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Fashion Illustration App: Chic Sketch


Ever wish you could save all your OOTD’s in one place and make a custom fashion sketch to share with friends and fellow fashionistas, and serve as a place of creativity and inspiration for your future Instagram OOTDs? Thanks to “brainchild” Jordan Edelson, CEO and founder of Appetizer Mobile, and Emily Brickel Edelson, published fashion illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur, all of your fashion dreams can be made possible with iTunes’ free fashion illustration app: Chic Sketch.

Much like the fashionista who takes the time to find individual pieces that fit her style, Jordan and Emily have made sure to incorporate ideals of the app that make its use personable and unique to you. No two sketches will be alike, and each sketch will be generated in a quick fashion illustration style creating an authentic and custom piece just for you. In addition to your own gallery created with your favorite outfits in beautiful sketches, you can also view live galleries of other users’ sketches and have a chat or express your opinion.

As if this wasn’t enough for a fashionista’s heart to explode, watch a time-lapse video of your Chic Sketch being drawn – every fashion lover’s dream. If there was ever a time for the universe to collide in a way to make our style outfits created by fashion-forward illustrators, this app would be it.
Feel free to share your sketches via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Chic Sketch is available on iOS devices in the Apple Store as well as Android devices in Google Play. If you thought your Instagram feed was on point before, you have no idea how “obsessively Instagrammable,” as Chic Sketch says, your feed will be.
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Fashion Illustration App: Chic Sketch: Featured Image courtesy of Chic Sketch

The Benefits of Google Play Music


There are a lot of music streaming choices to sort through these days: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Rdio, and more if you factor in Internet radio services such as Pandora. If you’re like me and are very guarded about those thousands of outdated MP3 files sitting on your hard drive, there’s one music streaming service you need to use and it won’t cost you a penny: Google Play Music.
Someone out there is rolling there eyes or screaming, “music files are dead!” and I get that. Why collect MP3s anymore when there are a plethora of music streaming sites ready to pump out hundreds of thousands of hit songs? But what if they don’t have Jimi Hendrix Live At The Royal Albert Hall “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)?” That’s my favorite version of that song and I just can’t afford to live in a world without instant access to that tune.
Which is why the recent news of Apple Music subscribers losing songs in their library is so concerning to me. Apple is a multifaceted company good at many things: laptops, smartphones, software, and historically music, but what has become abundantly clear recently is it’s not good at collecting and keeping your data. There’s no foolproof substitute to backing up your files, but Google Play Music does make it easier and convenient.
Google’s music streaming service costs $9.99 a month if you want to pursue its catalog of music like you would in any competitor’s equivalent service, albeit in a less user friendly way. But, if you’re satisfied with your current music provider, there’s still use in Play Music as a cloud backup service.
Once you download the free music manager, you can synch it to your iTunes library (or Windows Media Player or directly from your music folder if you’re one of five people not using iTunes) and upload up to 50,000 songs into Google’s stellar cloud service. On average, it could take as much as a couple of days to upload everything depending on how big your library is. The time it takes is worth it though because you don’t want to lose those precious MP3 files you’ve spent the last 15 years or more collecting and ripping from your personal CD collection. In the long run, it will even save you time because any new files you upload to iTunes will automatically get uploaded to the cloud.
Anyone remember Songza? Well, Google bought that service back in 2014 and now those same fun radio stations created to fit your day, mood, or activity are available for free. They aren’t as good as the human curated stations of Apple Music, but they are worth a try nonetheless. A subscription to Play Music also gets you YouTube Music Key (or visa versa), which allows you to view music videos ad free and save them for offline mode.
The subscription service isn’t for everyone though. The app can be pretty buggy on iPhones and even on Android phones from time to time. You don’t get the exclusive track releases sought by other streaming services, or high fidelity sound quality or the taste making of Beats1 Radio (click here for a good break down of which music streaming service is best for you). But there’s no reason not to back up all that music onto Play Music — it’s free and easy.
Just please also go out and purchase an external hard drive. You’re going to need it.
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Image courtesy of Phonearena.com 

Coldplay debuts new tunes at SXSW


Last night at around 10:20 PM Central Time, the British band Coldplay returned to the stage after taking a break from touring for a year to work on their new album, Ghost Stories, due out May 19. They were the first major headliner for the SXSW iTunes Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and what a show they put on! The band performed crowd favorites like “Viva La Vida” and “Fix You,” as well as recently released songs “Midnight” and “Magic” off their anticipated album. Surprisingly, Coldplay also premiered two new, never-before-heard songs: “Always In My Head” and “Another’s Arms,” also from the new album.
See the entire setlist from the show below:
1. “Always in My Head”
2. “Charlie Brown”
3. “Paradise”
4. “Magic”
5. “Clocks”
6. “Another’s Arms”
7. “Viva La Vida”
8. “Atlas”
9. “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”
10. “Fix You”
11. “Midnight”

Coldplay debuts new tunes at SXSW





The SXSW iTunes Music Festival continues until May 15. Other major headliners include Kendrick Lamar, Keith Urban, Imagine Dragons, ZEDD, and Pit Bull. To see the entire schedule and watch the performances live, visit the official SXSW iTunes Music Festival page.
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Photographs courtesy of iTunes Festival

Will the App Replace the Album?


lady-gaga-applause-singe-cover-bigLady Gaga’s Artpop album/app combo debuts this November, and Jay-Z’s latest album was released as an app to a number of Samsung customers, which has everyone wondering if the app will ever come close to replacing the album. Even David Gilmour and Calvin Harris, names not exactly synonymous with the avant garde, unlike Gaga and Jay-Z, who both have a flair for the modern art and drama. Not that Harris and Gilmour aren’t willing to change, or even trendy, but they are odd names to see attached to the switch.

The largest problem with the album-as-app concept is that, if everyone releases their album as a separate app, you’ll be inundated with apps, and have no way to mix and match your favorite songs from different albums into a playlist, at least not without a third-party app developed for that specific purpose. And that just means another app to add to the collection. Logistically, the app album is a nightmare, as coding an app isn’t as trivial matter as we might want to believe. It is far more likely that the app will be the new concert DVD, or the new deluxe box-set album, rather than the new CD, as the app will always be an extra. What you want when you buy an album on iTunes, or even as a CD, is the music. You don’t need any of the flair that comes with a box-set, you don’t need to see taped performances, and you don’t need any of the numerous peripherals that the music apps are said to have. All you want, when it comes down to it, is the ability to play the music whenever you want, in as convenient a fashion as possible. We already have that.
Image courtesy of www.ladygaga.com

Cliché Magazine App is now on iTunes!


Cliché Magazine App is on iTunes!

We are finally on iTunes and now able to give our friends the opportunity to download our app for FREE! Once you download the app, our app will be in your Newsstand. At that point, you can download any or all of our issues, past or present!
Please visit the app store or click HERE to go to our app. One last thing….please give us a review, we would greatly appreciate it!