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A Look at Syd & Pia


Fernanda Medina, founder and creative director of independent jewelry brand, Syd + Pia NYC started jewelry back in college. Initially, she was studying fashion illustration at FIT and then Parsons School of Design.

While at Parsons, she took a tour of the jewelry department, where she became enamored by the process of creating 3D pieces as opposed to a flat sketch. She got genuine gratification from the possibilities of using her hands and heavy work tools to build pieces that were not only jewelry but also house objects; therefore, she immediately switched departments.

She took off to start a family which is where the name Syd + Pia came from. The name is a combination of her first born, Sydney and Pia is her youngest daughter, Saffia. Saffia was difficult for Sydney to pronounce as a child so she started calling her Pia.

AMer college, Fernanda landed a corporate position in jewelry design, designing flat on paper. She discovered her confidence and value when she noticed that her sketches were never edited by any higher-ups and were selling really well in the companies’ market.

Through it all, Fernanda always found to build with her hands, creating personal handcrafted jewelry pieces on her workdays off. Many of her friends wanted to buy the pieces she wore on any given day. Fernanda realized, between the success in her corporate position and the feedback she received for her own pieces…that this was her calling to launch Syd + Pia. It started as something that Fernanda love as a business prac/ce that she equally adores being a part of.

“I’m designing jewelry that offers bold statements effortlessly” Fernanda stated. The critical part of Syd + Pia is maintaining the craftsmanship at a high level yet keeping an affordable high end price point. In general, the pieces are metal driven and possess a sleek finish. The brand uses affordable materials that feel luxurious and special like brass plated in 1 micron of gold, sterling silver and bronze accented with gold filled chains or sterling silver chains and her favorite component to work with, genuine pearls in all shapes and sizes.

With the designs, Fernanda is always thinking of ways to redefine classic silhouettes by incorpora/ng different elements. For example, the hoop earring is con/nuously getting a new interpretation in Syd + Pia. Fernanda is a traditionalist in her craM and jewelry silhouettes in some sense in her designs, yet she dares to modernize and redefine it. Fernanda thinks that’s what makes a Syd + Pia piece so unique. To con/nually redefine classic silhouettes but daring to make them bold. She thinks that’s what makes the pieces universal for many kinds of consumers.

In the process, Fernanda always starts with, “would I wear it?” It then expands to the people that are following the brand. she feels the people following the brand are in a way like her. “We’re people passionate about standing out, and we invest in ourselves. We do this by investing in luxury and unique items without spending thousands. We care about upping the ante in our wardrobe. We also care about responsible fashion by shopping and supporting local independent brands.”

In a way, it’s a New York story. To dare to be passionate about our hustles and dreams in a luxurious, confident, and stylish way.

Syd + Pia has been featured at Henri Bendel in New York, W Stylelab at the W Hotel Time Square, December Thieves in Boston and Flock GiM, a specialty boutique in Austin, TX. The brand has had the pleasure of being featured in many publications and television, including but not limited to High Maintenance, series on HBO, Vogue IT, Harper’s Bazaar USA, Elle Vietnam, Elle Canada, Elle USA, Nylon, LadyGunn, Instyle USA, L’Officiel, Raine Magazine, El Diario NY newspaper, WOR Radio 710 AM, Joan Hamburg’s Bridal Show, the Dominican newspaper El Caribe and many more online and paper publications.

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Images provided by Syd & Pia.

5 Amazing Bracelets That are More Than Just Beautiful


Today we want to share 5 amazing bracelets that are more than just beautiful. Jewelry in all manner of forms has been enjoyed in different cultures for thousands of years. Rings are exchanged in marriages across the world, and some women choose to wear a black ring to symbolize power and strength. Jewelry is not always something that is worn as an accessory, it can have a deeper meaning.

In some countries, gold is brought as an investment but also as a way of displaying wealth. While gold doesn’t always yield the same return as stocks or bonds, it has grown by 330% over the last 15 years and is an investment that can be enjoyed and worn.

Other materials used in jewelry can have different spiritual powers, and bring about protection, or luck. Bracelets have traditionally been a way to harness power, luck, protective forces, healing properties, and perhaps even magic.

For some, a bracelet may just look attractive and nice to wear, but it may be holding more power than you realize. 

The spiritual power of precious metals and stone

Selective focus photography of person wearing three bangles

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

It is believed by many that different precious metals have their own powers. Silver, gold, steel, and natural stone are commonly used for this. 


This metal has long been seen as a symbol of wealth, and in some cultures, it is normal to flaunt this. Gold is a popular purchase in some Asian countries such as Thailand, where it is worn and shown off in good times but in a period of hardship can be redeemed for cash.

It is also believed that gold can open the Crown Chakra, which is also known as the sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is the key, or bridge to the cosmos. This can help to overcome black energy and bring about a higher level of understanding and spirituality. 


This precious metal is linked forever with the Moon, and Goddesses such as Diana, and Artemis. It is believed that not only can silver protect but provide good luck and help with psychic abilities. It is also well documented that silver can be used in the prevention and treatment of infections, dating back to 4000 BC or earlier. 


This metal may not be the obvious choice when it comes to bracelets or rings but it has some powers of its own. Firstly, steel is hypoallergenic, making it better than silver or gold for allergy sufferers. It is heat, corrosive, and scratch-resistant, and it is believed by some to offer protection against psychic attacks and negative energy. 

Natural stone

Gemstones and natural stones can reduce stress and help the wearer to focus. Gemstones are varied and come with individual powers and healing abilities of their own. 

Amazing Bracelets

Photo by nappy on Pexels

The use of gemstones in bracelets

Below you can read about five very different bracelets that each have their own significance and power. Before you dive below, here are a few gemstones and their abilities. If you are considering designing your own or buying jewelry for someone special, then you might want to think about what each stone means and what it can bring.

  • Onyx – beautiful stone that is linked to the Root Chakra, and brings control over emotions
  • Amethyst – can help with several symptoms including pain, insomnia, arthritis, and circulation
  • Peridot – helps in relationships by reducing jealousy and anger
  • Ruby – this deep red gem can bring about devotion
  • Turquoise – throughout lore, this stone has been known to bring balance to its owner
  • Sapphire – can bring about inner peace and help with meditation

However, some of the most powerful bracelets do not contain precious metals or gemstones. Some of them are simple in design but have hidden strengths that may surprise many people. Some of them are well known in certain cultures, while others may be new to you. 

Kabbalah and other religions

Amazing Bracelets

Photo by SKG Photography on Pexels

A scarlet string bracelet is worn by followers of Hinduism, Kabbalah or Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Depending on the wearer, the bracelet may be made of a number of beads or may contain one single gold bead. They may also just be a string with no other adornments. The bracelet is used to symbolize many things in each religion.

In Hinduism, it can show if a woman or man is married. Unmarried women wear it on the right wrist, and married females, on the left. The string is sacred and is used to bring luck and protection.

Kabbalah followers use the bracelet partly for protection. Before the bracelet is worn it must be tied seven times while reciting a prayer. Traditionally, these bracelets were cut from a string that was wound seven times around Rachel’s tomb. 

Evil eye bracelet

Anyone wearing an evil eye bracelet will be hoping to invoke the power of God and bring protection to themselves. The symbol of the evil eye goes back to around 5,000 years ago and has been used in many cultures and religions. It was probably first used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans but was adopted by Christians, and by the Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Someone wearing one of these bracelets can look for protection over material items in their life or spiritual life, depending on how they wear it. If you want to look after your career, finances, or material assets, then it should be worn on the right wrist. If however, you want to care for your emotional wellbeing, then it is worn on the left.

This is because the left side of the body is thought to be linked to the emotional side of our makeup. 

Laos’ baasi bracelets

Amazing Bracelets

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels

North of Thailand, and landlocked by China, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, lies the secretive country of Laos PDR. The country is made of several ethnic tribes with Lao Tai being the largest, followed by Khmu, and Hmong. Despite the diversity in tribes, Theravada Buddhism is practiced by around 66% of the population.

Ceremonies in Laos are known as baasi or a baci ritual. They are used for many purposes but generally, they are there to provide luck and prosperity. During the ritual, thirty-two white string bracelets will be tied to the recipient. These strings represent the 32 guardian spirits or khuan, and the tying ritual is to bind these protective spirits to the individual.

This is often done before someone goes on a long journey to ensure that they are in perfect balance and have all their khuan with them. 

Charm bracelets

A charm bracelet can, at first glance, look like a pretty piece of wrist jewelry. To the owner though, they can have deep personal, religious, or even spiritual meaning.

Many bracelets are handed down from one generation to another, and some are given to mark certain events in one’s life. Charms can be added to the bracelet to aid in protection or luck or to mark the birth of a child, with a zodiac symbol for instance. 

Rheumatism copper bracelets

Metal has often been believed to have healing effects, and this is partly because the human body contains traces of different elements itself. Copper is one of these metals, and its purpose is to reduce inflammation.

Rheumatism bracelets these days can look very elegant with intricate engraving but they are much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is believed by many users that copper is absorbed through the skin to help bring relief to pain and inflammation.


Five very different bracelets that have much more going on than meets the eye. One of the jewelry trends that are going to take over may be items with hidden meaning, power, and healing abilities. Although some of these are linked to ceremonies, others such as the evil eye can be worn by anyone.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

The Imperia Collection


Prominent, Dubai-based jewellery house La Marquise’s new collection draws inspiration from the culturally rich heritage and artistic flair of the Italian town of Imperia. Amalgamating the new and contemporary design ways with traditional Arabesque motifs, the collection mirrors the town’s strong design nuances.

Demonstrating the high caliber of La Marquise’s stone craftsmanship and selection, each piece in the collection uses gemstones that went through a highly stringent selection process, were hand-picked and caliber-cut to match each design.

Playing with strung tassels, comprising the finest of pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, each one of the Imperia collection pieces mirrors an unparalleled elegance. Using three key design concepts, layering, double-coloured motifs and single motifs, each piece in the collection is easy-to-wear, versatile and a perfect fit for any abayas and kaftans. This coupled with each piece’s unique availability makes it a true jewel find.


Learning the Difference Between a Radiant Cut and Princess Cut Diamond


Today we want to share tips about learning the difference between a radiant cut and princess cut diamond. With a flare of weddings and proposals that always have something ‘diamond’ in attendance, it is now necessary to explore what can give your precious diamond ring some company. Your proposal ring, wedding jewelry holds a special place for a lifetime and that delicate diamond ring on your fingers deserves all the love.

Wedding bands have gained limelight and women are often seen wearing it along with their engagement ring. Symbolizing togetherness for a lifetime, the wedding bands are also at times customized with your wedding date engraved on it. Not just wedding or proposal rings, a priceless radiant cut diamond studded on your ring looks even more elegant with a plain gold, white gold, rose gold finish band. The mesmerizing look of a radiant cut diamond ring is enough a reason to make it a part of your collection. A radiant cut diamond looks very similar to the facets of an emerald gemstone that is a tapered edge rectangle. Diamonds are inevitably versatile, it can easily become the perfect piece of jewelry for every attire in your wardrobe.

A few women leave their rings precisely as they were set on their big day, with the wedding ring on top of the wedding band, in light of the fact that the feeling behind their accomplice slipping that ring on their finger implies a lot for them to transform it. Different ladies stick stringently to the custom of wearing the wedding ring underneath (or behind) the wedding band, since that puts the wedding ring nearer to their souls. Then again different ladies eliminate the wedding band from that finger for wearing JUST the wedding ring, picking rather to put their wedding band on their other ring finger, or to eliminate it from their clothing inside and out. Along these lines, to respond to that question, it truly is dependent upon you, and the inclinations of you and your accomplice.

So many diamonds in the market, and almost every man or woman is spoiled for choices when shopping for these jewels. What confuses the buyer is a princess cut in comparison to a radiant cut. Are you curious to know the difference between a radiant cut diamond and princess cut diamond. How are they different?

The geometric look of both the diamonds marks key differentiation. Diamonds with the radiant cut have sharp uncut edges, popularly known as “cut-cornered square mixed cut”.

Shaped differently from one another, the both precious diamonds are equally charming. While the radiant cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, princess cuts are mostly square. In terms of popularity among the masses, princess cuts stand over the radiant cuts in position hence, not widely available in the market. The most popular diamond still remains to be the round cut classic diamond that stands as a first preference for buyers.

Both the diamonds embody a classy cut. Having a close look at the beautiful princess cut diamond, one can notice the ‘X’ right at the center which is the result of a vertically cut pavilion and chevron-shaped facets. The modern princess cut has more facets than the earlier available versions. The radiant cut diamond is structured with a higher crown and smaller table. When looked at these diamonds have a spherical pattern as a result of multiple facets.

Difference Between a Radiant Cut and Princess Cut DiamondAs a result of its splendid aspects, the Radiant Cut mirrors light better compared to the Princess Cut and in this way has better shimmer, settling on it as a mainstream decision for commitment, wedding, and anniversary rings! The Radiant Cut was imagined by Henry Grossbard in 1977, who needed to create more interest for square and rectangular precious stone shapes in adornments pieces. He took the fundamental state of the Emerald Cut and added more splendid features to build up the Radiant Cut.

Not long after Grossbard’s production of the Radiant Cut, the Princess Cut was conceived. This new square cut was the aftereffect of the craving to hold a greater amount of the unpleasant precious stone’s load by adjusting the Radiant Cut’s aspects, accordingly keeping away from patent encroachment. The Princess Cut emits high contrast reflections on account of its differentiating direct features.

The radiant cut diamond rings are more qualified for those with dynamic ways of life since it doesn’t highlight sharp corners that can get captured or broken off with thorough exercises. It is additionally the best cut for various prong settings on account of its cut corners. Then again, the Princess Cut highlights a mathematical shape that makes it ideal for the individuals who favor channel settings.

The financial plan is additionally a thought while picking between the two precious stone cuts. The Princess Cut is more reasonable than the Radiant Cut since it holds up to 80-percent of its unpleasant precious stone weight. It is likewise less expensive to create, since one harsh jewel ordinarily yields two Princess Cut precious stones.

Tracking back at what goes best with everything, there is no clear winner between the two diamonds as both of them stand with their own beauty. However, we would mention that the radiant cut is a favorable choice for a ring, while the princess cut goes best with earrings. As an example, you can visit the ItsHot website to browse through their large selection of dazzling princess cut diamond earrings, with designs ranging from classic princess cut diamond studs to elaborate fancy color princess cut diamond earrings. To pair up with your diamond-laden finger can be a dainty piece of necklace that can look put together like one set. For adornments, rose gold is perceived as an unobtrusive and heartfelt shade that praises every one of the frilly shades and unbiased tones. Regardless of what your tone or undercurrent is, it is constantly complimenting shading. Rose gold changes itself into fantastic and exquisite fine adornments, primarily wedding bands, because of its unmistakable and stylish tone.

Discussing the age of today, the most utilized and trendiest type of adornments material is rose gold. It has gotten so well known that on the off chance that you go for a fast stroll across the road, you may see in any event one piece of adornment that is rose gold as it is the perfect sort of gem that will make you look great. Today, with the ease of online websites one can just search ‘diamond stores near me’ to reach their desired diamond studded heaven.

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How to Dress for a Cocktail Party


Do you know how to dress for a cocktail party? Cocktail parties are a hot event, especially for small groups of people. They can replace a formal wedding reception dinner, and they’re a great way for business associates to mingle with each other. Who wouldn’t want to throw an elegant but fun party instead of a stuffy formal gathering?

If you’ve been invited to a cocktail party (or are hosting one yourself), you may be wondering how you should dress. It’s glitzier than business attire, but it’s not as formal as a black-tie event. Determining which dress you should wear can be a bit of a struggle. Follow these guidelines so looking glamorous at your next cocktail party is a breeze!

What is Cocktail Attire? 

An easier way to think of cocktail attire is to think of semi-formal dresses. Picture what you would wear to a fundraiser or a friend’s wedding. The dresses you would choose to wear at these events will be appropriate for cocktail parties. Cocktail dresses are often knee-length and come in a variety of colors.

When Should You Wear Cocktail Attire?

How to Dress for a Cocktail PartySpeaking of fundraisers and weddings—these are just two of the events that are appropriate for you to wear cocktail attire to. You can also wear a cocktail dress at business events, engagement parties, graduation parties, and reunions. Any time an event has a festive feel, a cocktail dress is the right choice.

When choosing the style or color, consider the setting. More formal events—such as a cocktail party celebrating your boss’s ten-year anniversary—may require a more conservative dress. For more casual, outdoor, and daytime parties, you can choose flashier dresses or outfits that are lighter in color.

Guidelines for Cocktail Dresses

Dressing for a cocktail party shouldn’t be a hassle or a stressful experience. Before shopping for the perfect dress, review these guidelines for cocktail dresses. With these dress codes in mind, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable choosing a dress that is perfect for your event!

  1. Think LBD (Little Black Dress). No, we don’t mean you have to choose a black dress, but in terms of length, having your ideal LBD in mind can help you find a good length of dress. Stay away from maxi and mini dresses. Instead, choose knee-length.
  2. Sequins and Beads. For fancier, more glamorous events, select a cocktail dress that features sequins or beads.
  3. Keep It Classy. When attending a business cocktail event or fundraiser, be sure to keep everything covered that you wouldn’t want your boss (or your grandmother!) to see.
  4. Holiday Festive. Don’t be afraid to choose holiday colors (think red or metallic hues) for office Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  5. Beachy Vibes. If you’re attending a semi-formal function at the beach, try a cocktail dress with a more comfortable fit and a vibrant color.
  6. Dress for the Season. It’s important to note the time of year your cocktail party is taking place. For summer cocktail events, choose a white or light-colored dress. For winter cocktail parties, wear a dark-colored dress, such as navy or black, and opt for one that has sleeves to keep you warm.
  7. Wear the Right Undergarments. Make sure you have the appropriate bra, underwear, or shapewear for your dress before the day of the big event. You don’t want to be tucking your bra straps away or worrying about a panty-line the whole night!
  8. Dress Alternatives. Not a fan of dresses? No problem! Blazers and blouses, jumpsuits, and pantsuits are all beautiful alternatives to cocktail dresses.

How to Accessorize Your Cocktail Dress

Now that you’ve found the best cocktail dress, it’s time to select all the finishing touches! Elevate your look with these tips for accessorizing your cocktail dress.


A cocktail party is the perfect excuse for going all out on a pair of high-heels. Those strappy ones you’ve been eyeing in the store? Now’s the time to splurge! The right pair of shoes can do so much for your cocktail attire. Stay away from flats, flip-flops, and boots. Instead, choose heels or peep toe sandals or flats. Have fun with the colors and embellishments. Choose a color that compliments your dress but adds a little pop. Select a pair of heels with sparkling sequins.


bracelet, silver, gemstones

Photo by pony_up on Pixabay

A statement piece can really make your cocktail dress flare. A glittery hair accessory or dangling earrings can catch the eye of everyone around. Stackable bracelets can also be a fun way to accessorize your dress. Remember to keep it simple. One statement piece is enough to complete a classy look.


Keep your essentials close with a stylish clutch. Match the clutch to your shoes or your statement jewelry piece. Be sure to leave your large purse at home. During cocktail events, a purse strap shouldn’t touch your shoulder!

Dressing for Yourself

Dressing for a cocktail party can seem daunting. It can be hard to remember all the dress codes for different types of attire. But you don’t have to stress! Just remember to choose a knee-length dress in a color and style that fits the occasion and accessorize it with heels, a signature piece of jewelry, and a clutch. Most importantly: feel free to get creative and express yourself! When you wear a dress you love, you can hardly go wrong.

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of TheDressWarehouse.com. TheDressWarehouse.com was launched in 2018 as the go-to online source for amazing prom dresses on sale. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Jonah works daily to scour the evening wear markets to find the hottest styles and to negotiate the best prices for special designer dresses on the internet.

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Q&A with Alexa Leigh: The Story Behind Her Jewelry Line


Alexa Leigh, founder of eponymous line

Born in California and raised in Colorado, Alexa Leigh Meyer founded her jewelry line in 2010 with the notion of creating sentimental value behind every piece. Alexa’s vision was to cultivate a jewelry line that could be worn everyday and look good at any occasion. The collection started with double pendant necklaces that are worn with one pendant in front and one at the nape of your neck and has expanded to cuffs, rings, bracelets, and anklets, all of which manifest Alexa Leigh’s vision. The line expanded into ball bracelets and necklaces that could be customized with unique charms to create something one of a kind. Each piece can be worn separately or layered together and add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How did you get into jewelry design? What motivated you to found your eponymous line?

I had lost an old necklace, and my father casually suggested I make it. I was naive enough to try, and that set me down a path of creating an entire jewelry line of delicate necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never looked back. While it was first started as a creative outlet, it quickly became my passion.

What are the differentiating characteristics of your jewelry?

It can be worn day to night and withstand the wear and tear of your everyday life. It’s the perfect compliment to an outfit whether you’re wearing a sweat set or a nice dress.

How did your home state of California impact your design aesthetic?I was born in California and raised in Aspen Colorado but I don’t think either place really impacted my design aesthetic. I created the line while I was living in New York but regardless of where I am living, I’ve always dressed for comfort first. I wanted to create a jewelry line that could be worn day to night and would last through the wear and tear of life, while also being comfortable enough to sleep in. That second skin jewelry line that you forget is on but looks effortlessly cool with everything!

Alexa Leigh “Star Huggie Hoop” and “Gold Ear Cuff.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What are 3 words you’d use to describe the Alexa Leigh woman? 

Chic, timeless, effortless.

What was the hardest part of founding your own line? The most rewarding part?

I think the hardest part is to have the perseverance to keep going. Most brands aren’t an overnight success. You have to be willing to to keep your head down and never give up. There are really no days off. It’s so rewarding to have something that’s your own though and you’re able to do things in your own way. It’s an expression of my spirit and incredibly gratifying.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How do you think the jewelry industry has changed over the course of your career?

Social media has changed our industry just like it has any other. Having access to a platform that you can display your brand and help tell your story is priceless.

What is your design process like? Where are your products produced?

I make the majority of the first samples myself. There’s a headspace that I occasionally get into where the ideas just flow. I don’t know where they come from but they can pour out. In some cases I’ll sketch my ideas and other times I’ll get right to trying to make a sample. Some pieces we leave as limited edition to keep the site fresh and ever evolving but others we love too much to let go of and we make them part of the core line. Styles are made overseas, in Miami or New York. 

Alexa Leigh “Huggie Hoops” and “Gold Ball Necklace.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What is your favorite piece of jewelry, or which piece do you think best embodies the ethos of the Alexa Leigh vision

Hard to pick a favorite child but I never take off my comfort rings and love the way a snake necklace catches the light. I also love a 2mm or 3mm ball necklace, bracelet or anklet because it can be layered or worn alone. They are all the perfect touches to any outfit. 

Alexa Leigh “Ball Bracelets.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

Where do you find inspiration as a designer?

I envy the people that can point to one place of inspiration. If I had that, I’d make sure to use it all the time. For me, the ideas often come right before I fall asleep or when I am in the right zone mentally during the day. I can totally tell the difference between when I am being right or left brained. I make items I would want to wear myself and hope other people feel the same.

What’s next for you?

I don’t pretend to know that! I am constantly thrown curveballs and surprises that I would have never predicted. Whatever comes I let come, and whatever goes I let go. I’m just gonna continue to ride the wave! 

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Photo Credits: Erica Skylar Photography, TBD PR, Alexa Leigh

Appropriate Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion


Today we want to share appropriate jewelry pieces for every work occasion. Every fashion lover knows that the one element that can either make or break an outfit are accessories. They come in many forms and are the perfect way to add more style and vibrancy to every look, especially at the office. The most popular one that no trendy, sophisticated woman can live without is jewelry.

Completing an office look with fine jewels simply proves that you are an elegant woman who invests time and effort into her style to always look her best. Jewelry is intended to make a statement so it must be chosen wisely in order to match your personal taste and fit flawlessly in the work environment.

From the classic pearl bracelet to the diamond stud earrings, there are endless styles the ladies can choose from to take their office fashion up a notch. To help you along the way, here are the different jewelry styles you can wear to the most common work gatherings and occasions.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Everyday office style

In most conservative workplaces, there is a specific dress code that must be followed. This includes wearing a neutral color pantsuit or a below-the-knee pencil skirt matched with a cute blouse to keep up with any work guidelines. However, such everyday office looks can often become dull for stylish women, so they turn to jewelry to add more playfulness.

For example, although the pearl necklace is considered a minimalistic jewelry piece, it has the power to instantly enhance any monotone work ensemble. It is available in many shapes, sizes and colors allowing you to choose the one that will best match your office look. The most sought-after is the princess-length pearl strand that makes the perfect focal piece for your work outfit.

Also, keep in mind to opt for lightweight jewels to wear around the neck or your wrists as the heavier ones may get uncomfortable for your 9 to 5 schedule.

Business meetings

Business meetings are more formal than the everyday work setting which usually requires incorporating an even more sophisticated style. And because of this, it is recommended that women go for a minimal amount of jewelry to complete their looks.

For example, a pair of diamond earrings is one of the best choices to wear on such an occasion. They are considered effortlessly stylish and are a safe way to elevate your business meeting look. Whether you opt for a workaday suit or a high-neck A-line dress of appropriate length, your diamond studs will be an excellent option.

If you want to add some subtle playfulness to your outfit, you can opt for a pair of emerald ear studs which you can match with a ring of the same style. They are perfect for when you don’t want to go overboard and draw all eyes to your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Formal office dinner

In general, formal dinner parties and functions are the perfect work occasions where you should aim to impress not only with your garments but also with your jewelry. The dress code is quite similar to the office setting, so you should go for graceful jewels to help you look both professional and stylish at the same time.

One of the best options for this occasion is to wear a matching jewelry set. For example, a pair of gemstone drop earrings matched with a bold cocktail ring, necklace or bracelet is an excellent choice. The earrings will compliment your jaw and neckline while making you look more elegant. You can even pull your hair back or in an updo to enhance the sophistication of your look.

Since this is a formal dinner occasion, you should go for expensive-looking gemstones. Some of the most common ones include jewels with diamonds, emeralds, ruby stones or sapphires.

Casual Fridays

Although almost every work setting has a strict dress code, there is the occasional casual Friday which doesn’t require you to wear a workaday pantsuit. Instead, work fashion is less formal which gives you the perfect opportunity to express your personal taste with playful, yet elegant jewelry.

For example, tasteful hoop earrings are a very popular choice among fashion lovers. They come in every size, color and style, making them an excellent option to give that final sleek touch on a casual office look. Most trendy women choose to wear them with their hair up in a bun which leaves room for the pair of hoops to really shine.

Another jewelry piece that is perfect for a casual Friday look is a pendant necklace. You can look for a multicolored style to match the color palette of your clothes and make a bold statement in a sleek and minimalistic way. 

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

For an interview

Interviews are often regarded as formal occasions that call for well-put-together looks so you can make a great first impression on your potential employers. That’s why your appearance including your jewelry should be as subtle as possible in order to look your best.

For example, bangle bracelets are a very common choice that can be a great accessory to your interview look. They come in different styles and metals, so if you want you can wear more than one to make them the focal point of your outfit. Just remember to keep them on the same wrist and don’t add anything else on your other one. Check out various types of bracelets from ARY D’PO.

If you are looking for an even more minimalistic jewelry style, then the classic watch can be the ultimate finishing touch to make your outfit. A very common choice is the gold and stainless steel watch that will undoubtedly make you look both formal and stylish for your interview.

Final thoughts

No matter what the work occasion is, every trendy and sophisticated woman should always strive to look her best. This doesn’t only include putting together the perfect elegant office look but also choosing a jewelry piece to complete it.

Fortunately, there are endless gem styles available that can fit every work situation, so the only thing you have to do is choose the one that will best suit you. In case you are looking for inspiration, you can borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and always look sleek and stylish at the office.

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Always in: Everything You Need to Know About Brooches


Today we want to offer some great information about everything you need to know about brooches.  What is a brooch? A brooch is a piece of jewelry that is related to a decorative pin, but it is typically larger in size. Some people use the terms broach or breastpin interchangeably with the word brooch, and all three are acceptable.

The Difference Between a Brooch and a Pin

Again, a brooch is a decorative pin but is larger in size. Some people call smaller pieces brooches, even though the piece may not meet traditional size requirements. Looking for the perfect brooch? Get help from D. Cole Jewelers at their website.

Many people also consider any antique pin to be a brooch. Antique dealers typically call all older pins brooches because the term sounds fancy. This type of jewelry can add style and elegance to any outfit.

How to Wear a Brooch

A brooch can be worn in many places but is most commonly worn on hats, jackets, collars, in the hair, on a purse, or the neckline. There are no rules about where a brooch may or may not be worn on the body, so many people use these statement pieces in any area of the body that they wish to draw the eye. The bigger and heavier the brooch, the thicker the fabric it is being pinned to needs to be.

The History of the Brooch

everything you need to know about brooches

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

In the past, pins and brooches were for function and not for fashion. The first pieces were made of sharp thorns and flints and used to secure primitive clothing. In the Bronze Age, the thorns were tossed aside for metal pins, yet the pieces were still used to secure clothing such as cloaks. Male and female Vikings wore brooches, and their pieces were detailed and decorative.

A Brooch on a Chain

Some jewelry designers include a metal loop on their pieces. These loops allow a person to turn their brooch into a necklace. Simply put a chain or a ribbon through the loop and wear it around the neck.

The Left Side Rule in Business

everything you need to know about brooches

Photo by La Miko on Pexels

Those using a brooch to jazz up a work outfit need to know the left rule. These pieces should always be worn on the left side of a blouse or a business jacket. This is because when people shake hands in the business world, this is where the eye automatically goes. Wearing a brooch on the right side of a business jacket is a fashion faux pas.

The Many Places to Wear This Piece

A brooch is always appropriate. People wear brooches everywhere, from weddings to funerals to the business office. These pieces are a great way to stand out in a crowd, and they make wonderful birthday, wedding, and anniversary gifts.

Where to Find These

A person’s mother or grandmother likely had at least one brooch. Many times, these pieces are handed down through a family. For those without one, modern jewelry designers sell these pieces both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

In conclusion, a brooch is a timeless piece that has been around almost as long as humans have. While they were once used to keep clothing on a person, they are now used as decorative jewelry pieces for everyday outfits and special occasions. Everyone loves receiving these as gifts, and a person can never have too many.

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How to Take Care of Tungsten Rings for Men


Today we want to show you how to take care of Tungsten rings for men. Tungsten rings are popular with couples because they are less costly. You can wear them on your fingers instead of the expensive gold or silver rings. Thus, it could be an affordable alternative for a couple that has spent all their resources on wedded expenses. Also, the rings do not require any polishing and are highly durable. They are also easy to polish and maintain. 

Taking care of the tungsten rings entails cleaning and ensuring that they are kept separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching and contamination. If the ring is stained, to clean with water and soap and polish them. It helps the ring to remain shiny and attractive. 

Image Credit: https://www.bluenile.com/

Here is how you can take care of tungsten rings for men

  1. Avoid impact 

Although tungsten rings are durable and do not lose shape or bend easily, they will shatter and crack if struck by force. For that reason, you must avoid instances that will expose the rings to impact. Besides, avoid dropping the ring and knocking it against hard objects. Also, consider buying one from a vendor that gives a warranty. They will always replace the ring if it breaks or gets damaged within the warranty period. 

  1. Clean it regularly

Cleaning the tungsten ring is important. But thorough cleaning should only be done if the ring has been tarnished. To clean it, start by removing the tarnish using a commercial tungsten cleaner. Rub the cleaner generously on the surface until the dirt disappears. 

  1. Don’t clean tungsten using Ultrasound cleaners.

Although using ultrasonic cleaner is likely to give quick results, tungsten will be affected by the cleaners’ vibration. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleaches since they are likely to cause permanent spotting which may further tarnish the tungsten. 

  1. Wash with soap and water

Soap BarTungsten rings are hard to scratch, but occasionally, they will get marks and scratches. These are fake scratches that should be removed as soon as they are visible. In most cases, they consist of material residues which can be removed with soap and water. 

Cleaning Tungsten ring

It can be done by pouring drops of mild detergent into the water and mixing them. The solution obtained is free of the harmful chemicals found in other cleaning products like ammonia and chlorine, which can easily damage the ring.

Once the solution is ready, swish the cloth into the solution and utilize a wet piece of cloth to clean the ring’s exterior parts. Also, ensure to add some elbow grease to help remove the dirt. 

Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to get the liquid into the ring’s cracks and let it soak for a while. Once it is properly socked, use the brush to remove the stain. 

Rinse it in warm water and use clean cotton wool to dry it. If the ring looks dull, you will need to polish it to restore the shine.

To do this, ensure that you wear some gear to protect your eyes from the flying polishing paste. Also, use leather gloves to protect your fingers from heat injuries. Notice that the ring will become too hot during the polishing. So ensure to use a high polishing compound of about 0.5 microns. Also, it would help if you can make use of a polishing machine and a handheld rotary tool. 

Procedure for polishing the paste

Smear a little paste onto the ring and use a paper towel to spread it around the ring. Place the ring on a piece of paper before inserting it into the machine. But ensure it is placed vertically and crimped tightly. Smear some paste on the rotary pad to make the dirt come off faster. Polish, the ring for at least a minute or until the pad starts getting darker. At that point, it implies that the polish is cutting into the dirt. It will allow the ring to start shining once again. 

But if you want to get the best results, it is prudent that you keep the following maintenance tips in place after cleaning: 

  •  If possible, avoid using ultrasonic jewelry. But if you must use it, ensure it is used exclusively. Do not try to combine it with other cleaning solutions, including soap.
  • Do not leave the ring in the cleaner for too long. 
  • Do not store the tungsten ring together with other chemicals. It helps to reduce contamination. 
  •  If the tungsten ring gets exposed to harmful chemicals such as ammonia, ensure that you clean it immediately to decrease the probability of damage.

Of course, there are other things you may need to do to clean tungsten rings for men. But ensure you don’t use harsh chemicals or tough cleaning agents. Lastly, ensure that your tungsten ring is kept separately from diamond jewelry to avoid scratches.

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Historic Uses of Ruby Gemstones in Jewelry


Ruby gemstones have a rich history. The precious gems were mentioned in the Holy Bible and they have been used by royalty and prominent figures throughout the ages. They are considered to be talismans for peace and wisdom and are associated with power, passion, and love. Here is a look at three of the most famous ruby gemstones ever used in jewelry.

The Stuart Coronation Ring

Rubies have been used for royal British coronation rings since the thirteenth century. One of the most notable examples is the Stuart Coronation Ring that dates from around 1660. While the early history of the ring is vague, it is known to have been used as the coronation ring for King James II in 1685. The ring remained in the royal Stuart family until the early nineteenth century. In 1815, it became the property of George IV, who was Prince of Wales at the time, after Cardinal Henry Stuart bequeathed it to the future king. In 1830, King William IV moved the ring from Windsor Castle to Edinburgh Castle. At the center of the ring is the large ruby itself, which is engraved with the cross of St. George. The stone is surrounded by twenty-six diamonds set in silver and the head of the ring is polished gold with engravings.

You may not be able to get your hands on ruby jewelry as prominent as the Stuart Coronation Ring, but you can still buy a beautiful piece of ruby jewelry to give to your loved one, such as Diamondere’s ruby rings for men.

Ruby Gemstones

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

The Queen Consort’s Ring

It is not only the British sovereign who is presented with a ring at the coronation ceremony. The queen consort also receives one. The wife of King William IV, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, who was the daughter of King George I, was presented with an octagonal mixed-cut ruby set in gold with a border of fourteen brilliants set in silver collets. Queen Adelaide received the specially-commissioned ring in 1831.

After the death of Queen Adelaide, the consort ring was bequeathed to Queen Victoria. In 1901, Queen Victoria left the ring to the Crown and it was kept with the other British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. Since Edward VII’s coronation in 1902, Queen Adelaide’s ruby ring has been used at all coronations of queen consorts.

The Carmen Lúcia Ruby

Ruby Gemstones

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Although it does not have the royal prominence of the above two rings, the Carmen Lúcia Ruby ring unquestionably contains one of the most beautiful rubies in the world. In 2004, the American investor and physicist Dr. Peter Buck donated the stunning Carmen Lúcia Ruby to the Smithsonian Institute. Named after his wife, a Brazilian philanthropist and jewel collector who dedicated her life to medical research before dying in 2003, the ruby is mounted in a platinum ring with two triangular-cut diamonds. At 23.10 carats, the gemstone is one of the largest faceted rubies in the world, but it is not only its size that makes it one of the most beautiful rubies ever seen. It has a rich and homogenous red color combined with exceptional transparency that is simply breathtaking.

The ruby was mined from the Mogok region of the country formally known as Burma in the 1930s, which is the most important source of rubies on the planet. Burmese rubies are synonymous with the most beautiful and most valuable rubies, and the Carmen Lúcia Ruby is undoubtedly one of the best examples around.

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Top Jewelry Gifts for Women This Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air this year. Starting off 2021 with love and appreciation for one another has been the glue that is holding us together during times like these. The pandemic and election has taken a toll on all of us, but nothing brings a bigger smile to one’s face than the gift of love. 

While the Tiffany blue box is a signature (and safe) Valentine’s Day gift, there are so many styles, selections, and stores to choose from. If you’re not ready to pop the question, a romantic gesture in $260 or less will always suffice. That’s right, no ring or excessive spending necessary.

If you want to find a gift that is simple, but still gets the job done one of the five Valentine’s Day items below might just be the perfect match for you. Shopping online this year for gifts may be temporary, but showing love to some of our favorite brands will never go out of style. 

We’re here to help! From earrings to bracelets, we at Cliche have you covered. Read on to check out the top jewelry gifts for women this Valentine’s Day. 

Tiffany Beaded Bracelet, $175

Nothing says I love you like the gift of a Tiffany Blue box. The bright red heart is just the perfect touch to top off your romantic holiday. You’ll remember it forever with this stackable beaded bracelet. 












Alison Lou Heart with Arrow Stud, $255

Emojis are brought to life with the help of Alison Lou. Instead of sending it through iMessage, try sending it in the form of 14K gold and custom pink and light blue enamel. That’ll surely top last years long-distance letter. 













Nordgreen Rose Gold Infinity Watch, $209

There’s no better time to flaunt off a new watch, especially when it’s on theme with the holiday. For watches under $300, this rose gold Nordgreen watch is a timeless, staple piece that you need not only for Valentine’s Day. Grab it wile you can, it won’t last long! 

If you’re in the market for the best men watches under $300, check out Nordgreen’s newest male selection. 













Alex and Ani ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle, $44

In the love language of Ross and Rachel, saying “you’re my lobster” is just as meaningful as those three little words that we so long for on this one day of year. If you’re looking for a quirky, inside joke type of gift that doesn’t break the bank, we hope this FRIENDS referenced bangle will do the trick! 














Kate Spade Loves Me Knot Mini Pendant, $58

Simple, small, and gold— a Valentine’s Day gift success story if I’ve ever heard one! This Kate Spade bestseller is surely one to add to your basket if you’re in a pickle and need a quick (yet meaningful) Valentine’s Day present. 













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