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How to Find the Best Nail Salons in Your City


Today we want to give you tips on how to find the best nail salons in your city.  Every year in the United States, close to $8.5 billion is spent on nail salon services. There’s no getting around the fact that the nail salon industry is huge, and for good reason!

People love to keep their nails looking a cut above. It shows special dedication to one’s appearance and can be one more way to express your personal sense of style.

If you’ve been using the same nail salon for a long time, or are looking for your first nail salon, then it’s important that you find the best options available near you. Read on to learn all about how you can find the highest quality nail salons in your area!

find the best nail salons in your city

MichaelGaida / Pixabay

Ask Around Your Community

One of the best ways to find candidates for your new nail salon home is to ask around. One of the most powerful things about recommendations from people you know is that they know what you’re looking for and can tailor their suggestions to your needs.

If a member of your friend circle or an acquaintance in your community has always had admirable nails, your solution may be as easy as asking them how they get them!

Make Some New Community Connections

If your community doesn’t have the expertise you’re looking for, you can look elsewhere. Communities form on the internet and in many cities where people exchange tips and advice.  Take a look at Facebook groups and Reddit. You might find a group dedicated to exactly the thing you want to learn about.

On Reddit, you can find many groups discussing nail care, and you may also find a group dedicated to your own city. Once you’ve found a group that discusses nail salons or your city, the search bar can be a gold mine of information. Type in what you’re looking for and there’s a good chance you’ll find pages of people who have asked the same thing!

Take Advantage of Online Reviews

find the best nail salons in your city

Mountainbeehive / Pixabay

A community is also a great resource because you can ask clarifying questions and express exactly what you’re looking for. On the other hand, online reviews of nail salons have their place as well.

A quick google search of nail salons in your area may show you the ratings that past customers have given each salon. If you don’t have any contact who can help, these ratings can be an adequate substitute.

Talk to Members of Related Communities

The same people interested in the perfect manicure or pedicure will probably also be interested in other beauty care. The salons in your city may be intimately known by people at the hairdressers.

Find other beauty centers of your city and you’re bound to find someone who can help you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes, when you’re looking for a nail salon, it’s easier to rely on the expertise of those who have already done the research for you.

Find All the Best Nail Salons In Your City

We hope that these tips on finding great nail salons near you have been helpful. To learn more about beauty tips, fashion, celebrity news, and more, take a look at our other pages.

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Up and Coming Nail Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram


Instagram is the perfect place to go for inspiration of any kind and nail art is no exception. The amount of talent and detail that goes into these temporary works of art only keeps me scrolling through my feed wanting more. If you’re like me and need your mani-inspiration fix daily, I’ve gathered six up and coming nail artists you need to follow on Instagram. I’m calling it right now, these nail queens are going to take 2018 by storm.

1. @ladycrappo mixes metallics, mattes, bright and muted colors to create unique and one of a kind looks you won’t find anywhere else. You get the feeling that her artwork belongs in a museum just by scrolling through her Instagram feed. She also has a website where she teaches you how to create your own nail art and educates on proper nail care too.

View this post on Instagram

Nature's first green is gold 🍃

A post shared by @ ladycrappo on

2. @aconailnyc is a Japanese nail artist currently working in NYC. Her use of florals, negative space, and attention to detail create elegant and timeless looks you don’t want to take your eyes off of. You’ll also be pleased to know she can work her magic on nails of varying lengths. So if you’re ever in New York City, you know where to go for a sweet mani.

3. I have to admit, I’ve been following @dipmelimegreen for quite a few months now ever since I discovered Akiko Nails, a NYC salon that specializes in custom nail art. Her edgy yet glamorous style makes for looks that any it girl would be after.


4. A South Carolina based nail artist, @jennsnails is someone to watch out for this year. Jennifer uses lots of repeating patterns to create feminine and vibrant designs, but some of my favorites include her shattered glass look, and this textured marble mani.

5. @nailallie can seemingly make any hand look good. From the solar eclipse to the dreamy deserts of the Southwest, this creative takes nail art to a new level with her captivating designs. I mean, how often do you come across an artist who can paint a landscape on such a tiny canvas, like a 3mm fingernail? Now that’s true skill.


6. @thenailprofessor is a Brooklyn based nail artist who knows how to work texture and chrome into her manicure. Sonia’s down to earth nature shines through her Instagram captions, and you’ll find yourself wishing you were friends with this creative gal.

Who do you follow for mani-inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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Featured image courtesy of Megan Portorreal/Instagram

Jamberry Nail Wraps


In recent years, a lot more girls have stopped splurging at their favorite nail salon and have started giving themselves a salon-worthy manicure from the comfort of their own homes. For those who desire professional-looking manicures for less cash, but don’t have the steadiest of hands (practice makes perfect!), do not worry—you won’t need steady hands to get the great manicure that you are looking for. In fact, you won’t even need to use any type of nail polish at all! Cue the latest craze in nail art: nail wraps. Nail wraps are like little fashionable stickers for your nails. They can be easily applied after adjusting their size for a custom fit. Once you are done sizing the wraps, all you need to do is apply heat and pressure and you will be on your way to achieving a gorgeous manicure in no time. Read on for the cutest Jamberry nail wraps available from Jamberry.com.

Flower Power
This beauty here is called The Lotus, after the delicate flower of similar shape. Perfect for fall, this nail wrap features an intricate green and silver pattern that is eye-catching, ultra feminine, and trendy.
Up With The Birds
Birds in Paradise is one of my favorite wraps. Who doesn’t love little cute birds, especially when they are made up of geometric shapes? Don’t think for one minute that buying nail wraps limits you to only that design. The good thing about nail wraps is that you can mix and match any designs or colors you please!

Scary Skeletons
Talk about a killer mixture (pun intended)! This edgy and preppy nail wrap combination works well with the Dia De Los Muertos design. Keep your digits colorful and festive on this famous Mexican holiday
with this design, or add only one or two wraps per hand and paint the other nails
red or green.
Peacock Pride
The Bird on Fire look is perfect for the fall season. No wonder it is one of their most popular looks! With moody reds, greens, and blues coupled with a feathery peacock pattern, this design screams edginess and high fashion.
Passion Play
The greatest feature about Jamberry.com is that you can even find a design containing your favorite hobbies, sports, and alma maters (or you can have a design custom made for you). This particular design, Gymnastics, features gymnasts in different signature poses, ranging from purples, pinks, and silvers. Gymnasts, wear it proud!

All photos courtesy of Jamberry

Complete Your Outfit With Your Nails


If you are as obsessed with your nails as I am, you live by two very important rules: chipped nails are your worst enemy, and the color must always go hand in hand with your outfit. Some girls don’t necessarily consider the color of their nails when getting dressed—which is fine—but let me tell you,  when you complete your outfit with your nails, it makes all the difference! Pairing a red top with bright orange nails can really throw off your whole get up.

Pay attention to the color wheel—yes, that big circular board with a bunch of colors that was taught in art class. The color wheel is a great way for you to visually see how your purple nails enhance your yellow loose knit sweater. All you have to do is locate the color of your choice on the wheel and match it with the corresponding color on the opposite end.

If you don’t like incorporating bright colors, flashy designs, or don’t want to change the color of your nails on a weekly basis, then shoot for the standard nudes. These can include light pink hues or different versions of pastels. For an added touch, incorporate some sparkles—they really add a feminine touch.

If you are getting into the fall spirit and love dark nails, deep burgundy reds are always a great choice for brisk weather outfits. But if you’re hesitant, stick with the one color that matches everything—black!
Image courtesy of Essie

Red, White, and Fabulous: Manicure Mania


On this Independence day, celebrate in style. There is no better way to showcase chic patriotism than with festive nail art! Staying with this year’s “mix it up” trend, have fun decorating each nail with different patterns and colors to make an explosive statement. Here’s a list of Fourth of July nail essentials that are sure to leave the crowds mesmerized.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.16.49 PM

1. Start with the Basic Background colors. You can’t go wrong with a solid red, white, or blue basecoat. Choose a vibrant shade that is sure to give you a fun canvas to work with.

2. You can’t leave out those Marvelous Metallics! Try a simple shade from Essie’s “Mirror Metallics” collection to help you achieve the ultimate patriotic flair.

3. No Fourth of July manicure is complete without some Glamorous Glitters. Whether it’s one nail or three, make a statement that will pop. Try a product like Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush Nail Color. Its glitter formula gives you full coverage and instantly turns your nails into a firework of art.

4. If you’re the not-so-artsy type, like me, Sassy Stickers were made with you in mind. Whether you go with applique nails or press on rhinestones and studs, adhesives bring on the style without the mess or hassle.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.17.11 PM
5. Don’t forget: a manicure is only as fabulous as the manicurist’s instruments. Find Tiny Tools, such as Art Deco thin nail polish brushes and picks. With these, the designs in your mind will come to life, and the mistakes will fade away before you’re out the door for that barbeque.

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