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Beauty Looks Inspired By Our Favorite TV Shows


Television shows are always being pitched, filmed, promoted, and premiered every single season. Sometimes there seems to be such a menagerie that presents itself all at once that we cannot keep up. Each one, however, is as unique as its storyline is as familiar. The girl next door glows with rosy cheeks and just a hint of a lip stain, while the boy from the wrong side of the tracks sports a slicked back hairstyle to give off a dark, yet irresistible look.

Justin Baldoni Talks ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘My Last Days’


Justin Baldoni isn’t your average heartthrob. Sure, he has abs of steel, a smile that melts hearts, and a laugh and confidence that is so attractive, but he’s also a triple threat. Not only is he responsible for the collective swooning of audiences across the world as Rafael Solano on The CW’s Jane the Virgin, but he’s directing and producing with his production company Wayfarer while he takes over the world. Justin Baldoni is a man who can and will do it all.

Top 5 TV Shows


The world of television is quickly changing and with good reason. The days of complacency are long gone as we finally begin to see the realistic world reflected on our television screens. The following top 5 TV shows are game-changers. Not only are these shows helping a variety of people push past the stereotypes that they ...

Jane the Virgin Hair Tutorials


With the success of Jane the Virgin, on-set stylists Michelle Rene Elam, who is the Department Head Hair, and Tena Parker Baker, who is the Key Hair, were kind enough to share their backstage secrets for achieving some of the cast’s signature hairstyles! Gina Rodriguez/Jane by Michelle Rene Elam  Gina Rodriguez plays Jane, who likes to keep ...

72nd Annual Golden Globe Winners


The 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards saw big wins for films Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, and Birdman—but also for rising star Gina Rodriguez. The 30-year-old's portrayal of Jane Villanueva in the CW’s new series Jane the Virgin won her her first Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, beating out like Lena Dunham (Girls), Julia Louis-Dreyfus ...