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Sug Daniels Releases New Single “Heavy” Backed By New Record Label Weird Sister Records


What do you do when you fall in love with a friend after a tough breakup? Sug Daniels seeks to answer this question in her newest single,Heavy.” 

Heavy is the horrible awkwardness of having romantic desires for a friend but not being sure if the feeling is mutual. “This song is all the things I’m still too chicken shit to admit,” Daniels writes. “I think people, queer and otherwise, can relate to the fear of holding a torch for someone when they are in a sensitive place in their life.” 

The leading single serves as the first glimpse into Sug Daniels’ forthcoming EP Franklin Street, slated for release this fall through Weird Sister Records. The Franklin Street EP is also the first time Daniels is producing a body of work on her own. 

Sug Daniels is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality. She thoughtfully combines elements of folk, R&B, and low-fi alternatives to create personal and tender music interlaced with messages of truth and positive change. 

Growing up in the rural town of Smyrna, Delaware, Daniels had felt first-hand both the extreme joy and the major isolation that many LGBTQ+ people experience in Southern Baptist-style churches. After coming out, she left the church but continued her journey armed with the love of powerful music and celebration of community. She currently resides in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, continuing to create music to share and inspire those around her.  After leading two successful musical projects, Hoochi Coochi and FlowCity, Sug Daniels has set out to create solo music that reflects her current views and personal stories. 

On top of dropping her new single, Daniels is also celebrating her signing with Weird Sister Records, becoming the first signed artist on the label’s roster. 

Sick and tired of the white dude music business machine, Deanna DiLandro and Madison Hetterly created Weird Sister Records, a label model that provides a safe space to women, trans and non binary people in creative industries. With a commitment to being an anti-racist organization that encourages equity, diversity and anti-racist actions in the music industry, DiLandro and Hetterly developed Weird Sister Records in order to amplify the voices of BIPOC artists and creators.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Daniels is excited to have Weird Sister Records backing her for the launch of Heavy.”

“I am so eager and excited to make history with Weird Sister Records. They encourage my creativity and support my desire to tell my stories the way I want them told. Collaborating with them has been an exciting cycle of ideas and mutual admiration. I see great things in all our futures.” – Sug Daniels

Be sure to stream Heavy on all streaming services and watch the official music video for “Heavy” on Sug Daniels’ YouTube channel.


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Image provided by Nathalie Antonov

Wavy Trees Embrace Weirdness In New Music Video “Nobody Cares”


After the success of their debut single “I Wanna Go Out,” Wavy Trees are back with a new music video for their latest single, “Nobody Cares.” An ode to the distracted nature of our world today, the video depicts the loneliness of being weird amongst people trying to fit in, and the happiness that can be found when you finally meet a person who can accept you and be a little weird too. 

“Everyone has a story but not everyone is in the best chapter of their story, so ‘Nobody Cares’ is a call to all to take a second to help each other in these fast times we are living in.” – Wavy Trees

If Wayne’s World and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure collided in an alternate reality House party, Los Angeles based Wavy Trees would be the band playing in the backyard.  The cosmic bartender at this gathering would be mixing swaggering hard rock riffs with the attitude and energy of garage-punk, dumping it into a shaker and pouring out a potent cocktail of we-could-give-a-fuck fun.

Wavy Trees is made up of Zack “Moondog” Smith on lead vox/guitar/piano, Jason Espirito on guitar, Brian Duke on bass/guitar, and Jack Gallner on drums. The band is produced by the legendary Jay Baumgardner (Seether, Bush, Papa Roach, Lacuna Coil, Otherwise), and Ron Geffen from Rockland Studios helped bring the video to life.

“The real story behind the video is, instead of thinking about how crazy someone looks doing something or judging anybody, we should accept everyone for however they are no matter what they look like, sound like or whatever situation they are in. We can’t all just work all our lives and get lost in the system that leads to nothing! We gotta take the time to be weird, do what we want and be there for eachother.” – Wavy Trees

Check out “Nobody Cares” on the band’s official YouTube channel, and stream the song on all streaming platforms today. 

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M.A.G.S. Is Forced To Address The Dichotomy Of Fear And Love In His Retro Dream Pop Banger “Choked Out”



The Debut Album, Say Things That Matter, Out August 13 via ONErpm 

M.A.G.S. finds himself in yet another alternate reality in what he calls the sonic multiverse. Fans watched him solve his own murder in “Smile” – a lesson in letting go of what no longer serves you – and they followed closely in “Sunrise,” as he wandered a seemingly deserted beach waiting for clarity and patience to save him. Back again with the third single from his debut album Say Things That Matter, M.A.G.S. is forced to address the dichotomy of fear and love in his retro dream pop banger “Choked Out.” The visual, directed by Mitch deQuilettes, is available for watch here.

“Sometimes the darkest part of the human experience is the constant battle between the truth and what our inner voice tells us. We realize our fears because it’s easier to accept the lies we feed ourselves, rather than standing up and trying to change our way of thinking.” – M.A.G.S.

M.A.G.S. is the solo moniker for Buffalo-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Douglas. His style seamlessly glides between genres ─ from funky garage to minty alt-pop ─ and hooks you in almost immediately. His universal appeal feeds his success, and it’s never at the expense of his art. Elsewhere in his blossoming catalog, songs like “Mvp” and “Hi Tops” zig-zag from visceral, gnarly heavy metal to lo-fi folk-rock, respectively; his musicianship is a marvel to witness, each entry building on the last with refreshing acrobatics.

M.A.G.S. released his first solo record in 2015, an EP titled Cellophane, and his self-titled LP arrived two years later – securing a seat amongst the most prominent indie/alt-rock artists. With his new batch of music, Douglas displayed marked growth in vocal prowess, overall, musicality and lyrical bite through the release of 2020’s Lost Tapes EP. 

M.A.G.S.’ debut album, Say Things That Matter, drops 8/13/21 via ONErpm

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Prinze George’s “Off My Ass” Is A Reflection Of Loss, Grief, And Finding Yourself Amongst Darkness


Alt-pop group Prinze George releases Off My Ass on all DSPs today after premiering the track on American Songwriter’s Bringing It Backwards podcast. “Off My Ass” is the interpersonal journey of vocalist Naomi Almiquist, navigating her life amidst sudden loss, moving to Los Angeles, and the unfulfilled lows of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the words of a friend and an art installation about the San Andreas Fault, “find balance during unstable periods, turn fears into meditations, and remember the earth shouldn’t move you; you should move with it” – Naomi was fueled with inspiration to pen her personal struggles in song. 

The track reflects a turning point for Naomi Almquist. The ending lyric “But I am sunshine in the rain,” tributes to Naomi’s self-realization to love herself unconditionally. 


Off My Ass is really the first hug I have ever given myself through my work. I am a deep feeling person and become very angry/explosive when I am hurting. I make mistakes. I don’t know how to lie about how I feel. No matter how awful I’ve been to other people in moments of weakness, I have always been, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute hardest on myself. 


Writing ‘Off My Ass’ has taught me how to be wiser, calmer and kinder to myself. Which in turn has made me more open/kind to the people around me, because that’s how love works. No matter how significant or insignificant other people decide it is, I will always think of this song as the one that really saved me.” – Naomi Almquist of Prinze George


Inspired by their hometown roots of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Prinze George is an American Alternative Pop band formed by life-long partners Kenny Grimm (Producer) and Naomi Almquist (Vocalist) in 2013. Soon after, the two recruited then-student Isabelle De Leon (Drummer) while at college. Influenced by a wide array of genres – from folk to electronica to R&B – Prinze George’s music takes the listener on an emotional, introspective journey. With strong harmonics rooted in live instrumentation, danceable grooves in the outer layer of their discography, and themes of love, friendship, loss and perseverance – Prinze George is emerging and transcending across radars, giving a fresh perspective to the pop genre lyrically and sonically.


Following the release of their self-titled EP Prinze George, the band went on tour with Albert Hammond Jr as direct support in 2015. Bolstering their growing reputation, they dropped their debut album, Illiterate Synth Pop, in 2016 and joined Lewis Del Mar on his North American Tour. After impressing fans at festivals like Austin City Limits, Eaux Claires, and Firefly with their nostalgic, synth-soaked sound, innovative and distinctive lyrics, and mesmerizing, gripping performances, the band released their last EP, Airborne in 2018. Around the same time, Naomi and Kenny were given the opportunity to write songs for actor/director Til Schweiger’s film “Head Full of Honey” in Europe. They continued to expand their loyal following and break genre barriers thanks to a string of collaborations in 2019 with some of the industry’s top artists like Carnage, Diplo, G-Eazy & Wiz Khalifa (“Slot Machine,” “Letting People Go” & “Wait For Me”). Their latest EP effort, Happy Garden, dropped March 26th of this year, featuring singles “Garden in the Sky,” “Taller,” and “Centuries.” 


Head on over to Bringing It Backwards on American Songwriter for the exclusive interview with Prinze George, and stream Off My Asstoday on all DSPs. 

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Brother Duo Eighty Ninety Talk Their “808s and Telecaster” Sound, Production Process, and RSVP Link For Upcoming Show


Brothers Abner and Harper have been making music almost their whole lives. With their first single, “Three Thirty,” they formed their current project, Eighty Ninety. Receiving a spot on Taylor Swift’s, “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist, with their single, “Your Favorite Song,” the brothers have been on a steady trajectory to success. Writing and producing all of their own songs which have elements across all different genres from pop to indie rock to dance, the duo has crafted their own sound that they self describe as “808s and telecaster.”


Eighty Ninety will be  playing a small in-studio show on March 30th at Douglass Recording that will be filmed and live streamed on YouTube / Facebook. You can RSVP here to go in person or RSVP here to watch the live stream.  


Listen to “Your Favorite Song” here: 


Cliché: How did you get your start creating music together? Was this something you both always knew you wanted to do?

Eighty Ninety: We’re brothers, and have been playing music pretty much our whole lives. We always knew that we eventually wanted to be in a band together. It’s something we talked about growing up. So unofficially, we’ve been playing together for a while now. But Eighty Ninety started when we moved to New York and began working on what would become our first single, “Three Thirty”.


I recently saw you perform at the Ludlow House. It was awesome and the crowd was really engaged! What’s your favorite part about performing live?

Thanks so much for coming to the show, and glad you had a good time! Playing live is great because it’s a chance to just channel the emotions of the songs (rather than perfecting them, which is what the studio is for). It feels great and gives us a new perspective on the music that we can take back to the studio. Because of that, playing in-progress songs live sometimes is the final step before we finish producing them. Also, nothing is more motivating and incredible than meeting the people who come to the shows. We did an east coast tour last fall and saw our first Eighty Ninety tattoo — hard to put that into words.


You’ve been receiving recognition across the industry, including Taylor Swift putting you on her playlist, “Songs Taylor Loves.” What does it all mean to you and for your continuing success?

Taylor Swift adding “Your Favorite Song” to her playlist was a totally surreal moment for us in a lot of ways. We have so much respect, admiration, and unabashed fan-love for her and her music music (Abner once saw her two nights in a row) that it was definitely a pinch-me moment and also so motivating and inspiring to keep going and trust ourselves to keep making the music we want to make. And having “Three Thirty” connect and go viral the way that it did was amazing in a different way — seeing how many people across the world have listened feels like real evidence that writing and making something so personal can resonate in a universal way. That was really moving. It would be an understatement to say we didn’t expect any of this – we’re so grateful every day.


Describing yourselves as “808s and telecasters” is such an interesting and perfect way to describe your sound. Can you tell me a little more about your instrumentation and style?

When we’re in the studio we don’t really think about genre and as a result there are elements of pop, electronic, country, dance, and indie rock in our songs. “808’s and telecasters” felt like a good way to get that across – but also highlights the two things that show up the most frequently. Live, we’re a three piece band (vocals, guitars, drums + samples and tracks) that comes across a little more rock — so that dichotomy is also in there.


You write, produce, and mix all of your songs right out of a small space in NYC. What does that process look like for you? How do your songs come to life?

We usually finish a song before we start to produce it. We think of production as doubling down on a song’s emotional core — so we need to be clear on what that is before we start producing. Once the song is finished we talk about a big-picture vision and how we imagine the song coming across. Then we’ll get down the basic (main guitar part or pad) and do vocals until they feel right. After that we slowly build up around the voice and keep pushing until we feel like it’s finished. That last part of the process sometimes takes an afternoon, and sometimes takes weeks.


Who are your own musical inspirations, and who are you listening to now?

We’re really inspired by the new artists we see around us – so those two things are one in the same. We have a constantly updated playlist called “Our Favorite Songs” (get it!) that right now has artists like FINNEAS, Muna, Phoebe Bridgers, The Band CAMINO, Yoke Lore, lovelytheband, Des Rocs, pronoun, LANY, Queue, Sorcha Richardson, Aaron Taos, Mallrat, Loote, The Japanese House. And of course Taylor Swift.


You’ve said that you love collaborating. Is there anyone specific in mind you want to have the opportunity to collaborate with, and why?

If anyone from that playlist that we just listed wants to collab in any way – our studio door is always open!


What can listeners expect from you coming up in the near future?

We’re in the final stages of finishing a new EP. The plan is to start releasing singles soon – and not to stop.


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Brother Duo Eighty Ninety and Their “808s and Telecaster” Sound, Production Process, and RSVP Link For Upcoming Show: Featured Image Credit: Mallory Turner 

Singer-Songwriter Tom Odell Releases “Half as Good as You” Duet with Alice Merton


One of the latest duets released in the indie singer-songwriter scene is a catchy new single, “Half as Good as You” by Tom Odell and Alice Merton. The song is irresistibly relatable, and not in a bad way. This song isn’t just a shameless guilty pleasure, it’s a legitimately good tune. Odell initially intended the song to be a solo work for his third album, but soon came to realize that the song could be stronger as a duet. And boy, was the decision the right one to make. The finished product is one that could become every hopeless romantic’s new favorite, merely because of the raw emotion behind the subject matter of the song.

“Half as Good as You” is Heartbreaking, Hopeful and Terribly Relatable

Have you ever experienced a relationship that just couldn’t work out no matter how hard you tried? Most of us have. Even if you haven’t, it’s hard to deny that “Half as Good as You,” is a song that parallels closely to the complex relationships in today’s busy atmosphere. Clearly, Tom Odell had this in mind when penning “Half as Good as You.” The song focuses on a relationship that will undoubtedly never work out. But what makes this a refreshing tune is the realization that no other person will quite compare to the one of the past.

While the lyrics are rather fatalistic, they’re also painfully honest. Odell and Merton voice separate verses and eventually come together in the conclusion that if they “ever find anybody half as good” then they guess “maybe that will do.” It’s sad, but also somewhat hopeful, without neglecting the truth. 

Odell and Merton Met at a Musical Festival Before Collaborating on “Half as Good as You”

"Half as Good as You"

Photo Credit: Tim Bruening, Billboard

Tom Odell is a singer-songwriter out of London, while Alice Merton is an up-and-comer out of Germany. So how did these two come to do a collaboration? The singers met each other in Munich at a music festival last year. Merton confessed that she was a fan of Odell’s since he released his first EP. “I loved his music. So when I found out he wanted me to be on a song I couldn’t really believe it.” Merton isn’t too well-known in the U.S. yet, but her pop-rock tune, “No Roots,” has held a number one spot in France and number two in Germany. If you’re already a fan of Odell, chances are you’ll love this collaboration. It’ll be easy to find yourself falling in love with Merton’s honest, powerful voice. The two singers mesh so well in “Half as Good as You” that you just may find yourself wishing for an entire album of Odell and Merton duets.


Listen to the song via Tom Odell’s Official YouTube page:


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Singer-Songwriter Tom Odell Releases “Half as Good as You” Duet with Alice Merton. Featured Photo Credit: RCA Records

Kississippi Dives Into Pop With ‘Sunset Blush’


Listening to Sunset Blush by Philadelphia’s indie darling Kississippi—otherwise known as Zoe Reynolds—feels like sitting shotgun in the summer, windows rolled down halfway, a lukewarm breeze passing by your shoulders. It gives the sonic effect of goosebumps. A fairly big step away from 2016’s EP We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, this release has pulled the project into a much more pop-influenced direction. This move comes across as extremely natural for Reynolds, who is diving into her own sound following the departure of former bandmate Colin James.

Her vocals are more confident than ever, and her songwriting is tender and sharp all at once. She bares it all on the breakout track “Cut Yr Teeth,” with lyrics that tap into the anxiety of realizing someone may not actually be who they appeared to be (“The​​ ​​person​​ ​​you​​ ​​made​​ ​​yourself​​ ​​out​​ ​​to​​ ​​be​ / would​​ ​​feel​​ ​​sorry​​ ​​for​​ ​​what​​ ​​you have​​ ​​done​​ ​​to​​ ​​me​.”) There’s something about the distance created by the use of the second person—that biting “you”—that makes it even more intimate. It’s almost as if she’s having a conversation with the listener, like they’re tapping into something they shouldn’t be. But then, in a way that only she knows how to, Reynolds brings you back into her world mere minutes later on “Red Lights” with one use of the word “we.” One of the sweeter tracks on the album, “Red Lights” is the unmistakably slow burn of a blush you can’t shake, with simple lyrics that say more than words usually can (“Red lights / Kisses on the nose / Hope we hit traffic on the way home.”)

There’s an energy present on this album that we haven’t seen before from Kississippi—partially thanks to anthemic tracks like “Easier To Love” and “Adrift,” which both drip with synths, while retaining an edge. With saccharine harmonies and upbeat, driving guitar parts, both tracks appeal to her new pop sensibilities. They are also undeniable highlights of the album, giving her vocals a chance to soar. Not only does Reynolds avoid the cheesiness that is often symptomatic of indie rock artists experimenting with pop flirtations, but she does so triumphantly. She creates a novel sound, a possibility which is always questioned in our ever-skeptical-of-pop world.

Sunset Blush is rare and remarkable, unearthing a ferocious femininity that has been there all along. It shows a clear progression for the artist, who is (unsurprisingly) seeing well-deserved success in the wake of its release. It’s already surpassing older releases on streaming platforms and showing no signs of slowing down—especially not after her tour with Dashboard Confessional.


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Kississippi Dives Into Pop With ‘Sunset Blush’: Featured image courtesy of Kississippi


4 Artists Who Should Try Another Genre


There’s been a few times we’ve listened to our favorite artists sing a particular note or cover a particular song, and us as the listeners choose to question what if they take it a step further? What if they create an original work in a different genre, giving us a seamless gift of music? With current works and vocal capabilities in mind, here a few artists who should try another genre.


An artist with a very flexible voice that spans numerous hits, stages and audiences, Beyonce is at the top of any list when it comes to venturing into another genre, and doing it well. With her most recent release Lemonade, she swam into various musical styles and spoken word, but her collaboration with Jack White for “Don’t Hurt Yourself” was especially thrilling for those stubborn to understand her artistry. Aside from it coming from a place of anger and betrayal, this song definitely showed her vocal capabilities to own a funk rock song with no hesitation. With something just as enthralling, intensive & a chance to show off her vocals, a performance-heavy track would be interesting to hear (and see!).


Let’s Try: Beyonce meets Lenny Kravitz’sTunnel Vision


FKA Twigs

This artist created a space for herself and her listeners, with her electronic, alternative R&B style & effortless performances. Twigs constantly pushes the expectations of her fans aside, keeping true to her sound but giving results that are unexpected yet still very much appealing and almost hypnotic to listen to. Twigs has a few songs where she gives her listeners a stripped-back feel such as “Good to Love.” Because her musical sound encapsulates her very careful and sweet sounding voice, it would be very interesting hearing it with more acoustic rock instrumentals that complement rather than take over her voice & songwriting.


Let’s Try: FKA Twigs meets The Cranberries’ “Roses”


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an artist evoking classic and modern styles across her discography. Taking on jazz, glam and dance pop, house, rock and little bit of country, narrowing down what genre Gaga should take a gander at next gives pause. Though some didn’t care for it, “Perfect Illusion,” featuring production by Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker, definitely kept in-style with Gaga & showed she’s capable of continuing with a synth & rock infused track. It’d be interesting to hear her bring her extravagant vocals & poetic lyrics to a song with more synth and carrying beat (the Eurythmics anyone?).


Let’s Try: Lady Gaga meets Eurythmics’ “Forever”



Usher is an artist that got his start in his early years, and thus grew up with a variety of different sounds, and wasn’t afraid to make his velvety-smooth voice a part of it. Everything from classic and contemporary R&B, dance pop, hip-hop, trap, indie pop & electronica, can be found somewhere in his discography. Along with various appearances in time for his love life, Usher has caused various debates among fans regarding sticking to a sound that enhances his vocals rather than drowning it in heavy production An example of a mature sound was “Here I Stand,” that featured on his fourth album. The love ballad featured various instruments, like the keyboard, soft drums, and piano that were layered to give harmony to Usher’s voice. It was slow paced, but rhythmic. It evoked comparisons to Stevie Wonder influences with production from Drev & Vidal (Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild) and Polow da Don. It would be complimentary for Usher to try more within the soul genre among the wide universe that R&B has taken over the years.


Let’s Try: Usher meets Stevie Wonder’s “Moon Blue”


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4 Artists Who Should Try Another Genre. Featured Image Sourced from Wikimedia Commons. All photo credits to Yne Van De Mergel, Bobo Boom, RocBeyonce, and Eli Watson

Indie Artists You Should Know


Here at Cliché, we love to highlight new musicians that provide enjoyable content on the most accessible platforms. I owe many of my nights scouring for more material to add to my current music library to platforms like Bandcamp or even Pandora in its early days, recommending new artists and new sounds to my ears. Think of this as an ongoing mixtape series, from a person who wants the absolute best for you: good music and a great, growing collection. Read on for some indie artists you should know about.



His stage name, a play on words, references extensive journey or travel, from the Homer work “The Odyssey” and Odysseus’ decade-long post-war trek. This artist seems to do the same within his own lyrics in “Things.” The track brings memories of a car with suede or leather seats on a bright sunny day cruising through the neighborhood. How often do so many of us fall into the trap, believing that no one understands what we’re going through during our trek in this life? The rapper speaks of the common habit, but in the end, we’re going through the same ‘things.’ (So I’m holding onto pressure like it’s all mine/That ain’t sweat, it’s just the way I keep the floor shined/Everybody queued up in the long grind/Thinking that we next in the short line) The beat and pacing may be a bit off for us all, but sometimes the lyrics, the show, or presentation, may read the same.
Intro Track: “Things”
New Listen: “Like Really”

5 Independent Artists to Watch


The days before the creation of the CD became huge, and the internet became accessible to everyone (in theory), being an independent artist was nothing to scoff at. It still isn’t, if you think about it. One of the many purposes of any record label, are to produce, distribute, and protect the musician’s work to an audience. Being signed to a label, again, in theory, ensures that the artist has the major tenants handled, while it is their job to produce sellable content. Even the last sentence is too ‘business’ but it’s the reality for many labels, no matter how many music lovers are staffed. For aspiring artists wanting their work available and noticed in time, being signed can become a nightmare. One of the major reasons artists stay away from major labels (independent) or remain unsigned (free agent), are to keep control of their work and productivity. Famous unsigned artists include notable rock names like Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead.

But what is an independent artist in 2017? ‘Independent’ in today’s music scene, is an artist without a major recording contract, and or, remains largely in control of their music with a lesser known, and funded (indie) label.
Here are five independent artists to watch, keeping it between the music and making their way to our ears.
Chance the Rapper (unsigned)
Intro Track: “Juice”
During a YouTube music crawl, eventually the site finds picks that are not only trending, but fits your music tastes. I don’t recall the song I was listening to, but something told me to click a particular thumbnail. Hearing Chance’s dynamic voice open in the style of old-bluesy bar music and segue into a boast of someone hitting mainstream … safe to say it’s addicting.
New Listen: “Blessings” feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Anderson Paak, BJ the Chicago Kid & Raury
Hannah Diamond (PC Music)
Intro Track: “Paradise” feat. Charli XCX
The second track on Charli’s Vroom Vroom EP, the future pop pumps through, as Diamond joins XCX in this mash by producer and label mate Sophie. Together they sing to a robotic yet joyous electronic boom about a special person. Her innocent and child-like voice is a great mesh to Charli’s bold and mature take on this track.
New Listen: “Make Believe”
Julie Byrne (Ba Da Bing! Records)
Intro Track: “Vertical Ray”
A soft longing for something beyond her window, this is a song showcasing Byrne’s poetic ability. Short yet long in emotion and relaxation, she sings about her life and ways about the land around her. Byrne’s voice is a great addition to any playlist for some hushed time alone.
New Listen: “Follow my Voice”
Dawn Richard (Our Dawn Entertainment)
Intro Track: “Tide: The Paradox Effect”Danity Kane fans were heartbroken to hear once again, the group disbanded. Unfortunately it wasn’t too amicable, but those interested in Richard, awaited her next move. After giving a co-ed Total, and EDM sound with Diddy-Dirty Money, a group with P. Diddy and singer Kalenna Harper, Richard remained under the radar until news of solo work. Showcasing her vocals, careful production and a pretty cool visual, Dawn attracted attention for current DK fans on her side, and intrigue with her commanding and ethereal sound.
New Listen: “Renegade”
Moonchild (Tru-Thoughts Records)
Intro Track: “Winter Breeze”
This track is a mix between the soft-keys of early 2000s neo-soul (think Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild or Ms. Badu) and a feel of Corinne Bailey Rae in vocals. The group makes sure to be on Bandcamp and reach out during a Pandora shuffle. Very relaxing and a track to sip something warm to. With a DJ Jazzy Jeff remix (an upgrade of a 2015 release) on Spotify, and sign-offs from noted legends, they’re on the quiet rise.
New Listen: “The Truth” (DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyer Remix)
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5 Independent Artists to Watch. Photos courtesy of: Dawn Richard (@DawnRichard), Chance the Rapper (@chancetherapper), Hannah Diamond (@Hannadiamond_), Ba Da Bing! Records, and Tru-Thoughts Records

Beach Weather Chat New EP, ‘Chit Chat,’ and More


Indie-pop group Beach Weather is a back with a new EP and an upcoming tour. The group found success with their first EP, What A Drag, which was released in 2015. Their upcoming EP, Chit Chat, is in a different style than the first and features six new songs. Here, we chat with Nick Santino, one of the three members of Beach Weather, about What A Drag, the band’s success, and touring.
Cliché: When did Beach Weather form and how did you all come together?
Nick Santino: I started Beach Weather in the spring of 2015 while I was still pursuing my solo project. I missed sharing the stage with bandmates and had the idea for the new project. I crossed paths with Austin and Reeve from playing music in the past and reached out to them about this new idea. We started touring late that same summer and here we are over a year later!
What would you say is the biggest influence to your music? Where do you find your inspiration?
We just like to create music, especially when it is new and refreshing. We don’t set out to sound like anyone else because that sound is already taken. Musically, we listen to a little bit of everything, really. I think our music specifically is influenced by all of that. We draw inspiration from everywhere.
Can you tell us about your new EP, Chit Chat? How is this EP different from your previous music?
Chit Chat came together a bit differently than the first one. We really sat down and jammed through these songs before recording them to ensure they are exactly how we want the songs to be played and to be heard.

We don’t set out to sound like anyone else because that sound is already taken.

You’re going to be touring soon. What do you enjoy most about touring?
We love playing for new crowds and meeting new people! This band is still a newer project so it’s always a thrill to see people getting into our music. We just got back from touring the UK and it was really special to see so many people in the crowds singing along.
Do you write your music together?
Yes, in several senses of the word. We write in numerous ways. Sometimes it is physically together in a room, and sometimes it is sending ideas via text message, vocal memos, or sharing lyric ideas. We live in different states, so we try to make that not affect our creative process in any way.
What has been the most exciting part of your success thus far?
It’s always exciting to release new music and see how people react to it. That never gets old. We can’t wait for everyone to hear this new EP!
If you could give one piece of advice to bands trying to make it in the industry, what would you say?
I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and I can say from experience: if it’s something you love doing, then don’t give up on it. Take your time. Give it your all. Take breaks. Breathe. And keep moving forward. Don’t strive for success. Let it find you wherever you are.
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Lauren Wilhelm Interview


Free-spirited, powerhouse, soulful—all these words describe singer-songwriter Lauren Wilhelm, also known as Dazy (The Girl). Hailing from Tallahassee, Wilhelm has already made splashes with her cover of The 1975’s “Chocolate” and will be performing at Warped Tour this summer. We had a Lauren Wilhelm interview about finding inspiration for her music and lyrics and her upcoming plans.


Photo credit to Matt Burke

Cliché: First, any reason in particular you decided to cover The 1975’s “Chocolate?”
Lauren Wilhelm: It was actually a last-minute decision the day before I had an acoustic performance at the Gunz show. My buddy the Heavy Empty suggested the song and I was skeptical because I had no idea what any of the real lyrics were. We made it work and I enjoyed singing it so much that I decided to add it to my setlist.

What other music would you like to do covers of?
I just finished recording and mixing my next cover “All Of Me” by John Legend. I really like how it turned out! Pretty soon I’m taking it back to my roots and am going to do some Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.

Your soulful version of that song follows closely to the soulful, pop sound of your single “I Told You So.” What draws you to that type of music?
I think it’s just my voice that has that bluesy raspy sound to it. It’s not really a sound I’m trying to create, it’s just my words with my feelings coming through my vocal chords. It’s a natural feeling to me.

You describe your music as “aggressive pop with a little rock and intense soul.” How did you find a balance between these three different sounds?
The underlying theme in those words is “passion.” I’m passionate about singing and having my songs heard, so they reflect that. I enjoy a catchy tune that can be both meaningful and memorable.

When writing your own music, what is your process like when coming up with the sound and the lyrics?
It’s different every time. Sometimes a song comes to me when I’m playing the piano or guitar. My favorite songs I’ve written have come to me while sitting alone in the back of someone’s car on a road trip. I used GarageBand for the last eight years or so, and that’s how I got a lot of my music heard. I’ve recently (finally) upgraded to ProTools and my whole life has changed. It’s easy being able to record myself in my home studio.

You’ve said that your mom was a big musical influence growing up. How did she influence the type of music you listen to, as well as the music you make now?
That woman could harmonize to a vacuum cleaner. She really taught me the importance of finding pitch and harmonies. She listened to a lot of Enya growing up, and I still love that spacey sound in songs. (Think Coldplay.)

What is it like getting to work with Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade (also your boyfriend)? Are you thinking about any future music with him?
It was great being able to do something with him finally. He’s a pretty laid back guy, so being in the studio was just as relaxing as being at home. As far as future music, who knows! Nothing planned as of right now, and I’d like to see who else I can collaborate with.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming performance at Warped Tour?
Expect sensual, sexual lullabies and a good f-ing time!


Photo credit to Matt Burke