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5 fun Activities to try in 2021


Today we want to share 5 fun activities to try in 2021.  Though 2020 hasn’t ended yet, many are looking to 2021 as the year to dive into new hobbies. Given most of this year has been spent mastering the art of self-care in a confined space, the coming year is likely to see many ...

Four Health Changes to Make as you Approach 40


Today we want to share with you four health changes to make as you approach 40.  As we get a little bit older, sometimes the small issues become bigger ones. When you start to assess what your lifestyle is actually doing for you, this is when you have to make significant changes to your life. ...

7 Things You Need for Your Post-Marathon Recovery


Today we want to share 7 things you need for your post-marathon recovery.  A great runner is not only excellent during the competition. One should also excel in taking care of himself after crossing the finish line. After all, an athlete who’s sore all over cannot train hard for the next race. So, make sure ...