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Nick Fink Talks ‘Sweet Vicious,’ ‘The Great & The Small,’ and More


Nick Fink is a name that should be on your radar. In his early 20s, Fink has already landed the role of Tyler Finn on MTV’s new show Sweet Vicious—the story of two badass girls who fight back against rape culture on their college campus. We caught up with Fink as season one wrapped to discuss his start in LA and what’s up next for him.

Cliché: What made you want to get into acting and move to LA?
Nick Fink: It was kind of a long time coming for me, you know. When I was a little kid, I used to make little movies with my camcorder with my buddies in them, and then when I got to high school, I was super into theatre and drama club and all that stuff. I moved when I was 19, knowing nobody. It was a dream and a passion; I landed and just started going after it. I just loved to act and once I realized LA was a possibility, I had to go for it; there was no other option!
What were those first few months like? That’s so daunting!
I know! Whenever I look back on it, I’m like, “How did I do that?” I don’t think I could do that now! There was a lot of Netflix and a lot of hanging out, to be honest. You know, you move out here and you think it’s just going to happen on its own because the work ethic in the beginning isn’t quite there. It’s a lot of wondering and waiting, because you’re too naive.
What made you want to be part of MTV’s Sweet Vicious? I could gush about it for hours. I won’t, because I don’t want to take up your entire Friday night…but I could.
Oh, by all means, please do! I’m so glad you loved it.
How could I not? The writing and story is so powerful and important. What was your first experience reading the script like?
To be honest, where I’m at in my career, it’s not like you can really pick and choose what you want to be part of. When you read a script like this, you just feel fortunate enough to audition for it. I remember thinking, “Holy shit, this show is so unique and so vitally important. How cool is it that this is even going to get made and I’m going to be a fan of it regardless if I’m a part of it or not.”
That’s so funny because, to a degree, that was my reaction to watching it. There are certain scenes where I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe this is really being put on TV. Finally, but wow.”
Oh yeah, it really goes there. All the praise goes to our writers for wanting to be honest and showing no fear.

Are there any moments on set where you were exceptionally moved or thought, “I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be part of this?”
I was on set when we filmed Jules confronting Nate, because you know I come in after that moment. We’re all standing there and you can hear what’s going on. I remember the whole cast and crew was just silent and all eyes were on that; it was definitely a moment. She showed up in the biggest way and you see it on screen. That was a really powerful day on set.
Sweet Vicious was one of those things where it was sort of an overnight sensation. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about it. Did you have a moment of, “Oh wow, this is a thing now!”
For us, it was a build to it. But that being said, every time a new article comes out or something about the show is said, the entire cast is texting each other like, “Oh my god, how cool is this!” It’s so exciting for us. Early on in the season though, we had a group of fans that were, and have been, there for us on Twitter and stuff. But yes, as the show went on, you definitely saw more and more tweets and stuff on the hashtag, each week.
With that, have you had any weird or memorable fan experiences?
Recently, there were two girls who went to Viacom in Hollywood with signs to show their support for the show. Jen, our creator, texted me and was like, “Hey, these girls are out there doing this for us and I’m going to say hi to them if you’re around!” So, I ended up heading over and found Jen having coffee with them and so I got to sit down with these girls and just hang out. Up until that point, I hadn’t had any run-ins, aside from Twitter of course, with people who were fans of the show. You learn more and more about your own show when chatting with people who are fans of it.

When you read a script like this, you just feel fortunate enough to audition for it.

Aside from your role on Sweet Vicious, you also have a new movie that just came out! What is your character in that film like?
It’s a beautiful, quirky, indie called The Great & The Small. It’s a slice of life piece about this kid Scott, who I play, who feels like life hasn’t given him much of a shot. It ends up being about him trying to balance these three relationships in his life. It’s a gorgeous film because it doesn’t really tell you how to feel; it just sort of plays out. It makes for a really cool viewing experience to not just be fed all the information, but actually be engaged in the film.
I love films like that, when they don’t underestimate the audience.
No, this treats the audience as the intelligent people that they are.
Moving forward, do you have any projects in the pipeline?
There is a web series I do called T@gged with AwesomenessTV, who are the best. They make so much killer content. That should be coming out soon!
Lastly, who would you consider your biggest inspirations?
For me, it’s a lot of the guys who are similar to my age and developing these careers that I hope I can follow in their footsteps. Guys like Emory Cohen or Charlie Heaton, who have always been working but just sort of blew up from Stranger Things. They are competition, in a cool way. I mean, I hope they are. It’s so fun to be able to watch their work and see what they do with these roles that I could potentially be up for one day.

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“Nick Fink Talks ‘Sweet Vicious,’ The Great & The Small,’ and More” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2017 issue. Photographed by Ryan West Photo

Eliza Bennett Proves ‘Sweet/Vicious’ is the Show to Watch


Although we’re all still coping with the fact MTV’s Teen Wolf will be ending after this upcoming season, we’ve got a new MTV show to watch. This fall, the network will be premiering Sweet/Vicious starring London-based actress Eliza Bennett. The 24-year-old actress will be taking on the role of a superheroine who fights for justice over a very heated topic: campus rapists. If that already piqued your interest, check out our interview to read more about the show and her character.

Cliché: Since we have many readers who may not know your name yet, can you tell us how you got bit by the acting bug?
Eliza Bennett: Of course! It has definitely always been a part of my life. Ever since I was little, I did every possible acting play or production I could find. I probably drove my parents nuts. Then my first professional job was when I was 9 and I played Jemima in the West End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Once I’d gotten a taste for it, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Since then, I have worked on a mixture of British films and shows, so I’m very excited for Sweet/Vicious as it’s my first U.S. television series.

Can you tell us a little more about Sweet/Vicious?
It’s set in the fictional university Darlington and tells the story of two girls who moonlight as vigilantes avenging sexual assault victims on campus. Basically, it’s about two unlikely friends who take justice into their own hands and kick literal ass. I play Jules Thomas, one of these vigilantes, who hides under the cover of being a perfect sorority girl by day so she can dish out justice by night. She’s pretty cool.
How similar or different are you from your character?
I definitely relate to Jules. When we meet Jules, she is feeling very out of place with the people in her life and trying to do a good job to fit in and I definitely felt that way for a while when I first came out to L.A.! Luckily now, I have an incredible group of friends and feel very settled, but I definitely related to that feeling of not belonging. The differences are that I’m English, she’s way better at martial arts, and she’s much braver than me.
It’s difficult to say what I brought to the part—I hope a lot! Darlington can seem like a pretty heightened universe at times and so I really tried to keep Jules as grounded as possible and tried to find moments of goofiness and light for Jules whenever I could.

I was so ignorant to this issue before Sweet/Vicious came into my life, so I really hope we can just help in telling this story.

It seems like television is starting to become more socially conscious and incorporating real life events into their storylines more and more. Do you think Sweet/Vicious is pushing the boundaries too much or is it about time we address these topics?
Oh, we are way behind when it comes to telling this story and addressing this topic. Sexual assault victims on campus are far too often silenced and we are only just catching up to it. It definitely is filling our news stations more now, but if we can in any way raise awareness and let sexual assault victims know that they are not alone, I’ll be happy. I was so ignorant to this issue before Sweet/Vicious came into my life, so I really hope we can just help in telling this story.
What were some of the challenges, if any, that you came across while playing this character?
There were definitely challenges! Physically, the role was challenging for Taylor (Dearden) and I as we both were new to martial arts and fighting, but that was also one of the most fun aspects of the show. It was also a challenge to tell this story right and I definitely felt a responsibility to do Jules justice. When you are telling a story about rape, I knew there were going to be difficult scenes, but I was so supported by our creator Jennifer (Robinson), our showrunner Amanda (Lasher), and our incredible cast and crew, so nothing felt too overwhelming.
Will the storylines reflect moments that happened in real life?
Our storylines are definitely inspired by events and incredibly thorough research from our writers, but none of our characters or plot is directly based on real people or news headlines. When it comes to the characters’ dynamics though, I know that Jenn loosely based Ophelia and Jules on herself and her best friend, which is pretty cool.
Lastly, MTV is a huge network to be a part of! What’s it been like being a part of the MTV family so far?
It’s been wonderful! We are in the early stages of promoting the show and the whole journey has been bags of fun. It really is a lovely family environment and we are so excited to be a part of it. I’m forever grateful to them for giving me this opportunity.

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Eliza Bennett Proves ‘Sweet/Vicious’ is the Show to Watch: Photographed by: Faye Thomas

MTV Video Music Awards Recap


This year, the MTV Video Music Awards found its way back to New York City, but instead of using Radio City Music Hall as its classic venue, the show took place at Madison Square Garden for the first time. In recent years, the VMAs has not had a traditional host and this year was no different. Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were in character as social media mavens (because if you know anything at all, you know the best place to watch an award show is on Twitter) but none of their antics, most of which were impossible to follow, seemed to connect with the audience. Other stand-in hosts included MTV’s own Nicole Byer from Girl Code, comedian Jay Pharoah with his great impressions throughout the show, and lastly DJ Khaled, who kept the energy going with his signature catchphrases.

Rihanna was this year’s recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award and she did something different then all the recipients before her and treated us to four different themed performances throughout the show, each showcasing a different style of music she has perfected. She opened the show with a medley of her hits from her pop era. Dressed in light pink from head to toe, she sang “Only Girl In The World,” “We Found Love,” and “Where Have You Been.” Her second performance of the night was a tribute to her culture and homeland in which she brought a traditional Caribbean bashment party to the stage performing all her reggae influenced hits such as, “Rude Boy,” “What’s My Name,” and her recent hit “Work.” Later in the show, she performed her more mellow party records “Pour It Up,” “B*tch Better Have My Money,” and her latest single from ANTI, “Needed Me.” She ended things off with her crowd favorite ballads, “Stay,” a slowed down version of “Diamonds,” and her next single “Love on The Brain,” fully taking in the opportunity to show how much her vocals have grown since she was first introduced to us in 2005. To end things off with a bang, Drake presented Rihanna with her award, giving a speech that sounded more like a love letter. He expressed, “I’ve loved Rihanna since I was 22 years old.” He also so spoke on what makes Rihanna a great artist: “She succeeds by doing something that no one in this industry does by just being herself.” After a sweet embrace between the two, Rihanna expressed her excitement by showing love to her country of Barbados, her friends, family, and fans and her disbelief that at only 28 years old she is lucky enough to accept such an award.

Now as we all know, MTV always keeps us on our toes with surprise antics and this year it came in the form of Kanye West taking to the stage to talk about whatever it is he wanted. He walked out to his song “Famous” which contains the infamous line that has reignited the Kanye vs. Taylor Swift beef and stood as the crowd chanted “Yeezy.” Highlights from his six and a half minute “speech” include saying “I see you Amber,” to his famous ex girlfriend Amber Rose, expressing his hope to win video of the year but it being okay if he lost to Beyoncé, shouting out his wife Kim Kardashian West, and finally debuting his new video for his song “Fade.” The video is a performance piece starring singer Teyana Taylor in what could almost be a tribute to Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. In true Kanye fashion, he has to leave us somewhat bewildered as the video ends with Taylor becoming a cat woman, with her fiancé Iman Shumpert of the championship winning NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers and their 8-month old daughter “Junie” surrounded by sheep.
In addition to winning eight of the 11 Video Music Awards she was nominated for, and passing Madonna for acquiring the most VMAs ever, Beyoncé completely turned the stage into her own personal concert with a full on recreation of her visual album Lemonade. She eased us in starting with her song “Pray You Catch Me” and followed up with “Hold Up” carrying her signature baseball bat from the video and smacking the camera to the floor. She continued with “Sorry” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself” throwing on a fur coat and aggressively performing as flames and sparks surrounded her. She closed her performance with “Formation” filling the stage with an army of female dancers and ending in the formation of the symbol for woman.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 28: Beyonce performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 28: Beyonce performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Britney Spears also returned to the VMA stage to perform her new single “Make Me” featuring G- Eazy. This performance was her first performance on MTV in almost 10 years since the cringeworthy performance of “Gimme More” at the VMAs in 2007. Other performers included Nick Jonas who performed his new song “Bacon” with Ty Dolla $ign and Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj who gave a lackluster performance of “Side to Side” off Grande’s album Dangerous Woman.  Newbies to the VMA stage, The Chainsmokers and Halsey performed their number one hit “Closer” and rapper Future gave an excellent performance of his hit song “F*ck Up Some Commas.”

Seemingly missing from the VMA stage this year was any form of Rock or Alternative music. It seemed to be a show for only the “who’s who” in pop culture right now. Also many of the awards were not given out on camera. Those lucky enough to take the stage to give speeches were DNCE for Best New Artist, Fifth Harmony for Best Collaboration, and Beyonce for Video of the Year and Best Female Video.  Drake also won for best hip-hop video but missed his chance at an acceptance speech because he was “stuck in traffic.”
Our U.S. Olympians Michael Phelps and “Final Five” gymnasts Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian and Aly Raisman (minus Gabby Douglas, who was absent due to an injury) were lucky enough to take the stage and introduce some of the musicians for the night. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was also there in spirit as Jimmy Fallon impersonated him in a platinum blonde wig while singing Justin Biebers “Sorry.”
All in all, the VMAs did not disappoint. What they lacked in variety and a host they made up for in electrifying performances and a who’s who of celebrity presenters. For a complete list of VMA winners, and video clips head over to MTV.
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MTV Video Music Awards Recap: Featured image courtesy of MTV

Jillian Rose Reed Interview


jillianrosereed_clichemag_279 - Copy

Crop Top: A Thing Thing, Skirt: Little Mistress, Leather Jacket: Camelia Skikos, Boots: Ugg

From a simple slip of the tongue to a full on faceplant in front of a crush, life is full of awkward moments. Learning how to navigate those situations is a skill everyone must face sooner or later. The best way to do that? Well, according to Jillian Rose Reed, known for her role as Tamara Kaplan in MTV’s Awkward, “The best way to handle an awkward situation is to just laugh it off! There’s really no cure, so if you can laugh at yourself, you’ll feel a lot better.”

When she first read the script, Reed was immediately enticed by Awkward’s premise. “My first thought was that it was one of the best pilot scripts I had ever read,” she said. “I was instantly drawn to it and immediately felt like I needed to be a part of it.”

Awkward, which premiered in 2011, follows Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), a teenager learning to handle the embarrassing, often uncomfortable, and just plain awkward high school experience. “It’s 100 percent relatable,” Reed said. “We deal with real issues that real people face. High school is the same for everyone, so we have the ability to reach a wide range of people who can all connect on one subject.”
  Tamara is Jenna’s best friend and has had her own fair share of perplexing moments throughout the show’s four seasons. The role earned Reed a Young Artist Award nomination for a leading actress performance in a television show back in 2012. Though Tamara has matured since season one, Reed was initially captivated by the character for her brash attitude. “I loved Tamara for her sassy comebacks and her no-filter mouth. She’s grown up a lot now, but in the beginning she was a loose canon, and I absolutely loved that,” she said.

jillianrosereed_clichemag_158 - Copy

Sweater and skirt: Molly Bracken, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Shop Priceless

The last season ended with a memorable spring break and some romantic cliffhangers. Now in its fifth season, fans can expect their favorite characters to finish their senior year in true “awkward” fashion.

“You can look forward to prom, graduation, and even seeing what the characters do post high school,” Reed said. 
While looking back on the show’s seasons this far, Reed said her favorite part of the entire experience is the TV family she’s gotten to work with over the years. “We, the cast and crew of the show, have grown so close over the years,” she said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with every day for years and years.”

Reed, now 23, began dancing competitively when she was 4, and with an additional love for singing, she began the transition to musical theater when she was about 7. When she was a few years older, Reed landed some commercial work in the Detroit and Chicago market, which launched her adoration for on-screen acting. As she dove deeper into the world of acting, she began to focus less on dance. “I still do it now, but mostly for fun. My girlfriends and I take a class every once in a while, but it’s not really something I miss,” she said. “Other than the physical benefits of keeping me in shape, it wasn’t a big passion as I started getting older.”

In 2008, Reed also scored a recurring role on the fourth season (and a guest role in the fifth season) of Weeds.

Weeds was an incredible experience for me,” she said. “I learned so much being on that set and from working with Mary-Louise Parker. I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘first job.’ I had the opportunity to use everything I learned in acting class and put it into practice. Even though my part wasn’t huge, I worked with almost every main actor on the show and took away some great knowledge.”

jillianrosereed_clichemag_263 - Copy

Crop Top: A Thing Thing, Skirt: Little Mistress

She has had a number of guest spots since then, including appearances on NBC’s Community, ABC’s The Middle, and Disney’s Jessie. Reed said popping into a show for an episode gives her a chance to jump into some of her favorite shows. “It’s kind of like being thrown into someone else’s family, but, it’s really fun for me to explore new characters and end up on shows I really love.”
One of her current favorites—and latest binge-watch—is Lifetime’s UnREAL. “I started the show a few weeks late, and I am so obsessed with it!” she said.

When Reed isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two brothers, her eldest brother Matt and her younger brother, Robbie Tucker, a fellow actor. After Matt was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes years ago, Reed became involved with the American Diabetes Association. She uses social media to reach her followers and raise awareness for the association. “Being involved is a big deal for my family since my older brother has Type 1,” she said. “I love being able to talk to people who are going through the same things my family is and getting to help raise awareness at the same time.”

Reed is also passionate about staying fit and healthy. She said she likes to incorporate dance into some of her workouts and is prone to jump from gym to gym looking for new, fun workouts to try.

Later this year, Reed will appear in the indie comedy Sharon 1.2.3., alongside Matt Bush, Nadine Velazquez, Skyler Samuels, Erinn Hayes, and Gina Rodriguez. She is even producing a web series for the first time called Elevator Stories, where she will also star as Samantha, an artistic lesbian who is falling for the main character, Ezabel. The series is a modern-day love story, much of which takes place in the elevator of the characters’ apartment building, as well as interactions with the building’s other diverse inhabitants. Reed’s team also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, so if you’d like to help them reach their goal, search “Elevator Stories” on Kickstarter.com and pledge today!

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Jillian Rose Reed Interview: Photographer: John Hong, Stylist: Melissa Lynn Woodbury, Makeup: Mandy Perez, Hair: Matilde Campos

Carlson Young Interview


Following her start on Disney’s As the Bell Rings, the gorgeous Carlson Young has continued to grace our screens for nearly a decade. Having dipped her toes in the water of most genres, her latest adventure comes from MTV’s horror hit Scream, which premiered earlier this summer. In a candid chat with Young, we discuss everything from balancing school and acting to life-threatening shelves.
Cliché: Have you always been a fan of the horror genre?
Carlson Young: Yes! I don’t watch horror movies by myself before I go to bed or anything, but I was lucky that some of my first horror movie experiences were a few classics. The Shining and The Exorcist were some of my first scary movies, so those set the tone for me.
What made you want to be part of MTV’s Scream?
I was a huge fan of the movies. I was happy to just get the audition.
How is your character Brooke different from other roles you have had in the past? Are you two similar at all?
It’s nice because with a TV series, you have the ability to explore the character a bit more. Brooke’s more unique, I think, than the other characters I’ve played in the past. She’s more complicated than her stereotype. Brooke and I have things in common, yes, but mostly we are completely different. I think that’s why it’s so much fun to play her.
Did anything crazy happen on set while filming Scream?
Well, recently, a large wooden shelving unit fell on my head during the middle of a take—just out of nowhere. So that was pretty nuts, but we can laugh about it now!
You have been in a couple movies including The Night Is Young, which is set to come out later this year. What do you find the biggest difference between filming a series vs. a film to be?
It’s awesome to have an amazing cast surrounding you for multiple episodes, and you get to develop your character and their relationships at a different pace on a series, as opposed to shooting a film. You get the opportunity to explore the nuances of a character more in a TV series, just because you have more time to do that. That’s really what I’ve found to be the biggest difference while shooting Scream.
While you are acting, you’re still in school, which is frankly a rarity for much of Young Hollywood. Why did you decide to pursue an education alongside your career? Do you find it challenging to find a balance between the two?
Honestly, it never even crossed my mind to not go to school. It’s always been really important to me to work toward getting my degree. I love writing and poetry, so studying creative writing at USC has been a really fulfilling counterpart to my career goals. I’ve gone a few semesters part-time, which I find relieves a lot of the stress of college and makes every class feel more important and cherished.
What is your dream role?
Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) in Lord of the Rings.

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Arden Cho Interview


acho13_109-EditYou may know Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura on MTV’s Teen Wolf, but we know Cho as a quadruple threat. She sings, dances, acts, and now, she designs watches. When she’s not playing Kira, she is keeping time. Leonard and Church is Cho’s new watch line that is already a big hit. Cho is much more than the “Thunder Kitsune” she portrays on the show (a supernatural species that can consume a large amount of electricity), though you’ll have to wait until the summer to see her in action. She gave us some scoop on where her character is headed in the upcoming season and what she wants people to know about Leonard and Church.
Arden Cho is a very busy woman, and she likes it that way. In fact, she says that she loves having a lot of things to work on. She insists that keeping busy helps her learn and grow as a person and an artist. When she isn’t kicking butt on TV, she’s making big moves in the world of watch design. For Cho, acting was not always a part of the plan. In college, she majored in psychology, then fell in love with acting during one of her theater classes.
“I fell in love with the whole process and with everything about it. I think it’s one of the most interesting forms of art, where you can get all of these different people together and create one piece of art,” she said.
After college, Cho moved out to LA and started auditioning for different roles while she took different classes. When she first appeared on MTV’s Teen Wolf in its third season, she introduced audiences to an easy-going, strong-willed, but fun-loving character who fans of the show have grown to love. Kira, in many ways, is a unique individual and that’s what Cho loves the most about her. She promises that there will be important decisions for Kira and other characters to make in the upcoming season.
“She is definitely getting stronger and has some big choices to make,” Cho explains. “She’s going to be growing up, and I think that that will be exciting for fans to see, not only just Kira growing up, but everybody.”
Cho says the conflict is what she loves most about the show, and how it will allow the characters to then mature and grow.
In her latest career journey, Cho has been channeling her love for accessories into her new watch line, Leonard and Church. Leonard and Church prides itself on having quality, handmade, yet inexpensive watches. And because watches retail both in-store and online at rather expensive prices, Cho and two of her partners, Christopher Chon and Jeffrey Leung, decided to create a line that proves quality accessories don’t have to break the bank. They know that not everyone can afford the high-end watches that can run anywhere from $500-$1,000, so they offer the same quality without the “middle man” for as little as $100.
“Leonard and Church really started out as a passion project because I love watches,” Cho explains. “I have always loved watches. They are one of my favorite accessories. I feel like everybody needs a watch and not enough people wear watches.” According to Cho, the initial designs were inspired by the New York fashion world and the corporate world, and the designs were a mixture of the two. The company is still developing the line and coming up with new designs, which has always been a group effort. There is a group of three of the five partners who “spearhead” the design process.
The unisex designs are youthful and professional and are made to “mix and match” with your significant other, friends, or family. The company has watches for college students, recent college grads, working professionals, or fashionistas.
“It is a very tedious process,” Cho elaborates about the design production. “We go back and forth because there are so many aspects to the design, from the details on the watch to the colors and the different types of straps. There are so many points to the process.”
Leonard and Church has a new collection coming out for the summer and eventually, the company hopes to venture out into other leather-based designs, such as backpacks, wallets, and maybe even dog collars. Cho would love to try leather dog collars because of her dog, Chewie, who adorably barked her way into our interview. But for now, Leonard and Church and Cho will continue to give fashionably late a brand new meaning.
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Arden Cho Interview: Photographed by Vince Trupsin

Hairstylist on MTV’s Finding Carter Shares Hair Styling Tips


The much anticipated MTV drama television series Finding Carter has finally come back to us, and those who have watched the first season can validate the show’s hype. With an authentic, heartfelt cast and a storyline that carries a cumbersome punch in almost every episode, it is no wonder why so many have fallen in love with the show, let alone become addicted to it. For all the Finding Carter addicts (myself included), there is yet another way in which we can become even more obsessed– oh boy! Celebrity hairstylist Richard Boggs, who is currently the hair department head on Finding Carter, has shared with us his tips for styling the show’s lead actress Kathryn Prescott (Carter Stevens).
Kathryn Prescott (2)

  1. Start by cleansing and treating the hair with RBPro Essentials Moisture Shampoo ($17) and Moisture Conditioner ($17). This duo is sulfate and paraben free. Their powerful anti-aging and collagen-building properties act as a barrier to seal hair cuticles and protect from fading and damage. This is a great way to maintain and keep reds like this bright for filming.
  2. When we are on set, I am blow drying every day and then restyling the hair, which can cause stress, breakage, and flyaways. I make sure to reach for RBPro Essentials Everyday Miracle Repair Treatment ($17) when hair is damp and apply it just before I begin heat styling. It is a must for maintaining the integrity and overall health of the hair. The treatment is weightless, which is important when using it on fine hair like Ms. Prescott’s.
  3. Since Finding Carter is shot in Hot-Atlanta’s humidity, it’s important to thoroughly blow dry hair in stages. Section the hair off into four main parts, and then thoroughly blow dry root to end. This will ensure great long lasting and smooth volume. I always use RBPro Essentials Le Deux Styling Crème ($17). No flat iron or curling iron needed. It’s a blow-n-go!
  4. To finish the style, a shot of White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray ($22) at the root area will always insure fullness. Finishing off a Hollywood style with White Sands is a guarantee your glamour work will endure the long day of shooting! This spray just holds the style no matter what the weather or shooting conditions are like.

Kathryn Prescott (3)
Feel free to express your thoughts regarding this hairstyle, and if you’ve tried it, we’d love for you to post your achieved look in the comments section below. As for anyone who hasn’t seen the show and is interested in watching it, you are more than welcome to join the fan club, as Finding Carter is on Tuesday at 10/9c.
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Hairstylist on MTV’s Finding Carter Shares Hair Styling Tips: Courtesy of Richard Boggs, Photos Courtesy of MTV & Facebook

Finding Carter Season 2 Premiere


What would you do if after sixteen years of life you find out that everything you thought you knew had been a lie? For Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott), that is her reality. Finding Carter, MTV’s knock-out scripted drama, is returning tonight for Season 2. The fast-paced show centers around 16-year-old Carter Stevens as she struggles to adjust to life after finding out she had been abducted as a child.  When we last saw Carter, things were a mess: her biological parents were divorcing, her boyfriend Crash shot her best friend, and, oh yeah, the woman who she thought was her mother, but was actually her kidnapper, drugged her and abducted her. Again.
One may assume that that is as bad as it can get. However, from the season 2 trailer MTV released a couple weeks ago and an exclusive interview show-runner Emily Whitesell did with Entertainment Weekly, it seems that things are going to get worse before they can get better for these characters.
Finding Carter 1
For one, Taylor, Carter’s “goody goody” sister does not seem to be handling the stress well — and who can blame her? First, her boyfriend Max gets shot. Then, after narrowly escaping death, he dumps her in a hospital room. And if that wasn’t enough, just days later her twin sister gets taken. Talk about a bad week. In the preview, we can see Taylor playing beer pong with Champagne before chugging straight from the bottle. What is happening to the studious “I stay home on Friday’s and make croutons” Taylor we all knew and loved?
Whitesell revealed that this season is about answers and emotions. So much happened in the debut season that she wanted to give the character’s — and by extension, the audience — a chance to let it in and feel it all. There are so many questions that I’m hoping season 2 clears up for us. Will Max and Taylor get back together? (They better.) Will Carter forgive Crash? (She better not.)
On top of that, it looks like season 2 will provide us with more answers into the alluded relationship Lori Stevens (Carter’s kidnapper turned Mom) possibly had with Carter’s biological father, David Wilson. In the preview, it’s shown David telling his wife that Carter’s kidnapping had been his fault. Excuse me, what?
Finding Carter 3Whitesell also promises that season 2 will give us a chance to get to know Lori a little better, which I can’t wait for, considering the the most concerning part of the trailer revealed Lori chasing after Carter before telling her that they need to go back for Taylor — because apparently one twin is not enough for this crazy lady.
Need a full refresher of season 1 before the new episode? Check out the season 1 recap now:

Finding Carter returns tonight, March 31st on MTV at 10/9c!
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Finding Carter Season 2 Premiere: Photographs courtesy of MTV

Catfish Returns


Let’s all give ourselves a round of applause for surviving another Catfish hiatus. I’m serious; those weeks without digital sleuths Nev Schulman and his silver-fox sidekick Max Joseph on my TV are seriously challenging. Thankfully, the wait is almost over because season four kicks off in just a couple days, with some noticeable changes.
For one, Max will miss the first couple episMax and Zacodes as he is in LA directing his first feature film which stars, wait for it – Zac Efron. But, don’t worry too much, because even though he will be dearly missed while he’s kicking back with fourteen year old me’s unrequited celebrity boyfriend, his absence provides MTV a unique opportunity to bring in a couple guest celebrity detectives for the first half of the season.
One guest we can look forward to is #teaminternet reigning king, Tyler Oakley. You may recognize Tyler from his red carpet coverage of award shows, online YouTube Channel in which he has almost 6.5 million subscribers, or his general fan-girling across every major social media network. As a fellow fan of the show, I can’t wait to see what type of web of Catfish- drama he helps to untangle.
Early reviews assure us that this season is just as crazy as it’s predecessors. So get ready to bait that rod because Catfish returns on Wednesday February 25th on MTV at 10/9c.
And, if you need your fix now you can check out the teaser trailer on:

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Bailey De Young Interview


From acting previously on ABC Family’s series Bunheads to dancing since she was a wee little thing, 25-year-old California native Bailey De Young does it all. Below, the budding and beautiful actress opens up about her latest role as Lauren Cooper in MTV’s new hit series Faking It, as well as the details on how she happily juggles being an actress and newlywed to husband Tyler.
Cliché: How did you get into acting?
Bailey De Young: I started dancing when I was a kid and that led to theater. I realized the storytelling aspect was my favorite part and slowly made the leap into straight acting.
Can you relate to Lauren Cooper’s character at all?
Lauren and I have some big similarities and big differences. I relate to her ambition and her overachiever ways, but her sass is hers alone.
When Faking It originally aired, Lauren came off as a snobby Christian girl who wanted nothing to do with her new stepsister Amy. How do you think Lauren’s attitude changed from season one to season two?
I think Lauren has some hard edges. She is very determined, ambitious, and strong, and sometimes she steps on people along the way to get what she wants. I think she continues to grow and take into consideration other people around her as she goes after what she wants, but they still sometimes get in the way, so it’s two steps forward and one step back.
Faking It has become quite the popular show. How do you think the plot can help teenagers today?
I think the lesson of being kind even when you don’t agree on things, not judging a book by its cover, and treating people with love is a lifelong lesson hopefully all of us are working towards. For Lauren’s journey specifically, I hope it shows that taking down your walls and being vulnerable is a good and brave thing to do.
Do you see Lauren tormenting Amy and Karma’s relationship in the future?
I think she has a hard time letting anyone else get attention and she also wants her way, so I think she’ll torment anything that threatens that.
What do you think Lauren has in store in the future of the show?
I think she still really wants to change Hester High and dominate the campus. I also think she is going through a journey of what it means to truly accept herself and dare I say, let other people in and let down her walls.
What do you do for fun when you aren’t working?
I hang out with my husband and family! We like hiking and going to the movies. We love a good Netflix documentary and binge-watching TV seasons.
How has acting in Faking It affected you in the real world?
It is such an amazing place to work because of the people. The leadership (Carter, writers, production) crew and cast make going to work every day truly my privilege. Hearing people’s positive responses and excitement has been fun.
Where do you see yourself going after the series is over?
Who knows? That is the fun part. I hope I can go back to theater at some point. For now, I’m sinking my teeth into these next episodes of Faking It.
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Bailey De Young Interview: Photographed by Marc Cartwright

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Is Expecting Her Second Child


MTV’s fan  favorite couple from the hit television show Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are expecting their second child. In an exclusive interview with US Magazine reporter Bobby Brown, Lowell’s mother April Stotts confirmed that the couple, who are both now 22 are pregnant with their second child and couldn’t be happier. During the show, Catelynn and Tyler bravely put their first child, daughter Carly, up for adoption in May 2009.
The second time grandma-to-be speaks about the shocking conversation with her daughter Catelynn.”She called to ask me about a pregnancy test and if I thought she was pregnant,” Stotts shares of how her daughter at first revealed she was expecting, “So I made her send me a picture and I told her, “I believe you are, you should go get a couple more and take a couple more.” (US Magazine)

Stotts revealed that Catelynn is overjoyed with the news of the new addition to the family, she added “She was crying when she knew for sure and so I was like, “Are you happy? Are you upset?’ And she was like I’m happy!,” (US Magazine) Catelynn is hoping to have a girl so that she can buy a whole lot of zebra stripes and pink stuff. As far as Carly is concerned. Stotts feels that Catelynn and Tyler will be worried about the now 5 year old’s thoughts on the new baby. But she made it clear that they love Carly dearly, and she is well aware of that.

The news that Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell is expecting her second child with her husband Tyler Baltierra, is very exciting to say the least. A couple who made the selfless decision to give their daughter up for adoption so that they could give her the best life possible, deserves all the happiness in the world, and I’m sure that is what this new baby will bring to their lives. I wish Catelynn and Tyler the best of luck on their marriage lots of peace, love, and happiness.
(Featured Image courtesy of US Magazine)

Cover Story: Nikki DeLoach Interview



Red gown PIA GLADYS PEREY; Shoes OBI CYMATICA; Beaded necklace and bracelets JARED JAMIN

MTV’s critically-acclaimed series, AWKWARD, returns to the air on April 15th, 2014. For those who’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the show, it’s a comedy-drama with an impressive blend of (you guessed it) awkward scenarios that accompany those humiliating teenage years with crucial life lessons that we can all learn from.  Praised for its witty writing and undeniable realism, AWKWARD has earned well-deserved recognition from fans and critics alike, including a People’s Choice Award, a Teen Choice Award, and numerous other nominations. Part of the show’s success is thanks to its brilliant characters, particularly one hysterical Lacey Hamilton who is played by the talented Nikki DeLoach. Despite being one of the hottest TV moms ever, Lacey is known for her sometimes less-than-stellar parenting choices. Essentially, she is clueless about child-raising. Still, as DeLoach reminds us, she is growing and learning just like any young parent does, and it’s that growth and increasing maturity that deserves a little credit.
So we know the gist of Lacey’s character, but what about the actress who plays her? Well, we can probably agree that Nikki DeLoach certainly wouldn’t write her kid an anonymous letter saying, “You could disappear and no one would notice” (oh, Lacey). As it turns out, DeLoach is a woman who sees the good in every situation—including when it comes to her character’s flaws. While DeLoach is clearly a more skillful mom, she sees the positives in Lacey’s parenting: the strength, the communication, and especially the love and good intention. As a fairly new mom herself, she internalizes these qualities, as they are noble ones that every parent (and person, for that matter) should possess. She is nothing if not genuine, and has a clear passion for life—for her son, for her successful career, for her cast mates, and yes, for her kooky character, Lacey. AWKWARD has made a significant, wonderful impact in Nikki DeLoach’s life, and Lacey Hamilton has left her mark as well.

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Photographer: Quavondo, Makeup: Lysette Castellanos, Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall, Stylist: Ja’Niya Walker, Location: Ryan Blair