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Study Beyoncé At Rutgers


For all you avid Beyoncé fans out there you now have the chance to study the Queen Bey and even receive college credit at Rutgers. A course titled “Politicizing Beyoncé” is being offered at the New Brunswick, New Jersey, college, but the class isn't about the pop star’s political views. A doctoral student and lecturer in the ...

Surprise! Beyoncé Shocks the World with the Release of Her New Visual Album


Beyoncé has shocked the world early this Friday morning with the release of her new full-length self-titled album, complete with 14 new tracks and 17 music videos to accompany them. The album, which managed to release without any prior advertising or promotion, is now exclusively on iTunes for $15.99, and features tracks with husband Jay Z, Drake, ...

Will the App Replace the Album?


Lady Gaga’s Artpop album/app combo debuts this November, and Jay-Z’s latest album was released as an app to a number of Samsung customers, which has everyone wondering if the app will ever come close to replacing the album. Even David Gilmour and Calvin Harris, names not exactly synonymous with the avant garde, unlike Gaga and ...