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(Los Angeles, CA)  Lyra Star really wowed everyone last year with her music video for “Under the Water,” and she is continuing on the path of using her skills as a movement artist to create gorgeous visual art to accompany her haunting, ethereal music.  This time, she transports the viewer into nature, drawing them into a beautiful fairy tale forest world that is reminiscent of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Filmed in Franklin Canyon Regional Park and directed by videographer/photographer Jayden H. Becker (known for the lyric video “The End” by artist Kyns), the shots weave seamlessly back and forth between Lyra’s graceful dance and exploration of the natural world with her more intense contortion movements in deep backbends and handstands.  The song itself, “Fade,” was actually part of Lyra’s full length album, A Thousand Dreams, released in 2018, and it was the very first song that she ever wrote on the ukulele.  What a mesmerizing way to bring attention to this gorgeous track that is full of her signature lush vocal harmonies, flowing violin parts played by Julie Mellon (of the SF Bay area), and hypnotic production/instrumental arrangements by Christopher Krotky (Soundwire Studio in Oakland, CA). 

Buzz Music LA writes: “As one to engage us with her captivating vocals and themes that weigh heavy on the emotions she exudes, Lyra Star manages to illustrate a picture wherever she goes with her in-depth storytelling talents.”

Lyra StarBorn and raised in the music city of Nashville, TN, Lyra Star left after high school to eventually fall in love with the west coast. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 to focus more on her artistic career and teaching yoga and pilates.  A self-trained contortionist, Star began to break into the performing world onstage with her incredible skills as a movement artist.  Her music has been compared in sound to Tori Amos, Lana Del Ray, and Fiona Apple. “Fade” in particular is a song that she wrote about feeling physically broken after pushing her body to its limits training for a yoga competition.  This beautiful video does not disappoint, as it is mesmerizing throughout, allowing the viewer to become a part of the artist’s inner world and dreamlike journey, showcasing once again Star’s unique duality as a multi-talented artist through her music and movement.  

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Filmed in Franklin Canyon Regional Park
Directed by Jayden H. Becker
Makeup by Meredith Lim
Song produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Krotky (Soundwire Studio)
Violin parts by Julie Mellon

Lyra Star World Premiere: Under The Water



(Los Angeles, CA) Lyra Star will be releasing her most stunning music video to date on June 12, 2020, for her latest single, “Under the Water.”  The video was created by two female visionaries, director Tonya Kay (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ‘Curious Christmas’ on The CW, The Ascension of Ava Delaine on Amazon Prime and Shorts TV) and cinematographer Andria Chamberlin ( know for the films ‘The Nightmare Gallery’ and ‘Seven Days in Mexico’).

This gorgeous piece of art is Lyra’s debut showcase of her skills as a self-trained contortionist onscreen.  The song itself, released in March and available for streaming on all platforms, has been described by Indie Band Guru as “a calming and almost hypnotizing experience,” which is exactly what the video provides for viewers.  Featuring contortion in the rain, the visuals draw the viewer into a dreamy underwater world, as well as a golden room with disco balls where Star showcases her ethereal, mesmerizing vocals, hinting at her own duality as a both a musician and a performing artist.

Musical Notes Global writes: “Featuring the soothing sound of breaking ocean waves, the expansive echo of vocal looping and the steady rhythm of beat boxing, the song envelops listeners in a mesmerizing spiritual journey while at the same time creating a fantastical deep sea world of possibilities and goals yet to be fulfilled.”  The music video will also take you into this place, enchanting the listener frame by frame.

An avid yoga-loving dreamer, Lyra Star was born and raised in the music city of Nashville, TN, but left after high school to eventually fall in love with the west coast.  After the release of her debut album, A Thousand Dreams, in March of 2018, she decided to move from the SF Bay Area to Los Angeles to focus more on her artistic career and teaching yoga and pilates.  A self-trained contortionist, Star began to break into the performing world onstage with her move to the city of angels, and has been seeking ways to combine contortion with her music, which has been compared in sound to Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, and PJ Harvey.  Her ambition, hard work, and drive in a city full of other artists and creatives, have provided her with opportunities to meet and collaborate with others, which led to the recording of the song (written using only a vocal loop pedal and beat boxing), produced by Sam Garfield, and the creation of this beautiful video, directed by the talented producer/director/performing artist Tonya Kay.

Lyra Star

“Lyra’s imagination and creativity truly shine through her work while her pure, ethereal vocals and profound lyrics reveal a highly aware, genuinely creative soul that never lets go of the importance of following her dreams,” states Angela Mastrogiacomo of Cliche Magazine. “Under the Water” (official music video) is available on YouTube NOW.

Music Video Credits
Director: Tonya Kay
Cinematography/Editing: Andria Chamberlin
Makeup: Chloe Kelsch and Taylor McPherson
Hair: James Anthony Cruz
Contortion Bodysuit: designed by Rachelle Appelle
Filmed at FD Photo Studios in DTLA

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Images provided by Victor Broden and Sarah B. Gilliam

Bands Interviewing Bands: Amanda Rose Riley & Lyra Star


Amanda Riley has a special way of cutting through the noise of everyday life with her music. Guided by a career-defining persistence, determination, and an appetite for making her dreams her reality, the New Jersey-born-and-bred artist has spent the last few years showing the world what she has to offer, creating eclectic acoustic songs and playing numerous shows throughout NJ and NYC. Comforting, calming, and, at times, even cathartic, her upcoming album release, Secrets I Told To A Soundhole, is an insightful collection that draws on the experiences she has lived on her musical journey so far, a journey that has taken her on the seas two years in a row aboard the Flogging Molly Cruise, to the stage at Asbury Park’s famed Stone Pony, and that has allowed her to perform with one of her biggest artistic inspirations, Frank Turner.

We introduced Amanda to Lesley Greer, AKA Lyra Star, an independent yoga-loving dreamer, currently based in San Francisco. As a solo artist, Lyra’s imagination and creativity truly shine through her work while her pure, ethereal vocals and profound lyrics reveal a highly aware, genuinely creative soul that never lets go of the importance of following her dreams. One of those dreams is coming to fruition this March, as she releases her debut album, aptly titled A Thousand Dreams. 

The two artists got to know each other through our latest Bands Interviewing Bands. Check it out below.

Amanda Rose Riley: We are both releasing our debut studio albums after writing and performing for about four years. Mine is very much about my journey up to this point. How would you describe the path you’ve taken to get where you are and what the experience has been like for you?

Lyra Star: About four years ago, when I was living in Santa Rosa, I woke up one day and just realized I wanted to start songwriting and composing music again.  I had dabbled in it when I was in high school and college, but it had been kind of absent from my life for a little while.  My friend told me to go play at an open mic, and I was terrified.  I vividly remember that first open mic and how nervous I was.  Something inside of me told me I needed to keep doing this.  I continued to play and eventually book gigs, but it was always a side thing.  My main job has been working in education at Montessori schools, but I have slowly realized over the past few years that music is my true passion.  It makes me so happy to play and write and be creative, and this album is the result of me finally feeling ready to put myself out there in the world as an artist.  I still get nervous when I play, but there is also something exhilarating and wonderful about being onstage.

Lyra Star: Do you consider promoting your songs and playing music to be your main job or do you have another job or jobs that you do?  I am getting ready to quit my main job in order to pursue my songwriting, and it is scary because I’m not sure how I’m going to make money if this is my main focus.  What has been your experience with this aspect of the music industry? 

Amanda Rose Riley: I try to think of it as my main job as a mental hack! I stopped working full-time about a year ago, and luckily I have supportive family that I get along with helping to keep a roof over my head. I currently still make the majority of money off my part-time non-music admin work, though I do seem to spend much more time on music. I try to take it one step at a time, at least laying the groundwork for as many different musical income streams as I can and keeping the faith. You never know if it will work out, but the more positive I am, the better I will be at making music and building essential relationships!

Lyra Star: I can definitely hear the influence of punk rock in your songs. I’m curious as to what made you choose to have a gentler sound by using the acoustic guitar rather than electric?  Do you usually perform with an acoustic guitar or do you sometimes use an electric guitar?  Have you ever dabbled in playing other instruments?

Amanda Rose Riley: I always preferred electric guitar when I was a teenager, I wrote punk songs (though I didn’t perform publicly at the time), and my dream was to front a punk band. I still love punk music, but at a certain point I just fell in love with acoustic guitar music and that’s what I’ve been interested in playing ever since. I see the acoustic guitar as a much more interesting and versatile instrument in many ways. I do enjoy playing piano/keyboard from time to time to get out of a creative rut, but I’ve never had enough motivation to master it!

Amanda Rose Riley: In listening to your new song, “Devils Game,” I can hear a wide variety of musical influences. What do you consider to be your main ones? And do you have any big non-musical influences, such as visual artists, literary writers, etc.?

Lyra Star: Tori Amos really inspired me to start playing the piano again, and her album, Little Earthquakes, was pretty life changing for me as far as music goes.  I listened to it over and over and over when I was in 8th grade.  In high school, I really started to listen to a wide variety of music, and I have favorite artists across all genres.  Radiohead is definitely one of my favorite bands because I think what they do with music is amazing… each album is so unique, and they have really pushed the boundaries with their more recent work.  I also listened to a lot of jazz when I was in college, and I really love singers like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.  I could go on and on about all of the different music I listen to, and I’m so grateful for the variety of music that I exposed myself to before I started creating my own.  As far as visual artists, I always liked the whimsy and magic of Marc Chagall’s paintings, the haunting, ethereal photography of Sally Mann, and the nature art of Andy Goldsworthy.  For literary work, I always loved the poetry of Mary Oliver, and my favorite book is The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.   

Lyra Star: What are some of your main musical influences?  Are there certain albums or artists that inspired you to start creating your own music? 

Amanda Rose Riley: Well, everyone who knows me knows that my primary influence is Frank Turner, of course – I do have an impulse tattoo that says, “WWFTD?” after all. Frank is on a British label called Xtra Mile Recordings, and they release more than their share of music that inspires and influences me. I have eclectic influences though, from punk – The Bouncing Souls have probably had the biggest impact on me in that genre – to some nostalgic ’90s pop and country (I grew up listening to a lot of country), to contemporary folk and indie music that I like to explore when I have the time. In general, live music is a big inspiration for me, whether it’s one of my favorites or a local artist I’m hearing of for the first time. One of my biggest inspirations in the world is seeing a talented artist absolutely rock a show when only a handful of people are watching.

Lyra Star: Your website looks very professional.  Did you create it yourself or did you hire someone to help with website design?  How important do you think it is to have a really nice looking website for marketing yourself and your music?

Amanda Rose Riley: Even though people probably spend more time with artists’ social media posts than with their websites now, it’s still really important to have your own space online that looks and behaves exactly how you want. No ads, no competing messages trying to steal the visitor’s attention away. For me, it’s a great place to blog about my news, let people easily access music and videos, see where and when I’m performing, and buy music and merchandise. It is actually a website I recently made myself using a hosted WordPress.org, I like that, being on a budget, because you can play around with so many free themes and plug-ins to get nearly limitless customization with a relatively small amount of effort, and the only cost is the web hosting.

Amanda Rose Riley: Following your dreams and never giving up is a big theme of your album – it’s even in the title, A Thousand Dreams – and indeed, it’s a big theme of mine, too. What would you say to someone who is starting to lose hope in their dream after years of struggle and obstacles?

Lyra Star: I would say keep going and breathe…it can be hard, especially when pursuing creative endeavors, but life is short, and following your passion is so important.  Life will throw obstacles at you no matter what you are doing, but I think it’s so important to do what makes you truly happy.

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Bands Interviewing Bands: Amanda Rose Riley (left) photo credit: Shared Tokens Photography. Lyra Star (right) photo credit: Olivia Browning