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Learn How to Get the Coolest Hairstyles From Davines


Just because we are in the colder months doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about the hairstyles we’re yearning to rock once the flowers start blooming once again. Hair expert Joseph DiMaggio for Davines partnered with KUHO and KITH for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 and it has inspired us to try something unique here at Cliché. Read on for hair inspiration and tips on how to achieve these looks directly from the master himself.



Inspiration: Multifunctional lifestyle brand and progressive retail establishment KITH is bringing sleek to a whole new level. KITH thinks outside the box for both men and women by providing streetwear style with influences from soccer, skiing, basketball, and various high-impact sports. Looking both cool and stylish has never been easier..

Look 1: Sleek Through the Streets

  1. Starting with dry hair, apply vigorous amounts of Davines Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer to the roots, and then swipe and feather out from the midshaft to ends. The swipe and feather technique means not spraying in a concentrated area, but making sure to swipe from right to left or from roots to end, spraying to ensure the product is distributed evenly.
  2. Blow dry hair straight off the center part and finish with Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist.

Look 2: Sport Braid

  1. Repeat steps in Look 1.
  2. Pull hair straight back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  3. Apply vigorous amounts of Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist and a little bit of Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer through the lengths of the ponytail.
  4. Create a tight three-strand low braid, leaving out a 1” section of hair, and secure with an elastic on the end.
  5. Wrap the 1” section around the ponytail base to cover elastic and pin in place.
  6. Finish using Davines This Is a Medium Hairspray to lock look in.

Get The Look: KUHO SS18

Inspiration: In a fast-paced and hectic world, we need a moment or two to pause, relax, and enjoy life. That’s where KUHO comes in. KUHO’s Spring/Summer 2018 line derives meaning from the art of slowing down, a perfect match for this hair look consisting of various textures such as an edged crimp and relaxed waves giving off care-free vibes.

Look 3: Lived-in Leisure

  1. Prep clean, wet hair by lightly misting with Davines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer. Blow dry smooth with a round brush; it doesn’t need to be perfectly straight or even.
  2. In 1-2” sections, apply Davines This Is A Medium Hairspray throughout the length to add body.
  3. Use interchangeable techniques with a flat-iron and assorted curling irons to add in texture. Various techniques include:
  4. Vertical twisted barrel curl (option to flat iron out or not)
  5. A flat “S” wave that is created by weaving the hair section through a flat iron in an “S” pattern and moving/twisting the length as the flat iron moves down
  6. Crimping, using the hard edge of a flat iron, in alternating motions
  7. Wrapping the mid-section of the length around a curling wand and combing out
  8. Finger-comb all hair and finish with a light misting of Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist, followed by Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer.

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Learn How to Get the Coolest Hairstyles From Davines: Photos courtesy of the Davines

Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon


Spring/Summer NYFW 2018 is undoubtedly a time when all fashion lovers rejoice, but this time we have our eyes on those gorgeous locks models are sporting down the runway. Hairstylists for Cutler Salon show us how to recreate some of these looks and we couldn’t be happier to try these looks ourselves. One thing is for sure: hair has never looked this good before. 


Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon

Cowgirl Side Braid at Anna Sui x INC
Linh Nguyen shows us how to take our side braid game to the next level this season. Not only does the cowgirl side braid look glamorous on just about anyone, but this tousled ‘do creates a look that’s effortless and sexy at the same time.

  1. First, prep hair using the Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray. Blow dry and set hair using Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray.
  2. Depending on your hair’s natural texture, take horizontal sections of hair using either a 1 ¼” or 1” iron and curl hair vertically. When done, top it off with Redken Fashion Waves 07 for a more collapsed looked or Redken Wind Blown for more body and volume.
  3. Add a touch of Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade to break-up pieces of hair for long lasting curls.
  4. Once you’re done curling and ready to make the braid, sweep hair to one side and create a deep side part on the opposite side.
  5. Start at the nape of your neck and loosely braid hair into a three-strand braid. Bring it forward so that it’s sitting at the front of your chest.
  6. Time for final touches! Start pulling out some pieces, and as needed, spray them with Redken Wind Blown 05 and Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade for piecey strands and extra hold.

Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon

Naughty Knot at Badgley Mischka
Reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s bouffant, Peter Gray’s playful spin on a classic hairstyle serves as a reminder that hair can dress up any casual outfit to be a tad more polished.

  1. Start with damp hair and spray Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray and Redken Full Frame 07 evenly throughout locks.
  2. Apply a small amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray around the crown area at the roots. This will add volume, necessary to create a bouffant.
  3. Turn head upside down and blow dry hair while finger combing. You’ll achieve maximum texture by using your fingers instead of a brush.
  4. Starting at mid-length, curl hair all the way to the ends in 1-2 sections using a 1 ½” curling iron.
  5. Then spray Redken Wind Blown 05 over the surface of hair to add body.
  6. Part your hair down the middle and then pull back hair over ears and tie a double knot (single knot if hair is shorter). Leave ends loose and tousled.
  7. Pin the knot low and use your fingertips to add a small amount of Redken Powder Grip 03
  8. Take a comb and use the end of it to pull pieces at the crown. This will create a more modern take on the classic bouffant style.
  9. Use Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray for maximum hold.

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Recreate These Runway Looks by Cutler Salon: Images courtesy of ©Jane Kratochvil

How To: Subtle Waves


Are you bored of constantly using the same old hair styles? I know I’m tired of rocking my lazy bun, ponytail, and wavy locks from this past summer. I’m sure our hair can use a little extra TLC in the morning, but no one wants to be stuck in the bathroom for more than twenty minutes. Luckily, evo, one of the best professional hair and beauty product manufacturers, has teamed up with TOME to provide some really gorgeous looks for their Resort 2016 collection. TOME and evo have came up with lots of elegant/edgy street-ready looks, that require little product and prep time, for a gentle and effortless look. 

Step 1_CMYK Step 2_CMYK

Step 1: Mist with icon welder to protect from the heat processes.
Step 2: Prep the hair with a light spritz of mister fantastic texture spray to accentuate the natural texture.
Step 3_CMYK Step 4_CMYK
Step 3: Create a soft center part and lightly dry through using just the fingers, without removing the natural movement.
Step 4: With a 1-1.5” curling iron, gently add a curve to the hair by rolling a large section around the barrel in one rotation. This will create an indent in the hair as opposed to a curl.
Step 5_CMYK Step 6_CMYK
Step 5: Gently shake out the movement and mist the ends with a little love touch to separate and calm any roughness through mid-lengths ends.
Step 6: Personalize to suit the feature and face shape of each girl, whilst showing the texture.
Step 7_CMYK Final_CMYK
Step 7: Finish your style with helmut light hairspray for a soft hold but maximum control and manageability.
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How To: Subtle Waves: Photographed by James Hartley, Tutorial courtesy of evo and dale from Prema Salon NYC

The Perfect Summer to Fall Hairstyle


September is a month of transition — transitioning from vacation to a new school year, and from one season to another. So how does one make a smooth hair transition without totally kissing the summer spirit goodbye and quitting it cold turkey? Well, Nick Stenson, Creative Director for jcp salon and Matrix, and Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell are here to help you get the perfect summer to fall hairstyle: a “some hair up, some down” fishtail braid look!
A brush, a comb, a blowdryer, bobby pins, curling iron, Biolage Blow-In ControlBiolage Smoothing Shine MilkBiolage Style Freeze-Fix

Shay_78 copy

STEP 1: To prep the hair, use the Biolage Blow-In Control. This product is amazing for giving the hair flexible hold and and beautiful shine throughout the styling process.

Shay_82 copy

STEP 2: Another product to use on the hair before blow-drying is the Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk. What is amazing about this product is the fact that it is a protein base. It is really going to seal down the look all the way to the hair cuticle.
This product will also add a lot of shine and it will easily blow-dry into the hair so there will be no slip or fly-aways.

Shay_86 copy

STEP 3: For the fishtail braid, a lot of people think it is really hard, but it is actually very simple. Take two sections, start on the outside of one section and take a small piece and drop it to the center of the two sections. Repeat on the opposite side. Then take the two pieces that dropped into the center and cross and hold. Repeat the same movement till the end of the strands when you run out of hair. Secure with a small elastic.

Shay_91 copy

STEP 4: Pin the braid on the top and the bottom to secure its placement as you wrap around the back of the head.
Shay_98 copy
STEP 5: Finally, pin the hair from the opposite side to meet braid, pin the hair to continue the side ponytail look. This is where you create the 2-in-1 look where you can have it pulled up on one side, while allowing it to be down on the other.

STEP 6: To finish the look, curl the ends with a curling iron and apply Biolage Style Freeze-Fix to seal the look and you are done!
Photographed by Lisa Rose / Step by Step Tutorial by Nick Stenson