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Lavender Oil – Your New Best Friend


I have a few friends who are in to the whole essential oils thing. Ya know, the organic, tree-hugging, diffuser-using type. I was skeptical about the oil hype at first, but knew I wanted to test the waters – or oils, should I say – before completely disregarding the idea. So I invested in a small bottle of pure lavender oil. I can now say that I will not live without it! The long list of benefits that comes from this natural product is astounding. Lavender is an honest-to-goodness life saver – and for the following reasons, should be kept in every home.

Relaxation Remedy

With the scent of lavender being floral and fresh, it is a natural soother of the senses. When the application of lavender becomes habitual, your body responds immediately to its calming effects. Begin by applying a bit of oil to your pillow at night and allow yourself to drift peacefully to sleep. And the next time you sit down for an exam, or before you enter the room for your big presentation, rub a smidge of lavender oil on your wrists and neck. Your body will feel at ease, and your nerves will thank you for the immediate release. Inhale and power through!
Skin Saver
Lavender oil can also be used to decrease redness in sun burn, and treat speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues (www.organicfacts.net). For this reason, it is also a perfect solution for newly pierced ears, and can even be used to treat long term eczema. On top of it all, lavender oil fends off mosquitoes without having the unnatural, repulsive scent of bug spray. Carry it in your purse wherever you go this summer, and you’ll be surprised how many times it comes in handy.
Make Lavender Oil Your New Best Friend!
For an extensive description of how to utilize lavender to its full potential see this video:

Cucumbers are Summer’s Favorite Veggie


This naturally sweet, refreshing vegetable may seem innocent, but look a little closer and you will find that Mr. Cucumber has many tricks up his sleeve. From simple home remedies to curing diabetes, our friend the cuke is all hands on deck when it comes to making life a little more enjoyable. Here are some of the cucumbers magical abilities you may not have known about:

The Fog Fiend

You know the frustrating fog that haunts your mirror after a long steamy shower? Rather than using a fuzz-ridden towel or tissue to unsuccessfully wipe away the fog, turn to our friend Mr. Cucumber. To avoid fog residue on your mirror, slice a cucumber and rub it across your mirror before showering. Presto! No more fog.
The Hangover Healer
Did you know that cucumbers contain significant amounts of sugar and B vitamins, and have similar contents to aspirin? Because of this, eating half a cucumber before your groggy, booze-filled head hits the pillow will ease a headache the following morning. If you’re going out this weekend, cut up a few slices and store them in an easily accessible Tupperware in the fridge.

The Water Warrior

Because cucumbers are 95% water, they are a delicious way of rehydrating the body while getting rid of unwanted toxins. In addition, cucumbers provide a boost to your mood and supply your body with 10% of its daily recommended vitamin C allowance. So rather than grabbing that Sprite, enjoy natures pick-me-up, keep hydrated and feel good about your body.
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