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Holiday Gift Sets


There are plenty of reasons to get excited for the winter holiday; however, let’s be honest: it’s one of the most stressful times of the year, too. Here at Cliché, we’ve decided to help take some of the guesswork out of your Christmas shopping by providing glamourous gift sets for the beauty lovers in your life. But! Don’t forget that they’re great sets to add to your wishlist as well; after all, you know it’ll be on ours.
LORAC: Limited Edition Holiday 2015 Love, Lust & Lace Makeup Sets
I highly recommend buying these gift sets for the makeup junkie because these sets are packed with irresistible goodies. With gift sets like these, you might want to buy two sets instead of one, if you know what I mean!

LORAC Pro Eye Collection

Retails for $28.00

This collection holds everything you need to create the perfect holiday, as well as everyday eye makeup. The Love, Lust & Lace PRO eye collection consists of the PRO Eye Shadow Palette, PRO Eye Pencil in Black, and PRO Plus Fiber Mascara.
LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil Set

Retails for $29.00

All beautiful colors for the season ahead! The Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil set has four full-size matte and metallic PRO shades in Black, Black Pearl, Gold, and Silver.
LORAC Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set

Retails for $25.00

For the lippie obsessed, you’ll want to get the Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set, which contains Sexy Symbol, Debutante, and Coquette along with inline shades CEO, Vamp, and Dominatrix.
Smith & Cult: Holiday Trio 2 (Red and Glitter) Inspired by the Diary of a Beauty Junkie
Retails for $54.00

Retails for $54.00

Often described as the “polishaholic’s ultimate weakness,” Smith & Cult’s holiday nail set is a must! The colors are to die for: Kundalini Hustle is as opaque poppy red, Shattered Souls is a clear base with a beautiful mixture of large and small gold glitter particles, and Dark Like me is an opaque aubergine. There’s really no need for further explanation because this set speaks for itself.
Sephora Favorites:
Sephora Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler

Retails for $65.00

For the fragrance fanatic or the girlfriend looking to up her fragrance game, perfume gift sets are the way to go! The best set to buy? Sephora’s Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler. It holds a small collection of the most sought after and well-named brand perfumes. It’s perfect for your friend to try and enjoy without you having to break the bank. Plus, the feeling of it being a bunch of little surprises in one is much more interesting and thrilling than your typical perfume, lotion, and body gel set.
Other awesome sets include Bottled Dreams Perfume Sampler ($58.00), My Little Chloe Gift Set ($75.00), Philosophy Wishing You Grace, Love, and Joy Limited Edition Set ($37.00).
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Holiday Gift Sets: Photos Courtesy of LORAC Cosmetics, Neiman Marcus & Sephora

How To Be Single & Fabulous On Valentine’s Day


So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The day of love, lust, and most importantly, chocolate! Lovers all over the world will be celebrating with their significant others, exchanging gifts, and showing their appreciation in extravagant ways. But what if it turns out that you’re single this Valentine’s Day? Because I can relate to this dilemma, I’ve decided to put together a list of ways of How To Be Single & Fabulous on Valentine’s Day.
1. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Get together a group of single girlfriends and hit up a bar, restaurant, club, karaoke lounge, bowling lanes, whatever you’re feeling up to. Take pride in your ability to have a good time with good company, no men needed.
2. Our celebrity crushes never seem to let us down, right? Rent a bunch of movies with sexy male actors and treat yourself to a movie marathon full of eye-candy. Whether its Brad Pitt or Idris Elba, they’re yours for the entire night.
3. Do you have any available guy friends lying around? Ask one out for a platonic date at a delicious restaurant, and during your dinner discussion, play a little game in which you look around the restaurant at all the happy couples, guessing which ones will actually last.
4. Indulge in yourself. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend time loving yourself. Buy a cute outfit, get your hair done, get a nice mani/pedi and just enjoy being YOU. After all, self-love is the best love.
5. Have a party at your place. Invite all your friends over for some good food, drinks, and gossip. To make it more interesting have a theme party in which everyone wears a specific color or brings a specific prop. You can turn Valentine’s Day into “National Singles Day.” Be sure to have a music playlist of upbeat, empowering party songs on repeat.
6. Spread love and send it someone else’s way. Give Valentine’s Day cards to all the people close to you, like co-workers, friends, and family. You can even give a few to those not so close to you. Studies show that kindness spreads, so start an epidemic.
Overall you must remember that February 14th is just another day on the calendar. Whether you are taken or single you are still you, and you are FABULOUS! To all the lovers out there I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, and to my fellow singles make sure you live it up.
(Featured Image courtesy of Scarves.com)