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An Interview With Pop Songstress Lisey Tigra and Her New Single, “Criminal Mind”


Hailing from London is Lisey Tigra: your not-so-typical cookie-cutter pop star. With an angelic voice against dark pop fantasies – Lisey’s music takes you through a ride of introspective emotions and deep lyricism. Her sound is meticulously crafted with inspiration that draws from 90s club music to R&B and punk. Her most iconic release to date, “Criminal Mind,” is an enchanting pop track that radiates confidence.

We had the chance to catch up with Lisey Tigra to discuss all things “Criminal Mind” and her upcoming EP Crime Scene

Q: What’s the story behind “Criminal Mind”?  

Lisey Tigra: I wrote ‘Criminal Mind’ when I was twisted over a guy and I was finding it really hard to get over him. Then one day I had a realization that I didn’t actually want to be with him, I wanted to be him. He had certain qualities of courage, bravery, and strength to walk his own path that I felt like I was lacking at the time. Those qualities inspired me in a way that felt like love but in reality, it was admiration – I wanted to embody those qualities that I  saw in him. That’s what I mean when I sing ‘I want your criminal mind to be mine’. Once I  managed to become more courageous, strong, and brave in my own life I was instantly over him because I became whole on my own. There was no void left for him to fill.

Q: What do you hope fans get out of “Criminal Mind”?  

LT: My hope is that when people listen to this track they feel empowered to become the person they want to be. Also to realize they can embody whatever qualities they desire to have and become whole within themselves. Most of the time we are projecting onto other people and latching on to things that represent what we feel like we are lacking. Once we make ourselves whole we can truly love from a place of actual love rather than from our ego. 

Q: What has been your favorite reaction to the new single?  

LT: My favourite reactions have been to the music video which has been described as an ‘enchanting, awe-inspiring piece of audiovisual art’. It is definitely my proudest  moment yet.

Q: You’re coming out with your first EP soon. What sounds can we expect from this release?  

LT: So this is actually the last single from my first EP Crime Scene which I’ve been releasing single by single over the last year. It includes “Maybe It’s Worth It”, “Deceive Me”,  “Crime Scene” and “Criminal Mind”. In a few weeks, the full EP will be released with an extended version of ‘Maybe It’s Worth It’, and remixes of “Crime Scene” and “Criminal Mind”.

Q: You’re a big feminist advocate. How have you used your music/platform to lift female voices?  

LT: My music is written to empower and inspire the young generation to be strong-minded, independent women. I write about certain struggles we face as women in society and certain emotional ‘traps’ that we sometimes fall into, and try to unpack them in a way that other girls can become aware of them. I have many conversations in my DMs with girls that relate to my lyrics and we have long, insightful discussions into why we are sometimes driven to have certain patterns of thought caused by guilt and unworthiness  — things that we have been conditioned to constantly feel by society. I learn so much from hearing other women’s experiences and it inspires me to write even more.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration?  

LT: Rina Sawayama. I’m obsessed with her.

Q: What are you most looking forward to as we transition into a post-pandemic world?  

LT: Live shows! I can’t wait to play live again. I will announce some shows really soon. 


Take a listen to “Criminal Mind” below, and be sure to follow Lisey Tigra on her official Instagram.

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Show off Your Style in London’s Most Instagrammable Spots


Who wants to show off their style in London’s most instagrammable spots.  If you’re thinking of booking a weekend away, look no further than the beautiful and glamorous city of London.  Besides all of the iconic landmarks and cultural places of interest, London is also filled with beautiful spots to show off a killer city break wardrobe.

London's most instagrammable spots

maja7777 / Pixabay

London is a haven of instagrammable shopping spots, cafes, galleries and parks, and we’ve chosen a place to suit every outfit. So whatever your signature style is, take some snaps and show off your street style in our pick of favorite places in the city.

Serve Up Some Glamour

London's most instagrammable spots

Raw2Jpeg / Pixabay

If you’re having a ‘treat yourself’ weekend, we can’t think of anywhere more beautiful to stay than The Landmark London, a lavish 5-star spa hotel in the heart of the city.   This place is definitely one of London’s most instagrammable spots.

If your budget can’t stretch to an overnight stay, we recommend booking in at Winter Garden, the hotel’s restaurant. It’s filled with stunning palm trees and sits beneath a gorgeous eight-story glass roof atrium. The food is suitably stylish and perfectly plated up, giving you the ideal opportunity to showcase your most glamorous ensemble with your meal.

Play it Cool

London is filled with picturesque outdoor spots, but our newest favorite also provides a great backdrop for an outfit  photo. You can travel to Finsbury Park on the train to see the newest Doodle Man installation –  an elaborate street art piece with multiple panels covered in his iconic illustrations. It’s all in black and white so you have the option to go monochrome to match the artwork, or don some eye-catching brights to really stand out within the magnitude of doodles.

Embrace Some Romance

Pexels / Pixabay

Selfridges on Oxford Road is not just a fashionista’s paradise, but it’s also home to the prettiest place to rest your feet – the most beautiful branch of Aubaine in the city. It serves modern French dishes and glasses of champagne, all on sleek marbled tables and underneath a wisteria-covered ceiling. It makes for a truly dreamy Instagram photo and means you can wear your most frilly and romantic outfit to complement the setting.

Keep it Quirky and Charming

One of our favorite brunch spots in London is Palm Vaults in Hackney. Think cute pink and green tones, exposed brickwork walls and an abundance of hanging plants, where every angle makes a good Instagram post.

Finally, we couldn’t write a piece about instagrammable eateries without mentioning Sketch, the famously photogenic tea room in Mayfair. Their baby pink aesthetic is very Wes Anderson, which calls for your most playful and charming attire.

With our top tips, your Instagram feed is guaranteed to hit influencer-level heights on your trip to London. These places are not only stunning to look at, but also the perfect settings to complement your carefully-curated holiday wardrobe. Just don’t forget to bring along a willing photographer!

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The Best of Everyday Beauty from London Fashion Week


Think ‘80s. Bomber jackets and “mom” jeans are back, and so are the looks our mothers loved. My advice: embrace it and try to have as much fun as they did because the makeup artists and designers of the London Fashion Week FW17 certainly have. Hop back a couple of decades with us for reimagined ‘80s looks and our favorite beauty trends to take from the runway.


Material Girl Lips

Fendi models sported a trend that is already catching on quickly: glitter lips. In fact, a similar effect was created by artist Pat McGrath, who even has a kit for glitter lips—the highly-acclaimed Lust 004. However, it was makeup artist Peter Philips who created the look for the London runway with simple, clean eyes coupled with bedazzled pink lips. He used glitter glue from Ben Nye and chunky salmon-colored glitter to style the models, and the results are spectacular. This could be an easy DIY project, and YouTubers like Amys Makeup Box and Sarah Steller do not disappoint with their tutorials on how to get the look while experimenting with rose-golds and silvers.

Rein London for Nineteenth Amendment


Being an up-and-coming fashion designer is no easy task. It’s great to have ideas and the ability to have your creations come to life, but to actually get noticed is another daunting obstacle. Allow us to introduce you to Nineteenth Amendment, a fashion company that brings rising designers and eager consumers together. Co-founders Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis created Nineteenth Amendment since they believe “everyone has a right to choose how to make the system—and their closets—a better place.”

Recently, the company partnered with Macy’s to give even more consumers a chance to discover and support independent designers. We spoke with the duo behind Rein London, whose clothing you can purchase through Macy’s x Nineteenth Amendment, to learn more about their line and what it’s like working in the industry. 
Cliché: How did you first hear about Nineteenth Amendment, and what does it mean to be a part of it?
Rein London: We actually came across them online by accident! It was just after our first London Fashion Week (February this year) and we were researching a couple of sales outlets when we came across Amanda and Gemma’s new endeavor, ‘Nineteenth Amendment.’ We were very intrigued by their unique business model that allows them to expose new brands like us without taking too many risks. It meant we would both share in the risk, which, when you’re starting out, is a huge deal, as you don’t know how one particular market will receive you. If you do well, great! But if you don’t, normally that sales channel wouldn’t purchase from you again the following season. This business is all about consistency. With Nineteenth Amendment, it allows for the brand to be tested with minimal risk, but also understands that a new brand takes time to build that following. Their minimal-risk model keeps both sides happy, allowing the brand to grow naturally.
For us, it was really lovely to meet two women in the same industry, doing it together, and doing so well. It really inspires us to keep going and keep expanding. Being part of Nineteenth Amendment has been amazing and we’re really glad to have got onboard with this business model so early. It is the way the industry/digital is going without a doubt.
What is it like to know that your designs are fluttering around the fashionistas in the United States, who admire your work?
It’s an incredible feeling! You spend so much time agonizing over every aspect of the design/development processes that knowing they end up on someone and have given that person the confidence and empowerment you set out to achieve is the most amazing feeling. That’s what it’s all about for us.
It also really helps us to know that Amanda and Gemma are so genuine and on point with our brand. Every time we see pictures of them wearing REIN or writing up blog posts or newsletters or interviews, they always get us. We have a strong vision for REIN and what it means and how it should be communicated. It’s a little scary handing over something so personal and hoping the brand is released in the desired way, especially when they are half way across the world! But we have never had to worry. They have been so perfectly on point that sometimes it feels like they understand REIN way more than we do!
Did your aesthetics automatically complement one another or did it take some time to figure out the route you wanted to go with REIN?
When we met, we kind of fell into the roles we excelled at/enjoyed, so Rebecca designs and Gemma develops. The bold, black, graphic aesthetic emerged in the beginning, but we were studying, so influences were all over the place. This aesthetic came a lot from inspirations at the time, especially the focus on the relationship with the body and clothing, which are still similar to today. However, I think now more than ever you can see both of us within the collections, where our voice is beginning to refine.
The past six months feel like [ages] in how we have been evolving and developing our voice, honing REIN’s message and what it means. The one thing we always knew starting up in this industry was that we wanted a brand with more backbone than just creating a line of aesthetically pleasing clothing. If we were going to do it, it needed more to it. It needed a message, a voice. It needed to mean something—ideally to help the world in some way. So I guess it’s this that we have been working on. We are still honing our voice, and it will continue to grow and evolve. I don’t think it will ever be complete.
How do you go about getting noticed in an industry where it’s sometimes hard to be seen?
Noise. It’s a tough industry, but exciting. It’s challenging and that’s addictive. For us, it’s about taking a more unusual or less traditional approach. We don’t want to follow, but to carve our own path, and maybe doing something differently won’t work. Maybe it’s too different and unusual, but you won’t know until you try, and we’d much rather risk it than follow the traditional route.  
For our recent Spring/Summer collection presentation at LFW, for example, we staged our presentation within one of the showrooms inside the official venue. We had the girls enter from the streets [and caused] an uproar outside the venue before they went up into the presentation space. REIN is about empowering, confidence, body acceptance, and crushing what is seen as socially acceptable and gender boundaries—so we had two of our eight street-cast models completely naked under their very revealing dresses.
HEROINE is for strong, powerful women. How would you describe your personal style? Do you ever wear your own designs to see what feedback you may receive on the street?
HEROINE is for strong, powerful women, but most importantly it is for all women—to empower, strengthen, and give confidence. We do wear our own designs. We tend to use ourselves as fit models as it makes sense for us to be wearing the clothes, but more importantly, this way we get a real representation of a standard and true size, not an abnormally long and thin size, as tends to be with industry models. “You are your best free marketing tool.” It is surprising how well this works, even with people who don’t know you, but come up on the streets to ask where the dress is from.
Speaking of wearing your designs… Some of your pieces have already been worn by some big names! Who’s someone you’d love to see wear your clothes?
We would love to FKA twigs to wear REIN. We recently had Skin from Skunk Anansie wear a couple of our pieces for an upcoming album launch and for us she is absolutely, perfectly, incredibly on brand.
What are your current ideas for your next collection?
You will have to wait and see!
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Rein London for Nineteenth Amendment: Photograph courtesy of REIN

Kate Middleton’s Best Looks


Including giving birth, The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton manages to look flawless on every occasion. We adore the Royal’s sense of style so much we decided to pick out some of Kate Middleton’s best looks!



Simple yet classy: Kate looked stunning wearing this velvet Alexander McQueen gown at the The Sun‘s Military Awards in London alongside her husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry.


You can never go wrong with floral, as Kate proved here when she was pictured in a Jenny Packham dress at a match at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. We love the contrast in light, summery colours between the dress and the L.K. Bennett shoes.


Royal blue: Kate debuted this lace Erdem dress and L. K. Bennett shoes at a morning service aboard the HMCS Montreal in Champlain Harbor in Quebec. The bold blue is a very flattering color for The Duchess, and she is quite clearly fond of it as she wears it rather often!


Kate looked so elegant in her white Reiss dress, pictured teamed with a Sylvia Fletcher at Lock and Co. hat, which she wore to the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineu, Quebec.


And of course, who could forget this? Kate looked nothing but flawless in her Alexander McQueen wedding gown. At an impressive 9-foot long train, Kate was the perfect bride in her classic white lace dress at her wedding which took place in London on the 29th April, 2011.
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Jazmine Sullivan Is Back And Better Than Ever


Today I stumbled across some very exciting news. One of my all time favorite R&B singers is returning to the music world after a three and a half year hiatus. Ms. Jazmine Sullivan is back and better than ever, and she took to the stage at the KOKO Theater in London this weekend, where she performed tracks from her first two albums, 2008’s Fearless and 2010’s Love Me Back, and her own rendition of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams. Her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence were greatly missed, and the news has social media sites buzzing with excitement. The 26 year old soul singer announced that her third studio project will drop later this year.
Back in 2011 when Sullivan departed from the music industry she stated in a tweet  “I’m making an official announcement that I am taking a break from music. I’m trying to figure out who i am… w/out a mike, paper or pen, I promised myself that when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it. And here I am. I’m not saying I won’t ever sing again in my life becuz I don’t believe that. But in this moment… rt now… I got some things to figure out.” But during the concert she revealed to the crowd  that insecurities and an abusive relationship were also part of the reason she took a break from the spotlight. She also assured her fans that she’s now fully confident and ready to finish what she started.
A big congrats goes out to Jazmine Sullivan on having the courage to return to doing what she loves despite the problems she faced in the past. I’m sure all my fellow R&B junkies out there can agree that the music world has missed her, and can’t wait to see what tunes she blesses our ears with in the near future.
Here is some of the footage from the London performance: Bust Your Windows Lions, Tigers, and Bears Need U Bad Get Lucky

Featured Image courtesy of (HelloBeautiful.com)

Favorite London Stores


While studying in London, I did my fair share of shopping. There were some stores I fell in love with, but were devastatingly too expensive for a broke American college student trying to live in London; however, that doesn’t mean I can’t splurge every now and then. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites that I’ll be missing until my next visit.
1. Topshop
Alright, so there are four Topshop stores in the US, but that’s a far cry from the 300+ stores in the UK. And Topshop just so happens to be one of the more expensive stores on my list. The bright, often eclectic, style is beloved by celebrities and Duchess Kate Middleton herself. Taking the latest trends and creating pieces for everybody, Topshop has earned it’s place in the fashion world.
2. New Look
New Look earned it’s place as my favorite store in London as soon as I discovered it. I purchased my dress for the BRIT Awards there, and I have never loved a dress more. New Look is a fashionable store complete with items you’d find at Forever 21, and is one of the less expensive stores I found.
3. Miss Selfridge
So, we’re back to the more expensive clothing option. The store started as the young fashion section of the highly popular Selfridges department store and has emerged as a popular fashion staple. I cringed with sadness every time I walked past the windows with gorgeous displays and price tags out of my wallet range; however, the sales are brilliant, and there are plenty of items to splurge on.
Here’s the thing about ASOS–it’s only online. It is one of the UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty stores, and they even launched an ASOS website for the US in 2010. ASOS always has the latest trends and some of the best sales. I regularly check the site to see if there is anything I want to order, and I have to struggle to keep myself from ordering everything. The joys of online shopping.
So there you have it, some amazingly wonderful UK fashion stores that are bound to give you a bang for your buck. If you’re worried about shipping fees, they often aren’t as bad as you think they might be. Also, the sites regularly have specials for international shipping, so go ahead and get shopping.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Goes Punk


Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.56.10 PM

The early 1970s gave birth to the punk style and way of life, characterized by its dark, edgy, and do-it-yourself trends. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently highlighting the trend and its aesthetic to show the influences it has had on fashions, past and present, in the exhibition, “Punk: Chaos to Couture.”

The exhibit is organized into seven galleries designed to provide a multisensory experience for viewers with animated clothing, music videos, and audio techniques from several time periods. Each of these galleries serves to tell the story of the punk trend and its origins in London and New York, as well as highlight the ways in which it has impacted the high fashion trends that have become so popular today.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.56.55 PM

The showcase features one hundred  designs for both males and females that show the convergence of the punk “do-it-yourself” trend and the couture “made-to-measure” motto. It examines the materials, techniques and embellishments of both the punk style itself and the manner in which it is incorporated into current high fashion designs. The exhibition highlights the presence of the punk aesthetic in modern fashions in highlighting its characteristic  “do-it-yourself” themes such as Hardware, Bricolage, Graffiti and Agitprop, and Destroy, which are represented in one of the galleries.

Expect to be dazzled by the international fashions of today that keep the punk trend alive! The exhibit runs now through August 14th. Don’t miss the chance to release your inner punk and learn about fashion while doing so.
Feature Image and Post Photos Courtesy of www.metmuseum.org