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Sell Your House Using the Hottest Home Design Trends In 2020


If you want to know how to sell your house using the hottest home design trends in 2020, keep reading.  Interior design trends ebb and flow with the seasons.  But if you’re thinking of selling your home, you don’t want to invest time and money updating it according to the latest design fad—it will just put buyers off.

Even more so, if you’re struggling to sell a flat with a short lease or a house with an undesirable post-code—you have one chance to impress people viewing your property and how it looks really matters.  The good news is the next decade promises to bring a range of exciting new design trends. But you can also expect themes like sustainability and minimal functionality to remain top favorites. 

home design trends in 2020

StockSnap / Pixabay

So, here are the hottest home design ideas to help you sell your property in 2020. 

Futuristic Palette 

You can say good-bye to millennial pink and hello to neo mint. Inspired by the fusion of nature and technology, the home color palette is going to reflect macro trends and the wellness movement more. When re-painting your walls, go for off-whites, greyed blues in the kitchen and bathroom. Choose paper browns, bold golds and deep greens to go in the living room and bedroom 


home design trends In 2020

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Our fascination with the past continues to inspire home design into 2020. Whether it’s 1920’s art deco, 70’s disco or 80’s decadence—the current trend of mixing and matching the old with the new is expanding to incorporate more eras and themes. So, for example, hot trends will include mid-century retro furniture, Scandinavian homely minimalism, global fusion taking inspiration from around the globe.


The popularity of having plants in the home is a massive trend. Not only do plants bring a touch of beauty and elegance to our homes – they’re also good for us. As we learn more about the benefits of plants and trees both for the planet but also our own well-being and mental health, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of bringing the outdoors inside.  And before your protest you’re not green-fingered, there are heaps of plants that requires barely any care—such as succulents, cacti and Yucca trees. 

Geometric Shapes

Finally, the monopoly of carpet design focused on the square is ending. Instead, you can welcome the triangle, hexagon and oblong. Geometric shapes and global patterns are going to be big next year. From flooring to tiling imagine ethnic Nordic meet classic English herringbone.  What’s more, geometric shapes can bring a unique sense of timeless elegance to your home—and will really impress your prospective buyers.


The modern house-buyer is increasingly environmentally aware and socially conscious. When viewing properties, top of their list is energy-efficiency. For instance, is the house insulated so less energy is required to heat and cool it down?  

Make sure your home sustainable by applying the reuse-reduce-recycle approach. For example:  

Reuse — reuse reclaimed building materials from other projects rather than purchasing new ones such as salvaged wood flooring. 

Reduce — buy locally manufactured items or handcrafted artisan products like natural fabrics

Recycle — use renewable materials, or products with high recycled content as these have a lower environmental impact such as bamboo or cork wall paneling. 

Hybrid homes 

As our work and home life continue to collide, where we live needs to provide a counterpoint to ease our hectic lifestyles. As more people choose to work from home, the popularly of open plan living is a deal breaker for many people. Buyers want to have an integrated space where they can work, socialize, spend time with family, cook and even exercise.  If you have ideas on what the hottest home design trends in 2020 are, please let us know in the comment section.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration


Ever since I received the keys to my first home I’ve been on a home decor craze. To be honest, I’ve been reaching for kitchen goods, flowers, vases, wall hangs and more instead of fashion and beauty picks. I know—who is this woman and what have you done with Cliche’s Beauty Director? Trust me, I’m still me, just with a new obsession that you’ll want to join me in after you read this. I get my interior design inspiration from so many outlets, but most specifically from Pinterest and YouTuber Kate Spiers of Katelavie. When decorating, I try to create a balance between an effortless, rustic, artistic and playful living space. I alternate little details throughout the seasons, some of which include adding artificial flower bouquets for spring, warm tones for fall and fairy lights for winter. Now you may be asking what about summer? For this season of sunshine I’m gravitating towards fruit prints, wicker baskets, orange + pink combinations and stripes. Are you feeling the vibes?

With all the decoration updates that can happen within a year, keeping it affordable, while paying those bills, is a must. Over the past year I’ve found spots that let me make the most of my buck with high-quality and cutesy decor. Don’t allow yourself to be duped by expensive ones that are marketed all over social media. If you’re looking to make your summer home decor as hot as can be, without breaking a sweat, take a browse for places + items you’ll want to call home sweet home.


My #1 spot for finding an incredible bargain is HomeGoods hands down. Not every HomeGoods is a winner though. You have to check the ones near you all out to see which is the best to go to find a steal. Personally, I have been to probably 5 around me and 2 out of the 5 are sure winners. Visiting during early store hours or on weekdays is better too so you don’t have to deal with so much foot traffic. You want to take your time to peruse every aisle without feeling rushed as you move items to and fro. Some of my favorite finds here include candles, artificial flowers, stationary, baskets, rugs and furniture!

A recently new spot added to my list that is well deserved. I know, H&M, who would’ve thought? Don’t let your expectations fool you though. H&M has some of the cutest and trendiest pieces at prices that will make you want to add more than 1 of the same item to your cart. +10 please! Being a primarily fashion company makes them stand out. They always know what’s going to be “in style” before it even hits the market. I like to check out everything on their app. It’s way easier to navigate than their site I think, and you can easily see what’s new with just a tap of your nger. I recommend their vases, kitchen items and decor.

We all saw this one coming. Target is the suburbs fancy version of a Trader Joe’s meets K-Mart and none of us are mad at it. This spot will never get old, especially since it is always creating new store brands! Wondershop, Threshold, Hearth & Hand and more are exclusively Target owned and certainly keep us visiting every chance us decor-crazers get. One of my own Target secrets (although this may not be much of one if you already know) is to always check out their “dollar section” located near the entrance. It may appear to be a hurricane of mix & match items, but if you look, they include adorable items for so cheap. Think of office supplies, outdoor decor, pottery and even letter boards.


Not only can you buy supplies to create what they offer here, but you can purchase eye catching, artsy decor that’s almost always marked down. Michael’s is the bee’s knees for random discounts (i.e. spring black friday, anyone?) and making it known that they have them too (just ask their cashiers during checkout!). Recently, I bought a basket full of artificial flowers at my local Michael’s, all for 40% off. With them I created spring wreaths and added hues of oranges, pinks and yellows all over my living space. My rule of thumb for when visiting: Plan ahead. You don’t want to go here without an idea of what you want/want to create. Things can easily get out of hand and sooner than later you’ll be walking out with pipe cleaners, beads, paint and candy that you don’t know why you have.


Amazon has become a go-to for me, especially when I need something in a jiffy. It’s much more than just an e-retailer that you can order toilet paper or cat food from and have it delivered the next day if you’re in a hump. Amazon has a plethora of one-of-a-kind, quirky items that can make your home feel as unique as you. I enjoy constantly searching to find “the one” to add to my home knowing that I can have it at my doorstep same-week. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, but that’s what I like to call the thrill of the hunt. Check out their “Amazon Explore” page usually highlighted at the top of their home page. It includes a lot of interesting items gathered from your recent searches you may have never thought to see.


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5 Places for Interior Design Inspiration. Image Credits: H&M, Target

How Social Media can Inspire Your Interior Design


Social media has introduced us all to a whole new world online and, as part of that, a new window has opened into the world interior design. Now, if we wish, we can have an exclusive domain of designers and influencers filling our news feeds on a daily basis with their beautiful spaces and interior trends. Plus designers are continuing to act as the pioneers for our interior scene, it is bloggers and influencers that our taking everyday products to the people and creating content that inspires people. With that in mind, it is no wonder we are all turning into budding decorators and DIY addicts.

interior design photo

It is no surprise that Instagram is one of the main social media platforms for influencers. It can offer creative inspiration and is platform driven by visual imagery. With the app becoming the fastest growing social platform, a huge opportunity has presented itself for influencers to build a big following here.

As a marketing tool, Instagram allows an influencer to give their followers an insight to their personal life and for them to explore, see and read all about their beautiful homes. With still and moving images, followers can really ‘get inside’ an influencers home and find inspiration. Whilst doing so, this builds a relationship with the influencer and their audience (as well as promoting lots of different products too).

blog photoHere we have put together a handful of creative and clever social media influencers who you can learn from to enhance your interior design.

Emma’s Designblogg
Instagram: @emfex

A Stockholm based influencer, Emma allows you to get lost in hours of photographs of stunning interiors that are best described as Scandi-rustic. For soft minimalistic styles and functionalist beauty, this is the one for you.

Print & Pattern
Instagram: @printpattern

If you need wallpaper, fabric or wall illustration inspiration you can guarantee you’ll find it here. Combine both the blog and Instagram together and you’ll be overwhelmed with patterns that you can put into your home.

If, while reading this, you feel like these designs and inspirations simply won’t work in your home, maybe you need to consider buying some new furniture to dress up. A great place to start would be with a new bed for a comfortable and great night’s sleep – and to cover in beautiful bedding to make a design centrepiece. Divan Beds Centre has a great selection to choose from. The bedroom is a great starting point before moving on to the rest of the home.

instagram photoHabitually Chic
Instagram: @Habituallychic

Based in New York City, Habitually Chic is all about being modern with an uptown taste. From her Fifth Avenue apartment to her beautiful dressing-room, there’s much to be inspired by here. For all things fabulous, floral and bright, you won’t want to miss this account’s posts in your feed.

Jonathan Adler
Instagram: @jonathanalder

Looking at Jonathan Adler’s feed is like gazing into a fantasy of bright colours and styles from a diverse range of sources. Here you will learn how to mix together colours, prints and art in ways you never even dreamed off.

Apartment Therapy
Instagram: @apartmenttherapy

Keeping up with new trends, this is a small-spaced-focused account showing you everything from industry trade shows to fascinating before and after photos. It’s a great mix and gives you inspiration for your bedroom, office, living room and beyond.

So, whether you are seeking some inspiration to update your space or just fancy some interior escapism, these are the Instagram accounts that you need for inspiration.

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Images provided by Flickr CC License

Farah Merhi Proves There’s No Place Like Home


If you love interior design, you know Farah Merhi. With nearly four million followers and counting, Merhi has been inspiring people around the world through Inspire Me! Home Decor’s Instagram page. We chatted with Merhi about what drove her to pursue her dream, what continues to inspire her, and what’s to come in the future.

Cliché: Knowing how you started Inspire Me! Home Decor, what drives you to keep going?
Farah Merhi: When I launched Inspire Me! Home Decor on Instagram, it was an outlet for me to share my passion for interior design with others. Inspire Me! now serves as a platform that inspires homeowners as well as a platform for interior design professionals and self-taught designers to showcase their work with those who share the same passion. When I first launched my page and as months went by, I came to the realization that the economy had just picked up and people were starting to focus on home improvements, specifically redesigning rooms to give them an update. What was really interesting was that homeowners wanted to be involved in the process and were just looking for platforms that could simplify the process for them as they embark on their design journey. They were turning to social media for answers! That was my “AHA!” moment.
Since then, I have made it my mission to make Inspire Me! Home Decor a place to get inspired, get your daily questions answered through IG short videos, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and blogs. What drives me is the comments, emails, and private messages that come through daily from my viewers and followers who thank me and share what they have done, saying things like, “You’ve inspired me.” That is so humbling; I have to pinch myself every once in awhile! My followers are responding so well to the tips and tricks I share with them and that in itself is what drives me to keep going, and to keep looking for other innovative ways to help out homeowners.
You were just short of applying for law school until you switched gears. What motivated you to take that step and pursue your dream?
I was miserable—plain and simple; there is no other way to put it. A few semesters short of graduating and starting law school, I decided that I was done doing what I thought I wanted to do and start doing what I knew I wanted to do. I was struggling daily trying to build up enough courage to face my inner truth. How can one throw away all the hard work and effort, and what about the time that has passed? I had to dig deep to find the courage to face my truth.
Two things did it for me. We were remodeling our home and the sheer happiness I felt from redesigning my home and the realization that interior design made my heart dance with joy. That’s exactly what I wanted out of life! I have always had a passion for interior design. I helped friends and family out, but never really thought much of it since I had the idea of becoming a lawyer already set in my mind. There was no other way.
The second thing that did it for me was going through some personal family tragedy; it put things in perspective. Life is too short to do what you THINK you want to do! Live it to the fullest and do what makes your heart jump with joy! With my husband’s support and my parents’ as well, I am thankful to live my dream life every day.
If social media wasn’t around, do you feel you would be at the place you are right now?
If social media was not around, I predict that I would have opened my own interior design firm as a self-taught interior designer and still lived my life doing what I love doing. But would I reach the amount of people I reach every day? Not a chance. That’s the beauty of social media! It brings people together from all over the world. You get to share what you love with those who enjoy your posts, your work, and what you do. Brands and companies recognize your passion and your connection with your followers through social media. You then get the opportunities to collaborate and partner up with them, something you could only dream of doing from your office without the power of social media.
You now have nearly 4 million Instagram followers, becoming the number one interior design inspiration page while being a busy mother of three. How do you balance work and your personal life?
OH BOY! That’s the million-dollar question! Inspire Me! Home Decor is like my fourth baby. I’ve been building it and growing it from the ground up. This is a constant for me; I wake up thinking about IMHD, and I go to sleep thinking about IMHD, and it’s a struggle to completely turn it off sometimes. But of course my family comes first. My day starts at 7:30 AM; I work from home so I am in my office or out on consultation appointments, ordering furniture for my clients, filming or working on projects for my brand. By 5:30, I like to shut everything down and focus on homework, dinner, cleaning up, and bedtime. I still have to post on my social media in the evenings though. Most people don’t realize that I am the only one that posts on IG and Facebook. No one is allowed to touch those platforms, so it’s hard to completely relinquish this responsibility to others because every post is a reflection of my design esthetic. It’s also a way for me to connect with my followers. So to be completely truthful, I am still struggling to find the balance just like a lot of working moms or even stay at home moms.
Where do you pull your inspiration from for new ideas for clients?  
The work that I share is curated from everywhere. It doesn’t come from one set place. I get thousands of tags a day from professionals in this industry as well as interior design enthusiasts. My hashtag #inspire_me_home_decor has over 270,000 tags. I also receive daily emails from designers and their teams, sharing work for a possible feature. Aside from that, I like to explore and research images that will inspire my followers so I check out websites. Finally, I share my work as well!
As far as inspiration for work that I do for my clients, I attend furniture and home decor shows multiple times a year where I get to see firsthand what’s trending and what’s to come in the design world. There are certain designers who also inspire me with their creative work. Having a platform like Inspire Me! Home Decor, I am exposed to designs from all over the world which certainly inspires me in many ways as well.
Which project are you the most proud of to this day?
From a brand development perspective, I am most proud of the launch of my YouTube channel. For several years, I have seen questions come through with my followers asking for specific insight to help with their design journey. With over 3 million followers at the time, it was really hard for me to keep up with all the comments and questions that were pouring in. At the same time, it was hard to look the other way since my followers were turning to me as an expert and someone they closely connected with. So I decided, to better serve them, I would launch my YouTube channel as an extension of my Instagram page where I curate questions directly from Instagram and emails, and answer these questions through videos for better visual aid. I launched YouTube over five months ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
From a personal perspective, I am always proud of all the projects I take on for my clients. There is one project though, a project I am still working on, that I am particularly proud of. A young couple reached out to me for help in designing every room in their home. After interviewing multiple designers, they were frustrated that no one was “getting them,” as they said. The wife reached out to me and during our consultation, it was obvious that they were both frustrated. We are a few months into the project and the house is coming together beautifully. Most importantly, my clients are happy to see their house slowly turn into their beautiful home.
What plans are in store for Inspire Me! Home Decor?
Inspire Me! Home Decor continues to grow as a brand. I am currently working on projects that will start to launch in 2017. Unfortunately, I can’t elaborate on that just yet, but I can say every single decision and partnership I make, I make with my followers and subscribers in mind. Stay tuned!
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Farah Merhi Proves There’s No Place Like Home: Photos Courtesy of Farah Merhi