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Jordan JAE Makin’ Me Crazy Official Music Video


http://youtu.be/GrO1w6at0Ek Checkout Jordan JAE's new video for single,"Makin Me Crazy." The song is undeniably danceable with an inspirational message about being confident in who you are. Jordan teamed up with director Alan McIntyre Smith (The Ready Set, Freelance Whales, Never Shout Never) for the super cute music video set in Brooklyn's historic Coney Island amusement park. ...

Jordan Jae Interview


Cover and original artist Jordan JAE has just released her first single, “Said No One Ever.” Her music is all about empowerment and being the better person. Despite occasional nervousness, Jordan is confident in her music and style. Above all, she says, follow your dreams to wherever they take you. She sat down with Cliché ...