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5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration


Ever since I received the keys to my first home I’ve been on a home decor craze. To be honest, I’ve been reaching for kitchen goods, flowers, vases, wall hangs and more instead of fashion and beauty picks. I know—who is this woman and what have you done with Cliche’s Beauty Director? Trust me, I’m still me, just with a new obsession that you’ll want to join me in after you read this. I get my interior design inspiration from so many outlets, but most specifically from Pinterest and YouTuber Kate Spiers of Katelavie. When decorating, I try to create a balance between an effortless, rustic, artistic and playful living space. I alternate little details throughout the seasons, some of which include adding artificial flower bouquets for spring, warm tones for fall and fairy lights for winter. Now you may be asking what about summer? For this season of sunshine I’m gravitating towards fruit prints, wicker baskets, orange + pink combinations and stripes. Are you feeling the vibes?

With all the decoration updates that can happen within a year, keeping it affordable, while paying those bills, is a must. Over the past year I’ve found spots that let me make the most of my buck with high-quality and cutesy decor. Don’t allow yourself to be duped by expensive ones that are marketed all over social media. If you’re looking to make your summer home decor as hot as can be, without breaking a sweat, take a browse for places + items you’ll want to call home sweet home.


My #1 spot for finding an incredible bargain is HomeGoods hands down. Not every HomeGoods is a winner though. You have to check the ones near you all out to see which is the best to go to find a steal. Personally, I have been to probably 5 around me and 2 out of the 5 are sure winners. Visiting during early store hours or on weekdays is better too so you don’t have to deal with so much foot traffic. You want to take your time to peruse every aisle without feeling rushed as you move items to and fro. Some of my favorite finds here include candles, artificial flowers, stationary, baskets, rugs and furniture!

A recently new spot added to my list that is well deserved. I know, H&M, who would’ve thought? Don’t let your expectations fool you though. H&M has some of the cutest and trendiest pieces at prices that will make you want to add more than 1 of the same item to your cart. +10 please! Being a primarily fashion company makes them stand out. They always know what’s going to be “in style” before it even hits the market. I like to check out everything on their app. It’s way easier to navigate than their site I think, and you can easily see what’s new with just a tap of your nger. I recommend their vases, kitchen items and decor.

We all saw this one coming. Target is the suburbs fancy version of a Trader Joe’s meets K-Mart and none of us are mad at it. This spot will never get old, especially since it is always creating new store brands! Wondershop, Threshold, Hearth & Hand and more are exclusively Target owned and certainly keep us visiting every chance us decor-crazers get. One of my own Target secrets (although this may not be much of one if you already know) is to always check out their “dollar section” located near the entrance. It may appear to be a hurricane of mix & match items, but if you look, they include adorable items for so cheap. Think of office supplies, outdoor decor, pottery and even letter boards.


Not only can you buy supplies to create what they offer here, but you can purchase eye catching, artsy decor that’s almost always marked down. Michael’s is the bee’s knees for random discounts (i.e. spring black friday, anyone?) and making it known that they have them too (just ask their cashiers during checkout!). Recently, I bought a basket full of artificial flowers at my local Michael’s, all for 40% off. With them I created spring wreaths and added hues of oranges, pinks and yellows all over my living space. My rule of thumb for when visiting: Plan ahead. You don’t want to go here without an idea of what you want/want to create. Things can easily get out of hand and sooner than later you’ll be walking out with pipe cleaners, beads, paint and candy that you don’t know why you have.


Amazon has become a go-to for me, especially when I need something in a jiffy. It’s much more than just an e-retailer that you can order toilet paper or cat food from and have it delivered the next day if you’re in a hump. Amazon has a plethora of one-of-a-kind, quirky items that can make your home feel as unique as you. I enjoy constantly searching to find “the one” to add to my home knowing that I can have it at my doorstep same-week. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, but that’s what I like to call the thrill of the hunt. Check out their “Amazon Explore” page usually highlighted at the top of their home page. It includes a lot of interesting items gathered from your recent searches you may have never thought to see.


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5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration. Image Credits: H&M, Target

Uncovered: The Rise of the Hijab in Mainstream Fashion


Two years ago, France banned the burkini from its beaches; what was created as a comfortable swimwear option for Muslim women was taken away. It is easy to feel like we are living in the most anti-Islamic times of recent memory. The alt-right’s growth, hate speech, and increase in Islamophobic rhetoric and crimes all point to a less inclusive world. However, in the face of this rising hate, fashion has taken on creating a new and inclusive space for all faiths, bodies, and races—and most recently the industry seems to have focused on bringing Muslim-friendly  garments into the mainstream.

In 2015, H&M, a Swedish fast-fashion company, made headlines as Mariah Idrissi became the first Muslim woman to be featured in one of their campaigns and ever since, it seems like every other brand is trying to hop on the inclusive bandwagon. That same year, Dubai had its first ever fashion week and in 2016, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of hijabs and abayas. 2017 saw Nike’s first sports hijab and Yeezy’s Season 5 included headscarf-wearing Halima Aden on the runway. Not to mention, Rihanna stole everyone’s eyes at Coachella this year with her Gucci Balaclava. These past runways have seen a large growth in options for Muslim women as well as a shift towards the more inclusive, modest fashion movement.

Previous attempts at reaching out to the Muslim fashion consumer involved a lot of capsule, single releases. Brands like DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, and Oscar de la Renta,

to name a few, produced one-time collections around Ramadan, but now fashion brands are more focused on making sustainable places for Muslim shoppers. These steps go further than just creating patterned, luxurious hijabs but wave in a whole new-style of clothing: modest wear. With their fun, floral abayas, Dolce & Gabbana nodded their heads towards the women—not just Muslim, but also Christian and Jewish—that want to dress more conservatively.

The new attention is groundbreaking in our War on Terror world. In the words of MuslimGirl.com creator Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, “For the first time in my life since 9/11, it’s almost a given to see women who look like me in marketing campaigns or editorials, and that’s really cool.” And this inclusivity also has a lucrative side. According to a report done by Thomas Reuter, the Muslim consumer market is expected to reach $368 billion by 2021 and by 2050, to match the purchasing power of the Christian market. As young Muslims, unlike their Christian counterparts, are moving closer rather than away from their faith, fashion companies will have to shift to modest approaches to reach this market. Luckily, most modern brands are having no qualms with this and are striving to make the fashion world open to all.

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Uncovered: The Rise of the Hijab in Mainstream Fashion; Image credits: @dolcegabbana on Instagram; @rollingout on Instagram

Swimwear That Doesn’t Break Bank


With summer comes fun tropical vacations, delicious fruity drinks and long days spent tanning in the sand. But for a quality vacation, all of that fun can sometimes come at a high cost. While cheap flights and inexpensive tropical drinks can be difficult to find, one thing that shouldn’t be difficult is affordable swimwear that keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Many times, some of the cutest swimwear is right under our noses. Forget waiting months for your online order or driving hours to find your favorite pieces that still break bank. Check out some of these convenient, everyday shopping stores and find some of our favorite affordable swimwear for the summer!


Aerie – Perky Triangle Bikini Top ($29.95, ae.com) Following a more traditional bathing suit style with a subtle twist is Aerie’s perky triangle bikini top! The halter top neck and triangle bust is accompanied by a thick band around the chest that accentuates your cleavage and helps to slim your shape so you always look stunning. In a dark navy and a double bow back, this $29.95 suit is one we already have in our swimwear drawers.

Pacsun – Amor Y Besas ($39.50, pacsun.com)

Pac Sun is known for their fun clothing and unique styles, and that’s exactly where their Amor Y Besas bikini top comes in. With a cage neck top to show off subtle cleavage and fun bright colors, this top will have you turning heads as you go for a quick dip. Even more impressive is the swimsuit’s reversible top half for two fun designs. For only $39.50 (without their awesome sales) this cute top is a must have!

H&M – Floral Super Push-Up Bikini ($24.99, hm.com)

For a brighter more summery style, check out H&M’s coral, floral bikini top with matching high waisted bottoms. This fun and fully lined, push up top maximizes your bust while ensuring comfortability. The balconette features detachable, adjustable shoulder straps for various wear, making this bikini versatile and the best bang for your buck!

Vanilla Beach – Ribbed Scallop One Shoulder Bikini Top ($27.99, target.com)

One of the most convenient places to find quality swimsuits for a good price is Target! With so many fun options, you can’t go wrong with a quick trip to Target’s bathing suit section. One of our favorites is the simple ribbed scallop one shoulder bikini. In general, one shoulder swimsuits are super unique and creative but pair it with the soft scalloped design and a light olive green and you’re ready for a day out in the sun with your girls.

Aerie – Wraparound Scoop Bikini Top ($34.95, ae.com)

Lastly is one of our favorite tops from the American Eagle, Aerie collection.The Wraparound Scoop Bikini is a flirty yet modest top with thick, ruffled straps, a triangle shape bust and a thin wraparound string that bows in the back. But the cut of the top isn’t why it’s one of our favorite swim pieces, it’s the leafy design that has us wishing we were somewhere tropical.

Let us know where your favorite spots are to buy affordable swimwear that will keep up looking ready for the sun and sand but won’t break bank.


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Swimwear That Doesn’t Break Bank: Featured image courtesy of pacsun.com.

Must-Have Denim Pieces For Fall


Our favorite time of the year is back. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and our sweaters have made their way out of hiding and to the front of our closets. Among the clothes that have transitioned from Narnia-like hidden wardrobes to the top of our Outfit of the Week list is all things denim.

Paired perfectly in the cold weather with scarves and knee-high boots, and as jackets, skirts, and pants, denim is making a grand appearance this fall season. So dust off your denim and start setting trends with these must-have denim pieces for fall!


Indigo Bomber Jacket, $79.95, gap.com

Indigo Bomber Jacket
Start your fall wardrobe with a classy denim bomber jacket. The refined taste of denim paired with the chic look of the bomber-style jacket will keep you warm and absolutely looking your best. Match it with a variety of colored shirts and some cute jeans and you are ready for school, work, or even a late night out.

The Indigo bomber jacket by Gap is made with premium 1969 denim, meaning it has the perfect stretch for ultimate comfort while you’re on the go. Match that with the rib-knit cuffs and stand collar and you have a quality must-have this season.

Cool Blue Denim Choker, $12, Lulus.com

Cool Blue Denim Choker
One of the best parts about putting together your favorite outfits is choosing the perfect accessories—and Lulus definitely has some of the best in denim trends. Adding a boldly thick denim choker to any of your looks will make you stand out from the crowd. The sassy choker adds the perfect touch of blue and denim to anything.

Lulus’ “Who Runs the World?” Cool Blue Denim Choker has a lobster clasp closure and is decked out with a simple denim fray to subtly overstate your look!

H&M+ Boyfriend Jeans, $49.99, HM.com

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are the trend of the season! These denim beauties not only provide comfort and coziness, but they are perfect for those almost-chilly fall days. Pair them with sweaters, tanks with a cardigan, or even a nice top and blazer and you are ready for anything!

H&M’s plus size boyfriend jeans are definitely on our must-have shopping lists. The subtle knee rips and folded hems give the cozy blue pants the ideal denim style for fall fashion.

BDG Destroyed Denim Pencil Mini Skirt, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

BDG Destroyed Denim Pencil Mini Skirt
If you’re feeling a bit bold and want to look drop-dead gorgeous this season, check out a denim pencil mini skirt. This denim outlook on a work classic bottom will take your wardrobe from zero to one hundred really quickly. Add some hot knee-high boots and a long necklace to complete your style.

Urban Outfitters’ BDG Destroyed Denim Pencil Mini Skirt is a super slim-fitting vintage skirt. The understated fray and front zipper give the skirt an edgy touch. Add the fact that it’s worn wash design will never go out of style and you have a piece that will go from fall to spring because it works with everything.

Shirt and Sweet Blue Chambray Shirt Dress, $54, lulus.com

Chambray Dress
Last but not least, add a chambray dress to your fall mix for something easy and cute.  The denim styled dress is a unique addition to any closet, and with a bulky knit scarf on top, it will be the perfect outfit for your fall photoshoot debut.

Lulus’ Shirt and Sweet Blue Chambray Shirt Dress is soft, lightweight, and sophisticated in a casual way. With hidden pockets, button cuff sleeves, and a soft blue woven fabric, this denim dress is the complete package.

If you are on the denim train this season, be sure to check out our must-have pieces and let us know which are your faves in the comment section!

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Must-Have Denim Pieces for Fall: Featured image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Essential Sandals for the Summer


The sun is out and so is our skin! It’s time to say goodbye to your closed-toe booties and say hello to chic summer sandals. Get out your favorite bottle of nail polish, free your toes, and get in the colorful mood because this summer’s sandal trend is all about being flirty and free. These sandals will be sure to complete all of your new summer outfits while showing off your toes. So bare some skin, switch up your style, and check off these summer must-haves from your shopping list!


Miss Selfridge, $88, us.asos.com

Miss Selfridge Embroidered Heeled Sandal
Start your summer off with a bang in one of our favorite heeled sandals! Miss Selfridge is the ultimate definition of flirty and cute while adding that bit of sexy to complete any outfit. From its bold heel and flirty peep-toe to the floral, embroidered body design, this bright pump screams summer fun. It’s perfect for both day and night outings, and can be paired with anything—from jeans and miniskirts to bold patterned dresses and shorts. Miss Selfridge can either add to your outfit or completely dress it up, which makes it the perfect, essential sandal for this season.

The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know


Eco-friendly fashion has quickly demanded that brands and shops step up to meet their demands. Though as the millennial generation, we definitely love getting the biggest bang for our buck, in this day and age we are more aware and progressive than ever of the lasing effects of our decisions, as well as the purchasing power that we possess. It is sometimes overwhelming to have all of the pressure on your back to be conscious and knowledgeable of the various shops and brands you patron on a daily basis. To ease that pressure, we are here to give you a short and sweet rundown of the go-to accessible eco-friendly brands.

H&M Conscious Collection

Our very own H&M — a brand that we have come to love for its variety of styles and price points — has expanded in the past few years to offer conscious pieces. The H&M Conscious Collection strive to bring the eco-friendly pieces to the masses, by seamlessly incorporating the pieces into the everyday H&M fashions. H&M is a brand that has so much visibility and gives every type of shopper the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is in terms of sustainability. And just as its motto states, “looking good should do good too,” the signature style and diversity of the brand is not lost in the conscious collection; there is something here for everyone.




A brand built by two sisters with the aim to style the globe ethically and without sacrificing fashion, all Orgotton pieces are homemade in Philadelphia, PA. You can be sure that local means local. Their collection consists of pieces that are made of sustainable fabrics with variety and flair. Filled with statement items that, while an investment, lend themselves to be worn in a variety of ways from the office to a night out. Each piece goes a long way.




Pieces hand-crafted from the people of Ghana, West Africa, Della prides itself that all of the fabrics and textiles used in the production of the line come right from the Volta region in Africa. Della stands for “responsibility not charity” — all of the proceeds of the sale go right back into the communities of these women, towards employment opportunity and fair wages. And it does not end there; Della offers financial and entrepreneurship classes for the women so they are able to continue to invest and build their own business endeavours. An example of this is weekly literacy and money management classes. Along with making real and deep impact into the community, Della offers everything from tanks and skirts to ipad and computer cases. And we cannot forget the chic and colorful designs!



ASOS Green Room

ASOS — a brand that we rely on for fabulous shoe designs at stellar prices, and everything from statement coats to a flattering blouse — has also joined the eco-friendly team. ASOS Green Room is an edit of ASOS that consists of hand-picked vintage pieces, along with accessories and beauty products. And the best thing is, when making purchases from this eco-friendly spin-off, you can ensure you are getting treasures from all across the globe. These fun spring floral jumpsuits, skirts and kimonos are just a preview of the offerings from ASOS Green Room.




We cannot forget about loungewear and athletic gear, because our investment in sustainability does not stop at being comfortable and fit. LoomState was founded in 2004 as a pioneer in the casual fashion sphere producing active wear from 100 percent certified farm grown cotton. They stand out as a brand with a commitment of full sustainability focusing on uplifting at-risk and marginalized peoples to farm the land, making this company dedicated to the full life of sustainability. The clothing speaks for itself: well-made, great quality, filled with stylish pieces. It just does not get better than that.



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The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know: Featured image courtesy of H&M

5 Fashion Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full effect, and with that comes the endless crowds of shoppers hustling through department stores, shopping centers, and local malls. When it comes to checking off gifts on your lists, we know how much of a hunting experience it can turn into. Not only are you searching for presents amongst endless arrays of shiny items, but you’re also trying to make your way through the crowds—without stepping on anyone’s toes. We understand how trying holiday shopping can be, especially when it’s fashion focused. With the growing amount of fashion products out there, it can become quite overwhelming in the decision-making process. Luckily, here at Cliché we’re always ready to lend a hand in being your holiday elves—stylish ones, of course. We’ve gathered 5 fashion gift ideas for all of the fashionistas in your life. Check them out below and put your present worries to rest. Happy shopping, readers! 
Fashion Reads:
What better way to enhance your fashionista’s knowledge than with a hip fashion book all about what they love?



Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, By Andrew Bolton (www.amazon.com, $25.27)

Grace A Memoir


Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, By Design Museum (www.amazon.com, $15.41)

Bling Bling:
Anything covered in gold will light their eyes right up.



Charmed I’m Sure Gift Set (www.baublebar.com, $68)

Shiny Mix Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket


Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket (www.baublebar.com, $23)

Faux Fur Finds:
So they can stay warm and fashion forward at the same time.

Soft Furry Stole


Soft Furry Stole (www.zara.com, $25.99)

Faux Fur Hat


Faux Fur Hat (www.hm.com, $24.99)

All That Glitters:
During the holiday season, it’s their chance to get away with wearing as much glitter as they want.

Metallise Clutch


Metallise Clutch (www.anthropologie.com, $78)

Petite Party Bag


Cooperative Petite Party Crossbody Bag (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $44)

The Coziest Knits:
Whether inside, or out, a high-quality knit will last a lifetime.

Animal Ears Beanie


Animal Ears Beanie (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $29)

J Crew Pjs


Stretch Cotton Sleep Set (www.jcrew.com, $69.50)

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H&M Releases #HMLovesMusic Collab with Foxes


British pop star Foxes (who first blew up after being featured on Zedd’s Grammy-winning dance hit of 2012, “Clarity”) has been busy lately. Last month she premiered the first single off her pending album of the same name, “Body Talk,” to great fanfare, and now her collab with H&M has been released site-wide.
Starting at just $7.99, the collection includes a gold embroidered lace dress, Jacquard-knit tops of intricate geometrics and matching skirts, varsity beaded sweatshirts and crop tops, acid-wash jeans and frayed shorts, and Foxes’ trademark platform booties. Accessories include delicate, stackable gold rings, round sunglasses that scream L.A. cool, and festival-friendly hats and backpacks.
“I absolutely love the collection. And I think the fits are great and very flattering,” said Foxes. “My fashion style is playful boy meets girl.” And that’s exactly what this line represents.
hm-loves-music-presents-musician-foxes-2015-305 hm-loves-music-presents-musician-foxes-2015-304 hm-loves-music-presents-musician-foxes-2015-302
She also debuted the video for her second single, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” exclusively on H&M’s website. Of this heavy-hitting song, Foxes said, “I was writing about a friend of mine who had struggled to leave an abusive relationship, but I also had “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” as a mantra that, in no matter how bad of a situation, I can count on myself to get through it.” Check out the video below!

You can shop the collection now on H&M.com.
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H&M Releases #HMLovesMusic Collab with Foxes: Photographs courtesy of H&M

Olivia Wilde for H&M Conscious Exclusive


In honor of Earth Day, actress and humanitarian Olivia Wilde has teamed up with H&M to promote their latest Conscious Exclusive campaign for 2015, made up of organic and recycled materials. “I want to do more than just campaign,” says Olivia Wilde of the new collaboration. “I want to make sustainability part of my everyday life.”

The collection includes gorgeous silk jumpsuits, blazers with slit sleeves, and flowy maxi skirts in beautiful prints, all priced between $17.95 to about $350. Our favorites? The bird print patterned silk-blend dress ($199) and the lyocell kimono dress ($59.95), which is made of 100% Tencel®. “The dress drapes at the front and ties with a belt that’s almost Japanese in style,” Wilde explains. “It’s got an open back and a slit in the skirt that makes it really sexy.”
What we love most about H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection is that it doesn’t compromise on styles. “It’s a collection of pieces that I want to wear that are all made from more sustainable materials,” says Wilde.“It’s how fashion should always be.” We couldn’t agree more!
oliviawildeforhm3 oliviawildeforhm2 oliviawildeforhm1 oliviawildeforhm4 oliviawildeforhm6 oliviawildeforhm5
The Conscious Exclusive collection is available for purchase on HM.com and in over 200 H&M stores worldwide.
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Olivia Wilde for H&M Conscious Exclusive: Lookbook photos courtesy of H&M. Featured image courtesy of David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

Tatiana’s Column: Shaking Things Up

unnamed-4Hello darling readers!
For those who aren’t familiar with me, here’s a quick round-up: I started interning for Cliché Magazine while working on my degree in English at Montclair State University three years ago and it’s surreal to now hold the position of Fashion Director. I am very grateful to start this new chapter of my career with the magazine. I adore fashion and everything about it: from learning about the inspiration behind a designer’s collection, to feeling the quality of the finest fabrics at their atelier, to examining how a chiffon garment dances on a walking model, to attending New York Fashion Week (and sadly the final Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center), and of course, shopping.
I feel like part of my interest in fashion came from my extraordinary mother; she worked as a seamstress sewing women’s suits in the 1980s. She can adjust, alter, and fix any piece of clothing during any of my—thankfully, rare—fashion emergencies. My mother and I have similar tastes in clothing, are obsessed with leopard print anything (myself a little more so; you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl), have the same arched eyebrows, and have an equally wild sense of humor. I can’t put my style in a certain genre, but basically, if I like it, Iwear it, and that’s it. I love black and dark wash skinny jeans, long sleeve evening gowns, band t-shirts, MAC lipsticks, fur coats, blazers, leather jackets, nail polish, handbags, heels (the higher the better), and anything studded. I hope you are all ready for the ride full of fashion and erratic adventure that I’m bringing you on!
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Tatiana’s Column: Shaking Things Up originally appeared in Cliché’s Feb/March 2015 issue. Photo of Tatiana courtesy of Tez Trends
Photo courtesy of Uniqlo.com

Women Leggings Pants, $22.90 Uniqlo.com


Women Biker Jacket, $49.95 Hm.com


MILLY Logan Haircalf Large Tote, $495 Bloomingdales.com


Christian Louboutin ‘Rouge Louboutin’ Nail Colour, $50 Nordstrom.com


Circle Logo Tee, $30 Afireinside.net


Only Faux Fur Jacket, $113.70 Asos.com

H&M x Alexander Wang


H&M x Alexander Wang 2

November 6th cannot come any sooner for all of us fashion lovers. Are you with me? I mean, come on! H&M collaborating with Alexander Wang is a dream come true, not to mention it’s the first time an American designer will create some dashing duds for H&M. If this is your first time hearing about this remarkable fashion happening, we are glad to let you in on the news! During this year’s Coachella Music Festival, H&M let the exciting development spill that they would be designing a line with Alexander Wang. Yes, the Alexander Wang. We already can’t get enough of his beautiful and eccentric designs as it is. If we had wallets filled with a never-ending limit to buy every single one of them, we would!

Alexander Wang x H&M

Luckily, H&M has come to our rescue for both our wallets and us with this beautiful partnership. We have been hit with sneak peeks of Wang’s street smart collection through celebrities, campaign pictures, and, most recently, a video posted on both H&M and Wang’s Instagram accounts. The video encapsulates Wang’s upbeat and modern vision that we will never get enough of—just please let us have first dibs on everything! Trends that are noted in it include mesh, a sporty aspect, oversized apparel, and a killer take on street style. Check out the recent video here H&M or Alexander Wang, and get yourself f some serious fashion excitement.

We’ll be waiting in front of H&M stores and our laptop screens once November 6th rolls around. Get your wallets ready; this is going to be one shop till you drop type of time!

H&M x Alexander Wang: Photographs courtesdy of E Online and H&M

Essential Fall Fashion: Outerwear


Autumn not only marks the start of sweater weather, but the launch of being able to wear outerwear once again. It’s time to push back those summer cardigans and jackets to make room for some serious warmth this season. Trenches, shearling jackets, faux fur details, robe coats, and duster coats hit the streets of New York during Fashion Week, marking new and welcoming outerwear trends for fall. The key to these frosty months is all about remaining both stylish and warm, a perfect combo for both the weather and yourself. No fashion don’ts or colds here! Coats and jackets this year are all about making a well-made statement from pastel colors to bold prints like houndstooth. Don’t worry about not being able to show off your exquisite outfit underneath anymore; let your outerwear do that for you while braving this cold weather.

H&M Trench Coat

(H&M Trenchcoat in Black $27.97, Hm.com)

Zara Trench Coat

(Zara Destructured Trench $99.99, Zara.com)

The Trench
Trench coats will forever be the classic fall outerwear no matter how many seasons of autumn pass by. The versatility trenches come in allows them to remain both effortless and timeless. Not to mention, they’re easy to wear through any fall weather, rain or wind. They’ve changed up a bit this year by opting for shades such as black or a dark green, thus making it an easy transition from summer to autumn colors. Trenches are now also being seen in a drapery style that was one of the top trends during New York Fashion Week.

Asos Shearling Jacket

(River Island Faux Shearling Jacket $106.64, Us.asos.com)

Top Shop Shearling Jacket
(Cropped Shearling Jacket $700, Us.topshop.com)

The Shearling Jacket
The shearling trend has made its reappearance once again in the fashion world, and we are welcoming it with open arms. There is no subtle touch about this trend; it’s always the main star in the jackets its on. Not only does it provide that extra cozy factor we’re all about this season, but it creates a complimentary texture on denim, cotton, or wool. There’s no such thing as being extra warm and fabulous when wearing one of these.

Latiste Leopard Faux Fur Coat

 (Latiste Leopard Faux Fur Coat $49.97, Nordstromrack.com)

Via Spiga Faux Fur Collar Coat

 (Via Spiga Faux Fur Collar Coat $125.97, Nordstromrack.com)

The Faux Fur Details
Being able to wear faux fur once again is like opening presents on Christmas. It’s safe to say we’re full of excitement for this one! The plus of wearing coats with faux fur is that no animals were harmed in the making of them. Kudos for that! Faux fur details are another classic autumn trend that will never go out of style. The details provide a glamorous touch in both look and feel. Elizabeth Taylor much? We surely feel like her when wearing them.

Fleurette Robe Coat

 (Fleurette Clutch Belted Wrap Coat $1,125, Neimanmarcus.com)

Urban Outfitters Robe Coat

 (Kimchi Blue Fuzzy Duster Robe Coat $199, Urbanoutfitters.com)

The New Robe
A new catch on the fashion market comes in the form of our favorite homewear—the robe. The fact that it is now acceptable to wear in public is great news to all of us! The idea of the robe isn’t new in the fashion history books, but the variety of styles and fabrics it is popping up in are eye popping. From leather ensembled pieces to crisp wool structured ones, each robe coat is made to fit a woman’s body and create that sexy idea of walking around in one’s, well, robe. But in a much more sophisticated, elegant, and sultry manner, of course.

Longline Duster Coat

 (Longline Duster Coat $158, Us.topshop.com)

Asos Duster Coat

(Asos Duster Coat with Storm Flaps $70.46, Us.asos.com)

The Duster
There is a new longer duster coat out for all of us to purchase for the fall season now. Its longer length allows experimentation for layering underneath. It has been most prominent in pastel colors that we will never be able to get over, and that’s okay! Soft pinks, light lilacs, and easy blues are happily welcomed into our closets with no hesitation. Just make sure your coat isn’t sliding across the floor!
Essential Fall Fashion: Outerwear. Photographs courtesy of respective stores.