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Latest Home Décor Trends to Refresh Your Style


Today we want to share the latest home décor trends to refresh your style. In coronavirus lockdown makes us realize that working from home is dependent on the environment because it can affect our productivity. The benefit of working from home is you can redecorate your own house to refresh your style. Having an office at home can be a burden for you because the ambience is not for actual working space. It is good for you to redecorating your home, especially your space to work. You can start by changing your curtain with a new style and new material curtain such as linen curtains or maybe upgrade your home appliances, adding new furniture, and choose the new minimalistic theme.

Few things you should pay attention to when creating a home office’s decoration are the color, the light, the coziness, the noise can make the difference without spending a lot of money on a home office renovation.

Choose Linen Curtain

Natural light is important to gain the cheap working space renovation. If it is too bright, you can use a linen curtain as a sunlight filter because it can be an excellent light without the harshness of direct sunlight. Use the muted neutral colour scheme such as the combination of The off white with stylish beige linen curtains, you can also add a subtle red accent in it.  The color combination in fact, can affect your productivity, concentration and creativity, hence it is  important to choose the calming and inspiring color. This is the example of color and the ambience that they can make, blue can make relaxing ambience, green is fresh, yellow is positive. The pattern also must be concerned with decorating the working space. Avoid the flower or leaf prints on your curtains because it can distract you from your task. You can choose solid color curtains to make the ambience not tense.

Linen curtain is suitable because it is durable, hence it can be cleaned and maintained easily. It needs lower maintenance than other curtain fabrics like silk and velvet. You can dry clean them when it is dirty or you just vacuum them with a brush attachment to keep dust away from the curtain.  

Home Appliances

Working from home makes you must find a way to balance office work time and family time. In order to work without any distraction from others, you need to find  the right gadgets that can help you to be more focused and professional, although working from home.

home decor trends

Photo by Zarak Khan on Unsplash

One of the appliances you should have is Bluetooth Headsets with a good noise-cancelling. It can be useful for you to listen to important meetings while other family members are doing their activities. The other stuff that is also important is a laptop that can affect your work productivity, you need the one which can multitask without lagging and also has good battery life power. 

The most favorite booster for everyone is also important during work time. Coffee and also coffee mug warmers are necessary appliances to make you back to focus on your work. This will prevent coffee from losing the heat. Don’t forget to prepare your water bottle. 

Some people may like their room to always smell good. You can have a scented candle or maybe use a fragrance diffuser and choose your favorite scent. Plants also can bring natural scent to your room and also will be able to help you boost your mood. You can go with a small pot plant on your desk. 

You need a desk and comfortable chair with a cushion to complete your working space. It’s important to pick the pair of them that will offer you posture control. So, it can prevent you from back pain because it keeps your posture straight.

New Painting and Furniture

You should choose the simple furniture that has to be matching with the color of the walls. The one thing you should consider before buying furniture is to look for quality and a simple yet elegant design.

Minimalistic Theme

Most minimalist workspaces are the combination of grey and brown tints. The main characteristic of a minimalist workspace is how organized it looks. So, you need to declutter the thing that you don’t want in your working room.


Redecorating your home working space is an excellent option for you which are working from home in this pandemic. You can start with choosing a linen curtain, home appliances, new painting and furniture, and minimalistic themes.

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The Latest Trends in Home Furniture


Today we want to share the latest trends in home furniture. Furnishing your home is a way to express yourself, impress your visitors and improve the environment you live in every day.

There are many trends at play in the furniture market, and keeping up with the latest movements and fashions will ensure that your interior design is on point. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most impactful contemporary options.

Curviness is cool again

trends in home furnature

Photo by Houzlook .com on Pexels

While straight lines reigned supreme for some time, curves are back with a vengeance this year, and it is no surprise that everything from stylish affordable couches to high end equivalents are embracing this look.

Curved furniture tends to be better suited to larger spaces, although a couch or coffee table which is all about rounded edges and supple lines can actually be a good investment for fitting into those awkward areas of your home, depending on the room layout.

Natural materials are at the top of the agenda

As awareness about the environmental crisis facing our planet grows, furniture buyers are increasingly interested in the sustainability of the materials used to make the products they choose.

The best way to ensure that a piece of furniture will both stand the test of time and offer excellent recyclability or biodegradability at the end of its usable life is to select all-natural materials, with plainer wooden furniture rising to prominence as a result.

We are also living in an era in which reclaimed materials are hitting the headlines, providing sustainability and a level of uniqueness that helps buyers to escape from the mass-produced products of the past.

Bold colours are back

While neutral tones have been dominant for a while now, some people are starting to push back, ensuring that bold colours are introduced to rooms by choosing just one statement piece of furniture.

This could be something as small as a dining chair, but might be more eye-catching if you choose a sideboard, display cabinet or couch which is in a brighter hue than the rest of the room. Even out right clashes of colour are encouraged, as this will really make the piece pop.

Vintage is very much in demand

For a long time there was a movement to repurpose vintage furniture and ‘upcycle’ it, hiding its heritage with paint, varnish and adornments. In keeping with the call for more sustainability in the furniture industry, as well as a move towards increased authenticity, retro pieces are being brought back and buyers are aiming to keep them as original as possible to ensure they have a rustic charm.

Experts agree that this is only something you can move towards slowly, since finding all of the vintage pieces you need at once is almost impossible. Approach this project with a long term view to transforming a space, and you will surely be satisfied.

Rattan and wicker are on the rise

Once seen as a relic of the past, the popularity of furniture made from rattan and wicker has exploded in the past few months, meaning that it is hard to get your hands on second hand or new examples alike.

Those who are lucky enough to secure some will benefit from lightweight yet strong chairs and tables, which are suited both to inside use as well as for outdoor dining and entertaining.

It is perhaps this trend that defines the wider furniture market best at the moment. People are looking for products that meld old-world charm with modern sensibilities for aspects like sustainability, and woven furniture fits the bill perfectly. The only problem that people will face if they want to jump on this bandwagon is actually getting hold of any!

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Chic Ways to add Some Flair to Your Hallway


Today we want to share some chic ways to add some flair to your hallway. Designing a home is a true form of artistic expression where decor trends and one’s personal flair merge beautifully to produce a space that is functional yet aesthetic. Each room and each corner of your house should be designed with thought and care, paying attention to the small details that really matter. While typically, the lounge, bedrooms, and kitchen get the most attention while decorating, a section of the house that is often ignored is the hallway.

A hallway is an entrance to your home, which means that it is the first space you and your guests will enter and see. Because it will set the tone for the rest of your house, it should be well-decorated and perfectly curated to exude a welcoming vibe. 

Are you ready to revamp your hallway? It may sound like a tall order if you are unsure where to begin, but we have the perfect guide for you. Let’s talk about the different ways in which you can bring some much-needed flair to your hallway. 

Adorn the walls with puzzle art 

add Some Flair to Your Hallway

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

Picture frames are the best way to bring personality and character to just about any room. The same applies to the hallway. Imagine entering a house and being welcomed by a gallery wall full of interesting pictures. Not only does it spark curiosity, but it also looks visually appealing. 

Consider building a gallery wall using carefully curated custom jigsaw puzzles with meaningful designs for a characterful addition to your hallway. Not only do they look good, but they are a great way to bring personality to the space. Look through the collection of your favorite photographs. Family photos, pictures from memorable days, and even scenic images from your favorite vacation can be taken and converted into puzzle pieces. 

Once you do that, you can first spend quality time with your family piecing the puzzle together and then go ahead and get it framed. Go for different sizes to create the perfect collection and hang them on the wall of your hallway. 

Think about the perfect furniture 

add Some Flair to Your HallwayRegardless of how big or small your hallway is, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate furniture pieces. The easiest way to achieve this is by looking for functional yet decorative elements so that they add significant value to the most compact of spaces. 

A great idea is to place a mid century modern bench as an anchor piece for your hallway. Not only does this piece add a modern chic look, but it is, in fact, a smart storage solution as well. The bench can be used effectively as a seating option for wearing your shoes and can also be used to place storage items such as baskets or bags. 

Placing such accent pieces in your hallway can make it come alive and draw all the right attention towards it. Items like the mid century modern bench are the perfect example of furniture that can create an artistic flow. 

Brighten the space using wallpaper 

Sometimes hallways tend to be an afterthought which may leave them appearing dull and drab, but there is plenty that can be done to fix this situation. You can quickly turn your hallway from drab to fab in no time using wallpapers. Given the fact that they can easily be removed, wallpapers are the easiest way to create a big impact without having to make a big effort. 

Keeping the overall theme of your house in mind, let your imagination run wild and think about the different designs and patterns you can choose from. While the color scheme will depend on your taste and the palette of your house, we suggest that hallways are a great space to opt for darker shades to build depth and drama. 

You can also play around with colors and keep the entire theme neutral, with the exception of one accent wall covered with bright, patterned wallpaper. If you wish to make a memorable statement, black and white stripes, floral prints, and bold designs that make use of animal motifs are some popular choices to choose from. 

Bedazzle the space with the right flooring

add Some Flair to Your HallwayThe floor of your hallway leads to the rest of your house, so be sure to make the entry a walk to remember. The right flooring can bring so much energy to the space, so plan it out carefully for maximum impact. 

Play around with tiles and the different colors and patterns they are available in. If you have a smaller area to work with, opt for neutral shades and large formats to make the space look bigger, and if you have a larger space available, then tiles with intricate patterns can be used to draw attention to the rest of the house. 

If you want to avoid the costs of replacing the flooring altogether, then vinyl stickers are the best option for you. Available in many different colors, patterns, and textures, these stickers can easily be pasted on top of your existing tiles and peeled off if it’s time for a change. You can also play around with different materials by mixing and matching textures. For example, if your floor is tiled, you can throw in a rug or a runner along the length of your hallways to inject some warmth. 

Play around with accessories

add Some Flair to Your Hallway

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

Once you have the overall layout and the main elements in place, you need to bring it all together using the perfect accessories. There are plenty of ways to incorporate accessories into your hallway, but it all depends on the space available and the overall theme of the space. We suggest that you should always go for accessories that are both functional and fashionable so that your space looks good while remaining practical. 

Consider opting for a chic umbrella stand to optimize storage space. You can even place a stylish rod to hang small baskets that can hold outdoor clothing items like gloves and hats. This is a great way to keep your hallways decluttered at all times. After this, throw in a vase to hold fresh flowers for a pop of color and energy that is perfect to return home to. Consider placing an aromatic candle that gives off an exotic fragrance to calm your senses every time you return home. 

Another great accessory is the classic mirror. Placing either round or full-length mirrors is a great way to open up a space. Because they reflect light, mirrors can create an illusion of a bigger area making them a perfect choice for narrow hallways. All of these ideas are minor additions and tweaks but can have an extremely positive effect on the overall vibe of the hallway. 

Parting thoughts 

Hallways are often the forgotten land when it comes to interior decor. While many spend time curating the main rooms of the house, they tend to ignore what is one of the most crucial spaces that really makes an impact, the entryway to your home. 

To revamp your hallway you don’t need to go all out and make major changes, some simple tweaks and modifications can do the trick as well. Consider the design ideas we have shared with you and good luck decorating! 

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7 Benefits of Letting Your kids Decorate Their own Rooms


Today we want to share 7 benefits of letting your kids decorate their own rooms. Almost from the time they’re able to express their viewpoints, most children will have an opinion about what they want their room to look like. From race cars to princesses to YouTube stars, your kids will begin developing their own interests early, and they’ll often want to express those interests in how they decorate their rooms.

Should parents allow their children free rein in decorating their own rooms? Experts say yes, up to a point. Below, we’ll talk about seven of the most important benefits that kids can gain when parents allow them to decorate their own bedrooms.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

Source: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

  1. You’ll learn about the things that are important to them.

Every parent wants to know more about their kid’s inner life, especially once they hit the more secretive teenage years. Seeing how they decorate their room can give you a window into their private world. From a poster of the musical artist they’re obsessed with to wall decals of their favorite TV characters or sports stars, you can glean a lot of information from simple decor choices.

That said, resist the urge to read too much into your child’s aesthetic choices. Just because they put up some gloomy-looking artwork doesn’t mean they’re actually depressed. What your child says and does are always better guides to what’s going on than any choices of colors or art—so, when in doubt, ask.

  1. You’ll signal to them that you respect their independence.

Even young kids often feel trapped and unhappy when they don’t see themselves as in control of their own lives and decisions. Consequently, it’s important to give them the power to make their own choices when it’s safe to do so.

This kind of compromise helps build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. Allowing kids to curate a space that suits them—and being clear that you’re intentionally doing so—can be a useful talking point in future discussions about which decisions are appropriate for them to make independently, and which ones you insist on having a say in.

  1. You’ll give them a way to express their creativity.

Self-expression is an important part of being human, and decorating a living space is one of the ways that many people do it. Choosing colors, patterns and decor are tasks that many kids find fun, and the liberty of choice will often be a key part of how they discover things about themselves.

This creative self-expression is an important part of the path to building healthy self-esteem. A child who has had ample opportunity for self-discovery through creative tasks is likely to become more confident and sure of themselves throughout the most crucial periods of their young lives.

  1. You’ll help them learn to invest in and care for a space.

Children need to learn the value of maintaining a living space to an acceptable standard. When you give your kids a role in creating and maintaining their space, they’ll be more likely to care for it by keeping it clean and tidy.

That doesn’t mean that your child’s room will never get messy. But cultivating their mental connection between space and self will pay dividends in terms of how they see and care for their living spaces throughout life. You might even make room cleanliness a condition of allowing them leeway in decorating.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

Source: FamVeld/Shutterstock

  1. It can be a fun opportunity to collaborate on a home project.

Younger kids will need help with planning and executing a concept for their room, and some older kids may want your advice as well. Working together on projects with your child is a great opportunity to build your relationship, so take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

The optimal level of parental involvement will vary by how much responsibility your child is ready to take. A young child will need help with basic tasks like painting walls and applying vinyl wall decals, while an older teen might just need a few pointers on how to make the details look good. Either way, be prepared—either to offer help or to step back when appropriate.

  1. You don’t have to approve everything.

Remember that you’re still a parent and can put your foot down about things that are unacceptable. Before you allow your child to start choosing decorations, think about where your hard lines lie. There’s a difference between a poster of an artist you don’t care for and, say, a piece of hate paraphernalia or something else deeply concerning.

Talk to your child about what is and isn’t acceptable for decoration in their room, particularly if you foresee conflict. Use it as an opportunity to discuss the values that are important to your family. But always think about whether you’re making the decisions for your comfort or for their own good, and be aware when you might be about to cross that line.

  1. You might be surprised how much you like what they come up with.

The ideas your kids come up with for decorations might not always be something you think will look good. (They might even shock you with a baseball wall mural of your team’s division rival!) But you’d be surprised by how well even some more off-the-wall ideas can be pulled off, especially with a little bit of grown-up guidance.

That’s part of the joy of parenting. When you’re able to let go of some control and allow your child to live as the full human being they are, you’ll find the results are often breathtaking. Allowing your kids to take the reins on decorating their space is just such an opportunity for joyful discovery as you watch them spread their wings.

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Easy Ways to add Rustic Charm to Your Home


Today we want to share with you some easy ways to add rustic charm to your home. Rustic home design continues to be one of the leading interior design trends for 2021 as more people are gravitating towards a natural and lived-in look for their home. Not only is it warmer and more comfortable than the minimalist aesthetic that has been popular over recent years, but it’s also more child-friendly, and it allows you to use sustainable materials for your house. The rustic look can work for your existing décor, whether you prefer the clean aesthetic of Swedish design or love the warm and cozy look of American farmhouse or ranch décor. If you want to refresh your home, here are some easy ways to add rustic charm to your abode. 

Use natural materials and textures

add rustic charm to your home

StockSnap / Pixabay

Ranch home builders typically use rustic elements such as wood, stone and bricks, as these are mainstays in traditional or rustic-style ranch homes. To get the same feel in your home, add exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, create a headboard for your bed using reclaimed or distressed wood, and add bricks to an accent wall for a farmhouse vibe. Try to maintain the natural look of these materials by leaving them unpainted, and if possible, choose pale to medium tone woods and natural bricks to stay true to the rustic aesthetic. 

Add rugs and fabrics with a little weight and texture

To instantly add a rustic vibe to your living room, try having a few throw pillows covered in natural white linen, plus two to three bigger pillows covered in a tan or cream chunky cable knit. Don’t forget to have a rug on the floor made of organic fibers, such as jute, sisal, or organic cotton. After that, hang soft burlap curtains in tan or cream on the windows to tie the whole look together. 

Add some plants

add rustic charm to your home

JalynBryce / Pixabay

No rustic home is complete without a few indoor plants. Have a few large plants such as rubber plants, Monstera deliciosa, or a sabre fig in your living spaces, and place them in natural wood, rattan or terra cotta containers. You may also have a few hanging plants hanging from a macrame plant hanger around your home, or have an indoor herb garden in your kitchen.

Decorate with vintage finds and baskets

Rustic design means including a few vintage elements in your home. Try adding a vintage farmhouse ladder chandelier in the dining area or a wagon wheel chandelier in the living room. You can also hang up distressed wood signs in the hallways and display some rattan or woven baskets throughout your home. These baskets can be used to contain knick knacks or toys, and it’s an inexpensive way to add a rustic chic vibe to your living spaces. 

Make your home feel more welcoming by giving it a dose of rustic charm. Try these ideas to makeover your house and give it a cozy, natural and comfy feel that’ll make you look forward to coming home every day.  

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Modern Flooring Tips for Your Living Room


Today we want to share some modern flooring tips for your living room. One of the golden rules of interior design is not to overlook your flooring. Flooring can play a key role in allowing your vision to come together in your home and elsewhere which makes it important to consider it first-hand. When thinking about some modern décor tips for your living area, flooring is a great start.

Have an idea and want some more inspiration? Here’s some more information about flooring to set the ground running.

modern flooring tips for your living room

Photo by Mo Freeman on Unsplash


Flooring can be a match made in heaven when you can suit it to your interior style. Laminate flooring is a trust-worthy and cost-effective giant in the flooring guide.

One of the many benefits of laminate flooring is that you can choose a color which suits your palate – whether this is grey, black, brown, or multi-colored. You can also choose the texture you’d prefer such as slate, natural oak, or pine. As they are also easy to clean and very low maintenance, this type of flooring is a great way to spruce up your living room and live that care-free home life.

We recommend purchasing laminate flooring from a top quality supplier, like https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/.

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood is durable, compatible with your needs, suitable, and easy to clean, which is why it remains one of the most popular choices in any wood flooring shop UK.

It can be used throughout your home making it the perfect candidate for your living room. This type of flooring is also highly protective against damages such as scratches and dents, allowing you to minimize the worry if you have an accident-prone family member.

With engineered wooden flooring, the core thing to maintain is a clean-as-you-go method, wiping spillages as soon as you can. Follow this method and you can preserve the quality of engineered wood and even increase your home’s value.

Solid Wood

As original and natural timber flooring, solid wood is exactly what you think it is – a solid piece of wood under your feet. With this being said, this type of flooring is – alike engineered wood – highly durable and timeless. You can suit the color and finish to your desired interior taste which is useful if you have already chosen that perfect sofa and rug.

The raw materials from top wood flooring shops within the UK are sustainably sourced, only bought from well-managed and responsible suppliers. Solid wood flooring definitely does not go unnoticed in your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Widely known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT for short) are a new and progressive form of flooring that is expanding both in popularity and demand. The main benefit of LVT is that they are the more affordable type of flooring out of the many options available to you.

This would be great for those on a strict budget, those in a time crunch and others who like to change things up every so often. LVT flooring is also cleaner than wood and still provides a realistic finish. A great idea for a kitchen and bathroom, LVT flooring allows you to entirely transform your interior design.

Don’t Forget Lighting and Storage!

Perhaps the second thing (after flooring) you attempt to consider in your interior vision is the furniture that brings your living room together, but you cannot forget about lighting and storage. Where will you place the sofa and T.V? Will the sofa have storage space inside it? Or do you need an extra living room for all your things? Its best to have these conversations early on before you decide to pull everything together.

Considering flooring in the first instance doesn’t mean you have to neglect the practicalities of where you’ll store your items and how you will set the ambience of your living space.

As the living room is host to a range of unique activities, the multi-purpose space requires careful storage and lighting for different times of the day. For lighting firstly, it’s useful to consider how you will use the space and that will ease decisions about whether you need task lighting for concentrated tasks, natural light, and soft ambient lighting for those relaxing nights. Neat and tidy storage in your living space is a core tip to pursue your modern décor dream – it helps to minimize the clutter and optimize your space.

So, flooring, lighting, and storage – what’s next on your list?

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Why you need to subscribe to ARD Black Box


Tired of taking endless hauls to home-styled department stores? Us too. All avid Homegoods and Target shoppers, we know you’re out there, and we know you know how disappointing it feels to leave a store empty-handed when you had every intention of spending. Hurts, doesn’t it? 

Well, what if I told you that there was an opportunity for you to get home decor items delivered directly to your doorstep? I’ll take a subscription box, but for home decor please! 

Introducing, ARD Black Box. Curated by Ashley Romero, this seasonal subscription box is going to be the next best thing. If you’re looking to spruce up your home with unique, hand-picked items, get ready to meet your newest obsession oops, I meant, subscription. 

You’ll receive four boxes a year, filled with chic, seasonal home items that you got at a fraction of the retail price, and the best part is you never have to leave the house! Still need more convincing? Read on to check out the top items in their winter collection. 

Champagne Flutes

These black swan champagne flutes bring the perfect edge to your home. They are perfect for hosting, bold, and they never go out of style. I can’t wait to use these flutes all year round.







Mini Marble Cutting Boards

These mini marble cutting boards look absolutely adorable and belong on display in any kitchen. Use them for prep work or as serving trays, the opportunities are endless. What can I say? I am a sucker for a good cutting board! 








Woven Coasters

These woven coasters are such a wonderful, bohemian piece that you won’t find at any department store! They’re soft so they won’t scratch the table, and the fabric absorbs condensation from the glass. Sounds like the ultimate all-in-one coaster to me!






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Images provided by ARD Black Box. 
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Home Improvements you Should do Now You’re Working from Home


Today we want to share a few home improvements you should do now you’re working from home.  Over the last few months, millions of brits have gotten acquainted with the pleasures of working from home. In fact, even after the pandemic has passed, it’s likely that a sizeable number of us will stick with the arrangements and make plans for telecommuting in the longer term. Having experienced the flexibility and savings that come along with working from home, we won’t want to give them up easily. And business leaders are in broad agreement. RBS have allowed 50,000 workers to continue telecommuting for the rest of the year, following similar moves by tech giants like Facebook, Google and Fujitsu.

home improvements you should do now

Anrita1705 / Pixabay

If you’re on board with this cultural change, then it’s worth making plans to ensure that your home provides the best possible working environment. Let’s take a look at exactly how this might be done.

Creating a Space

If you’re going to work effectively, then you’ll need the space in which to do it. This doesn’t just mean physical space. While you will need a room that’s large enough to accommodate your work and all the equipment it requires. Perhaps just as important is the partition required between your home life and your work life. Converting a spare room or attic into a dedicated office will help you to get into a work-focused frame of mind, and to keep family members at bay during office hours.

Making Upgrades

home improvements you should do now

reverent / Pixabay

If you’re at home all day, then you’ll be spending more on utilities. Any inefficiencies in your central heating system are going to be twice as damaging, as you’ll have the heating on during the day as well as the evening. Now that tradespeople are free to carry out improvements, but the weather is still favorable, you’ve got the perfect window in which to make those changes. If you’re working from home for the long-term, then now might be the right time to replace that boiler.

Storage Space

If you’re surrounded by clutter, then you might find it difficult to concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing. A few creative storage solutions around the house may provide the space you need to stow these items out of sight and out of mind. On the other hand, you might elect to simply have a large clear out and send those unwanted items elsewhere.

Extra Windows

Natural light can make all the difference in your work environment. Anything that can be done to increase the amount you get in your home is going to be worthwhile. If you find that installing additional windows or skylights is impractical, then you might make other tweaks to improve light diffusion, such as installing mirrors or replacing heavy curtains with lightweight horizontal Venetian blinds.

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10 Essential Types of Towels Every Home Needs


If you a Martha Stewart in the making, or simply serious about homemaking here are 10 essential types of towels every home needs.  Whatever your reason for learning, knowing how to properly stock your home with the right types of towels is essential to running a spick and span household.  You may think “a towel is a towel,” but true masters of home care know there are a variety of towel types and uses for each type.  If you’re ready to up your home-management skills, learn the uses of these 10 essential towel types every home needs.

1. Hair Towel

Hair towels are great for drying hair quickly without having to drape a giant bath towel over your head. They come in multiple sizes to suit different hair lengths.

Hair towels also dry faster themselves so they stay fresh longer and need fewer washes in between uses. This cotton hair towel and others like it exemplify the ideal hair towel.

2. Finger Towel

You may have seen finger towels in a high-end hotel or restaurant. Only the truly classy home-owners understand the value of a nice set of finger towels.  Finger towels are among the smallest towels you can own next to wash cloths. They usually come in sizes somewhere between 11” and 18”. Finger towels are used for delicate drying.

For example, say you had to wet your fingertips to tame a piece of wild hair, a finger towel is the perfect amenity for ultra-quick drying. You may also see certain kinds of finger towels draped over a washing dish.  They are hung on top of a hand towel and often used for decoration. Many finger towels come with embroidery or initials to add personalization to your decor.

3. Face Towel

Face towels are meant for drying your face after washing. Having designated face towels can help protect sensitive skin from exposure to particles that could clog pores or irritate it.

Think about it, when you use the same towel to dry your recently washed hair and then wipe your face, you could be rubbing residue from hair products, soaps, and more onto your face.

10 Essential Types of Towels Every Home Needs

DarthZuzanka / Pixabay

4. Bath Towel

Bath towels are large enough to wrap around your entire body, drying you off and wrapping you in warmth after a shower or bath.

Bath towels are the largest type of towel, next to beach towels. Usually made of cotton, they tend to be thicker and softer than a beach towel.

They are intended for drying and warming bodies and because of the water content they can absorb, may take longer to dry than smaller towels.

5. Wash Cloth

Wash cloths are often used for scrubbing and cleaning. They are sometimes interchangeable with household rags. Next to finger towels, wash cloths are the smallest towels.

Wash cloths are usually used for wiping counters, cleaning spills, and drying your car among other tasks. Depending on the quality of your wash cloth or how new it is, you can use it for jobs like dusting and window cleaning.

6. Hand Towel

Hand towels are essential for bathrooms and guest bathrooms. These are the smaller towels that hang from the rack above sinks and next to mirrors. They are used for cleaning and drying hands.

Hand towels are of a nicer, thicker material than a kitchen towel as they are meant less for utility and more for luxurious drying.

7. Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towels are those handy little towels you see hanging from oven doors and stove tops. They are helpful for pulling things from the oven, resting pots upon, and wiping counters.

Kitchen towels are sometimes decorative. They can often be purchased with embroidered designs to suit the holiday or kitchen theme of your choice.

You may need to replace kitchen towels more often than other types of towels as they are used for a variety of purposes on a daily basis.

10 Essential Types of Towels Every Home Needs

Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

8. Beach Towel

Beach towels or “swim” towels are typically longer and more tightly woven than the average bath towel. This is because they are used as seats for sandy beaches as well as a means of drying off swimmers.

Beach towels come in a variety of materials, colors and patterns. Typically, beach towels won’t fit as well in the standard bath towel rack so trying to smash them into one will look sloppy.

9. Gym Towel

If only because you don’t want to get weird stares in the gym for bringing a fluffy pink finger towel to work out, you need a gym towel.

Gym towels can either be long bath towels that you’ve purchased to use in the gym shower, or smaller, longer, hand towels used to wipe sweat.

Indoor cyclists and aerobics fanatics find gym towels especially useful for wicking away sweat during the middle of a heavy workout.

10. Pet Towel

This is a towel you don’t want to mistake for a bath towel. Especially when stocking your guest room. 

If you have dogs, cats, or any kind of pet at home, you need to have a specific set of pet towels. No matter how many wash cycles a towel has been through, no one wants to discover they’ve just dried their hair or face with the same towel old Bruno was washed in last week…

Not only that, but pet towels work well for cleaning pet accidents that may occur around the house. When pet accidents catch you off guard, you’ll be happy you’ve already designated a towel for the pets so you don’t ruin a more costly bath or hand towel.

Various Types of Towels: Choosing Right For You

With all the different types of towels there are, it can seem overwhelming to know how many you really need to purchase. At the end of the day, if your household budget allows for it, each type of towel serves a useful purpose in effective house-keeping.

One rule of thumb is to own at least two full sets of towels for each individual living in a home. This way, even on laundry day, there’s always a complete set available for use.

Browse our blog for more useful home and living tips and hacks.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration


Ever since I received the keys to my first home I’ve been on a home decor craze. To be honest, I’ve been reaching for kitchen goods, flowers, vases, wall hangs and more instead of fashion and beauty picks. I know—who is this woman and what have you done with Cliche’s Beauty Director? Trust me, I’m still me, just with a new obsession that you’ll want to join me in after you read this. I get my interior design inspiration from so many outlets, but most specifically from Pinterest and YouTuber Kate Spiers of Katelavie. When decorating, I try to create a balance between an effortless, rustic, artistic and playful living space. I alternate little details throughout the seasons, some of which include adding artificial flower bouquets for spring, warm tones for fall and fairy lights for winter. Now you may be asking what about summer? For this season of sunshine I’m gravitating towards fruit prints, wicker baskets, orange + pink combinations and stripes. Are you feeling the vibes?

With all the decoration updates that can happen within a year, keeping it affordable, while paying those bills, is a must. Over the past year I’ve found spots that let me make the most of my buck with high-quality and cutesy decor. Don’t allow yourself to be duped by expensive ones that are marketed all over social media. If you’re looking to make your summer home decor as hot as can be, without breaking a sweat, take a browse for places + items you’ll want to call home sweet home.


My #1 spot for finding an incredible bargain is HomeGoods hands down. Not every HomeGoods is a winner though. You have to check the ones near you all out to see which is the best to go to find a steal. Personally, I have been to probably 5 around me and 2 out of the 5 are sure winners. Visiting during early store hours or on weekdays is better too so you don’t have to deal with so much foot traffic. You want to take your time to peruse every aisle without feeling rushed as you move items to and fro. Some of my favorite finds here include candles, artificial flowers, stationary, baskets, rugs and furniture!

A recently new spot added to my list that is well deserved. I know, H&M, who would’ve thought? Don’t let your expectations fool you though. H&M has some of the cutest and trendiest pieces at prices that will make you want to add more than 1 of the same item to your cart. +10 please! Being a primarily fashion company makes them stand out. They always know what’s going to be “in style” before it even hits the market. I like to check out everything on their app. It’s way easier to navigate than their site I think, and you can easily see what’s new with just a tap of your nger. I recommend their vases, kitchen items and decor.

We all saw this one coming. Target is the suburbs fancy version of a Trader Joe’s meets K-Mart and none of us are mad at it. This spot will never get old, especially since it is always creating new store brands! Wondershop, Threshold, Hearth & Hand and more are exclusively Target owned and certainly keep us visiting every chance us decor-crazers get. One of my own Target secrets (although this may not be much of one if you already know) is to always check out their “dollar section” located near the entrance. It may appear to be a hurricane of mix & match items, but if you look, they include adorable items for so cheap. Think of office supplies, outdoor decor, pottery and even letter boards.


Not only can you buy supplies to create what they offer here, but you can purchase eye catching, artsy decor that’s almost always marked down. Michael’s is the bee’s knees for random discounts (i.e. spring black friday, anyone?) and making it known that they have them too (just ask their cashiers during checkout!). Recently, I bought a basket full of artificial flowers at my local Michael’s, all for 40% off. With them I created spring wreaths and added hues of oranges, pinks and yellows all over my living space. My rule of thumb for when visiting: Plan ahead. You don’t want to go here without an idea of what you want/want to create. Things can easily get out of hand and sooner than later you’ll be walking out with pipe cleaners, beads, paint and candy that you don’t know why you have.


Amazon has become a go-to for me, especially when I need something in a jiffy. It’s much more than just an e-retailer that you can order toilet paper or cat food from and have it delivered the next day if you’re in a hump. Amazon has a plethora of one-of-a-kind, quirky items that can make your home feel as unique as you. I enjoy constantly searching to find “the one” to add to my home knowing that I can have it at my doorstep same-week. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, but that’s what I like to call the thrill of the hunt. Check out their “Amazon Explore” page usually highlighted at the top of their home page. It includes a lot of interesting items gathered from your recent searches you may have never thought to see.


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5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration. Image Credits: H&M, Target

Fabulous Decorating Ideas Using Wall Clocks


Here are some fabulous decorating ideas using wall clocks.  How many times per day do we all look to see what time it is?  Probably more than you care to imagine.  Whether your just waking up, fixing dinner, in the elevator, at the shopping center, the doctors office, or even at your desk working, we are always connected with time.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, time is the essence of our daily lives that helps keep us on schedule and in tune with the world around us.  Using clocks to decorate your home can be super refreshing, eye-catching and truly make any room in your home standout as the perfect accent piece.


Fabulous Decorating Ideas Using Wall Clocks

large wall clock for decorating

StockSnap / Pixabay

Living Area: I think we can agree that finding the perfect place for a wall clock isn’t as simple as one might think.  Do you use one that’s big in size or smaller?  Modern or retro?  To get the most out of using a wall clock when decorating a living area, placement is super important.  For example, large wall clocks are absolutely beautiful but are most beautiful in homes that have expansive living room walls, fireplaces or single pieces of furniture that could use a decorative element to make it stand out.  The main idea behind a large wall clock isn’t to be the main focal point of the room but to compliment existing decorative items or help accentuate certain types of wood or paint tones.  If you can imagine a spacing that is using only half of it’s potential, a large wall clock could be the perfect compliment to fill that space and make a strong decor statement.

entry way wall clock

image by littlehouseoffour.com

Entry Way or Foyer: A wall clock can look amazing in your entry way or foyer.  What a fun and inviting decorative piece that can really make whoever walks through your front door feel relaxed and welcomed.  What types of decorative pieces do you have in your current entry way?  Many of us have some sort of sofa table along with a pretty vase of flowers, a family photo or a candle.  Envision a decorative wall clock this sits above your sofa table that one can easily see as they enter the home.  Perhaps it could be the same color as your sofa table or 2 tones lighter or darker than the color of your wall.

Bedroom: We certainly spend a lot of time in our bedrooms.  For most of us it’s our safe haven, our retreat and a place that we relax and enjoy special moments with loved ones.  It’s also the room that we go to sleep and wake up in each morning.  We have yet to see a bedroom without a clock nearby.  Usually on an end table or on top of a dresser.

For those redecorating your bedrooms, consider adding a beautiful wall clock to your decor.  If your headboard is low enough, you can easily place a large wall clock over the top of your headboard.  If you have his/her dressers try placing a wall clock in between them at an appropriate height that looks appealing.

decorating ideas using wall clocks

photo by architecturaldigest.com

Kitchen: The kitchen is the perfect room in your home to add a decorative wall clock.  You will be thrilled to add a clock that suites your wall that equally exudes the style and personality of your kitchen.

There are wall clocks for your kitchen in every color, shape and style you can imagine.  Do you have a room leading out of your kitchen?  Consider adding a wall clock above the door frame so you can easily see the clock from anywhere in the kitchen and on your way out.   Is your kitchen semi-open with a large opening to your living area?  You can easily put a wall clock on the wall high above your kitchen counter so that people in both the kitchen and living areas can easily see the clock.

Do you have live in a small condo or have a smaller kitchen space?  Consider a minimalist but really cool wall clock like an ultra sleek frameless clock.  It will definitely standout and add a unique decorative pieces despite the small cooking space.

We hope you love our fabulous decorating ideas using wall clocks.  Now you  have some creative fire power to redecorate areas of your home that can easily be transformed with a beautiful and stylish wall clock.  Give it a try and let us know how your decorating efforts went.

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Images provided by Pixabay & Flickr CC License, architecturaldigest.com and littlehouseoffour.com.


Simple Tips to Brighten Any Room Using Cushions


As Summer fast approaches us, we know many of you are wondering what are a few simple tips to brighten any room using cushions.  Summer is the perfect time to redecorate a bedroom, living room, bathroom or even an outdoor living space.  Adding new cushions to your redecorating project might not seem like an effort that will make a big difference but new cushions will absolutely have a positive impact on your living space.  Let us show you.

modern living room photo
Let’s be honest, for some of you it’s been forever since you’ve redecorated any part of your home or apartment.  It’s okay, we get it.  Work, kids, school functions, friends and all sorts of important obligations prevent you from even considering it.  Well, now is the perfect time to redecorate.  The best part is that we are going to start with something simple: cushions.  Adding new cushions to your redecorating efforts might not seem like an effort that will make a big difference but believe us, it will.   Lets start with your most favorite room.  Are you ready?  Here are some simple tips to brighten any room using cushions.

blickpixel / Pixabay

The living room for most people is their sanctuary.  A place the family congregates on the sofa to enjoy a Friday night movie and pizza, where friends come over to relax in your modern wingback chairs to share the latest gossip over a glass of wine.  Your living room should feel comfortable, inviting and project a true feeling of relaxation.

Let’s be honest.  Nowadays when you purchase a new sofa, love seat or sectional you receive free cushions.  Seems only right after spending a lot of money but these cushions are usually the exact color as the sofa and often times feel cheap.  Quality and decorative cushions, like these from simplycushions.co.nz can provide the perfect touch for your living room and really spring it into life.  Keep these simple tips to brighten any room using cushions in mind when searching for the perfect set of cushions for your living room.

  1. Furniture with a darker shade provides the opportunity to find creative ways to use bright colors.
  2. If your furniture color is solid, consider multi-pattern cushions.
  3. Make sure to take notice of the fabric type/texture. Texture can easily accentuate the style and add depth.
  4. Consider your personal taste and style when selecting cushions.  Perhaps it’s art, glam or comfort.
  5. Don’t forget about other elements in the room.  The walls, paintings, the floor, area rugs, tables, etc.
  6. Try be afraid to try different combinations/styles of cushions to exude a more polished and decorative look.

terimakasih0 / Pixabay

Let’s next look at redecorating cushions for your outdoor furniture.  Outdoor entertaining is huge during the summer.  Pool parties, family BBQ’s, morning coffee or afternoon tea with colleagues or friends.  and most trends surround transforming your outdoor space with elements of your indoor living space.

simple tips to brighten any room using cushions

terimakasih0 / Pixabay

So what’s the most natural and awesome way to bring the indoors out?  Decorative outdoor furniture and beautiful patterned or bright cushions of course.  Colors like orange, lime green or even ocean blue scream that summer is here and it’s time to relax and enjoy the beauty that the summer months bring.  When transforming your outdoor living space, keep these simple tips in mind to make the most of your creative efforts.

  1. First, think about the overall theme or look that you’d like to have.  It’s easy to go with “what’s hot” or what’s trendy but make sure it’s something that you really love.  If you already have a theme for your outdoor living area, focus on how redecorating your cushions will enhance your current theme and the surrounding atmosphere.
  2. Use your surroundings to influence your decision.  Is your backyard in a dry and desert like atmosphere or are you next to a lake, swimming pool or lush garden with bright colorful plants and flowers?  Is your furniture situated on grass, cement or cobbled stone?
  3. Ensure you are using quality cushions.  This will be an area of your home that you will likely use every day throughout the year but certainly every day during the summer.  It should not only look and feel inviting but it should be comfortable and relaxing.  Select cushions that do not fade in direct sunlight.

Please keep in mind that you can use these simple tips to brighten any room using cushions throughout your home including your bedroom, guestroom and even your bathroom.  We want you to have a fabulous summer.  You can start with a small redecorating project that focuses on replacing or purchasing new cushions that are comfy, beautiful and bring your room to life.

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Images provided by Pixabay CC License