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Look Like Your Favorite Hollywood Star With These Beauty Tips


Today we want you to look like your favorite Hollywood star with these beauty tips. There is no going around it – Hollywood stars have been admired by all. Whether it is for their physical looks or radiant skin, many people aspire to be like their favorite actress or a musician.

However, the truth is such celebrities always look good because they have a big team of trainers, nutritionists and other professionals that help them achieve this high level of perfection.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need your own entourage to reach your most perfect self. In fact, all you need to do is employ a few beauty tricks that will certainly help you look like a real Hollywood star at home. From taking care of your skin and doing your hair and nails to eating right and dressing up fashionably, looking like a celebrity is actually very easy to accomplish.

To prove you, here are five Hollywood beauty tips that will always have you red-carpet-ready for anything.

Beauty Tips

Go for the smooth, silky, hair-free skin

The first thing people notice when they encounter a celebrity is how smooth their skin is. This is due to the different treatments they undergo to achieve that silky complexion that is absolutely appealing. One of the treatments Hollywood stars can’t go without especially for photoshoots or red-carpet events is hair removal. 

From the good old waxing to getting a full body laser hair removal, celebrities choose from different solutions to de-fuzz. In fact, the latter is probably the most popular one because it is cost-effective and leaves you hairless for a longer period of time which is exactly what you need if you want to look like your favorite actress or reality person.

Implement a well-balanced diet

Another trick you should definitely employ to look like your favorite Hollywood star is to eat right. This means following a well-balanced diet that not only will keep you in shape but will also have a great impact on your overall well-being.

Starting from making a highly nutritious breakfast to cooking a low-carb dinner, you should have at least three main meals and two snacks every day. If you need help with recipes, you can always search for your favorite star’s diet and find out what their menus usually look like. Keep in mind that you may make some changes according to your needs and preferences.    

Stay in shape

In addition to eating right, you should also pay attention to your physique if you want to look good and fit at all times like your favorite Hollywood star. This means engaging in any kind of physical activity that will help you tone your body the way you want it to be.

For example, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have become the go-to celebrities whenever people want to achieve an hourglass figure or ripped abs. Both engage in HIIT workouts and weightlifting which contribute to their sculpted bodies.   

Do your hair and nails

Assorted cosmetic products

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels

Another beauty trick that will certainly help you look like your favorite Hollywood star is to switch up your hairstyle. Celebrities often cut their hair, so they are the ones who bring in the new trendy hairstyles which you can borrow. The most popular ones include the sleek bob, bangs and curls.

Also, don’t forget to do your nails as there are some amazing manicures done on celebrities that are definitely worth copying. For example, Kylie Jenner’s long acrylic nails include some interesting designs, so you can look for some of her most popular nail looks and try them out on you.

Master your makeup looks

To complete your Hollywood appearance, you will need a flawless makeup look. Depending on the occasion or event you are headed to, there are endless beautiful makeup looks you can borrow from celebrities and be red-carpet-ready for your next party of get-togethers with your friends.

For example, if you are looking for a simple and neutral makeup look, you should definitely turn to Meghan Markle or Kendal Jenner to borrow some of their less-is-more makeup tricks. If you want something bolder, then Gabrielle Union and Shay Mitchell are excellent choices.

Final thoughts

Looking like a celebrity may seem challenging and in some cases impossible, but you’d be surprised how easy it can actually be. In fact, all it really takes is following a few beauty tricks that will keep your physical appearance always glowing and appealing. There are many celebrities that offer excellent beauty advice so you can search for your favorite star’s skincare and style rituals to be like them.

In case you need help, be sure to borrow some of our tips too and reach your most perfect self in no time.  

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9 Reasons why your Skin is so Bad


While doctors don’t know everything about the human body, Dermatologists most certainly know the various reasons why your skin is so bad.  If you feel as though your skin is just not as smooth as it once was then there could be a few reasons for this. Some of them might even surprise you.  Today we want to go over 9 reasons why your skin is so bad.

reasons why your skin is so bad


One of the most common reactions that people experience when they wear make-up is rashes or even acne. You might also experience dryness and oiliness too, which can really wreak havoc on your skin. The main reason for this is because oil can cause skin breakouts and it can also cause clogged pores. Other things that can cause issues like this include fragrances. Some perfumes and aftershaves cause abnormal skin responses, leading to red lumps and bumps or even itchiness. The main thing that you need to do here is look out for any ingredients that are similar across the perfumes you use. This will give you the chance to pinpoint the cause of the problem while also being able to avoid them in the future. It’s not uncommon for some people to experience very minor allergic reactions when spraying fragrances, and if this is the case with you then you need to make sure that you do everything you can to stop using that fragrance in the future.

reasons why your skin is so bad

Claudio_Scott / Pixabay

Your Pillow

Oils that are in your hair will sit on the surface of your pillowcase. When you combine this with the natural build-up of dirt, you will soon find that bacteria and oil transfer to your skin overnight and this can cause some degree of irritation. The problem with things like this is that you can’t ever see what’s causing your irritation. Micro-irritation can be a major issue and in some instances, it can even lead to clogged pores. One way that you can avoid this would be for you to wash your pillowcase at least once per week. When you do this, you can then rest assured knowing that your skin isn’t coming into contact with any irritants. It also helps to wash your skin with a gentle soap as soon as you get up in the morning.


So many people love Bikram yoga, after all, it can offer you a huge range of health benefits and it can also help you to stay nice and slim. If you do Bikram yoga then you’ll soon find that sometimes, your skin suffers. You may suffer from dehydration, the release of toxins through the skin and even redness/flushing. This is because the blood vessels in your face dilate right underneath the skin surface. If you are an avid yoga fan, then you have to make sure that you wash your mat very thoroughly after each practice you do. It also helps to make sure that you drink plenty of water, as well as giving your face a good scrub as this will really unclog those pores.

reasons why your skin is so bad

kaboompics / Pixabay

Talking on the Phone

This one may sound strange, but it’s absolutely true! Dermatologists are reporting that mobile phone related issues are now higher than ever. It’s called mobile phone dermatitis, and the side effects include acne, red skin and inflammation. This is because there is quite often a lot of bacteria on the phone and when you put this up to your face, you essentially transfer it all to your skin. If you keep your phone as clean as you can, you may also find that you still experience reactions., This is due to the metals that are found in the phone, for example, nickel. There isn’t much that you can do about this, other than wiping your phone on a regular basis.

Your Hairstyle

Certain ingredients that are in haircare products can easily result in allergic reactions, dryness and even oiliness. You may also experience rashes too, and this can really wreak havoc on your skin. It’s not just the hair products that you use though. Sometimes it comes down to the way that you wear your hair as well. If you wear your hair down around your face, or if you have a fringe that you are constantly having to brush then this can all irritate your skin.


Prescription and even non-prescription medication, or even those that come with herbal supplements can easily result in a huge range of side effects. This will depend on your sensitivity to certain products. If you’re not sure if your medication causes side effects like this then look out for sensitivity to sunlight, rashes, dryness and acne. If you are having breakouts then it’s time to chat with your doctor.

Lack of Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then this can cause your body to work overtime. You may find that it’s not able to do all of the usual jobs and this can eventually take its toll on your skin. If you are having problems sleeping, then it may be worth chatting with your healthcare provider. It may also be worth looking into cannabis dispensaries too, as they can help you to relax at night.

Working out

Exercise will help to boost your oxygen and it will also increase your circulation too. This is vital for your skin and your appearance in general. If you exercise outside, then you need to make sure that you have a high-quality sunscreen. If you have a shower after working out, then you’ll need to reapply your lotion. If you don’t then you risk irritating your skin through sweat and the sun won’t help this at all.

Air Conditioning

If you have bad skin, then believe it or not, this could be down to the climate in your office. If you have the air conditioning unit turned on then this can shrink your skin cells, creating fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to get around this then you need to invest in a high-quality moisturizer. This will really help you to replace the moisture that you have lost in your skin while also helping you to rejuvenate your appearance.

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Make-up Must Haves For Under £50


Buying makeup can be expensive, particularly if you are looking at designer brands such as Dior, Nars, and Bobby Brown. Though it may seem tempting to stretch the budget when buying these makeup items, this can lead to the budget becoming tight. If this is the case, there is the option for unsecured loans, however, they should be used in case of a financial emergency and not to stretch the budget to fund your makeup collection. In this article, we are going to look at some of the make-up must haves on the market for under £50.

Micellar Cleansing Water

When looking to care for your skin when delving into the world of makeup, it is important to start with cleansing products. For this, you can do no better than micellar cleansing water. With a number of brands such as Garnier, Simple and Nivea all creating a formula that is kind to the skin, you can clean your skin of all makeup and excess oil leaving it as clean as possible without the use of harsh chemicals.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

make-up must haves

vanessamok / Pixabay

If you are looking for a foundation with a buildable coverage without paying for the high-end brands, then you can do no better than the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. This matt and poreless formulation is among one of the most sought after make-up must haves and available in 35 different shades to match all skin tones and is medium coverage. This foundation is best suited for oily skin or normal skin as it helps to fill in pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With a price of under £10 in most high street retailers, this is the perfect option for those looking for an outstanding foundation without the high-end prices.

Elf Camo Concealer

In addition to a foundation, there are a number of concealers on the market that are best suited to all skin tones. With some thicker than others and some more sheer, it is important to find the right one for you. With this in mind, the Elf Camo Concealer is the perfect option for you. This long-lasting formula is highly pigmented therefore giving you the cover that you need from a concealer at an affordable price. With a price tag of just £5, you can have all the coverage that you would expect from a high-end concealer from the likes of Tarte and Bobbi Brown.

Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner

make-up must haves

Bru-nO / Pixabay

Eyeliner is another make-up must haves for many, but the formula can be difficult to fully grasp, with a number of eyeliners transferring it can be difficult to find one that doesn’t. However, the Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner is the perfect option for those that want an eyeliner that stays all day either in a normal or waterproof edition. This small yet powerful eyeliner is just over £5 in most high street retailers making it a must-have beauty item for your kit whether you are travelling or staying at home.



Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Pallets                   

With several different eye shadows on the market by the brand revolution beauty, you have every colour you could ever need for as little as £10. In addition to this, there are a few collaborations with famous YouTubers such as Roxxsaurus, Tammi and Carmi making this the perfect option for those looking to start out in the world of makeup on a limited budget.

With this in mind, there are a number of amazing products on the market that give you the perfect introduction into makeup without breaking the bank. Which of these make-up must haves will you be trying first?

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CARGO Cosmetics: Transcending the Beauty of World Travel


Deriving its inspiration from the many regions of the world, CARGO Cosmetics reminds us that we are all independent travelers. All of its products are all named after travel destinations and even their consumer membership points are counted as “Frequent Flyer” miles. Whether we’re touring the Mediterranean or embarking on our daily morning commutes, we always want to look our best. Your morning make-up routine will become beautifully effortless when you implement CARGO’s Texasliner liquid eyeliner and 3-in-1 Colorstick. Both of these products demonstrate simplicity in design that it is elegant, innovative, and bound to inspire even the most free-spirited.


The cat-eye look is fawned over by many. It’s bold, sexy, and oh- so-flattering. Yet, it also requires steady hands that rival plastic surgeons’. CARGO takes out the need for expertise by creating a felt-tip, easy to grip applicator. Straying from the traditional long-stem brushes, this liner more closely resembles a tube of lipstick that nestles effortlessly into your hand. It’s eyeliner that practically applies itself.
Its crease-proof, water-based formula applies evenly and won’t require any midday touchups.

CARGO’s Color stick is a 3-in-1 blush/lip/eye color that enhances your natural beauty and achieves that no-make-up look that is essential for springtime fashions. Each stick has a generous 10 grams of this cream-to-powder velvet formula and fits in the side-zipper compartment of any purse. Dab some on your eyes for a wink of color and swipe some across your lips and cheeks for a natural look. Great for applying on-the-go!

You can pick these along with other great products at www.cargocosmetics.comBy Regina Alvarado

CARGO Cosmetics: Transcending the Beauty of World Travel. All photos are courtesy of www.cargocosmetics.com

Non-stop Beauty With Jeannie Mai


Jeannie Mai is a very busy women, not only is she a co-host on The Real, she is also the host of How Do I Look? and Style Pop. She loves any chance that she can get to make women feel better about themselves; Mai makes it her priority to motivate, inspire and educate them. She knew at an early age that she enjoyed making women look better inside and out and that is what lead her to become a makeup artist; after that her career just blossomed from there. Since then she has been empowering women through fashion, make-up and conferences. After learning about all the passion she puts into her work and helping women, I wanted to know more about her career and what she thought were the best beauty products on the market. Mai agreed to take a moment and chat with Cliché about her career, passion and inspirations.

Cliché: You recently became a host of The Real. How is working on a talk show different from being the host of How Do I Look?

Jeannie Mai: Co-hosting The Real compared to hosting How Do I Look? is like comparing sequins to velcro–they’re both completely different! On HDIL, it was never so much about me as it was about my guest, helping her to identify herself and to discover how a sense of personal style could change her life. The Real is completely about me–my thoughts, my experiences.. It took me awhile to adjust to talking about myself so much!

Do you ever feel intimidated when working alongside any of your co-hosts on The Real?

Intimated wouldn’t be the right word.. I’d say more in awe. These 4 ladies are all hustlin to pursue their careers, care for their families, and still put a strut to their step. I love it. We’re all very different which makes it fun to tear any topic apart.

As host of How Do I Look, do you feel that you change more than just a woman’s style?

I actually feel the show ends up not being so much about their style at all, but completely about their life. What most women don’t realize is that a sense of “bad style” is really the RESULT of having neglected to give yourself the time that you’re worth. It’s an understandable slippery slope- women today have kids, jobs, husbands, dating… all these focuses that make them concerned about the “other person” besides themselves. You rush through your morning routine to throw on anything to look decent and the next thing you know you hate the way you look in the mirror and you’ve forgotten your best assets. That’s where I come to save the day through HDIL.

Would you say you’ve spent most of your career empowering women and showing them that they can be confident? Does that give you a sense of fulfillment?

Absolutely. When I decided to move to LA, I created “mai” mission statement to keep me on track of my direction: Jeannie Mai celebrates women’s potential. Whether its through makeup, styling, or a talk show, I’m here to show you not just who you are, but what you can become through the blessing of your life.

At what age did you realize you wanted to be a makeup artist? Who were your inspirations?

I knew I had a skill in makeup at around 9, when I began to take a really invested interest in women’s unique features. I love seeing what makes a woman smile, why she’ll crinkle her nose at a funny thought or why her eyes will glaze over at a fond memory. All of these emotions on a face are meant to be colored in and celebrated through makeup! So I would say people, and their individual stories, inspire me most.

How would you compare your style to other celebrities’ style? If you had the opportunity to style a celebrity who would it be?

First, I don’t really compare my style to another person’s. That’s like comparing signatures. They’re both completely different! However I would describe my style as a celebration of sharp confidence. I would love to style Jennifer Lawrence because she has a bod that won’t quit and can wear so many different looks.


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Photo courtesy of The Style Network