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Introducing D.R.A.M.A: The Summer Dance Anthem

When two prominent artists come together, magic is bound to happen. With the soon-to-be-launched single, D.R.A.M.A, Stonebridge and K-Syran collaborate on creating a power-packed single which brings to the forefront a flair of vibrant energy and vigour. 
Launching this summer and bringing a much needed dose of joy and zesty spirit in darker times, this is the track to have on your radar for the upcoming season.
Since tapping into the musical mainstream with his remixes for Robin S, Sia, Usher, Missy Elliott, Taio Cruz & Ne-Yo, GRAMMY Award nominated Artist, Producer & DJ StoneBridge has not slowed down. With his music regularly playlists on BBC Radio 1 & Kiss FM StoneBridge’s presence on the airwaves is as familiar as ever. It’s this ability to stay current that has led to StoneBridge hosting his weekly StoneBridge #bpmMix radio show on Sirius XM/BPM  as well as his weekly StoneBridge HKJ show.
Meanwhile having started her career on an exciting note by opening the UK Tour for the prominent Blue, K- Syran has since been receiving the love and praise of music connoisseurs across the globe. Releasing two albums (Smoke In My Veins and Dizzy), topping several billboard charts and even having one of her singles being nominated as the anthem of International Women’s Day 2016, K- Syran’s journey continues to demonstrate an exciting path.

K-Syran ft. Arja Saijonmaa “She”

As a celebration of International Women’s Day and a commemoration of the strong women all around us, two prominent and celebrated artists are coming together for a rendition of the song, ‘She’. A famous ballad celebrating women, the new single by Arja Saijonmaa and K-Syran is set to release this month.

Finnish singer Arja Saijonmaa has always been at the forefront of making an impact with both her music and activism, whilst K-Syran has always been championing women’s rights and creating a movement with her music, support for female-led brands and businesses and digital platforms. 

Coming together for this special single, both artists are hoping to remind their listeners about the importance of unity, the concept of empowerment and the need for us to come together.
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International singer, songwriter, K-Syran Releases Red Dream (Official Video)


International singer, songwriter, K-Syran announces releases of poignant new single during these isolating times, plus her starring role in a new movie.

As vivid, vibrant dreams cascade into the subconscious of everyone across the planet during the lazy lockdown evenings, international singer/songwriter, K-Syran, seized the inspiration from the midnight muses to pen her stunning new single, ‘Red Dream’, out 17 June.  Appearing on the soundtrack of K-Syran’s forthcoming new movie, ‘The Lady of the Sea’, in which she plays the leading role of Ellida, ‘Red Dream’ maps out a gorgeous tale of our times.

An original penning from K-Syran, and her first track since 2019, ‘Red Dream’ is produced by the world renowned Belgian Dj/producer, Phase.  Depicting the epic episodic dreams that we’re all experiencing during these time-rich lockdown days, ‘Red Dream’ is a stunning showcase of K-Syran’s deep velvety tones, which weave an elaborate lyrical tapestry around a mellow melodic sound-bed of beats.  Written on impulse, when the divine dreams engulfed her nightly and were a crystal clear memory the next morning, K-Syran felt that the positives of this pandemic needed to be celebrated.


‘This time of world isolation has injected us all with the git of red dreams, those rich divine crimson dreams that are luscious and so so creative;  never, ever have I dreamt more and remembered each dream in such detail.’ Comments K-Syran  ‘That’s where the inspiration came for ‘Red Dreams’.  I felt that every aspect of this historical time needed to be documented, and I just had to throw my own musical expression at this incredible dreams.’

Multi-talented, K-Syran also adds acting to her long list of achievements, starring as the leading lady in, ‘The Lady of The Sea’, which was ready to hit its global premiere before social distancing closed the doors to The Cannes Film Festival this year. When the movie director heard ‘Red Dream’, it was a no-brainer for him,

The director fell in love with, ‘Red Dream’, and will feature it at the end of the movie where I’m underwater in a beautiful Three Graces London dress,’ says Katrina.

It’ll be a while before movie premieres are back on our social agendas, but music still burns strong, and ‘Red Dream’ will be officially released on 17 June.

The single ‘Red Dream’  is released on Intimacy Records on 17 June

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Photo by Steeve Beckouet & Styling by Frank Strachan


Keeping up with K-Syran


After achieving monumental success with her first 2019 single, Carefree Careless, K-Syran returned to the billboard charts with her June-release Crazy Desire and her much celebrated performance at the celebratory Manilva Pride. The powerfully infectious single, produced by Intimacy Records’ favorite Dan Thomas, has now been released with an exciting music video.

Inspired by the single, illustrious artist Bernard Garo translated his vision into underwater imagery of K-Syran
in the the most stunning Three Graces dress. As a result, much like the single itself, the music video is poetry
in motion and celebrates the art of the melody. Collaborative in nature, when speaking about the single, K-Syran emphasizes that this playful tune draws upon the world around us and what she has been learning about relationships. Explaining the single, K- Syran mentions, “I was reading an article about how married couples are using apps like Tinder to add spice to their love lives”; leading to the production of this single.

Beyond her illustrious work in music, K-Syran will also soon be featured in the film The Lady from The Sea.  As the leading lady in this exciting new venture (based on the much celebrated play written by the prominent Henrik Ibsen), K-Syran is demonstrating her dynamic versatility and ingenuous creativity; in the lead role of Ellida.

About K-Syran

Having started her career on an exciting note by opening the UK Tour for the prominent Blue, K- Syran has since been receiving the love and praise of music connoisseurs across the globe. Releasing two albums (Smoke In My Veins and Dizzy), topping several billboard charts and even having one of her singles being nominated as the anthem of
International Women’s Day 2016, K- Syran’s journey continues to demonstrate an exciting path.

K-Syran follows up 2018’s monumental success with billboard charting singles, Shake that Booty and Dizzy, with her
brand new offerings this year; in the form of Carefree Careless and Crazy Desire.  To add to all these incredible feats, K-Syran also recently performed live at the Manilva Pride on the 15th June 2019.

Celebrating equality and dignity for all, this performance added to K-Syran’s line-up of live performances in 2019.
Dedicated to creating great music and versatile performances, K-Syran is at the forefront of creating an unparalleled
music experience.

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Image provided by K-Syran.



International singer/songwriter, K-Syran, celebrates the recognition of women at this year’s Ibiza Music Summit and personally promises a summer of stonking dance music.

Summer – gorgeous, warm, sparkling summer. The trees are full, the blossom’s floating down like snow and we’re hankering after those delicious brushes of warm sunshine on our skin. Don’t you just love it! But summer brings with it so much more than the seasonal sun – it also comes armed with a whole new bag of music. As spring blends into shimmering summer, our music industry flicks the switch on the vibe dial and suddenly we burst into
action on the dance floor.

Summer is officially here and that means dance music is hot on the agenda for the next four months!

Just as the first buds of spring peep into view, our radio stations tempt and tease us as they sprinkle more vibrant and energized dance tracks across the airwaves. From that moment, us music lovers know that the new season of
music has sprung into life. Summer ‘sounds’ are equally as important as the summer sun and as the Ibiza Music Summit came to an end last weekend, it marked the official start of the dance music season, bring it on!

With three Top 10 dance hits of my own, I understand just how important dance music is to all of us. Standing hand-in-hand with festivals and live gigs, dance clubs are one of the few places that our music can touch and interact with our audience on a live level. That’s one of the few opportunities that we have to share the exhilarating musical experience as one. For me, that’s what music is all about, that touching-point with my audience.

So I applaud my musical sisters who made a stand at this year’s Ibiza Music Summit and addressed the vital topic of Diversity in Electronic Music. Tackling the issue of female representation within the electronic music industry, Jackie Antas of Live Nation exposed some vital statistics about us girls in the industry:

Just 1 out of 15 of Billboard’s One’s to Watch were women
No major music labels have female bosses
In 2014, only 18% of electronic labels include women on their rosters
Women made up 11% of rosters in 2016

I’m sure you’ll agree that these statistics are kinda shocking in what’s meant to be a equal world and within an industry which focuses so heavily on female talent. The Summit discussed the need to implement a change in thought processes globally and it was agreed that there’s absolutely no doubt that the industry needs to represent women more fairly. We shouldn’t label talent as ‘female artists’ or ‘female DJs’ – we should be equal enough to be label for our talent, not our gender.

Bring it on girls, let’s show the industry what we’re made of! I’m kicking live and loud into this summer of dance with a bucket load of dance music that I’ll be releasing across the season. I’ve been working with some awesome DJs
and remixers to bring you the flavour of music that I know keeps you pumping in the clubs. From awesome Dan Boots right through to the unparalleled talent of Jamie Lewis and Mr Mike – I’ve been working relentlessly in the
studio with them all and I promise I’ll make this a musical summer that you won’t forget. Watch this space – us girls will be lighting up those Ibiza dance floors very soon!

2019 Carefree Careless by K-Syran


K-Syran follows up 2018s monumental success with billboard charting singles such as Shake that Booty and Dizzy to NRJ hit Amoureuse with her brand new offering for 2019 called Carefree Careless, an infectious slice of pop heaven featuring K-Syran’ssultry vocals seducing the listener in to hitting that repeat button. Perfect for those Carefree Careless days. With remixes from Intimacy Records favorite Dan Thomas and Music Video directedby award winning UCA head honcho Leon Mitchell, Carefree Careless is shaping up to K-Syran’s most signifcant offering to date.

K-Syran is a singer, songwriter, female rights activist and famed actress from the RADA & Guildhall school of music and drama. Being cast in a multitude of leading roles straight out of drama school such as Anna in Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys which went on to gain critical acclaim by many of her peers.  Not only that but herself written produced and directed project ‘Breaking the Silence’ won the attention of Angelina Jolie and William Hauge, subsequently winning at the prestigious Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Confict.  Following on from her many successes as an actress K-Syran is also a trained singer and songwriter allowing her to release her first single single through Metrolpolis Records, You Don’t Love Me Anymore and album, Smoke In My Veins.  This allowed her to tour with UK chart sensations Blue and work alongside Sugarbabes sex bomb Amelle Barrabah.  As if that wasn’t enough K-Syran was nominated by UN in the UK for her single, Intimacy, to be the anthem of international Women’s Day.  Never a one for slowing down she got in the studio with grammy award winning producer Philip Larsen, who is known worldwide for his work with Katy Perry to produce her album Dizzy, Dizzy was subsequently nominated for a number of honored awards in the US, charted on the official Billboard chart and performed live in NYC at the Grammy weekend. Her summer hit Shake That Booty was remixed by Swedish superstar Stonebridge, also charted Billboard and received nominations and airplay extensively in the US.

K-Syran is frequently played on Kiss FM , Gaydio, capital and other UK radio stations and supports LGBT awareness such as GayPride with her UK GayPride Tour in summer 2018. Moving on to 2019 and beyond K-Syran is focusing on her brand new label 0 distributed by Sony. Through SONY she decided to release the French anthem song Amoureuse by Véronique Sanson which is now climbing the charts and play listed on the number one French radio station NRJ. Her last single SMASH smashed it on the international DJ Charts and got to #1 with help from remixes by rising star Dan Thomas who has gained 5 number one billboard positions in 2018 alone.  K-Syran is a versatile live performer, from full blown energetic performances to experiences such as INTIMATE where she can perform downtempo there is no event which she can’t adapt to and deliver an amazing unforgettable performance. With exquisite dress sense and stage presence, audiences cant help but join in with her infectious dance moves and sing along with her.

DON’T FORGET, you can watch K-Syran perform at Manilva Pride on the 15th June, 2019. 

Web: https://www.Intimacyrecords.co.uk 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Intimacyrecords
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5svm_7Ffj8rXzZUUE6CUg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksyranmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ksyranmusic

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K-Syran and Her Love for All Genres of Music


Norwegian pop singer/songwriter K-Syran cannot recall a life without music. She grew up with parents who loved music and filled her home with melodies every single day. Ever since, she has pursued music (and acting) as her career and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Here, we chat with the artist about what it was like growing up surrounded by music, her creative process, and advice for other artists.


Cliché: Tell us about your life in Norway.  What was it like growing up?
K-Syran: My childhood was filled with music. I grew up constantly following my dad around the house. He’s a professional musician and plays every instrument under the sun, so I was brought up on a diet of music and melody from birth. My mum is a beautiful ex-Balmain model who sang her heart out like a bird to dad’s music. I quickly learned that music fills a home with so much warmth and happiness. I feel extremely blessed to have been nurtured within an environment like that.

Norway is a wonderful place for a child to grow up. I would sometimes ski to school (cross country). I would do ice skating nearly every evening. In the summer, I would have five boys ringing on my door to go bicycling. At school, I was not the type of girl who hung out, smoked, and played cool. I would play football with the boys; I think I was quite a tomboy, really.

How did you first get started in music?
At 7, I started playing piano, and my first memory is the piano teacher falling asleep. It was hilarious and I would keep playing very softly not to wake her up. I believe that’s why I have a very soft emotional touch to the piano. I would later reduce my teachers to emotional tears when I played a beautiful song. My last piano teacher tried desperately to persuade me to go the musical way and start the music academy in Norway at the age of 15, but I had other plans. I was going to be an actress.

You have a strong family history of music influence. How did that shape your progression and passion for music?
I believe it opened up my love for every type of music. My mother loves opera, so I grew up listening to opera at full volume on the speakers in the living room or in the car. I sing opera myself because of that.

My dad loves jazz, country, pop, and rock. I loved playing banjo with him and singing country songs. Listening to different genres of music at that young age opens you up to enjoy every type of music and if you have that open-mindedness to music, I believe it will influence you to be open-minded in every path of life. Music can only have a positive influence in my eyes.

Listening to different genres of music at that young age opens you up to enjoy every type of music.

What would be your dream venue in which to perform?
Every venue I have performed in has been amazing in its own way. I did love the Roundhouse in London though because the sound was so amazing. It was the same in Venice; I sang opera in one of their ballrooms and I honestly felt like I sang to the heavens. The sound just carried on and on.

Can you explain your motivation for the “Temptation” music video?
Because I’m an actress, I have worked with so many talented people, and one of those is British director Tracey Adam, who has her own film company Lex Filmed Entertainment. She loved the song and wanted to make this music video. I think she has done a fab job! I’m very pleased. She has managed to capture the sensuality and keep it classy.

Do you have a process you follow when creating songs?  Do you start with lyrics first or do you create the musical track first?
It varies. Sometimes I will go into the studio and improvise a melody and the lyrics will just pour out of me with the melody. Other times, I have the lyrics and a melody will magically come out because of them. I must say writing music has given me the biggest pleasure of all and I do hope one day I can get to that place where other artists hear my songs and would love to sing them. That would really be dream come true.

How would you describe your style?
My style is very unique. I will never dress like everyone else. This is a great influence given to me by my Balmain model mum. From an early age, I would go up to the loft and pick out all these beautiful designer clothes she had and dress up. At school, I would wear her old beautiful leather coats and boots and, as you can imagine conservative West Oslo with everyone dressing the same, I would be named the punk, which I was proud of. I never wanted to look the same as everyone and honestly never could with my wild curly hair, so better just to embrace being different.

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.
I love tennis. I’m extremely competitive and won quite a few competitions both in tennis and skiing. I’m an extremely bad loser! On my honeymoon, my husband beat me three times in backgammon. I started crying and the evening was ruined. I think I shocked him then and we have never actually played since. [Laughs]

If you could give advice to younger musicians that want to get started in this business, what would it be?
Surround yourself with good people. There are so many sharks in this profession. With my label, Intimacy Records, I hope to be able to help other artists. I feel so blessed to have found five beautiful women on my team. One can never achieve anything by oneself; it’s all about teamwork! Also, persistence is crucial. You have to keep believing and dreaming.

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K-Syran and Her Love for All Genres of Music: Photographer: Quavondo, Hair and Makeup: Ieva Radina