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G|FASHION, a global luxury brand featuring bespoke collections from the world’s top designers, launched October 16. The G|FASHION universe represents a unification of acclaimed fashion designers and world-class artisans, carefully curated by luxury lifestyle expert and billionaire real estate magnate, Mr. Miles Guo. Each unique collection is an artful exhibition of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. 

Industry trailblazers Ben Taverniti, Eli Azran, Doni Nahmias, and Marcella Lindeberg meticulously developed G|FASHION’s exclusive inaugural collections, working closely with Mr. Miles Guo. Additional collections will be added seasonally including up-and-coming designers from around the globe.

G|FASHIONThe G|FASHION shopping experience brings the touch and feel of a luxury retail shopping experience to the digital world. Through the e-commerce site, users experience the G|FASHION lifestyle firsthand, engaging with content and artisans as they shop. Each collection comes to life through a comprehensive exploration of the materials and craftsmanship behind it, and a three-dimensional insight into the details of the garments. Editorial content highlights the design processes, from concept to completion. Photography of the breathtaking collection was captured by world-renowned top fashion designer and photographer, Paola Kudacki in New York City.  

Alongside their exclusive fashions, Taverniti, Azran, and Nahmias share their philosophy about fashion and their unique creative process, sources of inspiration, and the experience of curating their fashion collection alongside Mr. Miles Guo.

“Only fashion can put everything together: confidence, power, beauty, culture, life, respect, and people,” stated Mr. Miles Guo. “Each unique G|FASHION collection is an exhibition of state-of-the-art craftsmanship applied to sartorial concepts.”

Ben Taverniti is one of the most esteemed names in fashion. He is the recipient of great acclaim from his early work with Jeremy Scott to his recent project, Unravel. He notes, “A great collection is defined in that you cannot pinpoint a season. Rather, it defines an era. We can mix and match pieces that live in one world but speak many languages.”

G|FASHIONEli Azran is known throughout the world for creating the iconic fashion label, RtA. He defines G|FASHION as “timeless pieces that are effortless, and malleable from season to season. They can be incorporated in any wardrobe.”

Doni Nahmias is a rising star in fashion, best known for his Nahmias collection which debuted at HLorenzo. Of working with Mr. Miles Guo, he states, “I am understanding his world, what inspires him, and what he loves. I am taking all these emotions to put together this very special collection. We are building a brand to last forever.”

Prior to her design consulting business Style-Ed, Marcella Lindeberg worked alongside Karl Lagerfeld for K by Karl Lagerfeld from inception to culmination, in addition to working with Justin Timberlake on William Rast, Miss Sixty and numerous other commercial brands throughout her 30-year career.

Kamel Debeche, former head of retail operations for luxury retailer, H. Lorenzo is CEO & Creative Director of G|FASHION.

G|FASHION is the new standard for luxury fashion, a celebration of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge style, imagined and curated by Mr. Miles Guo.


Pre-order exclusive designer fashions from the collection now at gfashion.com.


G|FASHIONImagined and artfully curated by the esteemed Mr. Miles Guo, G|FASHION is a celebration of acclaimed designers and artisans. Ben Taverniti, Eli Azran, Doni Nahmias, and Marcella Lindeberg, legendary fashion industry trailblazers, developed G|FASHION’s inaugural collections and every season new, up-and-coming talent will join the roster. The immersive digital platform provides a robust, luxury online shopping experience. G|FASHION is the new standard for luxury fashion. 

Through G|FASHION’s online platform, shoppers can interface with the luxury services that they have been longing for during this pandemic. Through engaging content and interviews with the artisans detailing their philosophy of fashion, creative process and sources of inspiration, the site creates an authentic connection between the shoppers and designers.  

The designers leading this collection are each industry trailblazers by their own right:

  • Ben Taverniti, a premier name in fashion is known for his beginning works with the legendary Jeremy Scott and most recently the launch of his own collection, Unraveled, which has been seen on stars such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.
  • RTA brand creator, Eli Azran, is no stranger to quality design, he specializes in weathered details, laid back prints and edgy ornamentation.
  • Doni Nahmias enters G|FASHION as an up and coming talent with transcending pieces featured in top boutiques and he is best known for his Nahmias collection which debuted at HLorenzo.
  • Marcella Lindeberg has worked alongside fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld on the K by Karl Lagerfeld collection, in addition to working with Justin Timberlake on William Rast, Miss Sixty and numerous other projects.  

Together, these creative minds mesh the celebration of expert craftmanship with cutting-edge style to produce this unique G|FASHION collection.

  • Sales show that 60% of G|FASHION shoppers are purchasing formal styles over casual, perhaps indicating that there will be a spike in the luxury front now that the world is slowly opening up again as we navigate through COVID-19.
  • In addition, women’s wear is outselling menswear 60% to 40%, with the cropped women’s puffer being the best seller thus far.

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Images provided by Paola Kudacki (@paolakudacki)

High Fashion’s Coup of “Low Fashion”


Last Spring the internet blew up after Balenciaga released a $2,1245 bag that looked eerily similar to Ikea’s iconic blue bag (99¢). It seemed like everyone had something to say about the luxury brand taking over something so quintessentially lowbrow. However, the blending of low and high fashion has been on the rise over the past few years with companies like Moschino debuting a runway inspired by McDonald’s, Louis Vuitton producing their own version of the classic Chinatown shopping bag, and more. As streetwear rises up from Instagram and reaches the runway, it is getting harder and harder to tell a luxury brand from a streetwear brand.

As digital natives begin to take over more and more of the consumer market, nothing has become so paramount to fashion brands as figuring out what they want. With the growth of social media, it is clear that irony, snark, and a certain graphic-ness is necessary for success—and no style captures those areas as well as streetwear. The traditional, high-gloss, status-defining nature of companies like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Balenciaga has had to shift into something edgier and newer. Thus, we seem to be entering a new era where the lines between what belongs on the streets and what on the runway blur heavily.

After Balenciaga, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele may have been one of the first to capitalize on the power of streetwear sites like Highsnobiety by partnering with them to create a shoppable lookbook for Gucci’s graffiti-inspired 2017 Cruise collection. So, what once was viewed as a niche site catering to a subculture of fashion has now risen to working alongside the biggest and oldest names in fashion, and this shift has happened over the entire fashion world. Louis Vuitton recently appointed Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White™, an Italian streetwear label, to be their new artistic director of their menswear division. The Parisian brand also had one of the most hyped drops of 2017 after collabing with Supreme.

The bringing in of low and high culture not only creates a market that reaches out to the younger generations, but also allows companies like Balenciaga to sell sweatshirts for more than $900 as well as make headlines over $1000 shoes that look like what your dad would wear in the 80’s. However, the trickling up of low-fashion goes even further than inspiration. Saint Laurent faced serious backlash after debuting a $3,490 lipstick dress (right) that looked almost identical to a $23 Forever 21 dress (left). Thus, as they take inspiration from lower, more affordable designers, luxury brands are expecting consumers to pay much higher prices under the gauze of name-brand and higher production standards. While “the higher the price, the higher the quality” is mostly a myth, many customers are still inclined to believe it. These luxury brands take inspiration from working-class, college-age trends, recreate them, and sell them for much more profit.

While this isn’t a new practice—trickle-up fashion lead to Marc Jacobs’ attempt to take over grunge at Perry Ellis—luxury’s incorporation of streetwear has been met with mostly success. And although it is nice to see something exciting and relevant to the younger population walk the runways, one can only wonder how many collabs we can see until we get tired of watching luxury brands try to rise streetwear above where we can reach.


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High Fashion’s Coup of “Low Fashion”; Image credits: @balenciaga on Instagram; @hypebae on Instagram; Stylecaster on GettyImages