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How to Keep Your Bathroom Nice and Warm


Today we want to share some great tips on how to keep your bathroom nice and warm.  Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and so is your bathroom if you don’t know how to heat it properly. If you know that every morning is going to see you shaking in a cold bathroom while waiting for the shower to get warm, or you get a literal chill up your spine knowing that a trip to the loo feels like you’re going outside on a winter’s evening, you’re going to want to change things in there.

how to keep your bathroom warm

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Getting a bathroom in a position where it can heat easily, and stay warm, is much easier than you think. It doesn’t require any major remodeling work to be done, and you don’t even need to think about moving pipes or anything else around to turn it into a cozy little room. If you have some free time on your hands (and at this time of year, who doesn’t) here are some of the ways you can keep your bathroom nice and warm.

Get familiar with your fan

Heat is always looking for a way to leave a room, and we tend to enhance that in bathrooms. If you’re someone who always leaves a window or door open as soon as you’re finished in the shower, you’re letting moisture and heat out. If your bathroom has a fan that you don’t turn on, get it working and on when you’re in the shower.

Just don’t be lazy and have it set to come on anytime someone is in the bathroom. Because most are made to stay on for a few minutes after the lights are off again, if you have the heating on, you’re actively pushing warm air out of the bathroom. Would you leave your front door open when the heating is on? No? Then don’t have fans doing the same.

Boost heat with an electric radiator

how to keep your bathroom warm

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Bathroom radiators are usually the smallest radiators you have in your home. Don’t believe me? Go take a quick tour of the house to see for yourself. The reason for having small bathrooms is traditionally that space is at a premium. So why would I even suggest that you get another radiator installed?

Well, electric radiators are the hidden gem of the radiator world, and I think people just don’t realize how complementary they can be in any room. If your bathroom has a radiator which is hot to the touch, but the room still feels quite cold, it means the room has a heat demand much higher than the radiator can ever reach. Instead of getting new pipework laid down, all you need to do is get a small electric radiator on the wall and plug it in.

It will raise the output to meet demand without you needing to do anything else, and they aren’t as expensive as people think. Just take a look at some of the electric bathroom radiators available here for under £200. All you need is a small space on the wall beside a plug socket, and you’re good to go!

The towel trick

Let’s say you don’t care about the bathroom staying warm all the time, but you want it to be warm when you’re in there. Make a point of hanging your towels on the rail at bedtime, so they’re nice and warm in the morning, or get a cheap robe hook you can screw on to the radiator.

Make sure your windows don’t whistle

Oval mirror near toilet bowl

Photo by Christa Grover on Pexels

Worse than fans pulling out heat are windows pushing cold air in. If you have a drafty window where it doesn’t close properly, or there’s an obvious gap letting cold air in, you’ll want to get it seen.

It could be a solution as simple as getting a roll of rubber draught seal and going around the window frame and having a draught excluder screwed to the bottom of the door, so cold air can’t make its way into the rest of the house.

When in doubt, rug out

Finally, let’s say you can’t afford to get a fan fixed or have a new radiator on the wall. Get yourself a cheap washable rug for the floor, and you’ll not have to think about cold tippy toes all winter long.

Now get that bathroom warm!

I hope you found these tips to be helpful and there’s at least one or two here that could see your bathroom getting nice and warm without having to spend too much.

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Smart Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value When you Renovate


Today we want to share some smart ways to increase your home’s value when you renovate.  Renovating your home is a considerable investment. It primarily increases the house valuation, the functionality and the aesthetics. Renovation covers a broad scope of activities in the home, and some can be more expensive than others. For quality results, the homeowner should only work with experienced and knowledgeable renovation experts. This article discusses the best ways you can raise the value of your home when renovation are taking place.

Remodeling the Kitchen

The kitchen is the main area for food preparation. As such, it is susceptible to wear and tear. Some of these issues reduce the effectiveness of the room. Remodeling the kitchen involves different processes such as increasing the storage space, changing the floor and the systems present. The storage space can be increased by adding more storage cabinets and cupboards. A homeowner has the full discretion of choice when it comes to the different types of cabinets. As for the floor, one should pick the one that is safe for all those using the specific area. Consider children and pets during the renovation. Plumbing systems in the kitchen are essential as they bring clean water in and channel out wastewater. It would be best if you also had experts like a Kelowna plumber to perform an upgrade on them. Improving the functionality of the kitchen means more comfort and effectiveness in the area.

Upgrading the Bathroom

The frequent flow of water in the bathroom causes wear and tear on the floors and walls. The fixtures in there could also develop issues as time advances. Renovating a bathroom requires that you enhance the comfort that one gets while freshening up and getting ready for a new day. For those that have large families, you need to perform bathroom additions. A homeowner identifies underutilized spaces and transforms them into the bathroom. These spaces are usually the closets and the region under the stairs. You can then designate the bathroom to some members of the family. Bathroom design and ideas differ depending on the budget that you have. It is an expensive process that pays in the end. For best results, you should find professionals that are well versed with bathroom remodeling projects.


Painting is the easiest yet the most visually appealing renovation procedure. Your home gets a facelift when the right painting is done. A homeowner can choose to paint the entire house, both the interior and exterior. The final look is fresh, clean and updated. The only hack with painting is selecting the right colors and the right professionals for the project. For best results, you should leave the work to the professionals; they know what is required from their end. Professional painters can further advise you on the colors to blend in for style and the ones not to. However, it would help if you employed personal preferences and tastes at this juncture. It is an inexpensive affair that majorly concentrates on improving the aesthetics and looks of the premise.

Reinventing Rooms

Space in the home is vital. You can add a room or area in your premise using various methods. It ranges from merely expanding your living space to bringing a wall down to create more space. The reinvention births a new room that can be used for specific needs. For the homes with big garages, one can partition a section and create a space. The room can be transformed into a home gym or rented out for additional income. Children can also play in the new place when the right play rafters and swings are installed. The main idea is increasing space in the home. Reinvention is also an expensive affair, but one has the surety of recouping their investment. Let your budget guide you to what you can and cannot do.


Window Insulation and Efficiency

Saving money and creating more space carry the same amount of benefit. For the former, you can invest in energy-efficient fixtures such as fans. Replacing your fan is a simple way to increase the life quality for the occupants. They get that comfortable and conducive environment to live. Depending on the allocated budget, you can also change the windows and acquire the ones capable of insulating. The right windows provide enough lighting and aeration in the premise, and you can get the energy efficiency benefit in the end. Various companies deal with window insulation and replacements. Once presented with a budget, they can guide you on the way forward.


According to We Buy Any Home, renovating your home can enhance the house valuation, look and functionality. Some procedures are expensive, and others are not. As the homeowner, you must choose your budget and determine what can be done at the time and what can wait. You also hugely benefit from engaging professionals in the renovation tasks and procedures. They are the best-suited persons to deliver uncompromised quality and long-lasting results.

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Six Home Renovation Tips You Need To Know Before You Start


Today we want to share with you six home renovation tips you need to know.  Home renovations and remodeling is obviously very exciting, but it can also be a source of stress. Renovations are expensive, time-consuming and messy. Before you start work, you need to be prepared with these essential tips to keep your project as low stress as you can. Use professional residential architects to help you plan properly. 

home renovation tips you need to know

AuraKitchens / Pixabay

Start with a realistic budget. Whatever project you’re working on, you will need a budget set before you can get started, or costs will soon spiral out of control. Find a balance that works for you between a design you can actually afford and your ultimate dream design. Get a realistic quote for materials and labor required, so you know what you’re going to pay out. Get your contractor to go over your budget with you to make sure you have everything covered and don’t get a nasty surprise. Have some wriggle room in your budget for unexpected costs, as these come up in almost all renovation projects.

Decide what things you’re willing to splurge on and where you’re willing to make compromises. To keep things on budget, there is always going to be some compromises that you have to make. Decide in advance where you’re willing to splurge and where a compromise wouldn’t bother you. For example, if you’re having a new bathroom, you might want to splurge on a beautiful roll-top bath, but be happy to compromise on a more budget-friendly shower.

Make some decisions ahead of starting work. There are lots of decisions to be made during a renovation, so to save yourself some headaches try to make as many decisions as you can before the work starts. Choose your tiles or your wallpaper, to save yourself some choices further down the line.  

Bathroom Renovation Interior Design

topdollardj / Pixabay

Choose the right contractors

To get the best quality of work, you need to hire the right contractors to do it. You can get suggestions from friends who have had work done that you like the look of, or read reviews online. To be extra sure, you should also check certification and license too. You should also meet with a few potential people to make sure that they understand your vision and are someone that you can get along with. 

Don’t be tricked by DIY shows. If you’ve watched renovation programs on TV, you’ll know that they often make everything, from pulling down walls to replacing the bathroom look very simple. Don’t be fooled into taking on a project yourself that you can’t manage, and bring in the professionals instead.

Be prepared for the reality of living in a renovation. If you’re going to stay in the house during the remodelling, remember that this won’t be easy. Renovations are noisy and dusty, the house will be full of builders and you’re sure to be tired and grumpy. If you can, try and arrange to stay elsewhere for at least the worst part of the works so you can get a break from it all.  

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