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The K-Beauty Brands and Trends Coming to America


Korean Beauty, otherwise known as K-Beauty, will either have you enticed by the cute, bubbly packaging or it’ll have you rolling your eyes at its over-the-top “Hello Kitty” vibes. Aesthetics aside, K-Beauty has exploded throughout the U.S., and if you don’t believe us, check out The Cut’s article “What You Don’t Know About the Rise of Korean Beauty.” K-Beauty is known for having odd ingredients, such as salmon eggs and snail slime, but these ingredients prove to be extremely useful as they hydrate, nourish, and help troubled skin. If you’re curious to check out K-Beauty brands and trends coming to America, join us! Here at Cliché, we have a few we’re curious to try out, too. After all, isn’t playing with beauty half the fun?