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How to Shop Sustainably for 2021


The end of 2020 marks the long-awaited finale to a disastrous year. But it also provides new opportunities: the end of the Trump administration opens up opportunities for movements and rights as restrictive legislation ebbs. But an issue that is perhaps one of the most pertinent is the environment.

The fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of water supply and contributes to 10% of total carbon emissions; and in total 10% of all textiles travel to landfills every year, as reported by BusinessInsider. If this trend persists, we can expect to see retreating glacier ices, alterations in climate-privy environments, and the disappearance of the year-round sea ice in the Arctic, as told by Climate.gov. It means losing Instagrammable igloo hotels and the extinction of more animal species upon those lost just earlier this year. It’s vital that the upcoming year is met with action then. 

Here are some tips to help:

1. Try your best to avoid fast-fashion brands – buy second-hand

The appeal of fast-fashion hidden behind big companies like Forever 21 and YesStyle is its inexpensiveness. This is made only by cheap, horrid cuts in human rights like their exploitation of child workers in underdeveloped nations. Instead, look to buy second hand from sellers through Instagram, Depop, and Poshmark, among others. Thrifting is also an option, however, use discretion as increased consumerism can drive prices up making thrift stores inaccessible to low-income families. 

2. Buy locally

Buying second-hand is half the battle as domestic shipping in and of itself causes pollution via gas emissions and packaging. Of course, there are circumstances that necessitate it but consider buying from local shops if you can. Buy from local businesses this gradually post-COVID environment as it supports them and you never know when you’ll find your next unique piece.

3. Research, research, research

When buying from companies otherwise, make sure to do your research beforehand. Utilize websites like https://goodonyou.eco/ to review a company’s efforts towards sustainability before investing in their work. 

Whether this article is a launchpad or a continuation of your awareness, make sure to continue researching and educating others on fashion sustainability. The effects of global warming on our environment are enduring and persisting and so should we be in trying for a better life. 

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What’s inside Jennifer Lopez’s JLO Beauty launch?


Cue the dance music, we are celebrating today! Two weeks ago when Jennifer Lopez hinted at the creation of her new beauty line on her Instagram page, the JLovers we’re asking some need-to-know questions. Is it a makeup line? Is it a skincare collection? 

After patiently waiting for the reveal of JLO Beauty, we are no longer curious. Announced today on @jlobeauty was the official lineup for her new skincare line. Featuring eight glow enhancing products from eye creams to cleansers, JLO is sharing her secret to achieving timeless skin. 

While it seems to be the recent trend for celebrities to create their own beauty line, bringing something new to the table is quite important. Luckily, JLO knows how to refer back to her roots and connect with her fans like it’s the early 2000’s and Jenny just came back on the block! Lopez is bringing a fresh, new spin to the launch of beauty.

If there’s anyone that can wear beauty on the inside and out, it’s JLO. Our favorite surprise from the reveal was her passion for taking care of your body and well-being. She told Elle USA that beauty starts with self love, positive thinking, and taking your dietary supplements! Being released in the collection mid-January is her very own dietary supplement to help you maintain and care for that inner love.  

As if you needed another reason to #fangirl over JLO (besides the obvious), in her Instagram Live Stream she connected with her viewers on how important to her it was to create affordable pricing. After all, beauty is really for everyone.

“I wanted to create everyday products that were affordable, yet still very luxurious,” said Lopez in her Instagram Live. “I love them, I know you guys are going to love them.”

Touching on her chic, gold product packaging in the live, she said “they are beautiful products and they will look so nice on your vanity.” 

JLO Beauty prices range from $18 – $79. Sign me up (literally)! 

Starting now, you can sign up on jlobeauty.com to get early access and pre-order her newest collection on December 8th! 

Here’s what’s inside Jennifer Lopez’s newest beauty and skincare collection: 

THAT JLO GLOW Multitasking Serum 


THAT BIG SCREEN Broad Spectrum SPF 30


THAT HIT SINGLE Gel-Creme Cleanser 


THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster 

THAT INNER LOVE Dietary Supplement 

The secret to soft and glowy skin doesn’t end at your nighttime facial routine. To wrap up the Instagram Live launch, JLO told her viewers to stay tuned for 2021 because “there will be a glow for body coming out later next year.” 

Once again, JLO you’ve done it again! Congrats on the beauty launch! Follow @jlobeauty on Instagram for more product updates and more.

Images provided by @jlobeauty and @lacarba.
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Luka Sabbat is GenZ Fashion


Whether you recognize him from Freeform’s new Grown-ish or the oversized coat meme from this past winter, Luka Sabbat has been heralded as “the coolest kid on the internet” since he was 18 years old.

That was back when the native New Yorker began his modeling career by walking at Yeezy’s Season 1 presentation at New York Fashion Week in 2015. Now the digital sensation has stretched his career out far past just modeling. As a self-titled “creative entrepreneur,” Sabbat has ambitions across many different lines which can be seen in his project HOTMESS, created with Noah Dillon. The collaboration not only involves photographs, but clothing, furniture, and anything else that the two want to artistically explore. With a fluidity through his interests, absurd style, fashion takes, and interest in his individuality, Sabbat is capturing something quintessentially GenZ.

 GenZ has recently seized the fashion market as they’ve began taking up more and more consumer space. As someone at the forefront of the latest generation to come to age, Sabbat told Nordstrom’s blog that while there’s great content in the world, “I don’t feel like a lot of it was for my age group, or my scene. There needs to be more.” Rather than the old, traditional things we’ve all seen before, this new movement is focused on the fast-paced demand from something new and extreme. Since Sabbat determines his next process by Googling different combinations of key words to make sure his ideas are original, it is no doubt he shares this mindset.

Take one look at his Instagram and you’ll be met with a mix of high and low-fashion; Balenciaga mixed with some thrift shop find to create a style that wouldn’t look good on anyone else. There is an aura of authenticity and individuality in each of his outfits that makes it impossible to copy because it embodies him—as said to Miss Vogue: “I just do what I like, and I don’t really pay attention to what is being said.” This ethos can be seen throughout GenZ’s fashion interest. They want to look like no one else, to fight the expectations and ‘limits’ of traditional fashion. Rules like not being able to mix patterns or layer denim are things of the past. Wearing what speaks to you fills the GenZ fashion ethos.

 Beyond being an image of the growing digital native, Sabbat has inspiration out side of himself. Above all else, he told Hypebeast,

 “I dress like I’m in a video game” and cited Dudley from Street Fighter as his biggest fashion icon. As subcultures fade away with the digital, the  multimedia approach Sabbat—and many GenZers—takes to style is unsurprising. Kids no longer only have their favorite bands or TV shows to look up to but Instagram stars, YouTubers, video game characters, etc. Above all, however, in this new, fast-paced world, to be exciting and excited reigns supreme. 





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Luka Sabbat is GenZ Fashion; Image credits: @lukasabbat on Instagram; @grownish on Twitter

How Social Media can Inspire Your Interior Design


Social media has introduced us all to a whole new world online and, as part of that, a new window has opened into the world interior design. Now, if we wish, we can have an exclusive domain of designers and influencers filling our news feeds on a daily basis with their beautiful spaces and interior trends. Plus designers are continuing to act as the pioneers for our interior scene, it is bloggers and influencers that our taking everyday products to the people and creating content that inspires people. With that in mind, it is no wonder we are all turning into budding decorators and DIY addicts.

interior design photo

It is no surprise that Instagram is one of the main social media platforms for influencers. It can offer creative inspiration and is platform driven by visual imagery. With the app becoming the fastest growing social platform, a huge opportunity has presented itself for influencers to build a big following here.

As a marketing tool, Instagram allows an influencer to give their followers an insight to their personal life and for them to explore, see and read all about their beautiful homes. With still and moving images, followers can really ‘get inside’ an influencers home and find inspiration. Whilst doing so, this builds a relationship with the influencer and their audience (as well as promoting lots of different products too).

blog photoHere we have put together a handful of creative and clever social media influencers who you can learn from to enhance your interior design.

Emma’s Designblogg
Instagram: @emfex

A Stockholm based influencer, Emma allows you to get lost in hours of photographs of stunning interiors that are best described as Scandi-rustic. For soft minimalistic styles and functionalist beauty, this is the one for you.

Print & Pattern
Instagram: @printpattern

If you need wallpaper, fabric or wall illustration inspiration you can guarantee you’ll find it here. Combine both the blog and Instagram together and you’ll be overwhelmed with patterns that you can put into your home.

If, while reading this, you feel like these designs and inspirations simply won’t work in your home, maybe you need to consider buying some new furniture to dress up. A great place to start would be with a new bed for a comfortable and great night’s sleep – and to cover in beautiful bedding to make a design centrepiece. Divan Beds Centre has a great selection to choose from. The bedroom is a great starting point before moving on to the rest of the home.

instagram photoHabitually Chic
Instagram: @Habituallychic

Based in New York City, Habitually Chic is all about being modern with an uptown taste. From her Fifth Avenue apartment to her beautiful dressing-room, there’s much to be inspired by here. For all things fabulous, floral and bright, you won’t want to miss this account’s posts in your feed.

Jonathan Adler
Instagram: @jonathanalder

Looking at Jonathan Adler’s feed is like gazing into a fantasy of bright colours and styles from a diverse range of sources. Here you will learn how to mix together colours, prints and art in ways you never even dreamed off.

Apartment Therapy
Instagram: @apartmenttherapy

Keeping up with new trends, this is a small-spaced-focused account showing you everything from industry trade shows to fascinating before and after photos. It’s a great mix and gives you inspiration for your bedroom, office, living room and beyond.

So, whether you are seeking some inspiration to update your space or just fancy some interior escapism, these are the Instagram accounts that you need for inspiration.

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Images provided by Flickr CC License

Trending Halloween Makeup Looks on Instagram


It’s time to get your makeup brushes together because Halloween is right around the corner! Instagram is the best place to go for beauty inspiration and already we’re starting to see out of the box, kind of terrifying, but most of all, fun makeup tutorials for Halloween. If you’re having trouble deciding what you are going to be, fear not. I’ve gathered some of the most popular and trending Halloween makeup looks for you to try out this October.


It’s no surprise that a character from a movie that made $189,400,000 its opening weekend would be a popular costume this Halloween. People have already started to get creative with their versions of Pennywise from the movie It, but this one from @venomtoyaveins has to be my favorite.

Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow on Instagram


Nothing is better than waking up in the morning, sipping on a warm cup of coffee and scrolling through your perfectly curated Instagram feed. Photo after photo of on-trend outfits, exotic locations, and beautiful brunch spreads may cause some serious envy, but these images can also be inspirational.

Maybe your favorite Instagrammer tries a trend that you’ve been dying to put to the test and after seeing it on your feed you decide to give it a shot. Maybe you see a stunning picture of the Northern Lights in Iceland and finally take the leap to scratch that travel itch. Instagram is the perfect place to find inspiration of all kinds, but nowhere else is there such a diverse fashion culture. We have culminated a list of fashion bloggers you must follow on Instagram, trust us, your feed and inner fashionista will thank us.


Photo courtesy of Aspyn Ovard-Ferris @aspynovard on Instagram

Aspyn Ovard-Ferris
Aspyn Ovard is one of our absolute favorite fashion bloggers because aside from her Insta feed being *goals*, she has an online clothing store full of her favorite pieces. She stocks the online boutique with pieces that fit her personal style, so anyone can imitate her casual, girly look. Be sure to check out her store
 and her blog.


Photo courtesy of Luanna Perez-Garreaud @luanna90 on Instagram

Luanna Perez-Garreaud
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Luanna Perez-Garreaud’s grungy street style gives us major 90’s vibes. She totally embraces the return of chokers with platform shoes and is the perfect inspiration to go a little edgy sometimes. Her blog 
features her killer outfits, beauty posts, home decor and a travel section.


Photo courtesy of Tess Christine @tesschristinexo on Instagram

Tess Christine
Not technically a fashion blogger, Tess Christine is still a total trendsetter in our books. The YouTuber features tons of really unique outfits and photos from her travels on her feed, and we cannot get enough. Youtube is her main fashion platform and her videos cover everything from her outfits of the week to outfit essentials.


Photo courtesy of Alyssa Campanella @alysscampanella on Instagram

Alyssa Campanella
This last blogger embodies everything we love about European style. She wears structured, classic and delightfully girly pieces; and her entire wardrobe pretty much consists of dresses. Ever the world traveler, Alyssa Campanella’s posts always seem to be in foreign places, which gives us serious travel fever. Her blog features sections for food, travel, beauty, and of course—fashion.

Whether you’re in a style rut or would just like to beautify your Insta feed, these fashion guru’s will certainly add some flair and pizzaz to your morning scroll.

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Beauty Brands You Must Follow On Instagram


It’s no secret that Instagram is one of our favorite social networks ever created to share photos of who we are and what we love with the world. Making your Instagram into something “Instagram worthy” has become a social media goal for many of us in the past year. From monochromatic themes to colorful photos that just pop off of our screens—we’re constantly not only looking to create the best Instagram accounts out there, but to follow them too. 
Here at Cliché, we all can agree that some of the most beauty-full Instagram accounts out there are created by none other than beauty brands themselves. Amongst the limitless amount of beauty brands + Instagram accounts constantly being born within the social world, we’ve spotlighted the ones that are a need-to-have on your Instagram feed. So, grab your phones and get ready to hit that “Follow” button on each of these beauty Instagram accounts that will have you double tapping on every post that’s published. 


We’re sure you’ve seen the infamous hashtag #nofilterneeded. Glossier is the one badass beauty brand that defines that saying with photos that don’t even need said hashtag to prove so. Real is real with Glossier, from their shameless Instagram account to the au naturale ingredients used to create their products.


The Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram


This summer, Instagram has been swamped with pictures of celebrities, socialites, and our favorite artists. Instagram allows us, as the audience, to learn more about our favorite artists and connect with them on a human level. Disclosing behind-the-scenes pictures of their concerts, fabulous vacations bikini pics, and snippets of up-and-coming new songs, music artists have been using the top-grossing app to their advantage to accumulate followers, promote the release of albums, and products. From the reigning Instagram Queen Selena Gomez to the eccentric, lovable Tyler, the Creator, here are the artists you should be following on Instagram:

Selena Gomez: The Queen of Instagram – @selenagomez

when your lyrics are on the bottle ?

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Selena, who had the most-liked photo on Instagram, reigns Queen with 91.9 million followers. Revealing new hairstyles, promoting and providing behind the scenes of her Revival Tour, Selena has a good mix of superstar glam and fun-loving, carefree posts. Balancing friends, families, and fans, Selena Gomez humbly wears her crown as Queen.

Beyonce: Queen Bey – @beyonce

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Ever since the epic release of her visual album Lemonade, Queen Bey has acquired even more loyal and sometimes vicious followers. Though she does not post as frequently as other artists, when Beyonce posts a picture, she breaks hearts. There are currently 79.4 million followers apart of the #beyhive and there is definitely room for more. Beyonce proves that she will always be Queen Bey with her blend of fabulous headshots, snapshots from the Formation World Tour, and adorable family pics with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.

Katy Perry: The Fun Girl – @katyperry


A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Despite Katy Perry’s international stardom, she does not let her popularity affect her Instagram account. More carefree than other celebrities, Katy is able to remain the quirky girl we originally fell in love with. Promoting her new song “Rise”, posting hilarious photos and videos, capturing beautiful scenes while traveling, Katy’s 53.1 million followers are in for a constant thrill.

Ariana Grande: The Dog Lover – @arianagrande


A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Showing off her new bangs, Ariana Grande is the go-to account for posting cute animal pictures for her 80.1 million followers. An avid animal lover, Ariana likes to take adorable pictures of her growing litter, her new, chart-topping album Dangerous Woman, and eye-catching selfies. Also, Ariana has taken to Instagram to spread the word of the release of her Sweet Like Candy perfume and her newfound obsession of Pokemon Go.

Rihanna: The Bad Gal – @badgalriri

#PARIS we outchea!!! Tonight I’m all yours baby!!! Anti.World.Tour.

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Probably the most captivating account, Rihanna has immersed an impressive 41.9 million followers. Between Rihanna’s modeling pictures and her videos from her ANTI World Tour, it is difficult not to want to follow the superstar who is unafraid to own her sexuality. Also, with her collaboration with Puma, we get to see firsthand the amazing merchandize modeled by her.

Drake: Champagnepapi – @champagnepapi


A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Dominating charts and stealing hearts, Drake is the man to follow on Instagram with his 25.9 million followers. Drake likes to loyally shoutout his fellow OVO-mates, promote his chart-topping album Views, and give heart attacks with his “dope” pictures while on vacation. Also, instead of letting social media and memes affect him, Drake reposts the memes about him and continues to be the Toronto Raptor’s biggest fan.

Raury: The Indigo Child – @raury

24k Amethyst ?

A photo posted by raury (@raury) on

Appearing on the cover of the 2015 Freshmen Class, Raury has gained a lot of popularity since then. Posting pictures while on tour, scenic, earthy photos, Raury is a rising artists who is not afraid to get real with his fans. Down-to-earth with the cool-guy vibes, be apart of Raury’s journey to success and join his 125k followers.

Tyler, the Creator: The Eccentric, Lovable One – @feliciathegoat

Having no filter and 2.4 million followers, Tyler is the best account to follow for a genuine laugh. Never sure if you are going to get an announcements for a tour, hot new tracks, awkward bathroom selfies, or a picture with a nun, Tyler, the Creator is the most hilarious artist to follow on Instagram.

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The Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram: Photos courtesy of newsartnet.com, @selenagomez, @beyonce, @katyperry, @arianagrande, @badgalriri, @champangepapi, @raury, @feliciathegoat

Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over


A nice piece of jewelry is what can really pull an ensemble together. There are so many ideas and combinations that you can use when accessorizing your favorite jewelry pieces that make the experience so fun. However, the hardest part is finding what bangle, necklace, or rings you want to incorporate into your outfit. This is why social media like Instagram is so fun, they do all the  work for you. Check out these 5 jewelry companies (and their IGs!) for some style inspo for your next look.

Rocksbox Set_1

Rocksbox (@rocksbox)
Rocksbox takes all of the hard work out of accessorizing. Fancy event coming up? Job interview? First date? They have you covered. With a Rocksbox account you can have a stylist pick out personalized jewelry for you that you can “borrow” and whatever you are finished with you send back and if something catches your eye you can buy it and keep forever!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.51.21 AM

Harper & Jewels (@harperandjewels)
If you have a taste for expensive looking jewelry at a great price then Harper and Jewels is the company for you. Their Insagram and website harperandjewels.com regularly features beautiful pieces like the “Collette Crystal Silver & Black Statement Necklace” which is guaranteed to turn heads.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.52.36 AM

Jewels by Grace (@jewelsbygrace)
Jewels by Grace are for the seriously jewelry obsessed. Their antique one of a kind pieces are perfect for someone looking to splurge to have that must have piece in their jewelry collection. Take a look at their “Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Calibre Emerald Halo Ring” and see if you can stop yourself from drooling.

creativity-sm (1)

Chrysalis (@lovechrysalis)
It can be overwhelming sifting through a jewelry site and trying to pinpoint what you need the most. Chrysalis specializes in cute, colorful bangles that you can customize, mix and match, or purchase ready-made stacks. The founders of the company pledge to create jewelry that means something special and now have collections available all over the world in
the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

il_fullxfull.314743516 (1)

Copper Canary (@coppercanary)
If you find yourself frequenting Etsy a lot you may have stumbled upon Copper Canary’s page. With antique and vintage jewelry spanning fro engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets, Copper Canary caters to your fine jewelry tastes.

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Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over: Featured image courtesy of Rocksbox

Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and our Cliché family couldn’t be happier to celebrate our mothers and mother figures all round the world. In honor of all that they do, we’re introducing you to phenomenal mom bloggers that put the “super” in Super Mom with our Mother’s Day Blogger Series.

Marlyn Pena, from the Instagram page @littleredbowtique, is one momma that we’ve become smitten with. Each photo she posts is filled with glowing smiles, good vibes, and her delightful baby boy, Bryce. Her humble nature and modest, quirky style are something we absolutely adore, and just had to share with all of you. Get to know more about Marlyn and her beautiful life by reading our interview with her and catching up on her Instagram page!

Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Instagram?
Marlyn Pena: My son, Bryce, is definitely my number one inspiration. Time flies when you have a child, and I want to capture all of the little details of each stage he goes through. I love being able to scroll through my Instagram page to see how much he’s grown.

How do you manage to maintain your social network while being a mom? Any tips?
Many of the photos I post are just moments I snap throughout the day. I like to keep my phone close by just in case there’s a moment I want to capture. Most of my favorite photos are the candid ones.  

Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
Last year was my first Mother’s Day, and it was so special. Our family gets together and celebrates the three mothers in our family: my mom, my sister, and I. We go out and just get spoiled with love all day. I am so excited for this year’s Mother’s Day!


What’s a day in your life like?
We have a routine, but my little wild one likes to keep it far from boring. Bryce used to wake me up, but I’ve been waking up before him recently. I get to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit before my little boss awakes. Once he wakes up, I get him all ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we like to go on a walk. This seems to be his favorite part of the day. He is always giddy at the beginning of our walks. He’ll be smiling and admiring his surroundings. By the end of the walk, he’s fast asleep. Nap time is when I get things done around the house. When he wakes up, it’s lunch time. I feel like I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen. Whether I’m whipping up something or cleaning. The cleaning and laundry are never ending! During all of this I’m running after Bryce. He recently learned to walk, and this boy is nonstop! There are also days where he wants me to carry him around with me all day long. I don’t mind it one bit, because I know that these days are fleeting. I want to enjoy my little baby for as long as I can. Once daddy comes come, I’m chopped liver. Seeing them love on each other is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love my boys! We spend the rest of the day relaxing with daddy.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is simple, classic, and comfortable. You can usually find me in t-shirt and jeans. I’m still breastfeeding so most of my wardrobe is nursing friendly. Button down tops and dresses are my go-to’s!  


When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby, how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
My style has changed quite a bit ever since I became a mother. Comfort is my main focus now, because I don’t know how long I could last carrying my 24-pound baby in six inch heels. I do like to make an effort to get out of my PJs and clean myself up a bit everyday, because it makes me feel good. It’s so easy to get lost in motherhood. I believe it’s important to take care of ourselves to effectively take care of the others around you.

Scenario time! You have a ton of errands to run with your babe. What do you wear and bring to keep everything running smoothly?
Jeans, a button down top, and clogs are my mom uniform. Casual, comfy, but still presentable. Button down tops also make nursing so easy while running errands. My arms have gotten so much stronger ever since I became a mother. I say that Bryce is responsible for that, but I think my diaper bag has contributed as well. That thing is just as heavy as my child! Snacks are always number one if I want everything to run smoothly. Along with diapers and wipes, of course. A fed, clean, and well rested baby is a happy baby.

Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
Motherhood and dark circles go hand in hand. I am so glad concealer exists! I currently use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind. The coverage is amazing and it makes me look like I got a full night of sleep! I’ve also been using Maybelline’s Line Stilleto for a few years. It’s my go-to liquid eyeliner. It’s so easy to apply and stays on all day!

What do you hope to create and spread on Instagram?
Being a mother is amazing, but it can be overwhelming and lonely at times. I hope that my posts make someone feel that they are not alone. I have connected with so many amazing ladies with this little app that have encouraged me through the journey of motherhood. Ladies that I’ve never met in person, but that I consider my friends. I hope I can encourage and uplift others with my posts.

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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Marlyn Pena: Photographs courtesy of Marlyn Pena

5 Instagram Accounts that Will Inspire You to Live Healthier


Staying in shape can be a daunting task. It’s a lifestyle that stretches beyond the body and into the mind and soul. And with life’s many responsibilities and distractions, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. If only there was a place where you could find motivating images, delicious recipes, healthy snack ideas, workout videos, and wellness and weight-loss tips. Oh, but there is, and it’s none other than one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram. So, we picked what we felt were the top 5 Instagram accounts that will inspire you to drop that doughnut, get off the couch and hop on the treadmill but only after you’ve scrolled down their addicting timelines for five more minutes.

1) “It was Fit, Fam”

Instagram Handle @FitFamInstagram

This 20 year-old entrepreneur and gym rat posts motivational photos, funny posts and occasional workout videos. He has created a “Fam” of over half a million followers. His profile is all about the women with shredded physiques that will make you throw your excuses out the window and start doing some squats.


2) For the Lazy Girl

Lazy girls can be fit too! @LazyFitGirls will show you tips, tricks and work out routines to help you get in shape and stay healthy without compromising your couch-potato reputation.

3) The Yogi

Instagram handle @linneaslifestyle

This Chicagoan suburbanite is a woman with a dough-like physique. Linnea has been a yoga instructor and a lifestyle blogger for the past two years. She posts workout videos that are not only inspiring but also heart melting, featuring her son and occasionally their fluffy cat.

“He’s very dedicated,” Linnea says about her son, “he even attends my classes sometimes. He’s my greatest teacher and inspires me every day.”

4) The Ultimate Guide

These following accounts and many more are all operated by one person and they have millions of followers combined. No wonder! Their content is amazing, ranging from tips for weight loss, to work out videos, and even healthy recipes. Check them out: @DetoxGuide@Fatloss.Guide  @SlimWaistGuide@ExerciseGuide@IGFitGuide


5) Health Facts

Staying motivated and having a plethora of work out routines is not enough to remain healthy. @FactsofHealth will give you interesting info about food and introduce you to methods to maximize their health benefits. It’s like carrying a doctor in your pocket.

It also posts a lot of wellness and wholesomeness quotes that will inspire you to be a more positive and happy human.

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Featured image courtesy of CALIA by Carrie Underwood