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The First ‘Plant-Based Bra’ Has Been Released and You Need It!


Every year, 11 million tons of textiles are dumped into landfills in the United States. It takes approximately 360 gallons of water to produce one pair of underwear. As the days go by, the global climate crisis is only worsening. It is imperative that all companies, brands, and businesses do everything in their power to initiate and execute a sustainable transition. The consumer has the responsibility to live life as ‘green’ as possible. However, one of the most prominent issues that arise with this is accessibility. For the average consumer, living a sustainable life is not practical. Most products that are made ethically and sustainably are priced higher and are unattainable to the majority. The convenience of unethical and non-renewable resources will continue to overpower consumers unless changes are made.

Kindly IntimatesThe textile industry, a large contributor to the climate crisis, is ever-growing. While some brands have started to develop sustainable products, accessibility is still sparse. For effective change to occur, it is crucial for textile manufacturers to be bold enough to create sustainable and attainable products. This is the vision for Gelmart International, a leading intimates manufacturer supplier. This month, Gelmart International took a historic step as they introduced, Kindly, a new line of sustainable intimates featuring the first-ever plant-based bra sourced from sugarcane. The best part of this launch is that these amazing intimates are available at Walmart stores and online for incredibly affordable prices!

It is easy to assume that low cost correlates to low quality. Intimates require the most water post-purchase due to frequent washing. Therefore, the longevity of intimates is cut short because of this. Kindly’s intimates may be revolutionary, but are they effective? Allow us to tell you more about Kindly and give our honest review of their products! 

According to Kindly’s ethos, Kindly aims to connect the worlds of sustainability, accessibility, and innovation by developing a proprietary blend of recycled nylon, spandex, elastic and sugarcane to create revolutionary products.” With that being said, let’s break down the facts about their products. Kindly launched with:

  • two styles of bras, available in sizes 32A – 40DD.
  • Three styles of bralettes, available in sizes S – 3XL
  • Thongs, Hipsters, and Boyshorts, available in sizes S – 3XL in seamless and microfabrication. 

The line retails between $11 – $14 and is sold across 3,300 Walmart stores and online at Walmart.com



Now, that kind of price range for a good quality intimates line is not common. That kind of price range for a sustainable intimates line is incredible! But are the products incredible? Kindly was kind enough to send over some pieces from their line so that I could give you an honest review. The team at Kindly sent over a bralette and thong from their line. Let’s discuss the overall impressions of the two items!Kindly Intimates

I received the Seamless Bralette in black. Kindly’s bralettes are made of recycled nylon and spandex. Some details include removable pads made of plant-based materials, hook and eye closures in the back, and adjustable straps with hardware made of recycled materials. The bralettes are available in triangle, racerback, and scoop styles. My first impression of the bralette was the fabric quality. Typically, for a lower-priced item, fabric quality may not always be so great. However, the Kindly bralette felt similar to that of a high-end bralette. The fabric is soft yet supportive. It gives a good stretch and isn’t binding. My personal favorite attribute was how easy it is to remove and insert the sustainable pads. Padding in a bralette isn’t for everyone and the easier they are to remove or insert, the better! The support and overall wear of the bralette was enjoyable. I would be interested to see if, in the future, they test out different variations of straps for their bralettes. All in all, the bralette is definitely worth it! For the price point and quality, it is a must-have! 

The second item I received was the Seamless Medium-Rise Thong. Kindly’s thongs are made of sustainable and recycled fabric and yarns. They are available in medium-rise hipster, medium-rise thong, and high rise boy short. My first impression of the thong was the fabric as well. The seamless knit felt flexible and stretchy. I wouldn’t characterize it as ‘seamless’ because a seam is apparent. However, the thickness of the fabric warrants a seam. Regardless of this, the overall wear of the thong is extremely comfortable! The fabric is soft and stretchy and doesn’t bind. A detail I love about the Kindly products is that they are tagless! Tags can be irritating and bothersome, especially for intimates so it is great to see that factor implemented in these products. This also cuts down on the material needed for tags. I have to say, just like the bralette, the thong is definitely an item I would make sure to purchase. The comfort they provide while also being cute and effective makes it a great product! Kindly Intimates


Kindly is transforming the fashion industry with this launch. Being the first to do something is not an easy task. After years of research, trial, and error, Kindly is here to shake things up. These intimates are the first of their kind. As time passes and their brand continues to grow, it would be great to see an expansion in the sizing range of each product to make it as inclusive as possible. Along with that, experimenting with different designs and colors will surely entice consumers. The success of sustainable brands that are working to provide ethical and accessible products is the success of all. Now more than ever, producers and consumers must come together to encourage and expand the growth of sustainable living. Our hope is that more brands will follow in the footsteps of Kindly to create amazing products that help in more ways than one. 


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Photo Credit: kindly yours

The Secret Lingerie Boutique That Victoria Doesn’t Want You to Know: La Femme Dangereuse


Whether it’s for him, for her, for them, or just for yourself, there is no denying just how sexy you feel in the perfect lingerie. The search for that exemplary nighttime attire can be stressful—it’s not easy to find something that supports and accentuates every gorgeous curve. Or is it? Allow me to introduce to you the secret lingerie boutique that takes out the aggravation and preserves the sexiness of the experience. It’s the secret lingerie boutique that Victoria doesn’t want you to know: La Femme Dangereuse.

Purchasing sexy attire is one way to boost your confidence, but for many the experience can be rather embarrassing. You’re hustling through crowds of other people, searching through endless clothes that have been touched and tossed by countless hands before you, wading through different sizing of different brands, and stressing to find one employee who is not already overworked and exhausted. Now imagine stepping into a quiet boutique where the material is soft, all lingerie is displayed delicately, and you are taken care of individually by the passionate and friendly owner, Nikky. Now wouldn’t that be an experience worth indulging in?  

La Femme Dangereuse is a small, charming boutique located in Woodbury, NY. Even if you don’t live close by, you can easily search through their store on La Femme Dangereuse’s website. From the moment you step into La Femme Dangereuse, you feel like a true princess. The clothing is elegant, the fabric is irresistible to the touch, and the style is all around sexy and sophisticated. You can find an array of bedroom attire such as bras, panties, garters, sleepwear, robes, active-wear, and many more gorgeous accessories. Anything you could fantasize is right there, draped carefully along wooden shelves and hangers.

No matter what alluring look you’re going for, La Femme Dangereuse has it leveled up and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for bras with intricate lace patterns like the Wish- Demi Full Lace Cup- Simone Perele, something more titillating like the Sheer Black Tank with Lace- Escora, or even something more soft and sexy like the Italia Chemise- Cosabella, La Femme Dangereuse can deliver.

After working all day and hustling through the rush of the summer, sometimes it’s important to sit back for the evening and enjoy feeling good about the way you look. Everyone deserves to feel sexy. Why not give yourself the chance?


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The Secret Lingerie Boutique That Victoria Doesn’t Want You to Know: La Femme Dangereuse: Image credits: www.lafemmedangerous.com

5 Ways to Perfect the Lingerie as Outerwear Trend


image1Someway along the line, in between floral dresses and white sneakers; elaborate lace and pussy bow blouses, the lingerie trend made its way onto the streets and became the ultimate choice when it comes to bold trends.

Donning lingerie as outerwear is a tricky trend as there is a fine line between channeling haute couture like style to looking like you forgot to put on real clothes. Materials have to be mixed, colors need to be considered and overall, you should think hard about which part of your body you want to highlight with this attention seeking trend.

Still, even with all of these matters, fashion is still fun and if you love the trend you should definitely consider ways of incorporating lingerie to your everyday look and the following are five tips to help you master this bold trend.

image2Go Sheer

For a twist to a classic, go sheer by investing in a peak-a-boo blouse. Pair the piece with a bra of the same color so that you keep the look subtle and sophisticated

The Silky Soft Side

When a silk camisole steals your heart and you want to wear it as any old dress then pairing it with a soft chunky knit is a great way of adding texture to such a delicate piece. Find a camisole that is not too short or too tight so you can still look appropriate rocking it as outerwear.

image3Tighten It With A Corset

Nothing says lingerie more than a corset. This bold style piece has been around for centuries — tightening our waists and giving us the cleavage we are looking for. To keep the corset looking timeless and elegant, pair the piece with a great jacket — preferably one that is tailored or has a bold pattern to add to the glamour of the corset.

Side Peakimage4

If you love the lingerie as outerwear trend but you are hesitant in showing off too much, then the side peak is the perfect way to go. Find a simple white sl

eeveless T with a wide arm and pair it with a black lace bra and let your lingerie peak through the sides every once in a while.


Rock The Granny Panties

On the other hand, if you are as bold as Kim Kardashian, then try rocking granny panties with a sheer skirt. Find a skirt that has a good sized pattern like elaborate lace and find the right colored panties to go under it for a strikingly bold take to the lingerie trend.

Images provided by: Pinterest1,2Social Bliss, The Blonde Salad and E! Online.
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How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Trends into the Fall


Can you believe it’s already fall? 2015 is seriously flying by so fast that soon enough, we’ll all be worrying about what to wear when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Before we plan ahead, how about we discuss something that needs to be addressed: How in the world do we continue to wear our favorite summer trends in the fall? We’ve seen LOTS of trends popping up all over the place this summer, from bold white, off-the-shoulder tops to chunky heels, and much more. Now let us help you to continue rocking those items you dished your money on so you can keep the spirit alive! See below for our tips on how to wear your favorite summer trends into the fall.


Glamorous Drew Off-the-Shoulder Top, $42, nastygal.com

Off-The-Shoulder Tops
The summer heat may have given us weird tan lines if you were a fan of those off-the-shoulder tops, but once the fall comes, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. So how do you wear an off-the-shoulder top without looking like you just came back from the beach? Simple. Pair your tops with some long-length pants. In my personal opinion, I would opt out of the boho, wide-legged pants unless you’re going for the Coachella/bohemian vibe. Then by all means, go for it!

NIRVANA Chunky Sandals, $95, topshop.com

Chunky Platform Shoes
Your feet need loving, too. Platforms made its way back into our closets just when we thought we were done with them after their appearance back in the late ‘90s! So, you can’t pair them with your favorite daisy dukes or dress… but you know what goes best with them? Frilly socks. We’re talking about the ones that your mom used to make you wear when you were younger. Fan of the platform cut-out heels, perhaps? Bust out those stockings. They’ll cover your toes, plus make your shoes really pop.

ASOS Denim A-Line Mini Skirt With High Low Hem In Bitter Chocolate, $50.16, ASOS.com

Denim Button Up Skirts
Denim skirts made a huge comeback this summer, but it’s not the mini-skirts circa early 2000s. No—we’re talking about the ones that look really similar to the ones from the 1970s, and that’s why we’re obsessed. (I mean, come on. Fashion has a way of bringing back past looks!) Still attached to your skirt, but it’s a tad bit too cold for bare legs? This is a perfect example of where your tights come in. Better yet, you can rock tights in literally any color, and it’ll go with this skirt.
white out

Suit Up Tuxedo Romper in White, $78, nastygal.com

White Out
Forget what you hear about how you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Do whatever you want! You don’t need to listen to some fashion myth. White was seen everywhere, and you can easily slip this into your fall wardrobe this year. Without going into white overload every single time, pair your favorite white piece with a contrasting color to make it really pop.

Kimchi Blue Serena Applique Bra, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

Delicate Lingerie
Rather than wearing their night slips for, well, the night, fashionistas have brought these looks outside the house. With the fact that colder temperatures are sure to make their way in, the only way to rock this thin material is by layering. Layers on layers on layers. That’s the only way to go, isn’t it?
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Photograph courtesy of Nasty Gal, Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Perhaps the only thing I love more than getting gifts is giving them — there’s just something so special about carefully picking out the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it all up, presenting it to them, and watching their face light up. The holidays should always be about giving, and with our ultimate holiday gift guide ranging from the best beauty products, functional accessories, and treats, we hope it’s that much easier to discover the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season! (Or, hey, forget giving: treat yo’self.)


Adea: Everyday Luxury

Let’s start with something sexy, shall we? The holiday aren’t only about giving material things, but also giving a little love! With Adea’s Everyday Luxury collection, you can pick out a range of different underwear for that special woman (or friend or sister!) in your life, from friendly layering pieces (think cotton bodysuits and turtlenecks) to something a little sexier, like low-rise lace thongs and a red luxe chemise. Want a gift that’s somewhere in the middle? We recommend this silky soft slip, which hugs every curve and is the perfect layering piece for chillier weather! Go on — spoil her.

Visit myadea.com to shop the whole collection!

Nubian Skin Introduces Nude Line for Women of Color


Listen up ladies!— particularly ladies of color. If you haven’t tried, heard about or even fathomed a line like Nubian Skin, it’s time to open your eyes and your ears and take notice.
Have you ever been shopping for nude colored underwear, bras, tights, or anything of that nature and noticed that your skin tone was no where to be found? Well, Cliché magazine has a treat for you! Nubian Skin introduces nude line for women of color satisfying all shades of brown— from the lightest to the darkest and anything in-between. So long to the frustrations of searching high and far for undergarments that embrace color, just to go home empty handed. Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, has heard your cries and has worked tirelessly around the clock to counteract those emotions and decided “it’s time for a different kind of nude”.
Headquartered in London, the brand delivers worldwide and continues to listen expand its outreach to the women that long for it the most. Not sure what tone is right for you? No worries, Nubian Skin breaks down each color with a description and even the best makeup to match.
From their lightest shade of Café au Lait, their medium-light shade Caramel, their medium-dark shade Cinnamon and to their darkest shade Berry, there is something for every woman on the spectrum.
Continuously expanding their sizes, Nubian Skin currently caters to women size 30B-36DD as well as small-extra large, but if you can’t find your size or want to give your feedback, they’ve provided their customers with a survey so they can truly explore your concerns and make the necessary changes!
Stay up to date with all the happenings of Nubian Skin’s blog and embrace your color.
Photos Courtesy of Nubian Skin

Sexy Summer Sleepwear


Ditch the old sweats and torn souvenir T-shirts for luxurious, elegant sleepwear! With delicate touches such as chiffon ruffles, gorgeous laces, and slinky fabrics, these sexy summer sleepwear pieces reinvent the basic pajama and will make you feel like a goddess. Plus, shorter lengths and lightweight materials will keep you staying cool during summer nights.
Cami Combo
Who says a cami and shorts have to be boring? This supersoft cami and short set is designed with a comfortable, loose fit that is also very flattering and will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. The sophisticated lace detailing works in lovely harmony with the dark satin, elevating these pajamas to Hollywood starlet status.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

Soft Sleep Boxer in Silver Shadow, Aerie, $24.95

One of the Boys
Trade in boring pajama pants for boxer shorts in sweet prints! The delicate chiffon tie details at the hip of these satin shorts add a hint of soft femininity while keeping them snug at your waist.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

The Angel Sleep Tee in Blue Diamond, Victoria’s Secret, $35

Tee Time
Oversized T-shirts are almost universally hoarded as comfortable and practical sleepwear well after their potential to be worn in public has expired. Trade your worn and faded sleepshirt for a slouchy tee embellished with rhinestones. The turned up sleeve cuffs give this sleepshirt the cozy, worn-in feeling of a beloved T-shirt.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

Losin It Romper in Black, Free People, $68

Romper Room
A romper combines the comfort of a chemise with the coverage of shorts. The lace trim and narrow strap details on this romper are so beautiful that you’ll be tempted to wear it well past noon!

“Sexy Summer Sleepwear” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.
Featured image courtesy of VictoriaSecret.com

Karlie Redd Interview


Karlie Redd, reality star from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, has recently re-launched her KR cosmetic line. Redd is all about making women of all shapes and shades feel and look beautiful. She has produced a new designer lingerie line called Karlie’s Angels, and now she is in the midst of launching her campaign called “Beauty, Branding & Business,” which will include live meetups with Redd where she will educate entrepreneurs on professionalism in the beauty and fashion industries and speak about the common misconceptions. Also, there will be tons of beauty experts on site sharing their knowledge and giving away goodies. With all the success Redd has had so far, who wouldn’t be interested in knowing more about her cosmetic line and her inspirations on creating Karlie’s Angels? Read on for the inside scoop.

Cliché: What inspired you to create your lingerie line?
Karlie Redd: I always knew that I wanted to design clothing and put out a line. As I’ve become more exposed to fashion and different lines, I noticed the lack of designer lingerie lines that were out there, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to start a lingerie line of my own. I recently partnered with L.A.-based designing duo The Sachika Twins who provided me with a great opportunity to work with them.

How would you describe the style of your Karlie’s Angels lingerie line?
My main concern for the line was helping women of all sizes to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. The line contains six different lingerie pieces with built-in contouring shapers for any body type. The collection will also feature three pieces inclusive of shaper dresses and bustier tops. The pieces can be worn with any outfit to fit any setting.
What sets your newly re-launched cosmetic line aside from others?
I strive to redefine the meaning of beauty for women. I wanted to create products that compliment women of all shades, and, ultimately, my line is designed to bring women together and avoid an atmosphere where women are putting each other down because of the way they look.

 Can you recommended three products from your cosmetic line that you cannot live without?
The lipstick, eye shadow, and blush from my line are all great products that are must-haves.

 Visit karlieredd.com for pictures, bios, and more information!

All Karlie Redd Interview photos courtesy of Weldon Bond Photography

GSintimates Interview


Galina Headshot

©Dwayne Evans

While it is true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, lingerie is a very close second, and perhaps Galina Sheveleva, the creator of GSintimates, would agree. The Canadian designer has always found herself interested in beautiful, luxurious fabrics and uses silk and lace respectively in all her designs. From dainty, creamy white babydoll nightgowns and silk shorts to ultra-feminine sleep masks and stockings, there’s something to fit every girl’s taste, style, and fantasy. Below we chat with Sheveleva about her designing process, her favorite pieces from her shop, and even better things to come.

Cliché: When did you realize you wanted to open a lingerie boutique?
Galina Sheveleva: I have been making garments here and there for years now. However, I started to play with the idea of opening my lingerie boutique last summer and within a few weeks, I had fully undertaken that initiative.
What is your designing process like?
I always carry a notebook with me because it is often in the weirdest places and situations that an idea hits me, and if I don’t sketch it, I will forget it. Once I have many designs in my notebook, I pick which ones I want to play around with and make samples of. I buy different fabrics and do several versions of the garments, noting which ones work best.
Which piece from the collection is your favorite?
I’ll cheat a little bit and give you two. One is the golden sleep mask. Why? Because it’s a great sleep accessory. It is very soft and comfortable, looks amazing, and is fully functional. The other one would have to be the silk slip. The fabric is a silk satin, which feels wonderful against your skin. When I put it on, I feel like a movie star from the 60’s, pampered and gorgeous at the same time.
_MG_5134   _MG_5051
Have you ever wanted to design other types of clothing?
I definitely want to expand my brand in the future and design all kinds of garments. My inspiration is not limited to lingerie and sleepwear.
What can we look forward to from GSintimates in the near future?
More diverse lingerie and sleepwear collections. Also more creative designs, more assortments of garments, and a more interactive online store.
Visit gsintimates.com today to discover your next favorite lingerie pieces!
GSintimates Interview “Beauty Sleep” first appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue
Model: Sara Sue Vallee; Photographer: Joanna Vnukovska; Designer: Galina GS



DSC_2706Every woman wants to look and feel like a goddess. That’s why we’re constantly dishing out dollars to keep up with the latest trends in apparel, hair and makeup. When we’re sufficiently decked out and dressed to the nines, not only do we look our best, but we feel our best too! If we could bottle those sexy, confident feelings in a bottle and sell them, we’d be swimming in gold. What happens when the trendy clothes come off though? Often times our undergarments are incongruent with our trendy outerwear.  This is not the case at Purpuratta.

This up and coming line of undergarments founded by two college girls from Colombia is absolutely breathtaking. The timeless collection boasts a variety of daring cuts and colors while maintaining a simplicity that just oozes elegance. There’s no sacrifice of comfort either. Though you may be scantily clad in your sheer lace undies and matching bra, the materials are nothing if not top-quality.  I highly recommend the Laced-With-Love Bra that is unbelievably soft and fits like a dream with its beautiful cross back design. Might I add that it looks absolutely scrumptious when paired with a cheeky pair of panties? The styles are just incredibly sexy while maintaining a sophistication that most lingerie doesn’t.DSC_2644

The girls at Purpuratta didn’t stop at bras and panties. Their new swimwear line is almost too stunning to wear anywhere other than the sublime beaches of Europe (but we’d wear them to the Jersey Shore anyway). Normally, I would never recommend a one-piece, but I’m not talking about your grandmother’s swimsuit! Purparatta’s Elegant Halter Mokokini is simply mind-blowing – who knew you could look so alluring while you’re completely covered? Their bikinis are equally lovely, with a variety of colors, cuts, patterns and of course styles to choose from. Pair your swimwear with one of their must-have cover ups and be ready to turn heads once you sink your toes into that sand.

Purpuratta was created in 2009 and has been a hit in the fashion market ever since, even being a celebrity favorite at Coachella. With ever-changing styles, the company keeps its customers both interested in new, upcoming products and stylish in bestselling favorites. With a small team that is very hands-on in the creation process, it’s no wonder that all of these hand-picked fabrics are logical, comfortable and undeniably on trend.

To check out the rest of Purpuratta’s beautiful collection of lingerie and swimwear, visit their website.

DSC_2762 DSC_2744

Post and feature images courtesy of Purpuratta.