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Trending Music Mashups of the Year


Music Mashups: a form of song that takes two or more relatively known songs, blending them without imperfections. This type of performance is great for easy listening but is also a platform for unheard sounds and newer artists. The most famous of my generation would be “Numb/Encore” with Linkin Park and Jay Z, so famous that for some, you can’t go without hearing the original works and the other song in between. Now that 2017 is coming to a close, here are some of the best trending music mashups of the year.

5 Covers That Might Beat the Originals


In this day and age where the internet dominates our daily lives, YouTube has become the go-to place to discover the next up-and-coming artist. Amateur musicians looking to break into the industry frequently post their own interpretations of top 40 songs, and in many cases, their covers give the originals a run for their money. ...