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Fuller, Bolder Lashes


Fluttering your lashes never looked so good! Lashes this season are being amped up in a much more dramatic way, as per the usual with all trends in the fall. Hey, we’re not complaining; the bolder, the better! Fuller, bolder lashes were noted during the recent New York Fashion Week at top designer’s shows, including , Gucci, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent. Models’ eyes were tightlined with liner, topped with mascara, and finished off with faux lashes, all of which created a sexy, smoldering look we are all ready to try. Of course, we’re not keeping this must-try trend to ourselves, but sharing it with you—our lovely readers! If you’re ready to make your eyes the center of attention, read on and see just how to achieve this eye fluttering look.

Laura Mercier Brow Pencil

(Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brunette $22, Sephora.com)

Brow Pencil

(Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Dark Brown $23, Sephora.com)

First Thing’s First: Tightline
The key step in beginning this bold effect on your lashes is by tightlining your eyes with a dark brow pencil. That’s right; a brow pencil, not an eye pencil. The brow pencil creates a much more darker pigmentation and will be able to last longer. This is a little beauty tip just for you to have!
Tightlining may seem a bit intimidating at first with the fear of poking yourself in the eye (ouch!). Luckily, we know an easy way for you to get it down pat in no time. Grab your brow pencil and look down into your mirror while lifting your eyelid up slightly. Begin to line your inner, upper eye line by pressing the pencil along it and wiggling it out. This way, you won’t have to keep going back and reapplying it. Instead, you can just press and wiggle the shade out. Easy, right?

Too Faced Twice the Sex Mascara

(Too Faced Twice The Sex Mascara Duo $23, Sephora.com)

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

(Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara $10-$23, Sephora.com)

On to the Next: Mascara
Always curl your lashes with your favorite lash curler before applying coats of mascara. It helps create more volume in your lashes and makes it easier to see each individual one when applying. Once they are curled, you can begin coating your lashes in as much mascara as you desire. Layer on your favorites or add multiple strokes of your number one favorite mascara. We’ve included a few of our favorites that we believe belong in the holy grail of mascaras ever to exist. You just might agree too if you try them out!

Sephora Faux Lashes

(Sephora Collection False Eyelashes in Mainstay $10, Sephora.com)

Makeup Forever Faux Lashes

(Make Up For Ever Eyelashes-Strip in 109 Janet $16, Sephora.com)

Finishing Touch: Faux Lashes 
The last step in this bold look is the main dramatic factor—the faux lashes. Faux lashes can be a bit tricky at first when mastering the application technique, but once done a few times you easily can call yourself a pro. Pick out a pair of faux lashes that you personally love. Cut them to size if need be, apply lash glue on them, and use an eyebrow tweezer to get them as close as possible to your lash line, matching them up with your actual lashes.
You can then add another coat of mascara to blend everything in, or a bit of upper eyeliner to hide the faux lash line too. Tada! Faux lash fabulous! Your look is complete. Remember to take some selfies to share this gorgeous look on Instagram. We’re sure you’ll be turning heads and eyes with it.

Oda’s Castle in the Clouds Collection


We’ve all had our own clothing fantasies: being lavished only in the finest of fabrics and organic fibers or wearing highly-detailed garments, made from planet–friendly dyes. The Oda founders have managed to make our clothing dreams a reality.

Sisters Angie Kim and Maggie Kim met Mandalyn Begay as undergraduates studying at Dartmouth College. Later, studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, the three women created their fashion company, Oda. Their newest collection for spring/summer, titled Castle in the Clouds, is an “ode to the dreamer.”

The collection, influenced by Oda founders’ love of art, fashion, history, and nature, appears to draw inspiration from fairy tales, including such archetypal characters as the brave warrior and the evil mistress. Each of the featured looks, made from environmentally sustainable materials, embodies classic fairy tale themes like dark versus light and the good versus evil. The pieces, though fantastical, take form in modern-day apparel that women (and men) can wear both day and night.

Cliché: What inspired this collection?
Angie Kim, Maggie Kim, and Mandalyn Begay: We were inspired by a few different elements. One was old school candy that we all love to eat late at night while working, things like Fun Dip, Nerds, Lemon Heads, and Starbursts from when we were kids. We were also inspired by the circus and some of the darker, dreamier elements. Lastly, we were inspired by the trio of books Sabriel, Liriel, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix about a necromancer who can raise the dead by playing a bandolier of bells.
What are some favorite pieces?
We love the Forgotten Kisses meringue dress (the white asymmetrical dress), and the bubblegum pink frothy dress.
What do you hope for in this collection?
We hope it brings a smile to people’s faces, and we hope they buy this collection.
Anything interesting you can tell us about the collection or one of the pieces that we wouldn’t know?
All of the colors were hand-dyed, usually at least 5-6 times to get the colors right, and often in small strips of fabric individually dip-dyed or squeeze-dyed. On the Forgotten Kisses meringue dress, we burned over 100 yards of silk gauze to get the “meringued” look on the edges of the ruffles.

Just like a dream, the pieces in the collection will be gone before you know it—they are only available for a limited time! So before this dream slips away, take a look at the collection, splurge a little, and create a story all your own. Any of the pieces can be purchased from Odafashion.com. For wholesale orders, contact orders@odafashion.com.
Photographs for Oda’s Castle in the Clouds Collection by Sarah Kehoe.

Natural Spring Blushes


Our cheeks seem to be glowing with the excitement of spring festivities to come. Adding some blush on them to go with our smiles provides the perfect subtle yet colorful touch. This season’s natural spring blushes are deliciously eye-catching in the color array of oranges, peaches, pinks, and more.

Being able to achieve a natural, dewy face is a go-to beauty look for many of us in these warmer months. It’s a quick apply-and-go that will last all day and stay flawless in any activity you do. Blush is a main piece in this look, providing color to cheeks making skin appear healthy and naturally flushed.

Popular blush colors this spring have kicked it up a notch by being both vibrant and pigmented (but not too much so that we end up resembling Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games). Powdered blushes are not the only ones in the blush game this time around; along with them are tint, cream, and stick blushes, all of which have become just as popular–if not more–than the powder quality blushes.


Benefit Cosmetics never disappoint in delivering us not only incredible products, but ones that are packaged adorably too. Their Box O’ Powder blushes have been a beauty favorite in our makeup collections for what seems like forever. Rockateur is one of their recent blush creations in a rose gold color that we adore. It shines beautifully in the sun’s heat, containing the best components in order to show off the color brighter. With a blush brush, sweep Rockateur onto the apples of your cheeks or cheekbones and your look is set for the day.


Ever since Urban Decay released their Naked Collection, we just haven’t been able to get enough. Natural, neutral colors are what the products in the collection are all about, including their palette Naked Flushed. Naked Flushed is available in two palette colors: Natural and Native. Each contains a beautiful bronzer, highlighter, and blush that are similar to the basics of your wardrobe. This travel-ready palette can be used together as a full look or by themselves, such as adding the blush to your everyday look. The blush provides a flawless touch to your skin and feels so light it’s as if you aren’t wearing any. That’s a plus in our book!


Maybelline is one of the top quality drugstore products giving us beauty must-haves that are usually carry-ons in our bags. From their lippies to their mascaras, there is no going wrong with this brand, especially when using their Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. The packaging and name of the blush not only is super cute but is made to be a lightweight and buildable product. Its spring loving colors last a long time and prove that a little goes a long way when applying. With just a swipe of your fingers and a dab across your cheeks, you’ll be blushing in no time.


A high-end but affordable brand that we are always raving about for their quality and easy-to-use products has been NYX Cosmetics. The wide range of colors and quick usage makes them extremely popular. The NYX Stick Blush is a fan favorite and is easy-to-use right away. Available in an array of pinks that are rich and creamy, there’s no stopping you from finding your perfect match. Try applying them as swatches along your skin before purchasing to see which one you’ll fall in love with. Once purchased, you’ll have a blush that you can just slide along your cheeks, blend, and be off with to have a glow all day.


Another Benefit Cosmetics beauty favorite has come in the form of cheek stains that won’t smudge or melt away. One of their most recent and popular is Lollitint, which radiates the candy it is inspired from. It provides a color pop that you can apply not only on your cheeks for a blush, but on your lips as well. This sweet color needs just three strokes across the apples of your cheeks and then a quick blend with your fingers. If you want the color to stand out more, just repeat.

Photos credited to Tetra Images, Sephora.com, Ulta.com, and Nyxcosmetics.com.

Braided Details


Braided Details

Keeping our hair in check every day of the week and trying to make it look like we just stepped out of a Pantene commercial takes time and dedication. Often we prepare ourselves ahead of time by setting our alarm clocks an hour earlier than usual, but let’s be honest; none of us have all the time in the world. That precious extra hour can often be taken as that extra hour of beauty rest we need.

However, once we’re up and ready to take on our day with the ambition of a superwoman, we are left with little time and no idea how to style our hair. This is where braids come to the rescue! Braids are an easy way to add some detail to your locks if you leave them out or style them into an updo. They add that extra glamour, making it seem as effortless and chic as if you really did step out of a hair commercial.

Hairstyles used with braids are endless and can always be experimented with to create more styles. You can dress up or dress down a look with whichever one you choose to adorn.


Milkmaid braid updos are perfect for whether you’re going casual or slightly formal. They’re quick to perfect by parting your hair into two braids of your choice, and then wrapping them over your head like a crown. Voilà! You’ve created a gorgeous updo that will be sure to receive compliments all day.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are another favorite in the braiding world because it adjusts to any way you want your hair styled. You can put it into a chunky side braid where the fishtail is messed up a little, or you can go with the classic style, beautifully showing off the colors and texture of your hair.


The most simple to-do braids out of the bunch have to be French braids and the old school triple-locks braid. These two are simple enough to create an actual headband out of your hair. The braids will show no matter which one you pick and provide a textured touch to an everyday look.


Get your braid on!
Photos credited to John and Tina ReidyasarorucuCultura Asia/Sydney BourneFotokia, and If you can dream, You can do it!.

Lighter Locks


Lighter Locks

The saying “Blondes have more fun” is reigning true this winter, with many people turning their locks to the light side (Hair wise, of course). Many celebrity beauties have gone much lighter than what is their “normal look,” including Kim Kardashian and Elle Fanning. The labeled platinum color is one that will definitely have you standing out in the crowd once it’s dyed on. It’s a bold color that, when done right, has your hair shining healthy and naturally like a golden goddess.
Elle Fanning glowing with blonde locks. 
Kim Kardashian radiating with golden tones. 
Of course, when executing this color it’s best to check out a quality hair salon that knows exactly what it’s doing. Your hair is going to be in their hands, so make sure when you pick one you feel comfortable with the hair stylist. Deciding to go to a lighter color from a darker color can cause damage to your locks and requires a lot of upkeep once done. Let’s just say it is a new-do commitment, and a beautiful one at that.
Having a full head of blonde can be a bit scary and a bold move, no doubt. If you want to start off slow or not have the full blonde affect, highlights or an ombré job can replace that. They’ll still contain the lighter locks trend, but it’ll also keep true to your natural color by fading into it. This way, you can have the best of both hair worlds!
Photo credits to GI/Jamie GrillmoodboardPhilipp NemenzAndreas Kuehngettyimages.com by Michael Loccisano, and WireImage.com by Steve Granitz. 

Midi Mayhem


Midi Mayhem
Say goodbye to the mini and hello to the midi trend! It’s all about the balance in the short vs. long competition. The two lengths have overlooked their differences and created a love child in the form of the midi length: a not too short, not too long perfect combination.
Now here’s the big question that’s probably popping in your head: what’s so great about a midi length? For one thing, it comes in a variety of fits for any and every woman out there. Want something free-flowing that fits well on the waist? Midi has it. Want something that hugs your curves just right? Midi has that, too. This trend has been taking the world by storm, and has been seen on many celebrities, from Sandra Bullock to Lily Collins, in various shapes creating a midi mayhem.
The trend can be styled in multiple ways: by tucking a shirt inside the midi skirt of your choice, wearing a midi fitted dress, or pairing it with another favorite trend, such as a crop top.
If you’re new to the midi trend, a simple way to try it out would be by getting a staple piece. Start off with a basic midi skirt in a neutral color. The favorites that have been paired with it are booties and simple tops of a different color. Put it together and there you have it–a midi trend all your own!
Once you’ve conquered the first take on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that the “simple is more” saying has transformed to “Midi is more.”
Here are some midi inspirations that you could own yourself!
(ASOS Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout $70, Asos.com) 


(Missguided Skyle Front Split Skirt in Nude $24, Missguided.co.uk)


(Boohoo Elvie Velvet Full Midi Skirt $26, Boohoo.com)


(Bossy Midi Skirt $70, Piximarket.com) 


(Powerful Bodycon Midi Dress $45, Dailylook.com)


(Venice Midi Dress $398, Anthropologie.com) 


(Asos Bardot Body Conscious Midi Dress $46, Asos.com)