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Can the Fashion Industry Sustain the Growth of Menswear?


We are experiencing radical changes and shifts in 2020; the current COVID-19 pandemic is still enveloping the globe, forcing us to seek refuge within the confines of our own homes; people around the world are protesting, promoting conversations about what is right or wrong. Also, men now love buying clothes.

Yes, it’s true—but also not surprising. Gone are the days when men would scoff at the thought of spending hours at a clothing store. The fashion industry is also experiencing changes, and men are now in the spotlight. The Menswear industry is growing at an unprecedented rate; in fact, many analysts have forecasted that it will surpass womenswear by this year.

Many brands and companies have reaped the benefits of the current menswear boom. Luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga invested heavily in the menswear space, and now male consumers make up a considerable portion of their sales. On the other hand, retail giants like Nordstrom are now starting to open stores tailored for men.

Concerning brands, menswear focused labels have been surfacing like flowers blooming in the spring—but with no sign of it ever ending. Such brands include AMI, a French menswear label by renowned designer Alexandre Mattiussi who offers a casual yet chic approach to men’s clothing. Simultaneously, formerly womenswear-only focused brands like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney are switching their attention to menswear. The people at the top of the fashion chain are certainly buying into menswear.

Perhaps it was inevitable for this to happen; men have always been style-oriented, from the sartorial ensembles of the 20th century to today’s streetwear-meets-luxury hybrid. The question is, why is it only starting to happen now? Is it because of the digital world and online shopping? Or is it a case of empowerment through clothing? To get a sense of the growth of the menswear industry, maybe the answer lies in the rich history and tradition of it’s past. A more profound question arises from that understanding: can the fashion industry sustain the growth of menswear?

Looking into the past century of menswear is enough to gain an understanding of how the menswear industry operates. Up until the 1960s, men wore clothes based on a borderline dogmatic set of rules that varied based on the decade. For example, in the 1930s, the Great Depression caused many men to lose their jobs, which inadvertently forced the fashion industry to be more conservative and practical. Instead of the elegant European attires taken straight out of Oxford University from the previous decade, men opted for oversized suits with padded shoulders and peaked lapels. Regardless if they were ill-fitting, men idolized influences like boxers or swimmers who possessed the “ideal man’s body,” and everyone conformed for the pursuit of acquiring the same look.

menswear self-expression

“There is no one-size-fits-all in today’s fashion world, and men are benefitting from that.”

In the ’60s—an age of rebellion—that all changed. Brought upon by the Ivy League style of clothing, men decided to abandon conservatism and went straight to the other direction: self-expression. There were no rules, no pre-defined notions of what one should look like; men started to wear what they wanted to wear because it was an extension of their personality.

Around the turn of the 21st century, the internet had taken off. Almost everything was online, including the dawn of the social media era. In 2009, the “menswear blogosphere” was born with the first blogs that directly talked to users about menswear. Notably, Men.Style.com by former Fashion Editors Tyler Thoreson (Editor-in-chief of Digital at Ralph Lauren) and Josh Peskowitz (VP of Men’s Fashion Direction at Moda Operandi) was one of the first menswear blogs that had a unique voice. Men.Style.com featured then up-and-coming brands like Rag & Bone and Billy Reid and was instrumental in giving menswear a respectful reputation. (GQ later incorporated Men.Style.com into their website.)

Men.Style.com wasn’t alone in educating the newly initiated menswear audience. Message boards like Ask Andy About Clothes and StyleForum gave users online a platform for talking about the clothes and brands that they like—a precursor to today’s Male Fashion Advice subreddit. Interestingly, menswear fanatics turned to these forums to talk about technical terms like “Sprezzatura or conversations about different subcultures in menswear.

Precisely, that is what made these original menswear blogs successful: conversation. Male users online finally had a chance to interact with people around the world who shared the same passion for menswear—a sense of being part of a community. These blogs gave rise to the #menswear movement (pronounced “hashtag menswear”) during the peak of the Tumblr era. 

Take Lawrence Schlossman, who is currently the Brand Director at the online marketplace Grailed. Schlossman, who not only works at Grailed but is also a co-host of the often hilarious yet informative conversational podcast Throwing Fits, also started with blogging. He began with his Sartorially Inclined blog and transitioned to the How To Talk To Girls At Parties Tumblr blog, where he was and still is one of the loudest advocates for menswear.

Unfortunately, the hashtag menswear golden age reached its demise with the decline of Tumblr and with menswear being in all different circles nowadays. In recent years, we have seen streetwear rise to the occasion and sweep the fashion industry, with brands like Supreme and Off-White promoting a new age of self-expression and exclusivity. In terms of exclusivity, online users desire clothing that celebrities wear on Instagram. To round it all up, various avant-garde brands offer clothing that pushes the boundaries of what clothing can be, with legendary brands as Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto.

That is where we are today: there are endless possibilities to show off one’s style. There is no one-size-fits-all in today’s fashion world, and men are benefitting from that. The reason why menswear is in its current state is that men now have the option to be themselves through their clothing, and they can do it any way they want now with brands buying into it. 

But how should the fashion industry stop this from being just a trend? Digital Intelligence Firm L2 offers some suggestions with one main idea: cater to the male customer online. “As demand for menswear continues to grow, it is essential for brands that carry both men’s and women’s products to target men both on-brand site and in digital marketing across the web,” said L2 in a report released in 2018. From an even broader perspective, brands should target the “digital world” itself, with technological advancements like VR and AR being a possible future of shopping of sorts. Or perhaps a crazy idea: the ability to buy clothes online straight from a runway show. Crazy, but the possibilities are endless.

Regardless of how it all plays out, menswear will continue to grow from here, and it’s not only up to the fashion industry to handle its growth but to the general male audience as well. Fashion may be evolving, trends circulating, and shifts to fashion week being advocated by different parties, but one thing’s for certain: it won’t be a surprise if menswear will soon be at the forefront of Fashion.

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What Every Man Should Have in his Wardrobe


There are certain guidelines that a man should follow in terms of fashion. So, if you are new to the world of adulthood or are finding a burgeoning fashion sense, you have to remember to keep certain items in your wardrobe that you will use at some point. Here is what every man should have in his wardrobe to look amazing at any time.

what every man should have in his wardrobe

fudowakira0 / Pixabay

White Button Down Shirt

The white button down shirt is something that can be used in a lot of situations. Whether you are going business casual or semi-formal, a white shirt can be combined with a tie and worn in many different situations. This particular type of shirt is something that is rather inexpensive, too, so just about every man can afford to keep one or more in their wardrobe at all times.

Wool Trousers

You see wool and think itchy, but the fact is that good quality wool trousers give men a particular look that is hard to match without any discomfort. You can tuck that nice white button down shirt into these for a more formal look or work with a blazer and have something that is nice to wear out to dinner. The versatility of wool trousers is only limited by the color that you buy and the matching options that you have in your closet.

Black Lace-up Shoes

fudowakira0 / Pixabay

Whether you are chatting with someone at the bar or you’re meeting a date from this site, you’re going to want black lace up shoes. Loafers belong in country clubs and sneakers don’t mesh well with the clothes that you should be wearing on the first day. That’s why it’s necessary for you to have some good black lace ups. These match just about everything and they give you a sleek and professional look.



Good Jeans

what every man should have in his wardrobe

winterseitler / Pixabay

Stop getting the discount jeans that you’re using for yard work and trying to make them function as dress clothes. Instead, splurge on a decent brand that fits you right and accentuates your body. You don’t want anything that is going to be too tight for you to move in, but you don’t want some bland, light jeans that look like they would belong on a cowboy. Jeans are a fashionable item when they are worn correctly, giving you a rugged look but without the worn-down look that your everyday pair has by now.

Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses are underrated as a fashion item because they are only really used in the spring and summer. However, when you are having those summer parties or attending neighborhood function, sunglasses can make you appear to be a lot more ready for fun and approachable than the squinting man you would be otherwise. Oakley is a solid brand that has recognition and a unique look, so it’s definitely a good idea to grab a pair of them and keep them as your go-to pair.

Men need to have specific items in their wardrobe so that they can look their best in a variety of situations. We have outlined a lot of the most basic and versatile items that men can use to get the most out of each article of clothing and item. The white button down shirt, wool trousers, black lace-up shoes, a pair of good jeans, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses will give you classic looks in a lot of situations, augmenting what should be a formidable array of adult clothes. These building blocks will be the foundation of your future fashion sense which should now be on the right track.

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Putting in Werk With WERKSHOP®


While we may have already packed away our tiny bikinis and various sundresses to make room for cozy sweaters and boots, most of us aren’t quite ready to let go of our hard-earned summer bods. The idea of putting on plain workout clothes, the bland sports bra, and getting ready to work out isn’t as appealing as a nap near the fireplace and a Hallmark movie. So how do we get motivated to pull out the yoga mats and get in shape?

Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® is a made-in-America brand that creates comfy, stylish, and sexy workout clothes so you can “Werk hard” and “look good.” Their stylish prints and quality material make working out a breeze and help to keep everything in place. The most unique part of their work is their vividly unique print designs. The goal is to create clothing that is “designed for fitness” and “styled for fashion,” and they nail it.
All of the leggings created by Werkshop are individually handcrafted and sustainably produced. Their unique athleticwear ensures proper muscle control through the Olympic-quality compression fabric, which promotes flexible movement and aides against chafing.
From vivid-design leggings and sports bras to menswear and swim/leotards, the Werkshop brand has created an effortless way to look and feel good while working out. Their products are guaranteed perfect for every sport, and with flatlock seams, comfort is no question. These products are designed to help make being active easy and comfortable with new uniquely stylish designs for every sport. You won’t ever feel lazy or unattractive in your workout clothes while sporting these fun, feminine, and high quality prints.
Check out some of our favorites from the Werkshop collection that has us ready and waiting to get back into shape. You can purchase items from the collection at Werkshop.com, but act quickly before they sell out!
Whether you’re into full length or cropped, these colorful leggings will make you stand out and feel good no matter what pose you’re in. From simple patterns to intricate artworks, each pair has a unique style and universal comfort that is perfect for any sport.


The brand features a sportswear section all for men. From men’s performance shorts to unisex fit pants, Werkshop has created an array of captivating designs to appeal to any audience.
Sports Bras
These wireless, removeable padding sports bras allow for any fitness lover to feel sexy from head to toe in Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® designs. While the padding is sold separately, these comfy and stylish bras offer moderate support and are conveniently easy to take off.
The Swim/Leotard section of Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® offers an array of casual pieces that can double as stylish swimsuits or flexible dance leotards. Each design comes in a simple and standard cut of fabric with unique images that provides a chic yet comfortable look.
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Putting in Werk: Featured image and all images courtesy of werkshop.com

Toeing the Line


Traditional menswear receives a feminine touch this fall as oxfords, smoking slippers, and brogues are updated with chic details that are well-suited for fall wear.

Blue Satin Sashes
Pale blue ribbons replace plain laces in these elegant oxfords. These pumps are perfect for autumn and are accented with warm caramel leather and a touch of houndstooth wool to create a pleasant mix of textures!

(Poetic License Language Artist Heel in Caramel, $139.99, Modcloth.com)

Smoking Slippers
The ubiquitous symbol of luxury and leisure, the smoking slipper was worn by 19th century men as they relaxed in tufted chairs and smoked cigars. This easy-to-wear flat has been modernized with elegant satin accents and sequins that easily take this shoe from day to night!

Toeing the Line

Kate Spade ‘Audrina’ Sequined Bow-Top Flat in Black/Antique, $159, NeimanMarcus.com

Ladylike Lace
These creamy brogues will add a touch of femininity to any outfit you pair them with! The beautiful lace is subtle enough that it doesn’t distract viewers from the intricate punched pattern of this iconic shoe style.

Toeing the Line

Swoonful of Sugar Flat, $34.99, Modcloth.com

“Toeing the Line” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue

Isle Apparel Collection


Menswear-inspired clothing has always been a fall staple; from elbow-patched blazers and warm trousers to tweed, there are lots for women to covet and make their own! Cue the latest Isle Apparel collection by designer Melis Kozan, which combines mens’ trends with a modern woman’s silhouette. Go bold with edgy patterned Biege Baroque tights or dress it up with the colorful Singapore dress!


Singapore, $136


Torino, $140

Which piece from the collection is our favorite? It’s a tie between the cotton and tweed Blue Coco dress, designed to look like a shirt and skirt combo (perfect for a chilly office!), and the intricate Torino dress, with its kaleidoscope patterns and bright colors. Retailing at $55-225, the collection is available at boutiques nationwide!
Check out some of our top picks below, or visit islebymeliskozan.com to browse the whole collection. We promise: menswear never looked so good.

Marine Tribe, $98


Blue Florence, $98

425-6535 BLUE COCO

Blue Coco, $80


Black Nights Button Up, $73; Black Nights Maxi, $105

Photographs courtesy of islebymeliskozan.com



There comes a time in a woman’s life where she trades in her heels for flats, but not today. Instead I’ll be wearing Nike’s. You really learn a thing or two in school, like whenever indecisive just go with C (the Nike’s) and go home and make a sandwich — a well-deserved one, because you probably just aced your chemistry exam and because you’re about to make the most comfortable decision of your life (thank me later.)

That being said, I took close notes at NYFW (once again) where Mason Margiela taught me that oversized blazers are cool and cuffed trouser pants are even more so. If ever unsure about what to wear, it’s OK — throw on gym sneakers and that button-down you shoved in the back of the closet because sporty is in and sneakers are everything. Now go on, steal dad’s blazer (and tie) and call it a day. An extremely comfortable day.

Below I’ve styled two ways to tackle menswear this fall. I’m taking a classic, masculine approach, whereas I have Ms. Ashley chanelling a more chic, feminine take on Menspiration.

Take One: Classic

Menspiration 3   Menspiration 4

Take Two: Chic

Menspo 2   Menspiration 7