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Have you heard the latest buzz about GLAMGLOW® mud masks? Talk of these masks has been swarming my social profiles for weeks straight, so I decided to test these babies out to see if they were actually worth all this hype. I was able to get my hands on both the THIRSTYMUD™ hydrating treatment and the SUPERMUD™ clearing treatment,  and all I have to say is that these masks are a must-have in your daily routine of facial cleansing. These revolutionary masks will have your face looking and feeling more radiant within 20 minutes.

If your face is in dire need of hydration, then the THIRSTYMUD™ treatment can solve most, if not all, of your problems. THIRSTYMUD™ contains a blend of hydro replenishing ingredients for both short- and long-term effects. After just one use, I could see and feel the difference in my face. As I wiped off some of the mask, I noticed that my face already felt smoother, and I loved it. I have not found any other product that has worked that quickly. Also the great plus about THIRSTYMUD™ is that it can be used on all skin types for both men and women. All you have to do is apply it two to three times a week for about 20 minutes, wipe off the excessive product, massage the remains into your skin and just like that you are on your way to healthy, radiant skin.

Pores, and scarring, and acne. Oh my. These are just a few problems that SUPERMUD™ helps to fight against. It also helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles, bacteria and breakouts, and it promotes clearer skin, collagen, and improves our skin’s overall texture. Right when I applied the mask, I felt a cool tingling feeling. This was most likely caused by the peppermint plant used in the ingredients. As I watched the mask dry I could see the oil being absorbed by the mask. What I absolutely love about this treatment is how I actually saw my pores shrink after one use. I always had a problem with my pores being large, but when I say this works wonders it really does. SUPERMUD™ is also applied two to three times a week for 20 minutes and then completely wash it off, leaving you with great looking skin.

Do you want to join the rest of us GLAMGLOW® addicts? GLAMGLOW® masks are available at Sephora and on glamglowmud.com. If you’re a little doubtful about buying the product, there are also samples you can buy. This is a great investment and will fit perfectly in your medicine cabinet!
Photos courtesy of GLAMGLOW

Phases Men Go Through Post-Breakup


Phases Men Go Through Post-Breakup
You’ll never have him. At least, not any time soon. This guy’s given you the first red flag: he’s recently received his walking papers from his previous lady, and yet for some inexplicable reason, you’re still into him. Careful. Men that are damaged goods are poison for a caring soul, a slow-acting poison that seeps into the brain, paralyzing rational thought and critical defenses essential to one’s usual demeanor, turning the brain into mush, and eventually flowing into the heart where logic, by now liquidated, ceases and emotions, the contender of all reason, becomes susceptible. Don’t let this drive you insane, because your man is nursing himself, and if you want any idea of what he’s going through, then perhaps this can give you some insight.

Shock & Awe

His ex was courteous, I mean, she preceded his destruction with the following words: “We need to talk.” Those words, forged by a vicious tongue, are a bane for a man, because they will forever echo within the walls of his heart, and if you insist on hanging around, by all means, prepare to watch this game from the sidelines. Who knows–you might not even get to play.

It wasn’t a spear, it wasn’t a bullet. No–it was more like an incoming mortar round, loaded by the fates and fired by the gods. Give him a moment. He might say an eternity, but understand that he’s been shattered and requires some time to haphazardly glue himself back together.

He’s punch drunk, a man apart, and all other options (including you), however lovely, remain white noise in the abyss. During this phase, you’re dealing with a paralyzed man, deaf to all but his ex. Now and again you might get his attention, but it’ll probably be so he can hear himself talk about his ex, and you, obviously, are not his ex.

The Castaway

The man chooses exile.  Tortured constantly by things that remind him of what he can’t have. It’s gets pretty rough having to explain to his circle of friends (and family) what happened to his girlfriend and why he suddenly has enough free time to overstay his welcome wherever he goes.

Even Romeo was banished at one point in his tragedy. Granted, Juliet didn’t break up with him, but he was sent far from his one true love to a barren wasteland where the world seemed bleak and the sun remained set. Okay, that’s a bit much, but it explains the late night road trips to nowhere, why he always leaves his phone behind, and the overnight woodsman beard he’s grown.

During this time, the man will become a hermit, marinating in a soup of pain served boiling hot, and garnished with a touch of shame. He doesn’t want to be seen. He’s hated, embarrassed, confused, and lost.  In his mind, he’s been deemed unfit to love. Forgotten.  A castaway.

The Monk, then The Playboy

At this point he’s already sat through beer-guzzling marathon sessions of Drake’s albums, while if he’s poetically inclined, writing terrible poetry of his current stalemate with what, according to his recent couplet, he considers to be love. His ex is his phantom limb, he still feels her, but sees nothing there–in his heart (this is a bit much).

However pathetic this phase may be, this is truly his zenith. Everything comes together here. His baptism by fire: the shock and awe, the late sleepless nights, the shaggy wookie faced appearance, the countless voicemails he’s sure she’s listened to even though he’s been told she has a new number and the old one was passed down to her younger preteen sister–which totally doesn’t stop him from sending those messages still–and ultimately, the moment of clarity, the fact that she no longer needs him in her life. Yes, he finally gets it. The brain has finally recovered. The heart, though scarred, still pumps. He has a new foundation of self, and though he has rebuilt himself, brick by brick, as supposedly new and improved, he’s unforgivingly left out the doors and windows and lacks the mortar to hold himself together.

On any day he’s either the hero or the villain–two-faced–and sociopathic-ish enough to disregard you and anyone else he deems a threat to his new VHS-tape fort of new found self. His undying love for his ex has become nuclear fuel to his principles, there’s a period (it varies in length) of super no-sex laws established, because it’d just be weird–yes, ladies, the penis can be frugal–and if you’re interested you’ll just have to wait (again). Oh, and just brace yourself Miss Patience, because once this monk-like phase is over, it’s going to get sticky.

The period of abstinence could take weeks, months, but it also happens to takes days or hours, which basically means take every bit of love-related astrology predictions with a huge grain of salt. Anyway, his eyes eventually start to stray, and the body demands something that can’t wholly be satisfied by self gratification. He was prohibited from seeking pleasures from other ladies, but this is something he has to ease in (I’m just saying).  Why, you might ask? Well, because his she-devil ex will still cross his mind, and the thought of being in bed with some stranger (or one of her friends) is none too arousing for him. However, that discretion gets tossed right out of the window once his primordial and, yes, scandalous hormones get all Games of Thrones-y. He’s rated-R and that G-rated period of abstinence did nothing but cage a voracious and sex-famished beast driven by one super sexual desire, there’s a reckoning, and he’s coming.  He’ll frequent several social establishments, and once there, peacock to the max to draw in his game; and satisfy his lusty desires.

Sad to say this phase can last for years. Some men just never get over it. Now, if you find a man in this phase, where he’s always out and about, has a new girl every week, and is clearly hell bent on never settling down, in terms of the single-life where he makes it clear (to you) that love is a fool’s errand (and you were totally like, “Oh my god, I know right?”), then this is where you will have to make an executive decision. Will you wait for him to rediscover himself, and discover you? Or will you leave him?

Photo courtesy of Kevin McShane on Flickr

Przman: The Grooming Guru


Pirooz 2 christopher robbins photo

© Christopher Robbins

“Hey, man…what kind of nose clippers do I use?”
“Dude, my girlfriend is ticking off at me ‘cause I’m not paying enough attention to her; what do I do?”
“Thanks, guy! That shaving cream is fantastic. Feel my face!”
“Tried that hair conditioner and it did the trick. Cool!” Knuckle bump.
Too embarrassed yourself to ask just anyone about those personal grooming questions like “man-scaping” or urinal etiquette? How about everyday routines like shaving? What do you and countless others have in common?  You’re looking for the source to get not just solid information, but helpful tips that actually work. Where would you find what you need all in one spot?
PRZMAN.COM. Yep, we’re talking about men’s grooming and lifestyle expert, Pirooz Sarshar, otherwise known as the “Martha Stewart of Men’s Lifestyle.” He’s the GGT—“guys go to” and wingman. A guru of sorts in the man’s world, he has the answers to what men seek with a straightforward, honest approach, flair, a sense of humor, and a tad of irreverence.
His status didn’t happen overnight. Sarshar, who became an expert on men unintentionally, earned his trusted reputation built on years of experience from the ground up. All the years of researching products and training he received from a variety of jobs started in Washington, D.C. with his mother, who used Sarshar as a guinea pig for testing various haircuts and colors.
“I’d always get suckered into things. Like my mom would say she was having a class on perms, but didn’t have model. ‘Let’s throw him in’… ya know?” He laughs, “It got to a point where I’d shave my head because I was embarrassed. A lot of abuse went on!”
“I’d always ask questions like, ‘Why do guys have to wear their hair like this or have a part like that?’” says Sarshar, but it’s the product and technical side that attracted him to the profession. His grandmother created various products they used in the family salons, and Sarshar fell in love with the concept of making his own as well. His fascination turned to a passion for it all. He soon took up the art at age 14, learned barbering from a man who worked at one of his mother’s salons. Sarshar became a talented practitioner himself after moving to NY, working with the top salons and hair stylists of the day.
“In general, men are embarrassed to talk about their nails or what shampoo they use or styling products and skin care. More and more men are starting to bypass the stigma and talk about such subjects.” Under the PRZ label, he’s created a line of hot-selling shaving products that contain the best ingredients (including organic) and use secrets of the world’s best barbers.
“I spent two years creating a content formula, grooming, cooking, lifestyle, and implementing the specialized formulas.” What he found was curious. People from press functions who gave Sarshar flack and criticism for what he was doing were secretly confiding and consulting with him!  “Evidently it was sort of a macho thing where the men didn’t want their male friends to know they were insecure about their grooming habits or needed advice on other things.”
The new PRZMAN.com website has all new products and services. There’s entertaining info like strategizing tips on things like how to get the best reservation in a restaurant to what’s a great gift for your girlfriend, to fitness, nutrition, recipes and even, whoa …vices! Check. It. Out!
“It’s the place you come to where you can learn anything from cleaning your kitchen floor to grooming. Whether he’s using mascara, a shampoo, conditioner or whatever, men don’t want to share their information. They want to keep it private, but more and more men are spending money on more and more grooming products because they are embarrassed to talk about it. It’s just a guy thing.”
Sarshar stresses that it’s important to be very raw and direct when giving advice and information. “The goal is to give a guy help. If he walks away learning one thing, then I think we’ve done our job.”
“I’m a great guy to take shopping,” says Sarshar. Since an early age, he admits to reading magazines such as Vogue. He is not only up to speed with fashion, but comfortable reading women’s publications. This lifestyle connoisseur consistently keeps up with fresh ideas, different approaches to grooming, and how it might translate into the men’s arena. “It’s turned me into an expert on men without realizing it.”
Influencing millions of men, Sarshar admits he is good with teaching the male population for the simple reason he knows the right way to reach his audience. “There’s a way to go about it, a language that goes with it” that makes them feel good and confident about themselves. “There’s a way to help men get motivated and stay motivated and not feel freakish about what they are doing to achieve that happiness and contentment.” There’s a certain amount of just plain common sense used, too. “Some of the most intelligent men are insecure and make things too complicated.” PRZMan streamlines it all for them into “Basic 101.”
M ANDERSON _cesare bonazza photog

© Cesare Bonazza

Branching out into guesting seminars, public speaking as well as continuing private consultations and appearances in the media, this pioneer in the grooming market leads the way with the newest finds and how-to’s. The content of his soon-to-be finished book is timeless. What he does and talks about has nothing to do with trend.
“The book will be addressing a comprehensive list of categories that give step-by-step advice and instruction from grooming to cleaning the bathroom. Not all men are taught the basics of every day routines—how to do laundry, cook, clean, organize…” Sarshar says. Also, “Men should embrace what makes them different and unique.”
You may think this is all just for guys, but, well, guess again! I found myself reading about the proper way to trim a moustache (even women wonder about these things) and trying out a couple of the yummy recipes. OK, I peeked at the vices section, too!
What’s his goal? To provide exceptional grooming products and living advice to men of all backgrounds and skin types. “To get men feeling good about themselves and motivated,” he says.
And he’s doing just that. One guy at a time. —Visit marinaanderson.net for more information on contributing entertainment columnist Marina Anderson

Stylish Gifts for the Man in Your Life


The holidays are steadily approaching and the daunting task of picking out the perfect gift for the man in your life has just begun. The go-to-gifts such as socks or a tie are not cutting it this year, but fret no longer, these stylish gift ideas will surely be appreciated by the trendy guy at heart.

Kick things up a notch with Napa Soap Shave Kit from Anthropologie. This eco-friendly, travel sized shaving kit takes a classic approach to grooming for the quintessential gentleman.

Napa Shave Kit. Image courtesy of Anthropologie.

Napa Shave Kit. Image courtesy of Anthropologie.


The Jack Spade Leather Briefcase is the perfect gift for the professional man. This accessory doubles as a functional piece to tote belongings to and from the office while setting off the style charts as a covetable item to own.

Jack Spade Briefcase. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Jack Spade Briefcase. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Is your guy the note taking type? Now he can do it in a sophisticated fashion with Smythson’s Notebook. These notebooks can also be personalized to add a unique feel to his gift.

Smythson's "The Boss" Notebook. Image courtesy of Smythson.

Smythson’s “The Boss” Notebook. Image courtesy of Smythson.


If he loves to entertain, he will love the Vintage Hotel Cocktail Shaker from Restoration Hardware. This sleek shaker is reminiscent of old glamour and has 12 classic cocktail recipes inscribed on it to get your guy started.

Vintage Cocktail Shaker. Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware.

Vintage Cocktail Shaker. Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware.

With an assortment of gift ideas for the special man in your life, you can ease your mind away from what to get him this year and focus on enjoying the company of friends, family, and him.

His & Hers: Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year again when we scrambling into stores, searching for that perfect gift for those who made it onto our “nice” list. While walking into stores, be prepared to get ambushed by multi-colored tinsel, ornaments, string lights, and jolly Christmas music. All these things can throw us off of our game, and make us forget why we are there. Buying gifts should be a fun experience and should not cause you unwanted stress; we usually spend hours frantically walking up and down aisles looking for gifts and making sure we get our hands on those products that are flying off the shelves. Below is a list of great gift ideas for those on your Christmas list.



1) Makeup: If your girl wears makeup, she will love the A Few of My Favorite Things gift set by Two Faced, available at Sephora. The set includes Two Faced Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino’s iconic favorites for the eyes, face, cheeks, and lips.

2) Lingerie: Whether she is into being comfy or feeling sexy, Victoria’s Secret covers all the basics. We recommend getting her something cute, like flannel PJ sets or some sexy Santa lingerie!

3) Get Creative: If you are the romantic type, or just want some creative brownie points, a personalized photo frame from personalizationmall.com is a great gift idea.


1) Keep Her Cozy: JCPenney has the best comfy robes ever! Your mom will love the Insomniax Cozy Plush robe, available in different colors and prints, from snowman to polka dots.

2) Shoe Fanatic: A pair of comfy boots from DSW will keep your mom warm and fashionable all season long.

3) Family Love: Want to display your family love this holiday season? Bed Bath & Beyond carries many family tree frames that your mom will love to display her photos in.

1) Fragrance Queen: If your sister enjoys a wide array of fragrances, she will love a Christmas gift set from Bath and Body Works. They have many scents to choose from, but one of their  top sellers is Sweat Pea.

2) Bookworm: If your sister is a reader, then the Kindle Fire from Amazon will satisfy all her literature needs.

3): Charmed: Does your sister have a thing for jewelry? Get her started on her very own charm bracelet by selecting charms by DaVinci® from Hallmark.


1) Sweet Tooth: You just cannot go wrong with chocolate from Godiva!

2) Get Toasty: Everyone needs fuzzy house slippers for the winter, and you can find the perfect Dearfoams® Cuffed Velour Boot Slippers at JCPenney.

3) Loud and Clear: If she’s a big fan of music, she’ll love the iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker from Walmart, which is compatible with almost any device.





1) Press Play: What guy doesn’t love his music? A pair of Beats by Dr. Dre is perfect, but be ready to be ignored.

2) Macys: They have a great selection of men’s robes to keep your hubby warm in the winter. I recommend the Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Shawl Collar Robe which comes in four festive colors.

3) Macys: They also have a large selection of men’s cologne, the two best sellers are Nautica Voyage Gift Set and Ralph Lauren Pony Blue Gift Set.

1) Hungry Man: At Restaurant.com, you can find an assortment of gift cards for many restaurants in your area. We all know dads love food (but sometimes necessarily don’t like to cook).

2) Shower Power: Bed Bath & Beyond carries an assortment of shower radios, which is a great idea for dads.

3) Get Toasty: Your dad will love a pair of snow boots, and Target carries a really nice pair called Men’s Merona® Rae Cold Weather Boot.


1) Picture Perfect: The Nikon – Coolpix S9400 18.1-Megapixel Digital Camera at Best Buy is great for shooting whatever new project your brother is into nowadays.

2) Amp Up the Volume: You can never go wrong with an iHome Rechargable Mini Speaker as well.

3) Game Crazy: It is safe to say a trip to this store will be a perfect idea. Just make sure you know what consol he is using, two hot games right now are Grand Theft Auto Five and Call of Duty: Ghost.


1) Get Crafty: Everyone enjoys milk and cookies, and they can enjoy cookies creatively with a Mustache moustache cookie dunk mug from Etsy.com.

2): Hungry Man: All men love food, so a Grand Holiday Meat & Cheese Gift Basket from 1800baskets.com will bring them to tears.

3) Irresistable: Just about any guy will want the AXE Men’s Hair Products Gift Pack with Bonus Deodorant Body Spray.

                  So, what have we learned? Shopping for others should be fun. Don’t stress out, just plan ahead and give yourself some time! You might actually want to create a gift list just like Santa, so when you are ready take on these stores, you will be prepared. Just don’t leave anything for the last minute. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy shopping!

Featured photo courtesy of janetperezeckles.com 

Other photos courtesy of  fashionbelief.com, pinterest.com, charmingbeadshop.com, northjersey.com, target.com, walmart.com