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Doug Locke Grapples with the Epidemic of Anti-Blackness in New EP, “Why? (Lunar II)”


Activism has always been the beating heart of Doug Locke’s identity. As the son of renowned Texas Civil Rights activist Gene Locke, Doug was well aware of the dangers of complacency as well as the power of his own perspective. Tragically, in the face of perpetual police brutality, he continues to be compelled to raise ...

Aspiring Filmmaker Vas Halastaras on Finding Herself and Reflecting Her Community in Media


  Growing up Greek Orthodox, Vasiliki Halastaras (aka Vas) didn’t begin to think about the concept of identifying as something other than straight until well into her teens. Her revelation that she was gay shook the foundation of her entire worldview, and she continues to move through life with the knowledge that those she loves the ...