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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows to Get You Through Quarantine


For most of us, the last few weeks have consisted of adjusting to the new normal of social distancing and quarantine. While staying informed by the news is important, it can be easy to succumb to the 24-hour news cycle and allow it to drain us. We all need a good distraction, now more than ever. With all live sports and movie theaters on pause, entertainment streaming services have become our new best friend. We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Binge-Worthy shows to Get You Through Quarantine. 

#1. Starting off the list we have the most talked about series right now, Netflix’s Tiger King. Whether you are sick of hearing your friends talk about it or have it saved to your must watch list, Tiger King is the ultimate quarantine binge. It gives a wild look into the dangerously competitive nature of big cat breeding and introduces the world to some of the most eccentric characters you could possibly imagine. We can assure you that you will experience almost every emotion while watching the 7 episodes of Tiger King and we know you won’t regret it. Happy watching, all you cool cats and kittens!

#2 Another Netflix favorite that we must include is Love is Blind. If you enjoy shows like The Bachelor or any reality television for that matter you will be obsessed with Love is Blind. This show tries to answer the age old question of whether or not love truly is blind through a social experiment. Single men and women must try and find their true love, and get engaged before ever seeing each other. They must solely rely on the emotional connection they form through ‘blind dates’. We follow the couples right up to their wedding day and get to see whether the experiment worked or failed. Trust us, this is a must-watch! You will fall in love with some of these couples! This show is perfect for some laughs, some happy tears, and some absolute WTF moments. Enjoy!



#3. Coming in our third spot we have an oldie but a goodie. If you need a show to watch with your parents or siblings that will boost your mood and give you a laugh, we recommend Gilmore Girls on Netflix. The story of our favorite mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and all of their lovable family and friends is the best kind of escape from the day. If you haven’t seen this show yet, be prepared to want to hug your friends and family, but remember, we still need to be socially distant!! Enjoy your trip to Stars Hollow!


#4. In our fourth spot we have an ultimate favorite, Fleabag. This show may not be one to watch with Mom and Dad but if you need a good laugh or a serious pick-me-up this is your show. From the brilliant mind of Phoebe Waller-Bridge we are introduced to a flawed but self-aware woman who navigates the struggles of owning a small business, maintaining her awkward familial relationships while also having quite a colorful personal life. The unfiltered and raunchy comedy is unlike any other. Use that Amazon Prime membership and binge this show, you won’t regret it!

#5. Finishing out our list we have one of Hulu’s best, Ramy. This show is one of the most unique stories being told. A story not often told of a first-generation Egyptian-American guy from New Jersey named Ramy who is finding his way in life through his own spiritual journey. This show is hilarious but also present and grounded in a reality that so many people go through. Discovering yourself through your faith while also being an average American millennial is a combination that describes many people. Ramy tells his story through an honest, realistic, and comedic lens. This show will teach you a new perspective on life that you may be unfamiliar with and will make you laugh in the process. Enjoy! 

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Interview With Actress Patricia ‘Patti’ French: Discusses Hulu’s ‘The Act’, The Film Poms and Much More!


Patricia “Patti” French is a woman of many talents. She started an acting career in the theatre while also working as a voice-over talent. She later attended the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York and hasn’t stopped acting since. Her TV credits are extensive, with each project being as recognizable as the A-list actors attached to them. This past year she was a part of the highly anticipated Hulu series titled The Act that details the real-life story of a toxic mother and daughter relationship. 

She most recently starred in a movie with film icons Diane Keaton and Jackie Weaver, titled Poms that hit theaters this past Mother’s Day. I had a chance to speak to Patti directly after its release in July. Patti is a woman of many talents and wisdom. Check out our conversation below: 


Clichè: Your most recent work is in the hilarious film Poms, growing up I read that you had a passion for music and dance. Were you a cheerleader in high school? 

Patti: I was not! Mostly because I was a navy brat, every two years I was going to a new school. To be a cheerleader and be apart of the clique you have to be somewhere for a long time. When my dad did finally retire it was right before my junior year. I was actually able to go to one high school for at least two years! In fact, I am getting ready to go to my 50th-year high school reunion! It’s the 50th anniversary of all the great things like Woodstock and the walk on the moon and my graduating from high school [laughs]. I was really involved with Glee Club and Drama Club. 

Your character in the film Phyllis, is described as pretty feisty, can you talk more about her? How similar is she to you in real life?

I think the things that are similar are she loves to dance, she loves music, she loves to hang out with a group of girls and she’s a team player. 

The film’s tagline is “It’s never too late to dream” and the film follows a group of women who revisit a dream of theirs that they never got the chance to fulfill. Did this film remind you or make you want to revisit anything you may have missed out on?

For me, it was always a dream for me to work with Dianne Keaton. She is one of my favorite actresses as well as Jackie Weaver. I’ve been a Dianne Keaton fan as long as I can remember. That was a dream come true! She was everything and more that I thought she would be. She did not disappoint. She greeted all the actresses on the first day of Bootcamp. She saw the film before everyone else and called everyone and was just so supportive. She’s a girl’s girl.

Alisha Boe, Patti French, Charlie Tahan, Jacki Weaver, Director Zara Hayes, Pam Grier, Diane Keaton, Celia Weston, Rhea Perlman, Carol Sutton, Ginny MacColl, and Bruce McGill attend the World Premiere of POMS at Regal LA LIVE on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
Photo: Eric Charbonneau

Did you have a chance to tell her how much she inspired you or did you play it cool? 

I did play it cool but on the last day before we wrapped everyone was running around and giving each other gifts. I had taken all my gifts to the trailers and I took Diane’s gift but decided I would write it in a fan letter. I told her, “Hey, this is a fan letter and I just want to tell you the different moments in your films and how much they meant to me”, it turned into this four-page crazy letter. About an hour later I got this knock on my trailer door and it was her! She came in and she was like “I can’t believe you wrote all of that!” It was a lovely moment. 

The film has a few dance sequences, with your background in dance, did you have to rehearse? Your co-star Diane Keaton said she needed a lot of rehearsal practice. In some interviews, I’ve heard it described as boot camp.

Oh God yes! We all rehearsed the same amount. I was the youngest of the group and we’re 68! Everyone was going home sore with our hips and knees [laughs]. Boot Camp was a week in L.A. and we flew back to Georgia for filming and we had about 2 weeks of rehearsal. I actually wish there have been more dance footage in the film. Maybe it’ll be on the DVD! 

The main character in Poms, Martha, views going to a retirement community as “going to die”, it also addresses the idea of loneliness as we all get older, how do you relate to this film and how important do you think it is to have stories like this be told about women of a certain age?

First of all, I think it is important to tell stories about women of any age. If you study history and look back at older civilizations, the older women weren’t shunned, they were looked up to for all their wisdom. There is a lot of us baby boomers and they should be making movies for us because we’re the people that are going to the movies and paying for them. I just think of some of the things I’m watching now, Grace and Frankie, The Kominskty Method, some of the characters in The Marvelous Mrs. Masiol, there’s just so many great female’s out there and they’re dying to act no matter how old they are and I just hope somebody will just keep writing these stories. And apparently, it’ll just have to be the women! 

What do you hope audiences take away when they watch the film?

I think the thing I want audiences to take away is that a group of women can be very powerful and they can accomplish things that maybe they could not have done alone. That bond and that friendship and that girl friendship, you never grow out of that. It’s always there until it’s not. It’s not that way sometimes for men. I think we’re lucky that we’re able to vulnerable enough to go “Oh my gosh, I’m really scared. Am I going to be able to do this?” That bond is really important and so it the power of a group. With everything that’s going on now in Georgia and in the South, if us women don’t band together and figure out a way to activate ourselves as a group, it’s going to be really bad and we will be letting down the younger women that we made all these strides for. We need to bond as a group and not let people hold us down! 

The film came out during Mother’s Day weekend, do you have a favorite Mother’s Day memory?

I do! It would be this one actually! I wish my mother was still here to see it, but my daughter and granddaughter came up from Florida and we went to see the movie together and we spent Mother’s Day weekend together. My daughter wanted to take a selfie of all three of us together and a woman came up and said “I can take your picture! Oh, are you the woman that was in the movie?” It was nice. I may have had some other [great memories] and I sure as hell wish my mother was still here to see this but this is going to be my new favorite Mother’s Day! Oh, and then my husband cooked for all of us!

Patti French attends the World Premiere of POMS at Regal LA LIVE on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
Photo: Eric Charbonneau

You also are apart of another project that everyone is talking about, The Act on Hulu that retells a very true and horrific story. You play Tina, before joining this project did you know the real story? 

I knew part of it but then I watched the HBO documentary, which is truly more horrifying than the mini-series. I think they did an amazing job making the mini-series watchable because it was almost impossible to watch the documentary. A pretty different Mother’s Day story. 

When you read a script, what pops up to you that makes you say “this role will be great for me!” what catches your eye?

Well, sometimes you don’t always have a chance to read the whole script depending on your role. But, a good story is a good story. 

Throughout your career, you’ve worked alongside legendary actors on TV and film sets, what has been your favorite moment on set? What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned from the previous projects you’ve been a part of?

I think the most important lessons are, you have to show up and you have to be brave. You can’t be vulnerable if you are not brave. You can’t worry about how you look and when you are really feeling self-conscious, just throw it away and concentrate on the other person. It leaves you in the moment and you are listening. 

Do you have any memorable stories from any set that you’ve worked on?

Some of them are on stage because I’ve done a lot of stage work. I was lucky enough to play Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire and that was an amazing experience. A few years ago I was on a show on Lifetime called Army wives. What I loved about that was it was telling the story of military wives, because I know what my mom went through. There are always movies and stories about men in the military but it’s like a secret life unless you were raised that way, people don’t understand what the families go through. Like I mentioned earlier, changing schools, having to pack up 3-4 kids, spreading the money out, not being able to get a job. I didn’t realize it because it was my childhood, but I didn’t realize that it was a fascinating secret and life that people who weren’t raised that way, found it fascinating. I got to play this woman who owned this bar and she had a lot of things that happened to her. She had a bar that got bombed and she almost died and then she rebuilds the bar and she’s dying of cancer. She ends up leaving for this cancer center in California. There was a PR campaign with Warriors in Pink for Breast Cancer and FORD, so my character got to take off and drive off into the sunset in this amazing black mustang convertible with this pink heart painted on the front. And I got to do this pretty cool death scene which was pretty fun to do. [laughs] Actors might not tell you that, but we love to do death scenes! 

You have had such an extension acting career from tv, film, theatre, voice-over acting. Do you remember the moment you decided to be an actress? What was the first tv show or film that made you fall in love with the art of acting?

I sorta can’t remember not wanting to act. I think I was always in my bedroom in front of the mirror pretending. Always. My mom who was from Southern California was a movie freak. She was raised in the ’30-’40s the great Hollywood era and she loved movies and especially because my father was overseas a lot. I went to see a lot of movies with my mom when I was super young. I just loved that feeling of sitting in a movie theater with popcorn and being in the dark. My mom raised me on movies and movie stars. My mom was also a really good singer and dancer. I think she would have loved to be an actress. She didn’t get to see POMS but she saw a lot of the other work I’ve done and kept scrapbooks. I can’t remember not ever wanting to be an actress. I kept coming back to acting because it was the place where I felt the most like myself. 

Which has been your favorite character that you have played and why?

Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire. It’s just an epic character for a woman. I just think I understand the kind of person that lives so much in her head and really loves beauty, literature and all of that but she’s is in total denial. She will do anything to survive because she has to, before she faces reality. I think I understand people who have a hard time with reality. [laughs] Maybe it’s me. When you play a really great character, you just want to play more of them!  

‘The Act’ is available to stream on Hulu. 

Poms is available for purchase now on DVD and Blu-Ray. 

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Interview With Actress Patricia ‘Patti’ French: Discusses Hulu’s ‘The Act’, The Film Poms and Much More!: Featured Image: Courtesy of Andrew Hreha/Status PR. 

Why Hulu’s Upcoming ‘Ramy’ is an Important Show To Watch


Comedian Ramy Youssef first made a splash appearing on The Late Show With Stephan Colbert when he performed 5 minutes of stand up that spoke about his Muslim identity in a witty way that had the crowd laughing 10 seconds in. It is no surprise that he is now executive producing and starring in his own Hulu show titled Ramy, which is set to premiere April 19th.  Early reviews of the show have been overwhelmingly positive, making it a show that will be a necessary watch. The series of this magnitude is long overdue and for that reason alone, its arrival is important.  

The show is also executive produced by Jerrod Carmichael, whose own series on NBC made waves as it tackled social issues ranging from race, gender, and even school shootings. In its three-season run, The Carmichael Show never shied away from uncomfortable topics, and from the Hulu trailer, Ramy seems to be following in its brave footsteps. The series has 10 episodes and each episode is rooted in Ramy’s real-life stand-up.

Much like his own life, Ramy follows a first-generation Arab-American Muslim living in New Jersey who is struggling to find himself. In the just-released trailer, you can see Ramy speaking with friends about being 30 years old and still grappling with the identity issues that arose from being caught between two cultural expectations. The culture clash emerges from a post-9/11 world that believes the term ‘Muslim-American’ is an oxymoron. In the previews, you also see him questioning whether he’s even a good enough Muslim to be accepted into his own community while dealing with explaining his beliefs to his non-Muslim friends.

What makes this new series so special is that it has never been done before. There has never been a show quite like Ramy that centers around the voices of young Arab-Americans like this. And as Ramy has said in his own interviews, Arabs have never had their ‘pop-culture’ moment. These truthful characters are finally taking the main stage, and the creators promise that they are going to have actual depth to them. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Ramy said his goal with this series is to not display his community as squeaky clean and polished people, nor is he playing into the harmful stereotypes we’re so used to seeing on screen. He’s simply showing his community as they are. “Meeting at our fault lines is much more interesting to me than meeting at shared values. I’m not trying to sell you something. If anything, I’m trying to show you where we are. There is nothing to hide.”

If a Hulu series isn’t enough, Ramy also has his first stand-up special set to premiere on HBO this summer. Between a stand-up special and this upcoming Hulu series, Ramy Youssef is making important strides for his community. Make sure you press play on April 19th to finally see Arab-Americans have their pop-culture moment!


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Why Hulu’s Upcoming ‘Ramy’ is an Important Show To Watch: Featured Image Credit: @Hulu on Instagram.

It’s Official: A ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival is Coming to Hulu


The rumors were true! A ‘Veronica Mars’ revival is coming to Hulu. The streaming service officially confirmed an eight-episode season of Veronica Mars. The last couple of months, fans were teased with confirmation from Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell about their desire to revive the beloved series. And now, we can finally be sure that all of the talk wasn’t just a fleeting thought. The former UPN/CW series will be back in 2019 on Hulu, along with seasons 1-3. Original creator Rob Thomas is on board for the project, and obviously,  Kristen Bell will return as the snarky sleuth. Veronica Mars ran from 2004-2007.

Kristen Bell’s Instagram Post

Kristen Bell took to Instagram on Thursday to confirm the news. In a video post, Bell says, “Did you guys know that as of summer 2019, all the old Veronica Mars episodes will be on Hulu to stream and rewatch? Which is great, because you’ll need to brush up — since we’re making another one!”

What to Look Forward to in the Revival Season

Instead of a case each week, it seems that there is a more serialized format for the revival of Veronica Mars. The released story description is as follows: “Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town’s lifeblood tourist industry. After Mars Investigations is hired by the parents of one of the victims to find their son’s killer, Veronica is drawn into an epic eight-episode mystery that pits the enclave’s wealthy elites, who would rather put an end to the month-long bacchanalia, against a working class that relies on the cash influx that comes with being the West Coast’s answer to Daytona Beach.”

We do know that in Summer 2019, seasons 1-3 will be available to stream on Hulu. The series will premiere some time in 2019, but an official release date is not yet confirmed.

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It’s Official: A ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival is Coming to Hulu. Featured Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

New TV Premieres to Look Forward to This Spring


Spring is gradually returning and with a combination of beautiful days of flowers, warm and cool breezy nights, and various amounts of new television premieres. These premieres of old and new television shows are packed with a mixture of celebrity drama, martial arts action, sociopolitical issues, and deep revenge. Here are the top new television premieres to watch out for this spring.


Feud: Bette and Joan
Release Date: March 5, 2017 on FX
American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, has a new American anthology drama series and its first season will be based on the well-known celebrity rivalry between actresses, Bette Davis (Jessica Lange) and Joan Crawford (Susan Sarandon), in the early 1960s during their time together on the set of the thriller, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Murphy’s new series will have an eight-episode season that delves into how the two women dealt with the sexist and ageist issues and how far they go to maintain their fading careers. Murphy might have yet another hit anthology series on his hands based on early critic reviews.

Marvel’s Iron Fist
Release Date: March 17, 2017 on Netflix
The newest series in the Marvel Netflix universe centers on Danny Rand (Finn Jones), a young man who returns to New York City after being missing for 15 years and tries to reconnect with his family company, Rand Enterprises and past family friends, Joy (Jessica Stroup) and Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey). After discovering a criminal force inside the company, Danny must use his masterful knowledge of kung-fu and his ability to summon the mystical power of the Iron Fist to save his company and New York. For all Netflix bingers, this seems like an option to look out for.

The Handmaid’s Tale
Release Date: April 26, 2017 on Hulu
Based on the 1985 dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, the new Hulu sci-fi drama series, The Handmaid’s Tale, tells the story of a totalitarian theocracy that takes over the United States in the nearby future and eliminates the entirety of women’s rights through a strict religious movement. The story focuses on the women that are forced to live in a concubine in this dictatorship and the obstacles they must endure. This intriguing series has an accomplished cast list, such as Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, Gilmore Girls’ Alexis Bledel, and Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley. For Hulu viewers, this might be Hulu’s new hit drama.

13 Reasons Why
Release date: March 31, 2017 on Netflix
An adaption of the best-selling novel by Jay Asher, the new Netflix mystery drama tells the story of Clay Jensen (Dylan Minette) a seemingly normal teenager that comes home from school to discover a strange box with his name on his porch. Inside the box, he finds various cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), Clay’s former classmate and crush who suddenly committed suicide two weeks before. Through the series of tapes, Clay learns the thirteen reasons why Hannah decided to end her life. Viewers will go on an emotional journey of pain, confusion, and loss as they find out who and what led Hannah to her tragic end. Pop singer and actress, Selena Gomez, will be an executive producer and this seems like a new teenage drama that will tug at viewers’ heartstrings.

American Gods
Release Date: April 2017 on Starz
Initially, a series set for HBO, Starz’s new series based on the award-winning fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman focuses on a mysterious convict with a dark past named Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). After spending three years in prison for assault and with only days left on his sentence, Shadow is given an abrupt release after he receives the news that his caring wife was killed in a horrible car accident. During his flight home from the funeral, Shadow is suddenly welcomed by a strange man named Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) who is an old god that offers Shadow a job as he gathers other old and new gods that have hidden in American lifestyles. The series is adapted by the creator of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller and the creator of King, Michael Green and looked to be a long-awaited television series with a cult following. If you were and/or still are a lover of mythology and avid reader of Percy Jackson books, this might be a more adult series about mythology for you.

Dear White People  
Release Date: April 28, 2017 on Netflix
Based on the 2014 satirical dramedy film of the same name, the series follows the story of diverse students at a white Ivy League college as they navigate through the challenge of multiple forms of discrimination. It so happens that the first trailer of the series has been treated with racial controversy with some viewers boycotting against Netflix to remove the series for being as anti-white. Creator of the TV version of Dear White People, Justin Simien has commented positively to the boycott and says that it has brought more attention of the show. The TV show seems to be trying to match the same comedic and emotional level of the film and it seems to be a definite Netflix option for this April.  
This various set of spring TV premieres for regular TV and streaming sites looks to make quite a splash. Hopefully, these shows can match up to big contenders such as The Americans, Fargo, and Silicon Valley and get  promising responses from viewers.
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New TV Premieres to Look Forward to This Spring. Photo Courtesy of ComingSoon.net

‘The Mindy Project’ recap: ‘While I Was Sleeping’


Fox hit The Mindy Project with a death sentence in May, but less than 10 days later, Hulu swooped in to the rescue, and God bless them for it. This 26-episode fourth season premiered Tuesday and will be released weekly. 
At the end of last season, Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny’s (Chris Messina) relationship was up in the air: Mindy wanted a proposal and for Danny to meet her parents; and Danny, fearing the same marital issues from his first marriage and the same results as his parent’s failed marriage, wasn’t able to give Mindy what she wanted. So when a pregnant Mindy, who stayed in New York, finds out that Danny, who was supposed to travel to Peter’s (Adam Pally) wedding, didn’t, she has no idea that he was flying to India to meet her parents. And that is exactly where the season four premiere begins.
Danny goes into his “I love your daughter, but I’m afraid of marriage” spiel as soon as the door is opened only to find out that he bore his heart to a servant and chickens out when confronted by the real Mr. Lahiri (Ajay Mehta). Turns out Mindy’s dad is a big fan of Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) though the two have never met. Knowing Morgan’s personality, this is no surprise.
Meanwhile, Mindy frantically paces around her apartment wondering how Danny could have run away. She hops into bed and drifts into a dreamland where she is married to the perfect husband, played by the dashing Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Mindy and I have had a similar dream.)
She’s initially confused and begins to explain that she’s not married, but she’s distracted by the massive rock on her wedding finger. She apparently told her dream husband that if he didn’t get her a big enough ring, he would have to get used to s-ing his own d for the rest of his l, obviously in true Mindy fashion.

Dream husband goes to make breakfast, and Mindy begins to explore the apartment. To investigate their backstory, she asks dream husband if he wants to play truth or dare, but he picks dare. To remedy the situation, she dares him to tell her the truth about when they first met.
The story has some similarities to the first time Danny and Mindy kissed in that they are on a flight heading from Los Angeles to New York City. Dream husband exits the lavatory to find Mindy standing there. He mistakes her for a man, and she snaps at him. He apologizes and introduces himself as Matt Sherman, a producer from Bravo’s Real Housewives, which is her favorite franchise. Then they apparently had sex in the bathroom and have been together since. Mindy is pleased with their romantic story.
The scene flashes back to Danny and Mr. Lahiri chatting. Mr. Lahiri then asks about the father of Mindy’s baby, because if he sees the man, then he will “break all his balls.” I failed to mention that Mr. Lahiri has been holding a large sword thing since the episode first started, and he slams this against the table.
Mrs. Lahiri (Sakina Jaffrey) strolls in singing “Strangers in the Night.” She’s an aspiring Bollywood actress and likes to break into songs in regular conversation. Mrs. Lahiri then has the wonderful idea of selecting Danny to help with a special project: picking a suitor for Mindy for an arranged marriage.
Back to Mindy’s dream, she still works at Shulman & Associates. Danny is rude, and it turns out the pair haven’t spoken in two years. She didn’t even invite him to her wedding to dream husband. But at least Morgan is still the same hilarious fool. She’s sitting at her desk when Brendan (Mark Duplass) walks in, approaches her and leans down to sniff her neck. She pushes the midwife away, and he says that’s not how she was on Thursday. Oops. Turns out Mindy’s dream world isn’t perfect; she’s having an affair.
In India, Danny asks if Mindy knows about this arranged marriage plan. Her parents say no, but since the father of her child won’t step up, they are stepping in. Danny criticizes the idea as “medieval” and learns that the Lahiris were an arranged marriage. Another case of foot-in-the-mouth syndrome for Dr. Castellano.
Danny and the Lahiris are flipping through a book filled with potential partners for Mindy, but Danny shoves aside all options. Mrs. Lahiri says they can’t be too picky, but Mr. Lahiri agrees with Danny about Mindy being too particular. Danny tries to explain that the issue lies in the institution of marriage. Nice try, Dr. C. 
But then Morgan dramatically bursts into the apartment! Danny takes Morgan aside and tries to explain that he won’t ask for Mindy’s hand in marriage but that he loves her. Morgan is not having it.
Alternate reality Mindy decides to tell dream husband about her affair, but as she tries to, dream husband says that Andy (Cohen) wants to move ahead with their own reality show. Mindy is supposedly starting her own business called Delectable Desires, “slutty girdles for the sexually-active obese.”
She confesses, and he explains that they are in an open relationship. That’s not exactly what Mindy wanted to hear.
In the real world, Danny and the Lahiris are eating a dinner that Danny prepared, but Morgan refuses to take part in Danny’s meal. Mrs. Lahiri wishes Mindy would end up with someone like Danny, and Mr. Lahiri says that Danny would be better than the “creep” who took advantage of her.
During the dinner, the doorbell rings, and Morgan reveals that he called up a man who could be Mindy’s future husband.  
The scene cuts back to dream husband telling Mindy that the open relationship was her idea, and she’s still surprised. Dream husband is upset that she picked the night his college roommate is in town to have this argument. They were supposed to have a three-way. This dream world isn’t all that great.
Back to the Lahiri’s residence, everyone is seated on the couch talking to Mindy’s potential husband (Kunal Nayyar), a hedge-fund owner, dance fanatic, and widower. Morgan edges Danny along, forcing him to come clean. When Mrs. Lahiri asks if he’s there to ask for Mindy’s hand, he says, “Not exactly.” Come on, Danny! Just do it.
The potential husband wasn’t aware that Mindy was pregnant or 35, so he becomes a rude jerk and calls Mindy a lemon. He insults the family, and the Lahiris go off. Praise these parents. They have the potential husband escorted out. Real Danny asks how he can make things right and apologizes for insulting the family. They tell him to just take care of their daughter.
Dream Mindy ventures out to find dream Danny, who happens to be on a date with Freida Pinto. Danny tells Mindy that she should leave, and she refuses. She yells out that she is pregnant with Danny’s baby.
Mindy realizes that this life is wrong. As she and Danny argue in the rain Notebook style, she tells him that he was supposed to follow her to the back of the plane and kiss her then. He kisses her, but then pushes her away. She tries to follow him across the road and then…..she’s hit by a bus Mean Girls style.
Mindy abruptly wakes up to find Danny sitting in front of her. She tells him that they don’t have to be married. They embrace (aww), and then she smacks him across the face for causing her to worry. Nicely done, Mindy.
Danny explains that he was in India with her parents, and says that if two former strangers can still be in love, than he should believe in marriage. He gets down on his knee and proposes!
It’s a happy ending for the season premiere, but knowing The Mindy Project, the rest of the season won’t be without some hilarious hitches.
And for fans of the show (and humor in general), Kaling’s sophomore book, Why Not Me?, was also released today, so check that out.
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