes. When people do not give their minds a chance to breathe, they overload themselves. They can become irritated, frustrated, anxious, and even have trouble sleeping at night. For the sake of one’s emotional health, it is important to pause, disconnect, and take a break from time to time. 

Woman relaxing in yoga mat

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels

Learn To Say No

In addition, it is important for people to learn how to say no. A lot of individuals are people-pleasers. This means that they often say yes to helping someone out without even thinking about what this entails. Even though self-confidence is good, this can also invite some people overstretching themselves. When people take on things they can’t handle, they are disappointed when they fall short. Furthermore, other people are also disappointed because they thought that person was going to deliver. Therefore, people need to learn more about themselves, their limits, and learn when to say no. There is no shame in being human.

Explore Wellness Programs

Finally, it is also important for people to explore wellness classes and programs. Just as people go to the doctor on a regular basis, people need to focus on their emotional and mental health as well. This is the goal of Wellness classes and programs. A lot of these classes focus on stress management techniques, meditation activities, breathing exercises, and other ways that people can control their emotions and recharge spiritually. When people think about their health and wellness, they improve their overall quality of life by learning how to manage themselves.

Everyone Should Focus on Health and Wellness

The world in which we live today is more demanding than ever. Therefore, everyone has to learn to disconnect from time to time. That is why everyone must focus on their overall health and wellness.

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Four Health Changes to Make as you Approach 40


Today we want to share with you four health changes to make as you approach 40.  As we get a little bit older, sometimes the small issues become bigger ones. When you start to assess what your lifestyle is actually doing for you, this is when you have to make significant changes to your life. They don’t necessarily have to be massive ones, but they have to help us through to the next part of our lives. For those on the approach to 40, where they say life begins, what are the things we should be looking at?

Get a Health Check

Having your health checked is such a simple thing, but can provide so many answers. If you don’t have a health care provider, you can take part in Obamacare enrollment online and get a health check. It’s one of the key markers for our overall health. If your lung function and your heart are fine, you know that you’ve got a solid foundation to get healthier. The big problem many people make, upon receiving blood and test results that say they’re fine, is that they decide to have a less rigid approach to their health. If anything, as you get older it’s important to be more focused on your health. The health check results will give you the proper results to make sure that you can now build upon these, however good or bad they may be.

Focus on Strength, Not Cardio

As we are on approach to 40, we may think that it’s now time to start running more. But running is a relatively new fad. It only soared in popularity in the 1970s, and before that, there weren’t many runners apart from those who competed professionally. The big problem with running as a way to health is that, as you get older, it can have a devastating impact on your joints. Health is not about how fast or how far you can run to lose calories, but it’s about how strong you are. Strength and muscle are the key biomarkers for long-term health, and while there are so many other things that you need to consider, if you are looking for a fitness routine that gives you more benefits, you have to focus on strength. Strength training has a

significant amount of benefits, not just for muscle mass and strength, but it can also improve your bone density, which is crucial as you get older. And the great thing about strength training is that you don’t need to go to the gym to do it properly. There are a wide variety of resources online to get you started using your body weight, as well as resistance band training, to help you improve your strength naturally.


One of the great things about getting older is that gradually we start to calm down and gain more perspective. But because life throws curve balls, we can feel ill-prepared for the effects of stress. As we get older and we have to focus more on sleeping better as well as our overall health, we need to recover from stress. Breathing is one of those things that has significant health benefits, not just for reducing stress but in a physiological sense too, as it can reduce our blood pressure and reduce our heart rate. The great thing is that there are a variety of breathing techniques out there that stimulate your autonomic nervous system. Choosing the right breathing technique for you can also yield significant benefits for your lung capacity.

Improve Your Gut Health 

A lifetime of being prescribed antibiotics and eating a below-par diet can have detrimental effects on our gut health. As we get older, improving our gut health is a priority. After the age of 40, we are more at risk of developing gastrointestinal problems, such as indigestion and constipation. Having a healthy gut can be about incorporating a couple of extra things into your diet. Fermented and probiotic foods like kimchi can replenish gut bacteria, but also making sure that you have a diet rich in prebiotics, such as onions and garlic, will help. But in addition to this, making sure that you have had a good sleep and maintain regular exercise can help you to a healthier gut. 

Don’t underestimate your life choices as you get older. While it’s a lot to do with your health, you need to focus on your happiness as well. For many people, getting older should mean getting happier. And while we can try to make significant changes to our lives, the overriding goals should be about being happier as we progress. We can feel very stressed out about our age, but if we are feeling happier as we get older, we are doing something right.

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7 Things You Need for Your Post-Marathon Recovery


Today we want to share 7 things you need for your post-marathon recovery.  A great runner is not only excellent during the competition. One should also excel in taking care of himself after crossing the finish line. After all, an athlete who’s sore all over cannot train hard for the next race. So, make sure to incorporate these essentials in your post-marathon recovery plan to recuperate faster and avoid injury.

1. Constant Movement

your post-marathon recovery

manfredrichter / Pixabay

As soon as you finish the race and stop running, lactic acid is ready to set in and stiffen your legs. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Go for a light 10-minute walk or jog. Some would use this time to change out of their wet clothes or slip into comfortable footwear. This cool down phase gives your body time to redistribute blood flow, lower the heart rate and reduce inflammation.

2. Compression Gear

Tights or snug calf sleeves put surface pressure on specific body parts to encourage blood circulation and stabilize muscles. It’s advisable to wear one of these a few hours post-marathon, though it can be challenging with your spaghetti legs and all. Some also suggest wearing compression pants to sleep. However, if you’re not a fan of tights, you can put your legs up the wall instead. This alternative helps reduce swelling so you won’t feel as sore. Others also find ice baths helpful in soothing muscle inflammation.

3. Healthy Meal and Water

After all that intense running, your stomach feels uneasy, and food is probably the last thing you want to have. That’s alright. Munch whatever you can for now, like a protein bar or banana, then enjoy a proper meal later. Just make sure not to skip fluids. Drink water after finishing the race, and keep sipping throughout the day. To get both electrolytes and nutrients in one go, sports drink, chocolate milk, tart cherry juice, and coconut water are good options.

4. Good Night’s Sleep

Your body is still on adrenaline high after a race, making sleep difficult. It’s hard to rest your mind when your twitching muscles keep bothering you. That’s normal, but quality sleep is vital for your post-marathon recovery. Sufficient sleep is necessary for repairing muscles, recharging and reducing stress. So, read a book or take a warm bath. Try not to eat near your bedtime and avoid alcohol. Also, when you can, go home after a marathon and follow your usual bedtime routine. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in your room with your soft, welcoming bed.

5. Post-Race Massage

Foot Massage Foot Reflexology  - dkochli / Pixabay

dkochli / Pixabay

A massage is a runner’s best friend. Just make sure to wait at least 1 to 2 days before getting your treatment. This recovery time should be enough to relax your sore muscles a bit before adding pressure from the massage. And while you can always rely on spa services, some runners make use of self-massage tools like a foam roll or massage gun for relief.

A massage gun is like a handheld mini-jackhammer for the muscles that provide vibration therapy in rapid pressure bursts. Provided that you know how to use it properly, a massage gun is your quick-fix to loosen tight muscles and stimulate blood flow. This tool can also help reduce pain caused by delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Whichever method you choose, gentle massages are 100% essential in speeding up your post-marathon recovery. More importantly, it ensures that you can safely return to training in no time.

6. Foot Treatment

Aside from your muscles, your feet also need some pampering. As a rule of thumb, give them at least two weeks of sufficient rest. The last thing you want to do is to start running a few days post-marathon. Give your feet a break and address blisters if there are any. Use plasters when you have to, and handle blisters hygienically to avoid infection. Also, wear comfortable footwear after the race.

7. Gradual Training Plan

You will still feel a bit tired and sore three days after your race. So, at this point, light jogs or runs for 30 minutes a day for the entire week will do. A daily half-hour of stretching exercises should also be part of your routine.  Your biggest focus should be on your legs, and starting with a butterfly stretch would be smart. It will decrease the tension in your hips and increase their flexibility. On the second week, you can extend your workout to 1 hour daily. But, stick to stretching and low-impact exercises.

Soreness and fatigue should be gone on the third week, allowing you to increase your running output. By this time, you’ll be more comfortable doing a 90-minute workout. If you feel recovered on day 14, a swimming-based routine is an ideal alternative for running. It’s a low-impact exercise with excellent cardio benefits. Doing a few laps is helpful for your muscles, too.

Your health is just as important as any race. Having a post-marathon recovery plan is the best way to reward yourself and celebrate every win!

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6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Beard Trimmer


Today we want to give you 6 reasons to upgrade your beard trimmer. There are a lot of reasons why a beard trimmer upgrade is the right choice for you. Whether you are looking to trim your facial hair for personal reasons, or you want to look your best and not feel like a freak in public, a good trimmer is something you should invest in.

Here are a few reasons that make it worth it to go this route when it comes to upgrading your beard trimmer:

  • Improved Durability And Longer Warranty
Upgrade Your Beard Trimmer

Man shaving beard using electric trimmer shaver. Male beauty grooming concept. Home lifestyle young person looking at bathroom mirror trimming hair on neck.

A new trimmer that’s more powerful has lasting features with a longer warranty. You can consider both corded and cordless electric shavers. They make cleaning your face easier without having to worry about running out of batteries. 

Cordless trimmers come with a power cord or dock that allows you to charge on the go. There are different cord lengths available, so make sure you check with the trimmer manufacturer to find the one that’s right for you.

You should also look for a high-quality product that has at least a year’s warranty. If you have a trimmer that doesn’t have a warranty, you may experience long waits to get replacement parts and repairs done. Sites like GroomAndStyle contain information about different kinds of trimmers that’ll help you find one that fit your needs.

  • Prevents Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is one of the are major downsides of beard trimming that many people wish to avoid. This is because of facial contact with the device resulting in cuts and irritations. New models of beard trimmers now come with a protective plastic guard that prevents facial contact. This helps you to ensure a safer trim.

Sensitive skin reactions such as bumps, skin redness, and shave burns can be further avoided with new trimmer buttons features that help control the skin’s distance. You can also adjust these according to different beard lengths. Models that lack these automated features come with multiple attachments that can achieve similar results. 

  • Beard Trimming On A Busy Schedule

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a trimmer is that it makes you get a trim done easily and include it in your everyday routine. Most people don’t realize how much time they spend on so many other activities; they forget to care for their beard. 

They leave work, return home, sleep, and get back to their work every day. This cycle accounts for a lot of time spent without proper beard care. An improved beard trimmer such as those with rechargeable batteries allows you can trim your hair on the go while you’re about to sleep and at work.

  • Save Costs
Upgrade Your Beard Trimmer

middle aged bearded gray haired man trimming his beard in bathroom

Saving costs is another reason to invest in a beard trimmer upgrade. When you have a good trimmer, you will be saving a lot of money on salon visits, running costs, and replacement costs. New models can last up to five years before showing signs of battery wear and eventually needing a replacement.

Although you can’t completely boycott visiting salons, you’ll only need to go when you need detailed shaves. You can easily carry out routine trims to control your beard growth. This can prolong the time between your beard trims up to once in three months.

You’ll also save on the running cost of your beard trimmer with improved power efficiency. New models can last up to three weeks of daily usage, depending on your beard length, which accounts for less frequent charging times.

  • More Functionality

Every man needs to make sure that he has the latest tools to ensure that he has the best beard styling tools. An upgraded beard trimmer comes with new features that allow you to get a better trim and have a better experience.

First, you should shop for a trimmer that has multiple blades. These options are great for those who need versatility. They can trim long and short beards to the desired length in a shorter time. Also, waterproof options allow you to shave while you are under a shower, and you can easily wash the blades off without a need for extra care.

  • Easier Cleaning

New trimmers are now equipped with self-cleaning technology that guarantees hygienic use.  This is called a cleaning station which comes with alcohol or detergent-based solutions that kill up to 99.9% of germs that accumulate on your trimmer blade.

The cleaning stations can be refilled using a replaceable cartridge. Trimmers with this self-cleaning feature don’t only get cleaned but also dried, lubricated, and charged in the cleaning station. This makes it always ready-to-use with no risk of irritation.


Beard trimmers will continue to be an essential styling tool for bearded men. For best results, it’s advisable to upgrade your trimmer to enjoy the latest features that make for an easier trimming session on the go.

Skin irritations will be reduced, and you can save costs on your beard trimmer with improved battery life and better power-efficiency. You’ll enjoy better functionality with new adjustment features on the trimmer. With your trimmer automatically clean with its cleaning station, you can get a trim done at any time. 

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A Winter Indoors: Practicing Self-Love During COVID-19


Today we want to stress the importance of practicing self love during COVID-19. This winter, as well as the upcoming Christmas and holiday season, will be completely different compared to all the ones you have lived so far. The chances to spend time with our extended families will be limited, and social distancing measures will be ruling all interactions with our friends. 

But, you can still make the most out of the magical time ahead. You can do so by introducing a routine that focuses on health, self-love, and self-improvement. Because, of course, the pandemic has thrown many challenges at us, but there are also opportunities worth grabbing. And, it is all in the mindset – so, get healthy and turn your life around!

practicing self love during COVID-19

Photo by Cliff Booth on Pexels

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is among the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, going for a run, swimming in the ocean, or training at home can help you feel happier, more motivated, and full of energy. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to keep lifting weights and running as far as you can if this type of exercise does not reflect who you are. Luckily, today, you can find trainers that can guide you in discovering other forms of exercise. For example, yoga or pilates can help you improve your flexibility, balance, and strength while also adding a spiritual aspect that many other disciplines don’t provide you with!

Start Meditating

practicing self love during COVID-19

thiemobrand / Pixabay

Meditating can be an extremely beneficial introduction to anybody’s routine. You won’t need to be meditating for hours at a time, and even a short five-minute session can help you keep stress at bay, focus on yourself, and improve the control you have over some aspects of everyday life. Meditation is a completely personal practice, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy it, and it can be done anywhere, without props. So, what’s stopping you from starting to fight stress and anxiety back?

Breath in Some Fresh Air

We might not be allowed to meet our friends and family or gather in public places. However, you are still allowed to take a walk among nature and breath in some fresh air. This, as well as Vitamin D from the sun, can greatly benefit your health, making you feel more focused and energized. 

Cook With Seasonal, Nutritious Ingredients

Nutrition can impact your overall energy and mood level, so don’t underestimate how important this aspect can be. But, during this time of the year, some seasonal ingredients and meals can get you to enjoy every single meal while providing you with all the vitamins, minerals, and healthy compounds needed for a balanced lifestyle.

Speak to a Professional

Home remedies might be helpful when you are trying to fight back issues related to your current environment or lifestyle. But, if you have been dealing with chronic pain such as neck pain and migraines or other underlying issues, there is nothing better than getting in touch with a professional. Indeed, if not promptly addressed, these issues can grow to represent a major obstacle between you and your daily goals. A quick consultation with an expert can help you identify all the possible solutions to the issue you are experiencing. 

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Don’t Mask the Truth: Teaching Your Kids About COVID


Teaching your kids about COVID is extremely important.  Everybody’s learning how to cope with the new normal. But when we have children and we want to protect them in one respect but also make sure that we don’t smother them, we’ve got to use our words to ensure that they understand what is going on. And young minds can easily overthink but we’ve also got to remember that they deserve to know about what is going on. Naturally, children can be worried about their grandparents or even about you. They may even worry about themselves and this is why we’ve got to learn to teach our children about COVID in the right ways. How can we do this?

Deal With Your Anxieties

teaching your kids about COVID

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

If you feel anxious or panicky, it is not the best opportunity to speak to your children about what is happening. We have to remember that our children will pick up on our anxieties. If we are constantly checking our online shopping to see if there are disinfectant wipes in stock because of people panic buying them, it’s these little problems that we need to deal with. Because of all the anxiety that’s going around when we decide to speak to our children, we need to keep ourselves in check. 

Encourage Their Questions

They want to know what is going on. And depending on their age, their questions can be incredibly serious or incredibly silly. If they are wondering if their favorite ice cream store is going to close for this could be the pinnacle of their concerns. Whatever their concerns, you need to help your children be heard and get across the facts in a reassuring manner as best as possible.

Don’t Avoid Questions

You may not know an answer, and while there’s a lot of uncertainty flying around you have to remember that if you aren’t comfortable saying “I don’t know,” your children will pick up on this. Even if there is a lot of uncertainty we have to remember that we can teach our children how to put up with uncertainty. Our children can learn to tolerate this and it is a fantastic way to reduce anxiety in their lives as well as build up resilience. As difficult as it can be to endure the unknown, do your best to be comfortable telling them you don’t know the answer.

Focus on How You Are Keeping Safe

teaching your kids about COVID

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels

With the sheer amount of anxiety and negativity in the air, we can empower ourselves and our children by making them know what we are doing to keep ourselves safe. Giving them some control over the situation will give them a better sense of resilience. And we can do this in little ways. We could let our children choose masks for the family or sing something different while washing our hands rather than just “Happy Birthday.” Giving our children some control over the situation means that they are helping everyone to stay safe, which means that they are increasing their mental strength.

It is not an easy situation, but we have to remember that as long as we have an open and honest dialogue with our children we can help to reduce their (and our) anxiety.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Workout Equipment


Today we want to share some valuable tips on choosing the right workout equipment.  Traditionally, people don’t care too much about purchasing gym equipment to use at home. If you wanted to work out using the heavy tools, the gym was the place to go.  However, over the years, more and more people have decided to invest in home gyms and workout machines. While this is a step towards the right direction for health and fitness, the challenge of choosing the right equipment is hard to skip by. Below are some tips to find the right workout equipment;

1. Determine your goals

Gym Room Fitness  - janeb13 / Pixabay

janeb13 / Pixabay

The first thing you need to consider when choosing workout equipment is to consider your fitness goals. Ask yourself what goals you want to achieve with the equipment. Doing so will help you determine the right type of equipment that you need. Note that there are so many types of workout tools from which you have to choose. The different types can be split into two categories. Below are two of the primary categories of workout machines;

• Cardio equipment – all equipment that is designed to simulate activities like cycling, walking, running, rowing, skiing, and stair climbing fall in this category. These machines are suitable for burning fat and calories. They can either be motorized or programmable. Examples of such equipment are elliptical trainers, rowing machines, stair steppers, stationary bicycles, and treadmills.

• Strength equipment – machines on this category work by harnessing gravity, body weight, external weight, and resistance force to assist you in building strength. They help to build muscle on the feet, hand, and even the core. The machines come in a wide range of styles and designs depending on the type. Examples of such equipment are ankle weights, resistant bands, tubing, hand weights, and bands.

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, there are some accessory items that you must have as well. For instance, you need to have exercise mats that are well-padded and nonslip for your floor. You may also need towels and the right kind of clothes for working out.

Now that you know the different types and categories of workout tools, you have to determine your fitness goals and which equipment will help you bring them to reality. You may also want to get machines in each category. You may require professional assistance from your trainer or gym instructor before you go to the market to choose the best type of workout equipment.

2. Amount of space

tips on choosing the right workout equipment

Alterfines / Pixabay

After considering the different types of machines, the next thing you need to do is determine the amount of space you need and weigh it against the size of the equipment. The amount of space you have in your house, home gym, or workout area will also determine the number and types of machines you get. Cardio machines take up a lot of space. Therefore, before you go to the market and start looking at the machines, you first have to get the exact measurements of your room. Note that you will also need space for stretching and doing a few exercised off the machines. You also do not want to have your workout area to be too squeezed and congested. You don’t have to worry about weight lifts and bands because you can have them in a box or a shelf as they do not take up a lot of space. If you are having problems with the amount of space, you can get multi-functional equipment that you can also use outside.

3. Available manufacturers

The market is packed with a wide range of workout tool manufacturers

from which you can choose. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse. The benefit is that you have a more comprehensive range of options. On the other hand, the downside is that you may need to take a long time choosing the best one. Choosing the right manufacturer is not quite a walk in the park. You ought to consider elements like the history of the manufacturer, how long the company has been in business, the quality of the products, and what other customers have to say about the manufacturer and the products. Come up with a shortlist of ideal manufacturers from whom you can make a purchase.

Note that you do not have to purchase the equipment directly from the manufacturer. You can always get second-hand products. However, you may need to be keener when buying second-hand products than when dealing with the actual manufacturer. The most important thing is to ensure that the equipment is fully functioning before you pay for it. Also, steer away from products that have been recalled by a former buyer.

4. Ease of assembly

tips on choosing the right workout equipment

janeb13 / Pixabay

Another essential tip for choosing the right workout tool is choosing one that is easy to assemble. Most of these tools do not come fully assembled. Sometimes you may have to put them together after the machine is delivered. Some may be too difficult to put together. This means that you may require professional assistance. On the other hand, you can consider tools with an instruction manual that is easy to follow.

5. Determine your budget

After you have decided which equipment you want to choose, you may also want to consider the prices of the machines. However, you first have to set a budget before you embark on the process of purchasing or choosing. Different machines come at different prices. For instance, the cost of an elliptical machine is not the same as the price of a treadmill. If you decide you need a treadmill, it will help if you shopped around for different types and manufacturers. It is incredibly easy to find products in your price range after you have shortlisted the best brands. The trick is to stay away from shady brands and dealers, despite the low prices. Therefore, try as much as possible not to steer away from the list of manufacturers you came up with after carrying out your research.

Online shopping for workout machines

Workout machines, especially cardio devices, are quite expensive. For this reason, online stores are providing online coupons and voucher codes like Kul coupons with which you can get the equipment at a better price.

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