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NOËP Releases Upbeat New Single ‘No Man Is An Island’


Out on now via Humming Records and Warner Music Baltics, ‘No Man Is An Island’ is the next instalment from singer-songwriter and producer NOËP’s forthcoming debut album, which will be released in November.
The track showcases NOËP’s production from a new angle, being the most upbeat song he’s released to date. “A lot of the percussive sounds on the track have been recorded on piano, which gives an organic touch to the sonical atmosphere. As with the album, the single’s meaning can be interpreted on a multi-dimensional level’’. NOËP explains: “The opening line of ‘No Man Is An Island’ paints a picture of an extremist-environmentalist and how he perceives our current situation with climate change and other environmental/social challenges. It sounds cliché, but the success of any meaningful change depends on our ability to face ‘the giant’ not alone, but together.”

Hailing from Tallinn and inspired by artists such as Alt-J, Mura Masa and James Hersey, NOËP’s unique blend of alternative pop with electronic undertones, has captured the attention of music lovers and industry all over the world, amassing over 40 million streams and counting. In addition to his global reach and appeal, NOËP is something of a musical icon in his homeland, having been awarded ‘Pop Album of the Year’ at the Estonian Music Awards in 2019, for his debut EP ‘Heads In The Clouds’. Further afield, he has had airplay on BBC Radio 1, along with DSP editorial support from major markets such as UK and Germany.
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Donnie Visa Releases Another Banga: “Legendary”


Earlier this summer, Donnie Visa was interviewed by DJ Wonder on Shade 45, and subsequently released a hard-hitting song and music video with DJ Wonder titled, “Not One of Them.” Following the release of the record, Donnie Visa garnered attention from DJ Suss One, leading to an interview with the renowned DJ. Donnie Visa makes his return to fans’ speakers with, “Legendary.” “Legendary,” produced by prodbyLow, showcases Donnie Visa’s lyrical prowess and impeccable flow.

The track takes listeners to a place of manifestation. “Legendary” allows listeners to envision the successful life that they can speak into existence, and provides motivation and encourages listeners to claim their legacy. The music video, directed by 3PV Productions, serves to further push that positive, inspiring message by highlighting the Carolina-product’s successes within the Big Apple. 

From the verses to the hook to the bridge, Donnie Visa delivers a riveting, hype bop to close out the summer. The rapper, singer-songwriter has so much more in store for 2021 and beyond. Donnie Visa is well on his way to living up to the title, “Legendary.” 

Artist’s Bio: Donnie Visa is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Raised in the Carolinas, he is well known for his eccentric vocal style and laid back vibe. With three mixtapes released, he’s demonstrated his versatility and unmatched talent. Donnie Visa has been featured in various media outlets and was included in DJ K.i.D’s “Quarantine Mixtape” in 2020. The Carolina native, known for his catchphrase, “Approved!” is proving why he is set to become the next global phenom. 

Website: https://www.donnievisa.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/donnievisa/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/donnievisa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApprovedWay/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26GF4Ro1kxNLjPW4V7k04R
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DonnieVisa
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/donnie-visa/1312117213
Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/artist/9270839
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/donnievisa

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Today, Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is sharing the official music video for her new single, “Busy Body.”

A sharp-witted commentary on the binary of being both the watcher and the watched in the digital world, “Busy Body” is an addictive listen, both thematically and musically. Drawing inspiration from the 1996 film The Cable Guy, the video reveals a playful yet poignant message about society’s obsession with social surveillance. “For the ‘Busy Body’ videothe idea was to take the song’s main theme surrounding compulsive surveillance to a literal and clear cut place while still keeping it fun and lighthearted through the story and style,” Cassie says.

Growing up in Miami, Cassie spent much of her childhood training as a gymnast with dreams of going to the Olympics. After her gymnastics career ended abruptly when she suffered a serious injury at the age of 13, she found solace in her love for music. Teaching herself how to produce and write songs, Cassie has carried the same grit and self-discipline that inspired her Olympic dreams into the art she makes today.

Slightly secretive and delicately feminine, every song she releases is a single intricate flower plucked from her consciousness and added to her verdurous display. Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space.

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July 21, 2021 Today, R&B artist Sani Knight released his new single “Dark Place.” Sani Knight is an 18 year old Los Angelesnative, who fell in love with music at age 10 through influences The Weekend and Eminem. Within the last year, he’s released music for the first time, and “Dark Place” is the first of 5 tracks that make up Heaven Seems So Far Away.

Sani Knight is a selftaught pianist whose versatile sound encompasses Middle Eastern influence, R&B, rap, and electronic music. He hopes to bring Middle Eastern representation to popular music, while “speaking to anyone going through something that makes them feel stuck or misplaced.” With an organic approach to his writing, all songs capture his personal experiences and are brought to life with those he works with. He’s found a great team with producer Bosquet (1/2 of Pixel Terror) and creative director Nikoli Party (Wallows, Foster the People).

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Oompa Serves Up Euphoric Summertime Love on “GO” ft. Dan DeCristofaro


July 9th, 2021 – Buzzing Boston rapper, spoken word poet Oompa has returned with her new single and video “GO” featuring Dan DeCristofaro. Produced by Dephrase, “GO ” was written with carefree Summer vibes in mind, or as Oompa affectionately explains “real Gemini season energy”. It’s the perfect soundtrack to those fun-filled, warm Summer days and euphoric new love feels. With an undeniable reference to Chaka Khan and the classic, West Coast G-funk sound, “GO ” is an upbeat, bop with a “catch you on the first listen” hook: “We go, and go, and go” .

Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Oompa says “This is the love where you slap red tinted glasses on, and all red flags look like surrender. We know it will end in flames, or with us having to return to the reality of our lives and our city-girl hustle, but for now, we go. We get lost and hope reality doesn’t find us”

In the accompanying visual, we find Oompa and a romantic interest, played by friend and frequent collaborator, Therlande Louissant aka Tloui channeling a Queen and Slim-style love story, cruising in their retro Ford Mustang without a care in the world. Inspired by the cinematic feel of the cult-classic film Drive, the visual features stunning shots of an endless highway interspersed with mood-setting closeups of the exuberant duo. “GO” collaborator Dan DeCristofaro makes an amusing cameo as the getaway driver as the couple roll up at an undisclosed location, ready for the next step on their insouciant adventure. The official “GO” video forms part of 10 highly thematic accompanying visuals that will be released in the lead up to Oompa’s upcoming EP, Unbothered

With a cadence and energy akin to the legendary Missy Elliott and the poetic finesse of Noname, Oompa arrived on the scene in 2016 with a sound and message that instantly demanded attention. In addition to being praised by NPR, Huffington Post, Boston Globe, and NBC, Oompa has shared stages with the likes of DVSN, Charli XCX, 24KGoldn, Tinashe, UMI, and Rico Nasty. Stay tuned for more from Oompa as she gears up to release more new music over the Summer.

About OOMPA:

OompaOOMPA is a nationally-acclaimed, Boston-born, poet, rapper, and educator, who is forever representing the queer, black, orphaned, hood kids n’ them. She was named one of NPR’s 2020 Slingshot Artists to Watch and her engaging, interactive performing style won her the Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year in 2019, following her 2018 Unsigned Artist of the Year victory among an unprecedented 12 total nominations. In a 2019 feature, WBUR’s the Artery describes the lyric-focused rapper as having a “natural tenderness with language” and calls her verses “funny…incisive and memorable.” Oompa showed this poetic prowess as the winner of the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam and a finalist in the 2016 National Poetry Slam. With the release of her newest album, Cleo, Oompa has sold out the Sinclair and a number of other Boston venues. 

In November 2020, Oompa dropped her most recent single entitled “Closer” along with a striking visual component. The song showcases a new sonic direction for her music and the lyrics convey a refusal to falter or be reactionary in the face of multiple global crises; the pandemic and an intense awakening about what it means to be Black in the world. This song isn’t a promise to be a cure to the world’s ills, but something that aims to counter the effects of the poison. Her next project, “Unbothered” is set to release in Fall 2021.

OOMPA online:


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(Los Angeles, CA) Lyra Star has really stepped up her game with this latest music video. “Light” is a dream-like display of her movement artistry within a candlelit magical forest and a dimly lit doorway combined with shots of Star decked in rhinestones and pearls, looking like a Victorian princess. With costume designs by LA local Kelly Maglia, the fashion can best be described as vintage Victorian meets Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. The lush and whimsical settings are perfect backdrops for showcasing Star’s duality as both the creator of the music and the human body that can bend and move with such grace and beauty.

This decadent visual eye candy is her second release with director Tonya Kay (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ‘Curious Christmas’ on The CW, The Ascension of Ava Delaine on Amazon Prime and Shorts TV) and cinematographer Andria Chamberlin (known for the films ‘The Nightmare Gallery’ and

‘Seven Days in Mexico’), and it far surpasses what was done in their first release, “Under the Water.” Kay and Chamberlin incorporated the use of prisms and chandelier glass as an in-camera effect to alter the light as well as utilizing unique angles and shots to capture the flexibility and movement art in a way that has not been done on film before. The viewer remains entranced by the luxurious backgrounds and shots of Star playing the piano within a candlelit chamber in between the contortion pieces, and the clock imagery throughout reflects the message behind the song that timing is everything.

There are very few artists that are able to blend their talents so seamlessly, and Lyra Star’s graceful contortion, which is such a niche skill, truly encapsulates the beauty of this emotional single, which features her powerful, ethereal vocals at their best, complimented by the dreamy drums and gorgeous cello parts.

The “Light” music video has a surreal quality that transports the viewer into a fairy tale landscape where Star’s amazing capabilities in all realms can be experienced on so many levels… she has been tenaciously following her dreams since moving to Los Angeles in late 2018. It is clear that she did not let the pandemic stop her from creating art… in fact, this is her best release to date. Lyra Star’s music videos are sure to put her on the map as an artist, not only in the music world, but in the world of dance and performing arts as well. She is truly a unique talent that is starting to make herself known.

Video Directed by Tonya Kay
Cinematography Andria Chamberlin
Editor David Deseo
Costumes Kelly Maglia
Makeup Meredith Lim
Hair Lindsay Nunnelee
Styling Elise Miles

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MADDS, the stunning South African-born, Los Angeles-based DJ, kicks off the summer with her brand new party-house single, “Never Forget.”

The multi-hyphenate producer, model, and designer extraordinaire provides all of the ingredients for the ultimate summer anthem: pulsating beats, dance-ready drops, sultry vocals, and sassy, daring lyrics. The “Never Forget” video follows MADDS as she flawlessly balances multiple business ventures from a bikini photoshoot, to DJing a pool party, to playing the ultimate, energetic hostess, all without even breaking a sweat. Clad in the swimsuit collection she launched with AKOSHA this past spring, MADDS and her model gal pals, Cindy Prado, Alexa Collins, Brianna Gonva, Sabrina Calvo, and Alba Toba, show off the seductive, fun new designs.

The buoyant and infectious single is an ode to female empowerment and sexual freedom – who needs boy drama when your girls are here to live large? Certainly, not MADDS.

“Never Forget” was inspired by a girls trip to Mykonos, and “every night we were drinking wine and dancing to Calvin Harris until sunrise,” MADDS beams. “There was no drama and it was incredible! Not a single tear was shed over boy drama,” she laughs.

When MADDS isn’t jet-setting for gigs, laying low with her lady friends, or producing music, she keeps busy. In collaboration with AKOSHA, MADDS designed and launched a line of posh bikinis in March 2021, finding inspiration from her grandmother’s antique plate collection in South Africa. And it doesn’t stop there. Also in the pipeline, there’s an app, a couple of Netflix series, and a pair of residencies, one in Las Vegas as a headliner at Resort World, and another to be announced very soon. Additionally, she is scheduled to appear at Firefly Festival and Blended Austin in 2021.

During her tenure, MADDS has shared stages with the likes of Steve Aoki, Bad Bunny, Deorro, Hardwell, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, NERVO, and more. She’s been a featured artist at major American music festivals such as Coachella and EDC, and has toured internationally throughout Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

Stay up-to-date with the latest via her official Instagram and Twitter pages because MADDS is primed to take over the dance scene in 2021 and beyond, and you’ll “Never Forget” it!


The life of Madison Louch, better known by her stage name MADDS, is anything but boring. Born abroad in South Africa, but raised stateside in sunny Los Angeles, California, MADDS got her first taste of EDM at the ripe age of 13. She hasn’t looked back since. “My parents took me to Salt Lake City for a work trip and we ended up at a rave on my 13th birthday,” the DJ, electronic music producer, and songwriter laughs. “Benny Benassi was playing. It was the first time I heard EDM and I immediately became obsessed.”

Motivated to become a career producer, and not the pageant girl her mother had hoped for, MADDS went on her first international tour at age 20 and, after 22 dates throughout Spain alone, she found herself taking a lengthy sabbatical in Ibiza to focus on honing her craft. “While I was there, I finally went to music production school. It was all work, work, work, school and writing.”


Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Facebook  /  YouTube  /  Spotify

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Country Star Hayden Joseph Releases Uplifting Anthem “Out.” to kick-off Pride Month


Country Star Hayden Joseph Releases Uplifting Anthem “Out.” to kick-off Pride Month

June 1st, 2021. Nashville, TN:Rising country music star, Hayden Joseph, releases his inspiring self-acceptance anthem, “Out.,” just in time for Pride month. The epic new song is laced with uplifting lyrics about speaking up and being proud of who you are, highlighting Hayden’s crisp vocals alongside dynamic, modern country-pop production.When discussing the new single, he says: “Every artist needs an ‘I am’ song, and this is mine.At its core, it’s a track about celebrating who you are. For me, it narrates coming out and fully accepting myself, but the meaning will change depending on the listener. I’ve sat on the song for 3 years because I didn’t want to ruffle country music feathers, but I have decided this Pride month is the time.

Hayden has been making waves as one of the few out-and-proud singers in the country genre for the better part of the last year, following the successful release of his 2021 debut album,“Different” (which has garnered over 300,000 streams). He knows he faces an uphill battle as an openly gay male pursuing a country music career; it’s no secret that the genre hasn’t always been inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Despite that,he prides himself in the inclusive nature of his lyrics, and earnestly aspires to “write songs for everyone.” Hayden strives to continue breaking industry barriers, just as he says in his new single: “Times are changing, uncovering new ground. The world is ready for how I’m speaking out.”

Hayden JosephA South Carolina native, Hayden Joseph is no stranger to the Country Music scene. His love for the genre started as soon as he could talk and has continued to blossom throughout his adult life. Hayden blends the sounds of Modern Country and Main stream Pop music, drawing inspiration from the genre-bending melodies of Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and Shania Twain.His unique sound, heartfelt lyrics, and Southern Charm have captivated audiences across the country. For more from Hayden Joseph, look to the links below.Follow Hayden Joseph on:

Streaming Platforms

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Pilla B – Switching Up – Official Video


Officially recognized as “sister cities” – creatives between Toronto and Chicago have been building a corridor of connectivity between the two metropolises. Pilla B is one such artist having taken multiple trips to Chicago and developed strong relationships in the windy city.

After creating multiple records with Chicago legend King Louie, multi-hyphenate Bread Doe and others – “Switching Up” came about on a trip when Pilla B connected with talented producer Louis Laurentt via one of their mutual friends and frequent collaborators, producer/recording engineer Jack Flash. A cautionary tale around the choices you make and the trust you put into people, the song speaks to the limited role models available in many urban neighborhoods and Pilla B’s personal growth leading to new perspectives.

Returning to Toronto/Brampton to shoot the video – Pilla B enlisted another frequent collaborator, Jake Fair (Be About It, Think It’s A Game Freestyle) in order to paint a portrait of a day in the life of a young man involved in the streets and the paranoia and isolation that follows a life in “the game”.

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Tory Lanez to release his R&B capsule “PLAYBOY” this Friday, March 5 Featuring the Lead Single “Feels” Alongside Chris Brown


Tory Lanez is preparing the release of his newest project PLAYBOY, symbolizing the deep feelings he felt upon the creative process, emotions caused by a breakup that left him vulnerable. “Emotionally, I was able to flow creatively. Some of my best creations come out when I’m vulnerable,” he describes. This is best characterized in “Deceiving Eve,” the track he felt the most vulnerable of the project. “This is me being as honest as I can be on a record,” he shared, adding, “For the first time in a long time, I was writing R&B from a place of hurt and vulnerability, Unlike a lot of my other R&B which is based on the pure vibe and catchy melodies.” 

Lanez recently dropped the music video for the lead single “Feels” which has received over 10 million YouTube views 15M in total consumption in just over a week. Directed by Christian Breslauer and featuring R&B crooner Chris Brown the song is a seductive ballad that showcases the two singers rhapsodizing over bedroom antics. Brown and Lanez previously collaborated on tracks like “Flexible” and “The Take” off Lanez’ Chixtape 5 album which generated over 300M in total streaming consumption, and 40 million YouTube views. The two have teased a potential collaborative project for the future.

On working with Brown he says, “Me and my Bro are not playing. This song is kicking off my new capsule PLAYBOY. This is one of my favorite bangers to date. It’s R&B season.”

Playboy comes on the heels of Lanez’s Rap capsule Loner and his full length album Daystar which reached #4 on Billboard U.S Rap and Hip Hop/R&B Billboard charts. It also soared to #10 on the U.S. Billboard 200.  

Lanez says, “I want my listeners to walk away with an understanding of how my emotions are and I want them to understand that this is an honest depiction of how I feel about relationships and people that are close to me.”

About Tory Lanez:

Rapper, singer, and producer Daystar Peterson knew as a child the moment he witnessed his father, a traveling preacher and faith healer, impact lives through the power of language that he would one day embody that impact in his craft. Today, his cut-through music—often revolving around lust, heartbreak, desire, and buoyant themes, has catapulted him as a generation-defining figure. With Impeccable voice projections, a golden ear for sounds and glossy transitions, as well as sharp lyrics, his artistry and music assembled thus far has created a legendary career that transcends fan bases and singular genres. 

The hybrid artist plans to continue assuming his multi-faceted role and reach corporate mogul status. As he builds, he broadcasts, giving fans a more in-depth look into his lifestyle and work-life on his #PSA YouTube series.

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Nashville, TN (February 11, 2021) – Pop singer/songwriter Spencer Jordan recently released his newest single called “Danny Phantom.” You can listen to the song HERE!

“Danny Phantom” is the headlining single from Spencer’s upcoming EP and also happens to be his favorite song he’s ever written. Its both a hard look at failed past relationships and a love letter to Gen-Z and Millennial nerds everywhere. Spencer co-wrote it with writer/producer Elysse Yulo and produced it with Andrew Gomez

With a lo-fi pop vibe and relatable lyrics like no, this isn’t Nickelodeon, sometimes the good guys lose, “Danny Phantom”  is sure to hit home for many people. 

About Spencer Jordan:
Spencer Jordan is a pop singer/songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, he began his songwriting and artist career in Nashville, Tennessee. Spencer’s music is a mixture of the music he listened to growing up in his small beach town and the prevailing sounds found in today’s pop, and his writing focuses on the everyday struggles and victories that come with life, love, and growing up. He released his debut EP Season 1 in the fall of 2020.

You can connect with Spencer on InstagramTikTok and Spotify.

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Nashville, TN (February 12, 2021)…“This Town,” Sam Grow’s new single released today, is a snapshot of the small town that shaped the country star and the painful memories that still remain. The music video for “This Town,” filmed in and around Grow’s hometown of Mechanicsville, Maryland and directed by Glitch’s Quinton Cook, premieres today on Grow’s YouTube channel here.

“This Town” is a song for anybody that has ever broken up and had to live that down in their town,” said Grow who wrote the autobiographical offering with Keesy Timmer and Wil Nance. “As the saying goes, ‘when everybody knows everybody’s business, towns like to talk after you break up.’ I hope people will be able to relate to this true story.”

Produced by multi-platinum star, Colt Ford, and Grammy-winning producer, Noah Gordon, “This Town” is the follow up release to Grow’s 2020 hit, “Song About You,” which was listed amongst Spotify’s “Best Country Songs of 2020-Wrapped.” Grow, who has amassed over 40 million streams across all streaming platforms, is expected to release a full-length album later this year.

About Sam Grow
Signed to Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment, Grow was named to Billboard’s coveted “7 Country Acts To Watch list in 2019,” and was pegged by Music Row magazine as “On Board For Strong Bids For Future Stardom.” His 2019 album, “Love and Whiskey,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Albums chart. The Mechanicsville, Maryland native released his debut self-titled EP in 2014 which charted at #8 on the iTunes Country Albums chart. “The Blame” album followed and landed at #5 on the iTunes Country Albums chart, #8 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and #2 on Billboard’s Heatseekers albums chart.

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