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Spring Beauty Collections


Spring is not only my birthday season, but my favorite season above all others. The reawakening of the Earth gets me every single year as if it’s a surprise. You would think I’d be used to it know since I’ve experienced this season for 22 years (as of April 1!) already, but no. From the birds singing to the flowers peaking, this blooming beauty captures me each time it comes around. What puts the cherry on top of this being my favorite season ever? The gorgeous spring beauty collections that make their appearance! Adorned in light pastels to everyday neutrals, the spring collections from some of my favorite or newly discovered beauty brands are blowing my brain like no other, not to mention the eye-capturing swatches that come from the stunning lip shades created! You’ll fall in love with these collections just as much as you will with this season, just as I do every year. Did anyone say spring cleaning? Make room for these beauty bits in your makeup collection, and be out with the old!


(Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick in Désinvolte $36, www.chanel.com)


(Le Vernis Nail Colour in Désirio $27, www.chanel.com)

Coming in with a bang is Chanel’s bright and pigmented Spring 2015 collection, featuring stunning corals to shades of pink and red. Chanel’s beauty products are made to be built up or smoldered down this spring. So whether you’re feeling vibrant and loud, or soft and muted, this collection will help represent that in a lip shade, eye shadow, polish, and more.

(Lippie Stix in Julep $5, www.colourpop.com)


(Super Shock Cheek in More, Please $8, www.colourpop.com)

Colour Pop Cosmetics
Looking to have bold fun with your beauty looks this spring? Colour Pop Cosmetics has totally got you covered! This beauty brand is new to me, but it may sound familiar to you because it has been spotlighted by many social media platforms, YouTubers, actresses, and many well-known faces. The Spring 2015 collection of Colour Pop is making a statement with its lippie stix and pencils, shadows and pigments, cheek products, and newest collaborations. Think tons of color from every shade of the rainbow.

(Tartelette Limited-Edition Amazonian Butter Lipstick $16, www.tartecosmetics.com)


(Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette $44, www.tartecosmetics.com)

Tarte Cosmetics
The Spring 2015 collection of Tarte Cosmetics celebrates with a 15-year anniversary collection called Tartelette. In soft, beautiful tones of pink, tan, brown, and more, Tartelette products can be worn easily every day, from day to night. What makes this collection even more timeless? Its simple, gold-detailed packaging that adorns each product.

(Suede Matte Stick in Punch $16, www.gloprofessional.com)


(Suede Matte Crayon in Sorbet $16, www.gloprofessional.com)

Glo Minerals
Glo Minerals is another of my recently discovered brands that I haven’t been able to get over, especially with the launch of their new spring colors in the Suede Matte Collection. From the Suede Matte Crayon in a sorbet shade to the Suede Matte Stick in a punch shade, the colors are true to the eye and last longer than ever! These lip shades will totally become a part of you, and you won’t want it any other way.


(Spring Multipalette My French Palette $58, www.lancome-usa.com)

Lancôme’s French Innocence Spring 2015 collection features romantic rose and nude shades with pops of green and blue. The products create a fresh spring look that can be worn easily by anyone and everyone. Create a sophisticated or cute look from these precious colors all by your own hands.
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Spring Beauty Collections “Spring Collections Column” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2015 issue.

Spooky Beauty Treats


Halloween is almost here, and some of you have already gotten your costume, accessories, and date picked out. Heck, you even know where you’ll be spending Halloween night, but are you completely prepared? If not, don’t worry! I’ve come up with a list of spooky beauty treats ranging from makeup to body lotion and much more that will help you pull your entire look together.

Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Glide on Double Ended Eye Pencil Set: For those of you who want to test out some color liners but feel a little uneasy with the thought of leaving your black liner behind, don’t worry. The Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Glide on Double Ended Eye Pencil Set comes in eight shades; four are colored, and the other four come in variations of black. This is a great set to work with whether you’re going as a fairy or a witch to a Halloween party!

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Collection by Bath & Body Works: The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Collection will not only help get you in the spirit of Halloween, it will also have you smelling and feeling great. In this limited edition collection, you’ll find body lotion, body spray, hand sanitizer, room spray, and much, much more. With a warm blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and vanilla, this collection is sure to sell out fast, so you might want to get your hands on it before it’s too late.

Hard Candy Crystal Confetti Nail Polish in Black Tie Optional: This flirty nail polish is like a little party on your fingertips.There is no need for any design tools; you can get a quick, fun look straight out of the bottle!

Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser by MyChelle Dermaceuticals: This Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser is great for dry skin. It is infused with hydrating honey enzymes, pumpkin, coconut, and luscious vanilla—everything you need to keep your skin feeling smooth and free of impurities. All you need to do is wash your face with a nickel-size amount every day and let the enzymes do all the work.

Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor: This collection of Lancome lipsticks comes in 43 shades, and I am sure one of them will fit your costume just right. For those of you going as sexy vamps, try the Red Stiletto shade. For you witches, try the Pretty Burgundy. And for those of you going as something sweet, go for the Intense Fuchsia.

Too Faced Smokey Eye Shadow Collection: Want a quick, killer look that will stop a ghoul dead in his tracks? The Too Faced Eye Smokey Eye Shadow Collection is what you want! The collection contains nine pigment-rich shadows in smoky hues and shimmery and matted textures, all of which are perfect for a boo-tiful night.

Product photos courtesy of toofaced.com, spohra.com, bbw.com, walmart.com, lancome.com