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Recap: “Younger” Season Four Premiere


Younger, for those unfamiliar with the show, is about a 40-something-year-old woman named Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) who has just separated from her husband and is looking to get back into the workforce she left to raise her daughter. When she is honest about her age, she received nothing but closed doors, but when she reaches the publishing firm Empirical Press to apply for an assistant position, she pretends to be 26 and lands the job. Thus, her life has been a series of elaborate and not so elaborate lies to keep the truth hidden ever since.

Hilary Duff Talks Personal Health


In the December 2014 issue of Health magazine, Hilary Duff talks personal health, including getting her pre-baby body back and her weight as a teenager. According to E! Online, Duff, who is of Lizzie McGuire fame, describes the pressure placed on women to look skinny–even after they’ve just had babies! Duff, who has a 2-year-old son named ...

Singers We Want to Make a Comeback


Thinking back to a few years ago, some amazing, talented artists come to mind…so here are some singers we want to make a comeback! Hilary Duff Hilary Duff was like the older sister you never had for those of us who watched Lizzie McGuire and listened to her infectious music. I’d be lying if I said that ...