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The Brand You Need to Know: Di Blasi


I had the pleasure of chatting with the Girl Boss of all Girl Bosses: Tatiana Puglisi. There is nothing and no one that will stand in her way because, as you will soon see, this woman is a woman of strength, determination, and persistence. Join in on the fun of discovering this beautiful and enlightened woman and why it is 100% worth your while to check out her brand: Di Blasi Cosmetics.We have a feeling she will (and okay, I may be slightly prejudiced because I’m Italian, but that’s beside the point!) exceed your expectations like she did ours.


The lovely Tatiana Puglisi herself!

Cliché: Please share with us a little about your brand’s name. I understand that it is your mother’s maiden name. What an honor this must be for her!
Tatiana Puglisi: I have always liked my mother’s maiden name, but I chose it because I unwittingly laid the foundations of the brand while she was undergoing treatment for cancer, which thankfully was effective. This traumatic event changed my point of view first on food and then on cosmetics. I began an in-depth study into problems connected w ith diet and personal care ingredients. Now, my mother supports me in this business because she is very creative!
Your main ingredients come from Sicily. Why Sicily and not Italy?
I want to sustain local production and promote Sicilian raw materials in the world. These ingredients are new on the market and have many benefits for the skin, but they are unknown. For example, Manna is produced only in two small villages near Palermo and has been recognized by Slow Food. It does not mean that I will not use some ingredients from other parts of Italy in the future!
It appears that having all the characteristics of “Made In Italy” have been an important factor in your creation of Di Blasi, and it also plays an important role in the ingredients of the products you’ve created. To you, what does “Made In Italy” symbolize?
The “brand” Made in Italy represents my country and most Italians. In Italy, there are many small
companies that work hard and produce amazing products, often handmade, with care, passion, and creativity. They are “Made in Italy” for me.
In the beauty industry, it has become quite popular to use natural ingredients. How are you making your products stand out from the sea of cosmetic brands?
I know it is not easy. My brand has a strong personal side, and I follow every product from the start. I do not like being like others, and as I am a creative person, I try to do something different; for example, in every order I make a flower or plant arrangement and wrap the box with a luxurious wrapping paper. In addition, I use little-known ingredients, or handmade packaging, such as the rose cotton pochette for the Manna and Prickly Pear Cream Travel Kit. When I formulated the Multitasking Butter Makeup Remover, I knew that it would be a new product category in Italy because oil-based cleansing is not so common. I always try to combine the quality of the formula and the ingredients with something creative and original, and I hope the customers will understand and appreciate it.
If you could pick one product from your line that you feel represents you and your line, what would it be?
The soap because of the contrast. It combines a local raw material – lava – with an elegant crochet box.
Is there something about your brand that you would like to share that no one knows about?
The rose cotton pochette is hand-sewn by my mother!
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The Brand You Need to Know: Di Blasi: Photos & Featured Image Courtesy of Di Blasi Cosmetics

George Clooney Gets Married


George Clooney lovers of the world unite— and shed a tear for this bittersweet moment in history as George Clooney gets married! Never did the female population think they’d see the day that George Clooney would turn in his bachelor card and get married— again. The engagement to, human rights lawyer and now wife, Amal Alamuddin was a shock to everyone, but to officially have a Mrs. Clooney in Hollywood is unreal. After the plethora of stunning beauties of his past and well— him proclaiming that he wouldn’t marry again after his divorce from wife of four years, Talia Balsam in 1993, (admitting he “wasn’t very good at [marriage]”) this wasn’t a day anyone would have expected.

    George and Talia:

George Clooney and Talia Balsam    (Photo by Jim Smeal/WireImage

    George and Amal:

With Clooney 17 years Alamuddin’s senior and seeming to only have six to seven months of dating under their belts before Clooney popped the question, the two were dating, engaged and married all within less than a year. Talk about a whirlwind romance! The two celebrated their nuptials on September 27th in Venice, Italy. So beautiful, yet devastating at the same time. Sorry ladies, Clooney is officially off the market, but feel free to bask in his glory days of bachelorhood below:
We here are Cliché wish him and the Mrs. the best and anxiously await the possibility of them expanding their family in the future! With that being said, now that George Clooney is married and Ryan Gosling now a father, what leading man in Hollywood will the ladies fawn over? Hmm…
Photo courtesy of Daily Mail US Weekly BuzzFeed

Kimye’s Italian Wedding Extravaganza


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally tied the knot this weekend, and are officially a married couple. The lavish, out of this world, wedding ceremony took place in Florence, Italy and will definitely be viewed as the rival of all weddings. Then again, we could expect nothing less from the iconic newlyweds. Some photos from the wedding have surfaced and I must say that Kimye looks madly in love.
This shot captures the beautiful couple walking down the aisle hand in hand, after just saying their “I do’s”. If you look close enough you can adorable baby North in the arms of her fashionable grandma Kris Jenner. This photo also gives us a full view of Kim’s stunning wedding dress. Kim dazzles in her Givenchy Haute Couture lace gown and a long silk veil, as hubby Kanye dominates in a custom Givenchy tuxedo.
In this picture we are given a glimpse of Kim’s long, intricate, dramatic veil as well as a perfect silhouette of her one of a kind dress. This pic is from the final dress fitting at the Givenchy atelier in Paris with Riccardo Tisci.
After the beautiful ceremony concluded, the happy couple and their loved ones partied at a banging reception that included a four-course meal and 7-tiered wedding cake. According to E! Online, Kim changed into a short, cream-colored, custom Balmain dress and was also regaled by an epic 20-minute speech from her new husband. Kris and Bruce Jenner also gave some pretty emotional speeches, while R&B heartthrob and wedding guest, John Legend serenaded the newlyweds to his hit song “All Of Me.”
In this adorable photo booth inspired photo, Kimye sports some trendy biker jackets that read “Just Married” while striking a pose. You can tell by their facial expressions that these two are a match made in celebrity heaven.
A big congratulations goes out to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their new marriage! I wish you nothing but love, peace, prosperity and maybe a sibling for little Nori. Kimye’s Italian wedding extravaganza is definitely one for the record books.
(All Images courtesy of E! Online)

Kimye’s Mysterious Wedding Plans


Rumors have been circulating the internet that famous love birds, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have changed their luxurious wedding location from France to Italy. The couple will not be tying the knot in Paris on May 24th, but according to Entertainment Tonight, it’ll start with a dinner there, then guests will be flown on private planes to an undisclosed location in Florence, Italy, for the actual ceremony.
Some inside sources revealed to People Magazine, that the Kardashian family will arrive in Paris on Sunday. An invitation image that was circling earlier this week, revealed that  guests are invited to a sunset hour dinner concluding at an undisclosed Parisian location. The most exciting part is that most of the lucky wedding guests are being kept in the dark about the specific plans.
“It’s all very top secret,” says a Kardashian insider. “No one knows exactly what’s going on – just that whatever is happening, it’s sure to be spectacular!” (People Magazine)
The rumored wedding venue, a spectacular 17th century-style chateau outside of Paris which Kim visited in April, may not serve as the site of the couple’s wedding venue, but sources insist that the event will be an extremely French affair.
No matter where Kimye decides to say “I do”, I’m sure the ceremony will be nothing short of amazing. Whether it’s in Florence, Italy or Paris, France, both iconic cities offer breathtaking sites and majestic atmospheres. Kimye’s mysterious wedding plans aren’t a shock to me at all, being that both of them love to be flashy, over the top, and original in everything that they do. I can’t wait to see pictures of Kim’s designer gown, the venue, and all the stars that attend the fabulous wedding ceremony.
(Featured Image courtesy People Magazine)