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5 Must Have Travel Tee Brands


Long car, bus, or airplane rides are much more enjoyable when you have a cute travel tee to wear. These shirts are ideal for any vacation or adventure, and they look adorable paired with a variety of items including shorts, skirts, or pants. The best part? The images and sayings on the front of the shirt! Each tee represents a different location or season, so you always have a little piece of adventure to take along with you. Whether you are shopping for a souvenir from your favorite destination or just looking to get into the spirit of travel, these tees are the perfect purchase for your next vacation. Here are some of the must-have travel tees this season.


Happiest Tees

Happiest Tees represents the true travel spirit! Despite where you plan on heading this spring and summer, this brand has a shirt for just about every location. Simple, yet stylish, these tees are perfect to throw on for a long day of travel or to gift as a souvenir to a friend or family member who was unable to accompany you on your latest adventure!


Photo Credit: happiesttee.com



This brand revolves around experiencing new cultures and visiting new locations. Its mission is to support local families, artisans, and fabric makers from around the world by purchasing fabrics from over 25 different countries. They also donate 10% of the proceeds from their tees to grassroot organizations to support the livelihood of people from all over the planet. According to the Serengetee mission statement on their website,  “When you wear Serengetee, you are truly wearing a piece of the world.”

Photo Credit: serengetee.com



Jadelynn Brooke

A southern, Texas-based clothing brand, Jadelynn Brooke offers a wide selection of adorable, preppy tees among other items. Some of their most popular items center around heading to the lake or the beach. Without a doubt the most comfortable and cute apparel you will ever own, Jadelynn Brooke tees are ideal for a warm summer day worn over a bathing suit or paired with denim shorts.  

Photo Credit: jadelynnbrooke.com


Southern Girl Prep

A southern, Florida-based clothing brand, Southern Girl Prep sells cute apparel centered around sunshine, adventure, and elegance. Their latest releases keep the traveler in mind with images of the beach, anchors, and pineapples on the front of the tees. These shirts are ideal for spending time in the sun or taking a long ride and wanting to be comfortable.

Photo Credit: southerngirlprep.com


J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is known for having some of the cutest apparel and this includes tees! Whether you are staying local this spring break or summer, or planning on traveling to a major city such as Paris or London, J.Crew Factory has a collection of tees that I have had my eye on for a while now!

Photo Credit: jcrewfactory.com  


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5 Must Have Travel Tee Brands. Feature Image Credit: serengetee.com