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The 3 Most Spiritual Celebrities Of 2019


Few people have probably thought about the 3 most spiritual celebrities of 2019 but we did and wanted to share our thoughts with you.  Spirituality is a highly subjective concept. Some people see spirituality as being linked to religion or faith, whereas others would deem it as a deeper understanding and connection to the world ...

TIDAL: Making Waves in Streaming Music


Following the 57th Grammys back in February, Kanye West voiced his opinion that today’s music industry does not respect artists or their work enough. Just over one month later on March 30, Jay-Z launched his new music streaming service, TIDAL, which aims to give the power back and “to create a better service and experience ...

Crop Tops Then and Now


If there’s one style “in” to focus on this summer, it’s the controversial, tummy-showing crop top. The amount of stomach skin we’re seeing from celebrities, models and snap-chat selfies calls for some scrutiny concerning this scandalous article of clothing. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Originally, the sequined-style bralet was worn by Middle ...