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Gaming with Disney XD’s Sophie Reynolds


Sophie Reynolds is a 17-year-old actress and dancer. As feisty gamer Ashley Parker on Disney XD’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, Reynolds feels that her character is important because she challenges the notion that gaming is a “boys’ club.” Here, we also discuss her love of dance, what she considers the highlights of her year, and what, in her opinion, makes filming television more special than film.

Luna Blaise Talks ‘Fresh Off The Boat,’ James Franco, and More


Luna Blaise is a girl of many talents. In addition to starring as Nicole on ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, the 15-year-old actress is also a singer, dancer, model, and activist. She’s involved in groups dedicated to both environmental and breast cancer awareness. She believes that when one has a platform, he or she should use it to the fullest to let their voice be heard and make a difference. Here, we discuss Blaise’s past acting experiences, dream roles (Maria from West Side Story), and what has been her favorite part of being on Fresh Off The Boat since its inception two years ago.

How Artist Alexander Found His Sound


Alexander has been writing and performing music for more than a decade. In his 10+ years of music playing, he has experimented with a number of different genres and has been inspired by a wide array of artists. In his most recently released EP, Alexander, and single “Can’t Sleep Without You,” he sets his sights on what he describes as a combination of pop, classic rock, and punk. Here, Alexander talks about how he found his sound, when he knew it was the right one for him, his creative process, and more about what makes this Nashville boy tick musically.

Mayberry Opens Up About Latest EP, ‘Beautiful Mess’


Being from Edinburg, Texas, a self-described small town, the members of the band Mayberry (Andrew Vela, Brayden Dillard, and brothers Esteban and Hector Rodriguez) feel that they have to work harder to succeed than if they were from a larger city. They do not see this as a slight, however. For them, the hard work is worth it. Not only does this small town of Edinburg have an affect on their work ethic, but it also has an affect on their writing.

Parisa NYC: From Heartbreak to a Bag Collection


Every designer has a story, and Parisa Wang is no exception. Growing up in China, Wang was not encouraged to pursue an art or fashion career of her own. Despite this, Wang chose to chase her dreams and recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring handbags with a story of their own. We love her designs and her “Love Affair” concept behind her handbags. Read on for an exclusive look behind Parisa NYC!

Haley Reinhart is Better Than Ever


Although American Idol has officially ended its run, there are a few names that still resonate with you after all these years. Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson… Oh, and now, Haley Reinhart. She blew up the Internet and pulled on your heartstrings when she performed the much slower rendition of Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” during an Extra Gum commercial. But don’t stop listening just yet. With her new EP Better out now, Reinhart leaves us all wanting to hear more and more of her voice.

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