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Daring Beauty Trends You Should Try At Least Once


“New year, new you.” If you’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately, maybe it’s time to stop scrolling through the Instagram models with envy, and instead find your fresh new look with the styles we’ve brought into 2017. These picks might be alternative, but with bright pink eyeshadow and squiggly eyeliner sweeping through fashion week, we thought we could provide you with some daring beauty trends you should try at least once. 

This is a relatively new way of highlighting hair, where dye is painted onto the hair in order to create a more natural look. You can see this look on celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Alessandra Ambrosio, who updated their dark locks with some caramel highlights. Even the “granny” hair of 2016 has been revamped with stylists incorporating dark and light greys as balayage highlights. Before you jump into this trend, however, it’s key to know your skin’s undertones. You can find your skin’s undertones by looking at the color of your veins in your hands. If they are green, this means you are warm-toned; if the veins appear blue, this means you have more cool undertones. Generally, an ashy color will look best on cool-toned people. If you are cool-toned, this is a look you should consider because ashy blondes and greys will compliment your skin and make your eyes pop. If you are warm-toned, richer colors like golds and coppers will be best for your balayage makeover, and it’s probably best to leave the granny hair in 2016. In either case, there is a color for every skin tone that would be worth a trip to the salon.
Stiletto Nails
An edgy way to vamp up your street style is with the stiletto nail. A fresh manicure can help complete a look, but these nails are not for the faint of heart. Celebrities like Rihanna and Fergie have been rocking fun and funky nails for years, including the stiletto nail, but this type of nail—long and filed to a point—is paired best with your favorite LBD and a diva attitude. You can get acrylic or press-on nails at most drugstores, or if you’re adventurous, you can file them yourself. The best results are usually with a gel manicure that can last much longer than other methods and is less susceptible to breakage. Any way you cut it, these nails are fierce just so long as you don’t poke your own eye out.
“Natural” freckles
Embracing the all-natural in fashion has brought about bushy brows and gap teeth. Now, freckles have made an appearance with public figures like Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato baring their natural skin and, of course, their freckles. People have begun to copy the look, and makeup artists like James Charles and Sonjdra Deluxe show you how to own it. You usually place freckles on the bridge of your nose, your cheeks, and chin—the places where the sun would hit your face—but the key is not to follow any real pattern in order to make sure they look natural.  You can achieve the look with your favorite powder bronzer, tinted moisturizer, and a brown pencil a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. First, rub the tinted moisturizer on your face. Then, apply bronzer on the top of your forehead and the center of your nose. Finally, add the freckles with the pencil. The best part of the look is it extenuates your natural skin and gives you that summer glow all year long.
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Daring Beauty Trends You Should Try at Least Once. Photo Courtesy of Winkipedia Commons.

The Brand You Need to Know: Di Blasi


I had the pleasure of chatting with the Girl Boss of all Girl Bosses: Tatiana Puglisi. There is nothing and no one that will stand in her way because, as you will soon see, this woman is a woman of strength, determination, and persistence. Join in on the fun of discovering this beautiful and enlightened woman and why it is 100% worth your while to check out her brand: Di Blasi Cosmetics.We have a feeling she will (and okay, I may be slightly prejudiced because I’m Italian, but that’s beside the point!) exceed your expectations like she did ours.


The lovely Tatiana Puglisi herself!

Cliché: Please share with us a little about your brand’s name. I understand that it is your mother’s maiden name. What an honor this must be for her!
Tatiana Puglisi: I have always liked my mother’s maiden name, but I chose it because I unwittingly laid the foundations of the brand while she was undergoing treatment for cancer, which thankfully was effective. This traumatic event changed my point of view first on food and then on cosmetics. I began an in-depth study into problems connected w ith diet and personal care ingredients. Now, my mother supports me in this business because she is very creative!
Your main ingredients come from Sicily. Why Sicily and not Italy?
I want to sustain local production and promote Sicilian raw materials in the world. These ingredients are new on the market and have many benefits for the skin, but they are unknown. For example, Manna is produced only in two small villages near Palermo and has been recognized by Slow Food. It does not mean that I will not use some ingredients from other parts of Italy in the future!
It appears that having all the characteristics of “Made In Italy” have been an important factor in your creation of Di Blasi, and it also plays an important role in the ingredients of the products you’ve created. To you, what does “Made In Italy” symbolize?
The “brand” Made in Italy represents my country and most Italians. In Italy, there are many small
companies that work hard and produce amazing products, often handmade, with care, passion, and creativity. They are “Made in Italy” for me.
In the beauty industry, it has become quite popular to use natural ingredients. How are you making your products stand out from the sea of cosmetic brands?
I know it is not easy. My brand has a strong personal side, and I follow every product from the start. I do not like being like others, and as I am a creative person, I try to do something different; for example, in every order I make a flower or plant arrangement and wrap the box with a luxurious wrapping paper. In addition, I use little-known ingredients, or handmade packaging, such as the rose cotton pochette for the Manna and Prickly Pear Cream Travel Kit. When I formulated the Multitasking Butter Makeup Remover, I knew that it would be a new product category in Italy because oil-based cleansing is not so common. I always try to combine the quality of the formula and the ingredients with something creative and original, and I hope the customers will understand and appreciate it.
If you could pick one product from your line that you feel represents you and your line, what would it be?
The soap because of the contrast. It combines a local raw material – lava – with an elegant crochet box.
Is there something about your brand that you would like to share that no one knows about?
The rose cotton pochette is hand-sewn by my mother!
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The Brand You Need to Know: Di Blasi: Photos & Featured Image Courtesy of Di Blasi Cosmetics

5 Hair Trends You Will See In 2016


Hey there, beautiful! Yes, we’re talking to you! We’re not looking for the perfectly long tousled waves with hair extensions, acrylic nails, and a full-face of glamorous makeup; no, in 2016 we’re looking for you to flaunt what your mama gave you – flaws and all. To see what we mean, check out these 5 hair trends you will see in 2016 that we absolutely love.
Natural Beauty:

Isabel Marant IMAXTREE

Photo Courtesy of Isabel Marant | IMAXTREE

As we’ve seen within the beauty industry so far, makeup brands are creating more natural products and looks for the everyday gal, and it doesn’t stop there. Those hot tools and hair products you’ve got? Toss ‘em aside! It’s all about finding the right cut so that your hair can look its best at its natural texture. This year, authenticity is welcomed with wide and open arms.
To Top-Knot or Not:
Rag & Bone Runway IMAXTREE

Photos Courtesy of Rag & Bone Runway | IMAXTREE

Top-knots became a girl’s ride-or-die hairstyle in 2015. Having a bad hair day? Top-knot. Greasy roots? Top-knot. Lazy day? Top-knot. Can’t make it to the salon to touch up your roots? Top-knot. Want your outfit to look more hipster/grunge? Top-knot. There’s no doubt the top-knot will have its home in 2016, but a recycled and renewed love has entered our hearts: low buns. This elegant, easy, and effortless look is great for curly, straight, or wavy hair. And it’s not about being perfect, so no worries about styling products or hot tools – make it messy, uneven – just do you, boo.
Girl Boss:
Chanel Runway IMAXTREE

Photo Courtesy of Chanel Runway | IMAXTREE

There’s something about this style that speaks volumes to us. It’s not just a little badass. Think straight, sleek hair parted down the middle pushed back behind the ears in a tailored dress, chic jacket draped over the shoulders, and some killer high heels. This polished style oozes a term that blew up in 2015: Girl Boss. Of course, there’s no limit to this style. Your hair can be tucked behind your ears, tucked in a beautiful beret, or casually tucked into a jacket or skinny scarf that made its way into fashion trends this season. However you wear it, own it like the Girl Boss you are.
PANTONE’s Color of 2016:
Blogger Alyssa Garrison from Random Acts of Pastel

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Alyssa Garrison from Random Acts of Pastel

If you haven’t already, you’ll most likely be seeing PANTONE’s color of the year – Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a calming blue – making a special appearance in hair trends. This year you can create an ombre effect or opt to use the colors individually. We can’t help but fall for this cotton candy twist that shakes up the bleached out grey manes. On a side note, is it ironic that these two colors, essentially the colors that have forever separated male and female at birth, join together in a time when androgyny and gender neutralism is on the rise?
Geometric Shapes:
Destroy The Hairdresser

Photo Courtesy of Destroy The Hairdresser

Saving the coolest one for last! This style can be rocked by everyone and anyone regardless of hair texture. These geometric hair shapes can be attained through cut or style. However, if you chose to do a cut be sure the maintenance is suitable for your lifestyle. Some of our favorites include ladies’ geometric nape undercut designs, etching, and women with natural-textured hair because they can mold, shape, and cut their hair into interesting shapes that can hold really sharp and clean edges due to their hair’s texture. Talk about our love for the natural and edgy!
To learn more about ladies’ undercuts check out Instagram through Aveda Men’s Grooming & Short Hair Specialist Meg Harpe (#harpehair) in Columbus, Ohio and Iana Wi of Hearts and Robots Studio in Austin, Texas.
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Reset Yourself Beauty


“All natural” is the new black. Everywhere you look, companies are altering the ingredients of their products to fit the organic mold. Whether it’s food, health or beauty, everyone is looking for natural products to help them look and feel their best. Founders at Reset Yourself Beauty are no exception to the rule.
They’ve concocted a laundry list of unique and pure products that help accentuate your “beauty from within.”
Recent studies show that the aluminum found in most brand-name deodorants is linked to cancer. WebMD explains that these chemicals in antiperspirants are not only absorbed into the skin, but they also prevent harmful toxins from exiting the body. With this is mind, consumers are turning towards aluminum-free products. Personally, I haven’t had any luck finding one that I actually liked. That is, until I tried Reset Yourself’s non-toxic pure deodorant. It’s a safe-formula that contains no aluminum, parabens or phthalates. On a much simpler note, it smells incredible. The coco-pineapple fragrance is fresh, beautiful and most importantly, long lasting. I’ve been using clinical strength deodorant varieties for years, and they truly don’t last as long as this deodorant does—both in wear and supply. What’s interesting is that it’s not formulated as an antiperspirant. On the contrary, it is designed to not clog pores the way common deodorants do. After using it for several weeks, I can attest to the fact that its label does not falsely advertise; it’ll leave you with “peace of mind, even on a hot or hectic day.” I can’t imagine going back to another brand after trying one that’s both natural and gets the job done.
Another fabulous Reset Yourself product is the Pure Vit C serum, which is 30 mL of all natural goodness! After just a few days of regular use, I noticed some lightening on hyperpigmented areas of my face as well as an overall brightness to my skin that definitely wasn’t there before. Truthfully, I was a little skeptical about using an oil-like formula on my skin since it tends to be oily as it is, but the texture is incredibly light and gets absorbed quicker than I expected it to. Because it’s free of parabens, petro chemicals and artificial fragrances, I feel even more comfortable using the product on a daily basis. I know I’m being protected from the harsh damage to my skin that naturally comes with the environment—not to mention makeup. The vitamin C concentrate is meant to stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s elasticity with its antioxidants. While I can’t be sure of what’s going on underneath my skin, I can put my faith in the fact that my skin looks and feels a million times better. Reset Yourself Beauty products are not animal tested and are gluten free. Add that to the growing list of reasons why their brand is so desirable. Their products are truly natural and they produce results. What more could a girl (or guy) ask for?
To check out more of Reset Yourself’s products, check out their website.
Photos and feature image courtesy of Reset Yourself

OSEA Malibu Review


organic_undaria_body_polish_osea_1There are many skin products on the market made with dangerous chemicals and hazardous ingredients that can harm our bodies. That’s why we at Cliché are into the vegan, organic, and gluten-free skincare line OSEA Malibu. This brand, whose name stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, uses certified organic ingredients in their products, such as Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Balm Oil, and their #1 key ingredient: USDA Organic Algae. Check out my thoughts in this OSEA Malibu Review!

I’ve heard many positive comments on OSEA Malibu, and I, being all for relaxing bath and shower products that reduce stress and focus on tranquility, was very interested in trying their Undaria Body Polish. While taking a warm shower, I took a handful of the grainy body polish and massaged it into my legs and arms until the pumice grains diminished. I really like products that contain tiny grains because I like feeling the grains remove dead skin cells and detox my pores. The minty and refreshing scent of the body polish was invigorating; it instantly woke my mind and body.

The Undaria Body Polish is only one of the many brilliant products by OSEA Malibu. They produce an array of skin products ranging from moisturizers and serums to masks and exfoliators. With products specializing in anti aging, skin brightening, and rosacea calming solutions, OSEA Malibu takes pride in their organic and natural philosophy: their products are free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance. To learn more about OSEA Malibu check out Oseamalibu.com.

Natural Beauty Products for Healthier Hair


We all know that summer brings the heat, the humidity, and, sadly, the damage. Those beach days and pool dives will catch up to you sooner or later, and commercial products often pack stripping and drying agents into their cleansers or styling creams. But don’t let that get you down! We’ve found some natural products that are sure to keep your hair healthy this season. Going back to basics can help strengthen your hair and can improve the overall length with time!  Use these natural beauty products for healthier hair this summer!

1. Coconut Oil
Depending on who you know, this may be either the most underrated or overrated beauty product on the shelves today. However, it’s one of the holy grails of shiny locks, particularly for curly ones. It not only adds life and shine to hair, but it also stimulates hair growth! Coconut oil is actually a solid oil, meaning it can melt down into a liquid but can be stored on a shelf. With such a long lifespan, this is one product you should definitely check out

2. Jojoba Oil
Pronounced “ ho-ho-ba,” this oil comes from the seed of a plant that originates in the desert. Though grown in such a dry climate, this oil will do anything but leave hair dull, frizzy, and dry! This oil reaches deep and gets rid of a lot of impurities while also sealing in moisture and repairing split ends. It’s great for ALL hair types because it breaks down all the extra grease and oil while balancing out the natural moisture your body produces. Remember to always try and get your oils cold pressed and organic if possible and to make sure the oil still has all of its powerful nutrients.
3.  Apple Cider Vinegar
For those who are already on the “No Poo” regimen or are new recruits, Apple Cider Vinegar comes as no surprise to be on this list. For those who have never heard of “No Poo,” perhaps Co-wash makes more sense. Basically, the idea is that there’s no shampoo! So many shampoos contain harsh cleaning agents that strip the gunk and our natural oils away, leaving hair dry, dull, and thirsty. While Apple Cider Vinegar may not smell like gardenia and hibiscus, it gets the job done and cleans without drying. Try going a few days between washes so your hair can reap optimal benefits from its own oils.

Bonus: Here’s a recipe for my own Sea Salt and Lightening Spray for those who might want to get those beachy highlights and waves but want to avoid harsh chemicals and dying :

What you’ll need:
– Coarse Sea Salt
– A whole lemon or unrefined lemon juice
– An empty spray bottle
– Water

1. Warm up enough water to fill about 75% of the bottle.
2. Add about ½-1 teaspoons of salt.
3. Add either a tablespoon or all of your lemon juice.
4. Close the bottle and shake it all around until the ingredients are nice and mixed.

To use:
Spray on damp hair and style as usual!

Don’t use too much; salt is a drying agent! But using this spray every once in a while won’t cause too much damage.

Photo Courtesy of  Martin De Witte  on Flickr.com

No-Fuss Summer Lips


The sun is plastered against a clear blue sky, school is out, and your earbuds are blasting your favorite song. Summer time means no worries, and there are only three precious months of it to enjoy before school starts again. Don’t waste time in front of a mirror when you could be on the beach, underwater, or partying. These classic summer lips will help salvage those few extra minutes you need to pack some extra bottles of water into your cooler.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.26.44 PMPledge Allegiance
In honor of summer holidays, like Flag Day or Labor Day, fully embrace your red, white, and blue spirit with some fiery red lips. For perfect lines (and so that you don’t have to constantly reapply), fill your lips with liner after lining them to your desired shape. It might feel odd, but this provides lips with extra primer, and if your lipstick does wear off, no one will notice! Try Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in “Gash” ($19.00) underneath your red. The creamy liner will cover every spot.
Princess Pink
It’s summer! Grab an umbrella drink, your bikini, tanning oil, and embrace your inner girly-girl. Shades of pink will help increase the effect of tanned skin. Lady Gaga’s Mac Viva Glam is just enough pink to brighten up any look.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.27.08 PM
Au Naturale
If it’s too humid for an intense look, and your face is melting before you can even apply concealer, then your best bet is to go natural! I don’t mean skinny dipping, though. Any lip balm will saturate lips, but for a super glossy finish, apply a tiny amount of non-tinted aloe vera to lips. It’s a natural lip gloss that will get you noticed while curing sunburn.
Duck face or prune pout, these basic lips are essential to get you through the rest of summer. So pucker up and get ready to hashtag your favorite looks all summer long.
Feature Image Courtesy of http://www.dazzlejunction.com/tumblr-backgrounds/
Post Images Courtesy of Urban Decay and CVS

The Wet Brush Saved My Life


Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.32.12 PM
The title says it all! Well, sort of. If you haven’t heard of The Wet Brush already, then listen up! Do you have thick, unruly hair or hair that always seems to be tangled (even though you just brushed it)? Those with long hair or color treatments either have too much to comb through or damaged hair that needs some extra love.
Throw away whatever brush you’re currently using (you might as well rid yourself of all of them) because the wet brush is going to meet all of your needs. Your hair is already damaged thanks to years of dying, drying, curling, flattening, and weaving. So, brushing your hair should be a relaxing experience that leaves hair soft to the touch, but sometimes, that’s not always the case.
Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.32.27 PMNot anymore. When I first purchased The Wet Brush, I was highly skeptical and ready to return the brush when it failed. However, after my I brushed my wet hair with this brush, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling—or lack of feeling. It was completely painless! Wet or dry, The Wet Brush only combs one layer of your hair at a time with its unique bristles that will not tear from the brush or get stuck in your hair. According to The Wet Brush’s website, “IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong, and very flexible. The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling.” Wet or dry, hair is quickly combed through without pieces of breakage or clumps of hair scattered across my bedroom floor, and to top it all off: your hair feels like silk after it’s brushed.
The wet brushed saved my hair from further damage and can certainly do the same for you. Find them on www.thewetbrush.com in many colors and limited edition patterns!
Feature Image and Post Photos Courtesy of The Wet Brush