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Christine Toy Johnson Wants You to Join Her In Imagining a Wider World


Christine Toy Johnson is a busy woman. She can presently be seen in no less than three vastly different projects – Iron Fist, You, and Come from Away. The actress, playwright, and director clearly relishes each of her crafts, approaching every aspect of her work with unparalleled creative insight and reflection. But perhaps Christine’s most ...

Iron Fist Review: Barely Had Any Power in Its Punch


This latest Marvel Netflix show before the culmination of these Marvel shows with The Defenders was definitely built on a significant amount of fan hype and justice for the comic book character. Unfortunately, the martial arts superhero show barely had any power in its punch coming off with some decent action sequences and a good supporting character but overall leaving a very lackluster, dull, and structure-less taste.

Lewis Tan Chats ‘Iron Fist’ and Asian American Representation in Hollywood


Lewis Tan is an actor, writer, director, photographer, and martial artist. Cast as Zhou Cheng in Marvel’s Iron Fist, Tan is given a chance to combine acting with martial arts, which allows him to express himself both artfully and physically. However, becoming a part of the most recent addition to Marvel’s Netflix universe did not come without controversy. Fans wanted to see an Asian American Iron Fist, and with Tan himself being considered for the part, it was as though it might happen. But when actor Finn Jones was later cast as Danny, coming so soon after Marvel’s missteps with regard to Doctor Strange, it just exacerbated an already tense situation. Here, we speak with Tan about Iron Fist, Asian American representation in Hollywood, and his work behind the camera.