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What To Expect From Season 6 of Orange Is The New Black


The most anticipated series of the summer, Orange is the New Black Season 6, is weeks away from return.  While there is currently no release date set for the sixth season premiere, we can most likely expect it to air between June 6th and June 18th, as the last five seasons went live around that time.  So what can we expect from OITNB this time around?


During the majority of season five, there was a three day long riot going on within the prison. Then the SWAT team blew down the door to Frieda’s secret bunker, exposing 10 of Litchfield’s inmates, while the rest of the inmates were loaded onto buses headed to new prisons. Talk about a cliffhanger.


We can only assume (and hope) that Season 6 starts right where Season 5 ended, so we can see what happens to the ladies in the bunker and where all the inmates being transferred, or if they’re even being transferred at all. Knowing how OITNB works, I wouldn’t be surprised if, last minute, no one ends up getting transferred.


Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, told Variety, “There’s no up from there. There’s nowhere you can go that’s a positive. So you’re definitely going to see all of the girls trying to figure out how to get out of this rabbit hole they’ve created. Who is loyal to whom? Who is standing alone? Who is motivated by their own personal will to get out of prison? Who lies and who tells the truth? All of that stuff will come out this season.”


Stay tuned via Netflix for the soon to be released trailer, so you too can know what to expect from OITNB Season 6.


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What To Expect From Season 6 of Orange Is The New Black. Image Credits: Netflix

Ed Letter: June/July 2014


Photo Jun 18, 9 23 18 AMExactly two years ago when I first became the new Editor in Chief of this magazine, I was putting this thing together at my kitchen table, collecting photographs from talented, generous photographers, and writing articles with a small group of friends at my university. Although I still sometimes work from my kitchen table, now I have a whole team backing me, lending their support, thoughts, and passions—and I couldn’t be more grateful. The day I launched my first issue, I had a small celebration at home—with a few drinks and a delicious cake—and I wished that, someday, this magazine would be where it is today.
To celebrate Cliché’s 5th birthday and the long-awaited arrival of summer, I wanted this issue to be about fun—because what is fun anyway, if not doing something you love, something that makes you happy? I’d be the first person to defend the idea that you can have fun all by yourself—by reading an exciting book, putting together new outfits, practicing new hairstyles and makeup tricks, and the list goes on! And for those who crave the warmth of company and laughter, head to the beach this summer, go traveling, and share some of your favorite music with someone special. I encourage everyone to just do what they love this summer, and just have fun.
The people I know will be having fun this summer include Ethan Thompson, former American Idol contestant, while he tours California to promote his debut EP (read my interview with him on pg. 134), our beautiful cover girls Serinda Swan (pg. 106) and Nicky Whelan (pg. 114) as they further their careers, and the ton of other musicians, actors, and artists we interviewed this issue. And we can’t forget our writers, who will reporting on their favorite summer findings and activities—both in this issue and on our blog—as well as soaking up some sun. More than anything, I hope this issue inspires you all to let loose and enjoy the summer.
And as far as anniversaries go… here’s to many more.
Megan Portorreal
Now I want to hear from YOU! Got questions or comments about the new issue? Send me an e-mail at megan@clichemag.com or tweet me @meganportorreal for the fastest response! I am also on PinterestInstagram, and Tumblr.
Ed Letter: June/July 2014 was originally published in the June/July issue of Cliché Magazine

Six Sneaky Summer Skin Myths: Debunked!



It’s about time we squash the most common summer skin myths. While it might be our favorite season of the year, the harsh effects of summer sun on your delicate skin are real, so it’s important that you don’t let a silly misconception jeopardize the health of your most precious organ. We’ve come up with some of the most well-known summer skin myths, and made it our mission to get to the bottom of these sneaky, not to mention dangerous, misunderstandings. This summer, there’s no excuse for a nasty burn or a stale skincare regimen leftover from the frigid winter months. Read on for the top six summer skin myths: DEBUNKED! 

“I’m dark-skinned, I don’t need to worry about sunburn or skin cancer.”

WRONG. This is a very common skin misconception that gets a lot of people in trouble. Yes, fair-skinned people are more susceptible to getting bad burns that can lead to skin cancer; but that doesn’t mean people with dark or olive skin aren’t at risk. While fair-skinned people burn faster, people with darker skin are less likely to burn as quickly and, therefore, sometimes aren’t as likely to protect themselves or notice the damage being done. It’s important for people of all skin types to lather up with SPF and visit their dermatologist on a yearly basis to check for any unusual moles or growths.

“The sun works wonders for my acne.”
Although it might seem like the sun can improve your blemish battles, it usually doesn’t do much except aggravate your existing problems. Initially, it might appear as though your acne is improving when you have a nice base tan or slight sunburn, but the color is only temporarily camouflaging your existing acne. In actuality, soaking up the sun can lead to buildup of dry skin, which is proven to cause blemishes. Wearing heavy makeup in the heat can also seriously clog your pores, leading to even bigger problems. Your best bet? Keep makeup light in the summer, always use a non-comedogenic, oil-free sunscreen, and MOISTURIZE every chance you get.

“If I have on makeup, I don’t need to worry about using sunscreen.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, makeup doesn’t offer a shield from the harmful rays of the sun, unless it has built-in SPF. Luckily, many face makeups, including powder and liquid foundations, offer not only seamless coverage, but also solid sun protection with SPF. Many daily moisturizers also contain SPF, if you’re not worried about blemishes and want to keep things light and fresh on a steamy, summer day.
 “My skin is naturally oily in the summer, so I don’t need to stress about moisturizing morning and night.”
This is another common misconception during the summer months. While it might seem like your skin is producing more oil than ever (HELLO, grease!), the opposite is usually occurring. The sun naturally sucks the moisture out of your skin, which leads to the buildup of dry, dead skin cells. The fix? Use an exfoliating face wash (gently) once a day or every other day, and always follow up cleansing with an oil-free moisturizer to keep skin silky smooth and sufficiently hydrated.

“There’s no need to reapply waterproof sunscreen after swimming or sweating.”

We know, it says “waterproof,” but that doesn’t mean you don’t ever need to reapply. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that these sunscreens are more water-resistant, and not totally waterproof. There’s no doubt they hold up better than you’re average sunscreen, but not much can withstand a sweaty, 45-minute run outside or a long swim in the rough currents of the ocean. That’s why it’s crucial to always reapply after sweating or taking a dip in the pool. Taking the time to do so will ensure the type of SPF protection your skin is craving, no matter what rigorous (or not so rigorous) activities you plan on doing.

“It’s okay to have the same exact skin regimen from season to season.”

We are creatures of habit; therefore it’s not surprising that most of us feel married to our daily skin routines. But just as skin differs from one person to the next, our individual skin needs also change from one season to the other. When the temperature and humidity rises, our skin craves lightweight, oil-free, and moisturizing products that won’t clog pores with dirt and sun-dried dead skin. Of course, there’s no need to make drastic changes in your routine, especially if a product is working well for you. But it’s important to be aware and stay in tune with your skin’s changing needs, whether you need some extra SPF or a powerful boost of quenching moisture.
Feature and Post Image Courtesy of www.beautyplussalon.org